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New: College Bound Episode 14

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CB14: “Getting to it”
Written by Tony

I walked in with Danny and Landon people were looking at me

“hey it’s the women beater” some guy yelled at , I felt like dirt. We walked into the auditorium. It started feeling up

Landon walked onto the stage

“president Walker, can you please join me on stage” she walked over . This must be really big if the president of our school and the administrators all were there including massive amount of students I saw Stefan he came over so did Justin , Justin kissed Danny Stefan grabbed my hand and held it in his

“hi everyone , I just want to let you know what you are about to see, I have recorded myself yesterday and it shows that Eric Johnston is innocent”

“dude how can you say that , he hit your girlfriend” someone stated

“So we thought” Landon yelled back Ashlee ran to the front

“what are you doing?”

“making things right” he pressed play on the dvd and it appeared on the screen , the room went dark

We saw Ashlee talking to someone

“just make him like you”

“he already does where is my money “ she rolled her eyes then the camera moved and it showed Stefan , I looked at him , he looked at me , and put his head down , I moved my hands from his

“Where is Justin” we heard Ashlee

“I’m right here, where’s my cut”

“right here” she passed him the envelop he looked in it”

“any time you want me to punch you around and make it seem like Eric did it , I’m all yours”

She laughed

“so we have no more business”

“not exactly “ Stefan said grabbing her hand he pulled her into him. And kissed her Justin joined in a threeway kiss. They separated

I sat there feeling like a fool I looked over at Danny he had the same look I stood up and took my friend hand we both walked away

“wait Danny , I can explain” Danny let go and turned around

“you got paid to ruin my best friends life then you kiss Stefan and Ashlee your caught you bitch”

“you’re the bitch” Justin spat out Danny balled his fist and caught Justin right in the eye he fell back everyone cheered Danny on . I looked at Stefan , he looked embarrassed , he looked at me

“I’m sorr” I stopped him

“don’t! , you said it all on that tape , you were just using me to get paid to give Ashley inside information and you were fucking her. Its okay I’m use to people not wanting me”

I turned around Danny wrapped his arm around me we walked out he hugged me , we held onto each other

“at least it happened to both of us” he sound so hurt

“yeah “ I half smiled “but it still sucks I cant be with Landon then enter Justin and he cheats and then it’s the womanizer Stefan who has been working with Ashlee. Some track record”

“and I seduced adam he left then Justin comes in the picture you warned me about Justin I didn’t listen, and he was in on it as well this is all a mess”

“hey don’t beat yourself up , I mean at least Justin didn’t pretend to like you in order to hurt you , he liked you”

“but he hurt you , and that’s unforgivable to me , and he was in a three way kiss with Stefan and Ashlee who knows what they did after that . Lets forget them , once and for all”

“how can we , when they are our roommates”

“yeah, if only we could room together again”

“I know” Landon came out and over to us

“I’m so sorry guys I just had to expose them to get Eric back”

“its okay , I’m glad you did that , it sucks I really liked Craig , but you cant cry over spilled milk at least that’s what my father told me , but his words aren’t good for anything fucking homophob” we looked at him

“sorry I was rambling” we all chuckled

“Eric , the president is going to look over things but it looks like your back”

“what about those three in there” I asked

“um I know for sure Ashlee is being expelled , but I don’t know about Stefan and Justin”

I began to get a sad look

“aren’t you happy your back?” Landon asked me

“yeah , its not that”

“than what?” he asked

“I thought Stefan was a decent guy . I don’t know why, I knew he liked girls but he took a chance on me , only to find out he was paid to do it. I kind of feel used”

Landon took my hand surprising me

“any guy would be so lucky to have you”

“yeah right”

“its true I know I would be” we looked at each other , his green eyes burned into my brown ones I reached over Brushing his blond hair out of his eyes it had grown I smiled so did he

“well looks like someone is about to rebound quickly we both looked embarrassed

“You guys this has been going on for almost a whole year , you two like each other , Landon I get your guarding your heart and think your straight but you have feelings for Eric, Eric don’t let me get started on you , you always pined over him. Stop it and fucking kiss before I force both of your heads together, Chocolate and Vanilla goes well with one another”

We looked at him and both rolled our eyes then at each other

“I mean we don’t have to” Landon said bashfully looking away quickly I stepped forward

“only if you want to” I added

“for Christ sake kiss” Danny yelled Landon placed his milky hand on my chocolate face and our lips touched , I know it isn’t the first time we kissed but it felt like it

The whole world including Danny had disappeared all the times I wanted him but couldn’t have him , all the ups and down led to this very moment , its crazy how it took a crazy girl to get this ball in motion because if she wouldn’t have went through with the plan who knows how different right now would have been , just me and Landon until we heard talking and whispering , we parted to find people exiting the auditorium some didn’t care some looked on

“looks like I just came out” Landon looked scared

“do you regret it?”

“no, but I have to talk to my family they will hear about this , I’m sure of it , I just don’t know how I will approach it”

“listen if you think this is too fast then we can you know not get into this right away and just relax and take things slow”

“haven’t we been doing that , lets face it , I am miserable without you, you make me smile and I would like to think I make you smile too” I nodded at that

“then no more waiting , I’m pretty sure I love you” his lips attacked mines again I pushed him back playfully

“pretty sure?” I asked he smiled displaying his pearly whites

“ no not pretty sure , I know I’m in love with you , and I know with your help I will be okay” he hugged me I held on tight Danny was grinning ear to ear. I finally had my Landon..


I got back to my room and Justin was there

“are you seriously here right now?” Justin had a black eye

“I’m scum, you knew that before you got involved”

“why? , that’s all I want to know”

“I guess I’m wired like that , I try to be good but I cant , I’m sorry Danny and I guess I hold a grudge for Eric leaving me”

“you cheated Asshole, what was he suppose to do ?, turn his back to it and pretend like nothing was going on”

“I know I have some nerve”

“did you sleep with Stefan and Ashlee?” he nodded yes

“I enjoyed Stefan more . I guess that’s why I’m gay . You deserve better then me anyway your one of the good guys” Justin stepped towards me and kissed me on the forehead

“and your one hell of a puncher” I laughed at that

“what now”

“it’s time that I go, the school wants to put me on probation but I opted to leave, I’m going home , maybe go to one of the local colleges , Stefan didn’t get anything , he didn’t do anything but make Eric fall in love with him , so he wont have too much of a penalty”

“at least Eric has Landon now, so he doesn’t have to face that idiot alone”

Justin stayed the night because well it was still his room , and when I woke up he was gone his stuff was gone no sign of a roommate there was a knock on the door wel more of a pounding I got up in only my black boxers it was Adam

“I will fight for you , I came back for you Danny” ‘

“Adam I um”

“Justin is not the guy for you, he will hurt you. I wont”

“Adam , listen” he rushed me with a kiss I melted he backed away studying my face

“so do I have a shot”

“of course me and Justin are over , he helped frame Eric for Hurting Ashlee” I stated

“are you okay” Adam asked

“yeah I guess, I don’t know”

“well cheer up because I’m here now” he hugged me I half smiled wow one door closes and another one opens really fast.


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