College bound Episode 2

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College bound Episode 2

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College bound
"College Confusion"
Written by Tony

It was the first week of Classes I had gone Monday-Wednesday thinking this
is cool I'm sitting in a college class but by Thursday my perception of
college changed and let me just say it was boring as hell , philosophy then
English followed by a dose of History which I actually enjoyed , the
professor was great young he seemed to be in his late twenties Professor
Eben Woodson , he had brown locks and blue eyes and a short beard he looked
distinguished he seem to stare at me , or maybe it was my imagination "okay
guys I know I missed the first three days of class I was out sick now im
better and im back and let me start off by saying we are not in high school
anymore this class will consist of Research papers I will assign three this
semester you will also be responsible for getting the text it should be
around $75" he said , "all of this is explained on the syllabus" he handed
them out , as he passed me he brushing me I didn't think much of it
though. After he was finished he let us out early I walked passed "I hope
you are interested in the ancient world " he said "yeah it's pretty
interesting , learning about past civilizations" I said "good , I glad your
interested , I'm Eben , you can call me that or professor Woodson it makes
no difference " I shook his hand "im Eric Johnston " I said "nice to meet
you Eric" he said "I'll see you tomorrow" he smiled I walked out the
lecture room into the hall there were students looking on there programs
for there next class thank god I was finished for today. I caught up to
Danny who was sitting in the lounge area in our dorm building he was
writing I snuck up behind him "I caught you" he jumped "dude that's not
funny" I laughed then sat "what are you doing" I said "can you believe I
have to write a short essay on a major event that happen in American
society , it's the first week of classes for crying out loud" Danny said
"sucks to be you man" I said he sat his book down "so , I was thinking how
about this weekend at that Alpha Mega Kai party you make your move" he said
smiling "um hell no, im not ready " I replied "you will never be ready ,
you have to freaken leap do something crazy , your from New York for crying
out loud".

later on that evening I looked over the note Landon gave me I had to wear a
navy blue Alpha blazer with a pair of beige khaki pants I got to the house
the same times the other guys got there we were let into the house and told
to stand in a line like we were in the army or something the brothers stood
behind Adam and Landon they were looking at us , fresh meat as they called
us Adam spoke "So you want to be Alpha Brothers well you , will have to
prove it" Adam said the first thing you will do is get this whole house
cleaned I don't want to see a speck of dirt" he said, Landon pulled him
aside "Adam your not suppose to do that" he said "this is my house I'll do
what I want " he said there were about thirteen brothers and sixteen of us
, Adam broke us up giving every one assignments I was the only one left,
the other guys got the kitchen, dining room , living room, bedrooms he
stood in front of me "you will clean the bathrooms, there are three then
the two bedrooms to the right on the second floor" he said smiling Landon
got between us "that's not fair" he said "then you help him if you are so
concerned " he tossed the bucket at me and turned away "Don't worry about
him , lets get started. The bathrooms were horrible but what do you expect
with a house with all guys , me and Landon cleaned up while blasting our
I-pods to the full maximum volume the bathrooms were sparkling when we were
finished then we did the three bedrooms they were a total pig sty but we
manage to make those clean as well it was around two in the morning we went
downstairs everyone was either sleeping or had finished there work and gone
to their respective places Landon walked me to the door "it gets better I
promise" he said "you always promise " I said then I left

Two days later (Saturday)

Danny wanted Desperately to get Adam in the sack but how could he do this ,
he thought , maybe I blind fold him give him a Blow job and he would fall
in love but , would that really work, only on certain guys it did , in high
school Danny was know to be used for certain straight boys curiosity and
with his very skill full deep throating he had them coming back for more ,
but most of the guys had girlfriends and he only saw himself as there dirty
little secret just a means to their ends , did he want to honestly be that
to Adam , somewhere deep in side Danny wanted someone he could be with ,
talk to , kiss not just have sex but make love and he always went for the
straight boy type who could never do any of those things besides have sex
then say "it was just sex , that doesn't make me gay". Danny went for a
walk to clear his head it was 70 degrees out side not to hot he walked
through the local park on campus he then saw Adam standing there leaning on
the fence looking out into the pond he walked up to him "penny for your
thought" Danny said Adam looked at him "excuse me ?" he said rudely " you
put on that tough exterior but I think your full of hot air dude" Danny
said Adam searched Danny's eyes and saw he was calling his bluff "what do
you want ,Eric's friend " he said "my name is Danny " I said I looked
around , it was starting to get dark out I moved closer and put my hand in
his back pocket pulling him close "I'll settle for a kiss" he said Adam
didn't move he was stiff as a rock he looked around "wow, no guy ever did
this before" Adam said Danny moved closer putting my lips on his he kissed
him back , Adam was touching Danny's face Danny had Adam by the back of his
head pushing him in "Danny never was wrong about guys and Adam wasn't an
exception , he knew Adam had so much pint up frustration he needed to be
release "lets go back to my room" Danny suggested "I don't know " Adam said
"come on, its okay" Danny said Adam shook his head no " I cant Danny" Danny
kissed him again "okay, your not ready , it's fine " Danny took Adam cell
off his waist and put his number in Adams phone then handed back to him "
when you are ready , or you want to talk that's my number" he said then
walked away Adam scratched his head then looked around he was still alone
"damn he's hot" Adam said and walked away.

