College Bound Episode 5

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College Bound Episode 5

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College Bound
"College realization"
Written by Tony


Landon: Love seems to come in the forms of the most unlikely people . But
sometimes it is hard to find love , you think one way but is told to act
the other, and that can alter who you are and what kind of person you are
with . the fact is , we want to please other people, for their own
happiness . But the question is what about our own?, Does it matter that
the one you love is different from you or possibly the same, if you are
white and they are black. Well to a lot of people it does matter , and the
fact that they arent willing to Change there way of thinking not only shows
how ignorant they are but how ignorant you can be if you let them push
their beliefs and thoughts onto you



I opened the door to go for my morning run but what I found was my dad
about to knock on the door , I didn't expect him to be here and why the
hell did he have a suitcase

"are you going to stand there are you going to let me in" he snapped ,
"Sorry dad" I said as I grabbed his suitcase "so what are you doing here" I
asked , he looked around the house and smiled "Wow this place really
haven't changed much" he said completely ignoring my question . "your hair
is getting long it needs to be cut" he said there was nothing wrong with my
hair it was beneath my ears , maybe I should get it cut. He walking over to
the glass case that held pictures of each years fraternity . "I was a
looker back in the day" he said looking at the photo's that contained him
in it, their was no doubt we looked alike, "So are the pledges this year
promising" he asked "Yes sir , we have some really interesting and
promising Pledges" he nodded his head "great, um I'll pick out a empty room
and get washed up but then we can go for breakfast" he said kind of in a
ordering tone, I wasn't a fool I didn't talk back to my dad, Adam came down
"John, hey long time no see" he said "Adam it's good to see you" he gave
him a handshake, sometimes I think my dad likes Adam more then me, he made
his way upstairs "I didn't know your dad was coming" he said I shrugged my
shoulders "Neither did I" with that he disappeared into the kitchen and
Eric came through the door "I'm here, what do you need me to clean today"
he said annoyed " my room , then you and the other pledges will be here
around eleven to greet my father" I said he looked away "Well I guess
that's , that" he said starting for up the stairs I wanted to call him and
talk about what happened , but knew that wasn't a good idea considering my
father was here.

A hour later My dad took me to some ritzy Restaurant on the other side of
town , really wasn't my scene. "so how are you and mom " I asked he kind of
shifter "Um...we are good ,better then expected" he said , that was that it
went quite for some time and then our food came , we ate then we left when
we got to the house , it was really clean the pledges were hard at work
"This is what I call structural order" my dad smiled , I looked for Eric he
was no where to be found I went upstairs to my room it was spotless, but
Eric wasn't here that damn loser I thought , he never listens to me.



I had to leave to get to my English Class because I had a test , and now
that the Semester was winding down I couldn't afford to mess up, after
class I met Justin at Green's a local bar the College Kids hang out at he
was sitting at a table with a beer in tow I sat down " Hi you" he said with
a smile , I smiled back "Justin, what was so urgent I had to meet you" I
said "well my dad has this Beach house in Malibu and I wanted to know if
maybe you want to go their with me , once the Semester ends" I looked into
his sexy eyes , was this really happening , me and Justin?. "that sounds
Awesome" I said he smiled "Good , so you will come?" I shook my head head

Over the next Couple of days I followed all of my pledge duties ,
considering Landon being pissed at me , because I didn't stay to greet his
father , fuck him , I made sure I stayed away from him he tried everything
to get my attention , he would drop things so I would look in his
direction, but I never would. Or if I was in a room by myself he would come
in with someone and talk about a girl he wanted to screw. Pathetic that was
my name for him . But I didn't let him get to me . I Finished making up one
of the Brother's bed and Landon came in with Mark Levine anther Brother in
the house "Dude her pussy feels so good, Seriously I'll hook something up"
Landon said to mark, "Cool let me know what she says " mark said they did
their hand shake and Mark left. my phone started ringing I answered it "hey
Dude you want to catch a flick " it was Justin "oh Justin , that sounds
really great compared to the day I'm having , so what time do you want to
go" I asked I looked up and noticed Landon all in my conversation " How
about Seven" he said "Great meet you by the Quad bye sexy" he laugh "Bye to
you too , Hottie" I hung up I couldn't believe I said that. I didn't even
turn to acknowledge Landon's Presence , I cleared the Dresser off and
grabbed the garbage bag I was finished and I had to get ready for my date ,
I walked to the door Landon slammed it shut , he stood in front of the door
"Can you move" I asked agitated "not until we talk" he had a look of
calculation in his eyes he looked furious " Okay , about What?" I was mad
he moved closer and his face softened "About us" he said I shook my head
laughing "From the conversation you were having your all about pussy, these
days". he grinned "so you were listening to me" he almost smiled "it's hard
not to listen when it seems like you go out of your way to find me , in
this house and announce it" he ran his fingers through his hair as if he
was thinking "Look, I'm straight, but I like you can we just have fun while
I am with my girlfriend" he said I backed away from him "No ! Fuck you" I
said his father swung the door open "You let pledges talk to you like that,
and he's black" his father said eyeing me "what is that suppose to mean" I
yelled "watch your tone Pledge" he said "you know what screw you and your
son": I said rushing out the room



