College Bound Episode 1

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College Bound Episode 1

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College bound
College Found
Written by Tony
I've known for a while I was Gay but I never experienced anything with a
guy , one would think coming out of new York I would have had sex with at
least one guy , but the truth is I could never find a guy interested or I
was totally oblivious to advances made towards me , which I think there
were non, before I go any further my name is Eric Johnston I am African
American , about 5"10 165 pounds and I'm rather good looking if you ask me,
I have a nice caramel complexion , and finally I was out of my parents
house and on the college campus , I am now a freshman at Texas state and I
don't know really know what to expect.

I picked up my freshman packet at bursars the packet contained my classes I
applied for my meal plan and my dorm room number and key , I went to the
Washington square dorm building it was a big brick building about three
story's high I went inside the building was brightly lit and had posters
and servicing boards all around I looked on my paper for my room number as
I walked and I bumped into someone "hey im sorry " the voice said I looked
up and the bluest eyes were staring at me "it's okay" I said he smiled
"your new here?" he asked "yeah what about you" I asked "no , this is my
second year here" he said then he continued "you know what , why don't you
come to ALPHA MEGA KAI , im a brother there and we are looking for new
pledges " he said , I kept looking at his lips as he talked , damn for a
white guy he had full pink lips that just looked so good as he talked "so
what do you say " he said "im not sure , if fraternities is my thing" I
said "you should at least see what we have to offer" he said , how could I
resist a hot guy " im Landon, by the way" he said "Eric" I said he extended
his hand I took it and shook it we stood there and he didn't release my
hand he then let go "hope to see you there Eric" he said as he walked away
"Landon look like a model for Abercrombie and fitch , how can one person
just be so damn gorgeous. And he has dimples with his crew cut blond hair ,
I got hard thinking about him .

I found my room and went inside , my roommate was already there unpacking
his clothes , he was rather skinny, and had that skater boy look , he had
brown shaggy looking hair , he turned around and I thought damn are all the
boys here good looking "you're my room mate ?" he said sounding
disappointed "yeah I'm Eric" I extended my hand he looked at me "I'm Danny"
he said folding his arms trying to study me "look, Danny I'm not going to
rob you or beat you up or anything " he then laughed "trust me , I can see
your no gangsta for god sake your wearing a American Eagle shirt" "im not
racist of anything I just was trying to read you I tend to do that with
people I just meet" he said " so what did you come up with when you read me
" I said " I got that your smart and have a great since of style " he said
then turned and bent down to pick up his suit case , wow he has a nice ass
I thought he caught me looking at him he smiled "and your cute" he said h e
walked close to me "you are so stiff Eric loosen up" he said he slipped his
hands under my shirt "damn your ripped guy " he said his brown eyes were
staring into mine I couldn't break a away from his seductive stare I felt
myself getting hard and he did too he pushed me on the mattress then got on
top of me I placed ,y hands on his ass " I've never done anything like this
before" I said as he was sucking on my neck, he pushed the hair out of his
face you've never had sex before " he asked "no, not at all" he got off of
me "what?" I protested "your first time should be with someone you care
about , im doing you a favor trust me , I wish someone had done that for me
" he said I had a boner and he had to be a decent guy .

Later that night Danny and I went out to different fraternities Danny was
interested in Omega Si and I made my way ALPHA MEGA KAI. I went inside the
house and there were a bunch of guys in suit jackets talking I had a blue
Abercrombie shirt and a black track jacket and a pair of blue jean s I
looked around , no black guys in sight I was the only one , I started to
fee l uncomfortable so I turned to leave "hey Eric" I heard Landon's voice
I turned around he was walking towards me "hey man you made it come get a
drink" he said and that I did we talked for hours he introduced me to his
other brothers everyone seemed cool I was really liking Landon at this
point "hey Landon " the guy basically got in between us turning his back to
me "so have you seen any potential guys" he said "yeah , im talking to one
right now" he turned around and looked at me then gave me a look he then
turned to Landon and said "anyone less ethnic" I got pissed and I wanted to
fuck this guy up but I just walked away from them and left out the house ,
I was half way back to my dorm when I heard Landon call out to me I turned
he caught up to me resting his hand on my shoulder as he caught his breath
"damn dude you walk too fast" he said "what do you want " I said angry he
looked embarrassed " im sorry Adam is such a douche " he said "im not going
to join a Fraternity , I think I sh ould focus on my school work " I said
"not everyone is like that , I'm not and I happen to think you are cool" he
said m he smiles "that will never happen again I promise , just consider us
" he said "okay, alright" I gave in "great " he said we shook hands and
parted ways.

The next couple of days I was introduced to a lot of different
people . Classes started and me and Danny became really good friends ,
Class was over and we decided to chill in front of the ice cream parlor on
campus I got a cone of Chocolate and vanilla Danny got the strawberry twist
cone "this is the lie " Danny said I laughed as I sat down next to him at
the table outside the parlor I laughed "what?, it is im sitting here eating
a good ass ice cream with my friend scamming on hot ass college guys as
they walk by" he said "I guess your right " I agreed,Adam and Landon walked
up to us "hey Eric" Landon greeted me with a smile Adam looked like a idiot
standing there eyeing me and Danny we stood up and Danny stared at Adam
completely making him uncomfortable I wanted to laugh but I didn't "so I
wanted to give you something " he handed me a fancy looking envelope
"congrats man" I smiled at him "what's this" I said "your acceptance as a
pledge to the ALPHA MEGA KAI fraternity house " he said "this doesn't mean
you are in " Adam said " I know " I said two girls came out the ice cream
parlor they walked up to them "we got you two ice cream " the blond one
said she kissed Adam and the brunette kissed Landon they walked away "you
know what I think buddy, that Adam guy needs to be taught some manners" he
said with a grin on his face "what do you mean" I said " I think he';s
closeted and don't know how to express himself" Danny said "no way not Adam
" I said "look , I'm not flamboyantly gay and neither are you so I think we
should see how far we can get with those two "what do you mean like a game"
I said "no more like a mission something we can accomplish" he said "what
do you mean we " I said "listen , we have to split them up" I was resistant
to my friend plan , from the look of it both guys were straight and Landon
was cool I didn't want to mess anything up with him "oh come on , Eric stop
being a bitch , you like Landon , you want to fuck him or vice versa, and I
want that Adam guy" Danny had a sinister look on his face "you're a real
Crazy psycho aren't you" I said "yes I am" he answered back .

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