Music played as I entered the house "hey Eric bro you're here " Donnie
another pledge said he high fived me "dude this party is sick and the girls
are even sicker" he said grabbing a blonde by her ass she smiled then took
his hand they went to dance I shook my head and laughed "so are you
enjoying yourself" Landon came up behind me "yeah , I'm cool " I said
"great" he handed me a drink . Adam came in he looked flustered he walked
up to me "I need that more then you" he said and grabbed my drink out of my
hand and guzzled it down "Dude man take it easy" Landon said "I need
another one " he said then walked away Landon followed him In the kitchen
"hi Cute you want to dance" a girl said "um okay " I said she smiled we
danced then slow music came on he got closer putting her body on mines it
was weird considering I'm not attracted to women but she was hot, she had
the whole girl next door look , brunette green eyes perfect white teeth and
you could tell she wasn't snobbish but a good person "I'm Lindsey" she said
" Eric " I said "nice to meet you so , your digging that Landon guy aren't
you" she said "what?" I said "I see the way you look at him , you like him
" she said "I stopped dancing "its okay I wont tell anyone , Landon is hot
,you would have to be blind to not see that , you should go for it" she
said "no I rather not , I think I should be going" I said "no you cant
leave" said , Landon came back out the kitchen "yeah I think I should" I
said I let go of her and went for the door Landon came up to me "I know you
aren't leaving the party didn't even start" he said "yeah I'm not in the
mood to party, tonight" I said "if you don't feel goo you can hang out in
my room until you are ready" he said "I should go" I said "come on stop
being all polite and crap come with me " he said I followed Lindsey had a
grin on her face she waved I shook my head .

So this is my room" Landon said "its great" I said I looked
around there was two beds one empty I guess it belonged to a senior last
year but it looked like a room out of P.B.teens I looked at his CD
collection "you still have Cd's , you haven't converted to using I tunes
yet" I said "yeah but sometimes I just like to pop a cd in the player and
just lay around and think" he said this was the perfect time to put my
plans in motion , I moved close to him "so that girl , you two are dating "
I said "no it's kind of just casual nothing serious " he said "why so many
questions about me " he said "I like you " I replied "I like you too Eric"
he said I just went for it and kissed him his lips were so soft I slid my
tongue in his mouth and I felt his tongue on mine he then pulled back he
looked mortified "Eric im not gay" he said he looked away not making eye
contact he continued "I thought I was your friend" he said, those words
felt like daggers in my heart "you were planning this weren't you , why did
you have to kiss me , I don't know what to think, I cant think, im
confused" he said "Landon look at me " I said he couldn't "im sorry okay,
please look at me " I said he looked at me " I never meant to make you hurt
like this , make you confused about who you are , I'll back off" I said he
had tears in his eyes , "why did you do that , why did you have to kiss me
and mess everything up " he said I felt like dirt he had his whole life and
by me kissing him I changed his world put doubt in his head "my father
would love this , his son was kissed by a guy not just any guy a black guy
" he said "wow!" I said " I didn't mean it like that , but my dad hates
queers " he said "im gonna go, I really am sorry" I said . I left out the
room walked down the hall down the open staircase that led to the front
door Lindsey rushed to me "Are you okay" she saw the tears in my eyes "Eric
im sorry" she said "don't worry about it " I said and I left out the
fraternity house. When I went down the stairs on the stoop Adam spoke "Eric
wait" he said I turned he was sitting on the bench outside the house he
looked drunk "What? You want me to withdraw from being a brother" I said
"no, look I know I was a bastard to you and Im sorry for that , I guess I
couldn't deal with being gay" he laughed I was startled by his confession
he continued " I saw that kiss" he said "what?" I answered " I saw you two
go upstairs I followed I saw that kiss" he said he walked towards me then
sat down on the steps I sat down next to him "what should I do Adam?,
Landon cant even stand the sight of me " I said "I don't know , but I saw
the way you two kissed he didn't stop it which means he wanted it " Adam
said I had not thought about that . But it was true when we kissed he
kissed me back he didn't pull away at first but his reaction to it , said
it all I crossed a boundary I shouldn't have and because of some stupid
game with Danny I hurt him and made him question his self as a human being
"I guess we will never know " I said as I stood up Adam stood up as well
"lets keep what you know about me a secret will you" Adam said "sure thing"
I said I walked home

When I got to my dorm room Danny was on his computer "dude so how did it
go" Danny said "it was a disaster , I hurt Landon , by kissing him" I said
"details" Danny said " I kissed him and he said he wasn't gay and that he
thought I was his friend " I said "man im sorry" "you should be you dragged
me into your stupid plan and I hurt him" I said "I said I was sorry" he
replied "sorry isn't going to make up for what happened , I don't belong
here , and I am stupid to think that I could ever be with someone like
Landon " I said "what are you talking about , your hott you can get any guy
you want " "apparently not " I said "the truth of the matter is im black
and he's white , I'm a guy and he likes girls " I screamed at Danny "that
black and white stuff doesn't matter any more" Danny said "it doesn't
matter to you because your white , you don't know what its like for me , to
be followed in stores or have people stare at you when you are in a
different neighborhood , I'm not by any means trying to complain but the
only way you know your white is if your in a room full of minorities , I'm
reminded everyday of who I am" I said I laid down on my bed Danny got up
and laid down next to me we both stared at the ceiling then he turned
facing me "I didn't know you felt like that , your right I don't know what
its like to be black and I'm sorry for what you go through because of
stupid people but I know what its like to be different for people to hate
you for no reason , no one never suspected I was gay but I came out in high
school anyway and I was bullied and even beat, just because of who I am" he
had tears in his eyes I wrapped my arm around him and we laid there "I'm
sorry for yelling and I'm sorry for what you went through" I said "I guess
whether we are white, black Spanish, Asian, straight , gay pain is
universal" he said "I guess so" I agreed and kissed him on his forehead "I
think you're my best friend" Danny said "yeah I think you're my Best friend
too considering im your only friend" I said "hey !" we laughed.


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