I sat outside on the grass just sitting their evaluating what the hell my
life consisted of , okay , it has consist of sex, what can I say I love it
, but it also consisted of , Guys only using me for that purpose , to tell
the truth I never had a boyfriend before , most the guys I fooled around
with which was a total of four, were so called "Straight" and once they got
what they wanted , you guessed it , they found girlfriends. To tell the
truth I always joke about things to hide the lonely feeling , the knowing
that I wont ever be anyone's choice. "What are you starring at" I heard I
snapped out of my trace Adam was standing their , he looked at me funny
"hey , your eyes are watery ,are you okay" he asked , I slightly smiled
then stood up "I'm fine" I said then turned to leave he grabbed my arm
"um...So how are you" he asked. He seemed nervous about something . I
looked at him he looked away " I'm good , how about you" he looked at me
"Good too" he said we looked at each other for a few more seconds then I
walked away. I got to my dorm and sat on my bed , Danny doest Cry I said to
myself but the tears came , I laid down and cried then their was a knock on
the door "Go away " I said then the door opened Adam was standing their he
came in and closed the door "Your crying , Danny tell me what's wrong" he
asked I sat up he sat on my bed "you wouldn't understand Mr. playboy " I
said , he wiped away my tears with his hand when he finished his hand
stayed on my face he moved in and kissed me I kissed him back our tongues
were swirling around together and our bodies were connected I pulled back
"no I cant" I said and got up he looked puzzled "Why not?" he asked I paced
back and forth in my room "Because you have a girlfriend , and I don't want
to be that guy anymore" I said he looked even more confused "What guy?" he
asked "I'm the guy the straight guys like to fuck and then leave to be with
their girlfriends , I don't want to be that anymore, I want a boyfriend,
someone who can put up with me and only me, so yeah I'm lonely but I cant
be this desperate" I said he starred at me "I'm sorry" he said then got up
and left. I chuckled a little , right then he could have said he wanted to
be with me , and that he would break up with the blond bimbo, but that
wasn't the case . He just left, but what did I expect , no one will ever
want me....


"Avatar , was okay ,but I think I was looking at you more to see your
expression" Justin said as we walked out of the movies "should we see it
again then" I suggested "Hell no , it was okay but rather long" I agreed we
got in his car and he drove me to the Frat house we both got out "So I
wanted to say that I had a nice time" Justin said I smiled "yeah me too" he
moved closer and kissed me "ahem" someone cleared there Throat we both
looked it was Landon , he looked pissed "I'll see you" I said "Bye" he got
in his car and rode off I walked to the house "so you and Justin, " Landon
stated I walked passed him and into the house.


Landon sat next to his father in the dining room, their was a full course
meal set out in front of us , thanks to the local restaurant down the
street , I sat at the other End of the table between Mark and a kid name
Brett I didn't want to be anywhere near London's father "so men, you all
are entering new chapters in your lives , and from what I can see , most of
the pledges will be so right for this house while others" he was looking at
me "just isn't cutting it" I shook my head "You have something to say
Johnston" everybody's attention was directed at me "no sir" I said , " Eric
I will be Frank you are not Alpha Material" I laughed "Right , I'm not
White, you made that clear earlier today" I said "Eric you are out of line"
Landon said looking at me , I could not believe he said that to me "am I ,
your dad made it perfectly clear he doesn't like me, and we all know its
because I'm black , I seem to be the only one he bothers" Adam cut in "The
food looks great we should eat, Eric lets just eat" he said " No Adam, let
Homeboy talk" he said , I bit my bottom lip and bald my fist , "look at the
pictures all around the house at the past members they had class , this is
a Institution of class and of Rich Heritage, you my friend really don't
have neither, so do us all a Favor and leave, you know wat im sayin Homie"
he finished , the other guys looked down none of them looked at me, I got
up and got my coat and left, not one of them stuck up for me, so much for
Brother hood


Hey " Danny said as I entered my dorm , I got in bed with him and just laid
there "are you okay" he asked "No not really , lets just sleep" I said he
turned out the light and put his arm around me "did something happen at the
house" he asked I turned the light from the moon was shinning on us so we
could both see each other "Landon's father is a racist , and during dinner
he basically said I had no business pledging for that Fraternity and can
you believe not one person stuck up for me , they wouldn't even look at me
, so I left. "E, that's fucked up , we should go kick there asses" it went
quiet then we laughed , I mean we probably could do some kind of damage but
it was too many of them "no seriously, they are stupid ass holes , wait
Adam didn't say anything" he asked curiously "He basically wanted me to
shut up and not talk back" I said , he look like he was thinking " I
shouldn't be surprised , so what are you going to do" he asked "I'm not
staying their, with a bunch of Racist Dudes , hell no, maybe I can join
another frat house" I said "I think you should stay , what's going to
happen when the next guy comes along , next year or five years from now, if
no one breaks the barrier how will anything ever get accomplished ?" ,
Danny was right , but I just couldn't go back to that house to those


