College Bound Episode 4

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College Bound Episode 4

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College Bound
"College complication"
Written by Tony


Eric: Have you ever wondered , what life would bring you. For some people
it is heart ache and Misery for others it is Happines, but the one thing we
cant Deny, is that Life brings the unexpected , for the unexpected , can
bring out Bravery or Fear. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, hell
fifteen minutes from now, so what is this thing called life , and why does
it have to be so Complicated




The party was in full effect. Everyone was having a good time, I hung out
with Justin, and he was turning out to be a great guy I also began to
notice he liked touching me a lot. The first time he put his hand on my
shoulder then he slid it to my lower back I started getting tingles, at
this point I felt someone looking I turned it was Landon his eyes were on
Justin's hand but then our eyes meet , they were cold , very cold , I
turned my head and continued talking to Justin . I found out he loved
Italian food. Played football all through high school and here at the
college , we must have talked for about an hour because I had to pee like
crazy , I excused myself to the bathroom the first floor one was locked so
I made my way upstairs .

As I approached the bathroom door I heard moaning coming from Landon's room
the door was slightly Ajar I pushed it open a little bit to get a closer
look and that's when I saw Landon having sex with the girl from the ice
cream shop , he was going hard at it . At this point I think I lost my
balance because I went crashing into the room they both looked at me, this
situation was very awkward. "Sorry" I said I turned and left I felt
flustered I wanted it to be me that he was doing but that just wasn't going
to happen I really needed to get out of there. I went back down stairs
Justin spotted me and saw my face he walked over to me "Eric are you okay"
he asked sounding worried "I should get going, I have a chemistry test
tomorrow "I lied he shook his head and we exchanged numbers "I really want
to get to know you Eric" he smiled so did I to keep the hurt from seeping
out into the surface for everyone to see. We said out
goodbyes and I left.

On my way back to my dorm I felt extremely jealous of the girl from the ice
cream parlor. I was about half way home when I felt a hand grab my
shoulders I jerked not knowing who it was I turned and Landon was standing
there he looked like he was crying "what are you doing?" I asked he hugged
me I hugged him back it felt so good to have him this close to me although
he reeked of sex . I pulled back "I have to go" I said he grabbed my hand
"please Eric don't, I'm sorry" he said looking down to the floor as if he
was ashamed "for what?" I asked " I can't get you out of my head , I tried
but I can't" he kissed me I wanted to melt until I tasted her cherry lip
gloss I pushed him he looked confused "you just now figured all this out,
Why?" I demanded an answer "what do you mean" he looked puzzled "I think
you don't want me but you don't want me with Justin" I began to feel hot
with anger so did he " look! I told you how I feel" he began to shout I
shook my head as if I was saying no. "you just fucked some girl and you
shoved your tongue In my mouth the same tongue I might add that still taste
just like her and I don't have the right to be mad?" I began to scream back
"it's not like you're my boyfriend or anything" he had a threatening tone
now "Thank God for that" I turned and walked away I looked back he was
walking in the other direction I felt kind of disrespected. I got home and
relived all the events of that night , why did he kiss me ? Nothing made
since to me I thought he was straight for got sake he was fucking a girl in
his room I saw it with my own two eyes .. When I got home I didn't even
bother to tell Danny of the night festivities.


The next day I got my class change and things seem to be looking up for me
, I didn't have to deal with my scum of a history Professor , I ran into
Justin in the dorm hall we hung out this guy was just too hot for words all
6'2 of him. He ran his finger on my hand then smiled I smiled back "so Eric
Johnston how would you feel if I kissed you" he said "Well I'm not much for
PDA" I responded "yeah, me either" after that we seem to talk about random
stuff I couldn't stop talking to him , apart of me felt like he was someone
I always knew, there was just something about Justin. "so I have history in
a few minutes" I said looking at my watch "yeah me too, Professor Aubright"
he said "Me too, I just got a class change " he put his arms around my
shoulders "we better leave now before we are late" he flashed that sexy
smile again .


Professor Aubright was a strange being , but he knew his stuff, he was no
Professor Woodson in the looks department but he was okayi guess. After
class Justin took me to this pizza place outside of the campus he really
got my mind off of Landon "So , where are you from" he asked " I"m from New
York city" I said he smiled "Cool, I always wanted to got to the big apple"
I laughed "what?" he asked "only people that never lived in New york call
it the Big apple" I said "so are you mixed " he asked I shook my head no
"both my parents are black , my mom is a little darker then you are , which
means she is light as hell, and my dad is dark skinned , so hince , me
being not so light not so dark" I said he laughed "your just in between" he
said , then starred at me "We should get back" he announced .


When we got back to the dorms we went in my room, it was empty , Danny was
gone , probably off chasing Adam, I laughed a little to myself , how
persistent Danny was with the things he wanted , Justin took a seat at my
computer desk "this is a nice room" Justin said looking around I laughed
"Man it's a Dorm room , four walls eight by ten just like a Cell, no
scratch that I bet a jail cell is bigger then this room " we both laughed
he walked over to me and sat on my bed "now for that kiss" he said , he
kissed me dead smack on the lips , God his lips were soft, it was perfect I
ran my hands through his soft curly hair he maneuvered himself in between
my legs his crotch on mine I ran my fingers up and down his back side then
lifted his shirt , we stopped kissing , I lifted myself up and started
sucking on his dark pink nipples he moaned "You like that" I asked "Hell
yeah" he said he was loving this I could feel his hard cock against my own
he then stoped and pulled my shirt up and started kissing my chest and
started sucking on my nipples the warmth of his tongue was driving me
insane. Then Danny came through the door he grew red with embarrassment "Oh
I'm so sorry" he said Justin got off of me and sat next to me he then stood
up " I should be going" he said and grabbed his book bag and left " Man you
should have put a sock on your door , not that I didn't mind seeing you get
your freak on" I shook my head amused "Danny Who say's get your freak on
anymore" I asked "you know us white boy's are kind of slow to the newer
slang" he sat down on his bed "So my overly talkative friend , where were
you?" I asked " I had to work on a project with Mark Lavine, he is such a
fucking ditz that kid, any who have you heard from Adam I think he has been
avoiding me" I shook my head no , he looked bummed "oh well , no one
couldn't say I didn't try, the whole Landon thing is done with? " he
asked curiously. "Non of you business" I stood up and walked out of our
room , he followed "Come on your life is by far more exciting then mine" I
looked at him "Really so you want a play by play of everything Me, like
some Episode of a dramatic t.v. show" I responded "Well , yeah" he smiled I
put my arm around his shoulders "Lets get a snack , doofus" I said we both
walked to the Student Cafeteria.

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