College Bound Episode 15

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College Bound Episode 15

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College bound
“Going all the way pt 1”


I felt kisses on my face I opened my eyes to Landon smiling at me , his hair was messy , he had a serious case of bed hair

“what a way to wake up” I stated

“I was thinking a lot about us , I am really happy I don’t think I ever felt like this before , but what if this doesn’t work out”

“if it doesn’t at least me tried right” he shook his head positively

“I’m gay!” he said then laughed

“are you okay?” I chuckled

“its just I never said it out loud only in my head I never thought this would happen , my dad had my life so mapped out , go to college get a great job marry a hot girl have great looking off springs, his words not mine Eric and then just get old,”

“do you feel you were pressured to be straight?”

“most Definitely babe, I am from a conservative texas town call Tyler , being gay in my high school was not an option, not if you wanted the hell that went with it , but there were gay guys at my school , there was no proof they were gay and they quickly got girlfriends to blend in . but when high school was over they left texas and went to places like California and New york where its okay you know, I mean even in this part of Texas is more understanding then most parts” I nodded then kissed him causing him to lay back I got on top of him and he wrapped his arms around my back as we tongue kissed

“yup your gay ,your cock is digging into me” I smiled he did too

“what can I say , a hot guy is on top of me”

“how about I take care of that for you” you guys have to know we hadn’t done anything sexual up until this point

“you sure” he asked I nodded then slid down to his briefs I looked at his hard cock sticking out of his briefs I rubbed it , he shuddered

“after this your next” I pulled his briefs down , and his big dick popped out it looked huge he had blond pubs that were nicely trimmed I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began to jerk him

“fuck that feels awesome Eric” I used my other hand and started playing with his balls they were pink and surprisingly big like eggs I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls

“dude baby awe fuck” i smiled at i was licking his balls he was moving like crazy boy was he sensitive down there I licked up onto his shaft then I got to the head I grabbed his cock pointing it to me , I slowly stuck the head in my mouth and licked and sucked on the head

“Ericc, oh fuck suck my dick” I did as he said I went down as far as I could I began to gag then I relaxed my throat a little and went down further my nose was in the mist of his blond pubes I could smell his sexy musky smell

“oh shit ,you took all of it down your throat” that’s when I began to bob up and down on his love stick he was moaning like crazy I was loving pleasing my boyfriend and his pre-cum was great a mix of Sweetness and a sour

“oh fuck I’m going to cum,” I took his cock out of my mouth and jerked him off his body went into some kind of convulsions and he exploded about six shots of thick cum shot out hitting my chin I pointed his cock towards him and it hit his chest and stomach and mouth , he was breathing really hard and sweating

“oh my god , I never had a blow job like that” I grinned

“guys know what guys want” I winked at him

I laid down beside him and traced my fingers in his cum that was on his stomach and pecks , I took my finger and stuck it in my mouth sucking on my finger he smiled at that , then he kissed me I could taste even more of his cum that was already on his lips, he stopped then looked at me with a sexy smile he kissed my chest then my stomach and he reached my boxers he pulled them down and my cock was hard as a rock I saw precum seeping out the slit of my dick he licked the head and my slit my cum was on his tongue

“taste actually good” he then took my cock in his mouth he was trying to hard I stopped him

“hey its your first time , just Relax babe and go slow” he did as I said going up and down my cock slow and steady and it started feeling awesome, I ran my hands through his blond hair controlling his mouth I haven’t cummed in a while so I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to get off

“Landon , I’m going to blow , baby your mouth is so good” he kept going

“Landon I’m cumming” he kept sucking and I exploded in his mouth , I looked down at him he was swallowing my cum and some was coming out of his mouth, he sucked until I was too sensitive to stand his mouth and I pushed him away

“that was extreme” he said kissing me I could taste my cum on his tongue , we made out for about five minutes then we parted

“god , I never knew I could feel like that” Landon snuggled up to me his nose on mine

“wait until we go all the way , your going to love it” he looked serious

“about that , I don’t think I’m ready to be fucked” I laughed

“I know , and plus I’m more of a bottom any way , well I’m versatile but I like bottoming”

“I mean I thought about bottoming a lot actually in high school even here in college, I want to with you , but I will need some time”

“I know , and maybe tonight we can have sex” I added

“you mean make love” Landon said placing his hand on my face rubbing his thumb on my cheek

“yeah , making love”


Being with Eric put an extra pep in my step , I think people noticed that I was happy I went to the Fraternity house and saw the guys were having a meeting of some sort

“what’s going on” I asked everyone turned I noticed Joe at the head of the room were I usually stand

“I’m just letting the guys know , that I am the better man to be President of Alpha mega Kai ” he gave me an ice cold look

“yeah but i think i am the man for the job, not you, we all know you like sloppy seconds"

"really you’re the man, but aren’t you the women in your new relationship" Joe said causing some of the guys to laugh some of them didn’t

"that was uncalled for" I practically yelled

"so do you let that nigger suck your dick , do he suck it good" i was getting angry

"hey stop it , before i punch your ass out Joey"Mikey yelled at Joe

"I’m just stating the obvious , i don’t feel comfortable with having a guy that bones another guy running things, in fact I think I will throw my hat in the race to become the president of his fraternity house once and for all" the guys stated talking , he was not going to take this away from me , this is my legacy , my house after Adam left I was next in line for this

“its called social order you idiot I am next to run this fraternity , you are not , Joey why dont get lost”

“no! , you get lost , we will be better off without you , you fucking faggot!” I leaped at him Mikey stopped me ,

“Landon man he ain’t worth it trust me , you hit him he will report you and you will look bad for real”

“your right Mike thanks I cant help it I love Eric I’m gay so what? I’m not into anyone in this house so it shouldn’t be a problem”

“it’s not with me, I’m cool with you being Gay it doesn’t change anything you’re the same guy who I became brothers with , and that’s not going to change, you definitely have my vote” we shook hands


“Hey what’s wrong" Landon leaned his head on my shoulder i hugged him

"Joe wants to be official president of Alpha Mega Kai "

"he cant do that , you wanted that since forever"

"exactly !, he has some nerve after sleeping with Ashlee"

"maybe we should cool it , especially now"

"no" he grabbed my hand and squeezed it "I’m not going to cool anything ," he leaned in and kissed me , i still was nervous because i thought none of this was real

Danny rushed into the room

“guys I heard Ashlee got two years probation , she cant even come within fifty feet of you Eric , Justice is served”

“not really Stefan is still here”

“he is?” Danny asked

“yeah , he changed rooms he is in another Dorm building thank god for that, at least Justin is out”

“yes amen to that Brother eric” Danny said we all laughed

“so how are thing with Adam?”

“wait , Adam is back when?” Landon asked looking at me then Danny

“he showed up a week ago , he’s been staying in my room if you know what I mean” he wiggled his eye brows”

“that’s great”

“I know sex with Adam is hot”

“no not that , Adam can help me Secure my Presidency”

“that sounds like a plan to me” I said excitingly Landon kissed me

“is he in your room now” Danny nodded Landon ran out

“what was that about”

“Joe, the slime ball that was sleeping with the equally as slimy Ashlee, wants to be in charge of Alpha Mega”

“he cant do that” Danny urged

“ if he gets a lot of votes he sure can, but Landon is a great leader and im not just saying that because he is my boyfriend ”

“oh shut up, you just like saying he is your boyfriend , your worst then a girl” Danny bumped me

“I know, well I’m hungry want to go get something to eat best friend,” he nodded we left out

STAY Tuned for ,more !!

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