*The Next day*

Justin and I watched a horror movie with a bunch of students in the student
lounge in our dorm , Shawn , this cool Asian guy hung out with us when the
movie went off , Justin turned to me and asked me if everything was okay I
said yes then he said I was lying then I told him everything that happened
"Are you serious, they were all so cool to me" he said me and Shawn laughed
"that's because you look kinda white bro" Shawn said "no I don't , I'm half
black" he said "Justin, come on you don't exactly scream black, it`s still
hard out there for minorities" I said "Amen to that , I don't go a day
without people thinking I drive to slow or somebody asking does my family
own a Chinese Restaurant or nail salon" he joked "and because I'm black I
just love watermelons, and eat fried chicken all day everyday oh and I'm a
thug , when I hate watermelons and I eat fried chicken just like other
people , when I'm in the mood for it , not everyday, I know some white
people that eat more fried chicken then me" I said "yeah I love friend
chicken " Shawn said "that's because you make it in your restaurant all the
time" Justin said we all laughed " I hate Stereotypes" Justin said "oh and
I doubt anyone would think you are a Thug" we laughed "but there sometimes
are truth behind them , and sometimes its plain bullshit, just like those
assholes in ALPHA MEGA KAI" Shawn said , I agreed and so did Justin , Danny
came up to us and sat " what's up guys" he asked "Nothing much just talking
about stereotypes and stuff" Shawn said "oh , well I got a Few, white
people generally cant dance , which is not true , because I got rhythm" he
started dancing we laughed "oh and we tend to tense up when we are around
Black people or Latino's" Danny said he continued "Which is not true
because , you're my best friend in the whole wide world , yes you are" he
pinched my cheeks I pushed him Playfully Shawn and Justin laughed.



Adam came in my room I was writing my history paper "Landon dude, I feel
bad about Eric" he said I stopped and looked at him "you don't think I
don't" I said he looked down "we didn't even defend him, I mean I
understand you because that's your dad , but he was out of line and he was
being racist towards Eric" Adam said " my dad isn't .." I stopped "he left
out before I could finish . He was and I let him talk to Eric like that. I
felt like crap and I had to apologize to Eric . I went downstairs and
grabbed a jacket I was going to go talk to Eric before I could open the
door my father appeared "where are you going? " he asked "to go talk to
Eric" I said "For what? He left " my dad said I couldn't do this anymore
"Dad , im not racist , Eric is cool I like him ,and think he would be a
great Brother" I said my father was quite he looked at me " Landon , im
just trying to protect the legacy" he said I shook my head no "Dad, he
never did anything to you , you don't like him because he is black , you
know it , I don't think like that and before you get mad you should be
proud, that im able to associate with different people , and do what you
couldn't do, which is like people instead of tolerating them. He looked at
me , he didn't seem angry , or pleased either " I think I warn out my
welcome , I think I will be going" he said "Dad no , that's not what I
want" I said "You are right, tell Eric I said sorry" he said then went
upstairs, I banged my head against the wall I hated talking to my father
like that but it was , what needed to be done, I left out the house to find

*************************************** (Eric)

I sat on my bed, I decided to read a book just when I was going to open the
book someone knocked on the door "Danny you forgot your key again" I said
getting up I opened it , it was Landon , he looked nervous "hi, how are
you" he asked I didn't answer "look my dad was out of line , I'm sorry I
didn't say anything , but I did talk to him this morning , we want you back
, I want you back" he said I didn't know what to say "um , I don't think I
want to, no one said anything , you just let him humiliate me, all of you
guys did , I don't think I want to be apart of that" I said I was going to
close the door but he stuck his foot in it he came in " Eric , I miss you "
he said he walked close he put his hands on my waist and pulled me into him
we kissed , it felt so good , my heart was thumping a mile a minute we fell
on the bed we were searching each others bodies god this was really
happening.. i backed away from him , what was I doing I thought , backing
away, this is what I wanted or at lease , I thought I wanted . "what's
going on Eric" Landon asked , trying to kiss me again I backed away "we
cant Landon , your dad doesn't like me , and Imagine what he would say or
do if he found out about us. It wouldn't end good , and besides you said
you wanted your girlfriend and you wanted me for fun , I want a
relationship or at least I want someone who doesn't just want to fool
around with me and go back to their other relationship" he stood
quiet. "your right Eric you deserve better, I'm sorry" he stood up. I
thought he was headed towards the door but he grabbed me and pulled me
close "let me be that for you" he said he moved closer and kissed me
again. "I'm sorry for everything Eric, but you have to understand , I am
confused , right now , my whole life its been girls for me and then I meet
you and you literally change my life" he said , he sat down on my bed I sat
down next to him "so what are you saying" I said "I wont date any one
anymore , but I cant promise you that , I wont go back to girls, I don't
know" he said It felt like I was settling because this was all he could
give me. Should I take it , or should I just stay with Justin who I know
wants me and isn't confused about that...

To be continued...

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