The Adventures of Adam Episode 5

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 5

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The Adventures of Adam
“my heart beats for you” written by :Tony


“dude if you are so hell bent on the perfect date it wont happen, it will be a complete disaster , you just have to let it be, stop analyzing everything , you have the basic , you like Sam and Sam likes you , the date will go by perfectly”

“Travis I’m nervous , look I’m shaking” Travis got off my bed and stood in front of me he then slapped me


“sorry , you were freaking out I seen that in the movies” I slapped him back

“and I seen that also in the movies”

“jeez was only helping, it will be fine” travis stated holding his face

“I’m sorry” he rolled his eyes

“yes you are sorry!, but sweet too so I‘ll let that one go” he went over to my closet and looked through my clothes he took out a v-neck sweater some jeans and a pair of boots

“since I’m pretty sure this isn’t a dress up date you should be relaxed , and it’s snow everywhere hence the boots”

“I like it” I put on the clothes and it looked good , Travis tossed my hair and gelled it a little ,

“your perfect, now”

‘I’m always perfect” I added

“yeah , that’s debatable” I punched him in his arm playfully he laughed

“Honey , your date is here” I heard my mom yell

“well , my work here is done , have an awesome time and I will help myself to dinner via your kitchen”

“mi casa es su casa “

“same” he grabbed the remote turning on the t.v

“Jersey shore is on , love that show” I shook my head “have a great time” he said excitingly I left out closing the door behind me

I walked down the stairs and Sam had on his grey pea coat and cute winter hat his eyes lit up as he saw me

“you look really great” he smiled

“so do you I love your hat it matches your eyes we smiled at each other , then I heard my mother clear her voice , she had a raised eye brow and a grin bigger then I had ever seen it

“ we should be back at midnight” I stated

“try eleven, bye sweetie”

“Eleven is enough time” Sam chimed in

“good , now get going oh I’m glad Travis is here he can taste test my new recipes”

“I’m sure he would love that considering how greedy he is” the three of us laughed at that

“hey I heard that , so what do you plan on feeding me” Travis said strolling down the stairs with a huge smile

“I have three dishes and your going to tell me if it is a hit or a miss” Sam and I left out the loft and to the elevator once out the elevator and to the lobby I saw our town car waiting I walked over

“I know it isn’t romantic , but I know you haven’t taken the city bus before lets leave your driver here we can find our own way” Sam said as I had my handle on the town car door

“Okay, let me just tell Bruno he can go then” he nodded I told Bruno I didn’t need him tonight , he told me to have a good night , Sam and I walked down the street ,

“so the City bus”

“I hope your okay with that”

“ I am, I’m not a prude or anything , and mom never lets me think I’m rich because I’m not , she is . She keeps me grounded”

“that’s great, you know what it’s like to be like us normal folk”

“I don’t think your normal” he looked at me in a way that I couldn’t read but I think i offended him

“no I mean , I think your extraordinary I know that’s corny” he smiled

“ I think you are as well” we waited at the bus stop,

“and for the record I have taken the city bus before , just not the new york city bus”

“ and for the record, I am glad your first time will be with me” his face turned red

“I mean…uh”

“I know what you mean” I smiled It became painfully quiet we seem to look at the people across the street from us walking around . Some kids started balling up snow throwing it at each other , I looked down at the nasty slushy snow in the street I made a face of disgust , I heard Sam laugh. I Looked up

“the snow just looks nasty” I spoke

“that’s new York Snow for you”

“In my old neighborhood it looked like something off a winter wonderland postcard”

The bus finally came and well Sam used his metro card for the both of us

“ thanks” I said

“you’re my date:” we sat in the back of the bus

“you know , have to admit I am nervous as hell”

“me too” we both smiled at one another it actually felt good to know he was feeling the same way I was ,

Fifteen minutes later we were in the Bowery region of SOHO. We got off and walked up the block

“where are you taking me? I asked

“you’ll see” he smiled , we entered this side door and I got nervous I thought we were trespassing or something , we walked up a flight of stairs and into a room , it was a set , a replica of a small restaurant and when you look out the “window” there was a gigantic scenery picture with a lit Eifel tower behind the big floor to ceiling glass

“we are in Paris this evening” Sam said

“what is this place?” I asked

“my brother is a set design , he owns this building , he and his partners use this place to help get business in the entertainment industry”

“he’s great at what he does I really feel like I’m in Paris” I looked over at the big glass windows and the fake backdrop of Paris

“welcome to Le Castel Café” it was a waiter , but he looked too much like Sam , he had shoulder length blond hair and the same eye , and a brunette girl by his side

“the waiter is my brother and his girlfriend they thought this was just so romantic they wanted to be involved” sam added

“its nice to meet both of you , this is amazing you are really talented” he smiled

“thank you Adam, I am Simon but I like to go by Sy and this is my girlfriend Willow” she smiled , I shook both of their hands

“so I have a special made just for you two” his brother said , they walked to the back and pulled out a cart there were two dishes with metal covers over them they placed them on the table

“and we have some Champaign , but its just cider because what kind of adult would I be if I let two sixteen year olds drink” we both rolled our eyes , they removed the covers and the food looked and smelled good

“we have Boeuf Bourgignon with a side of roasted garlic potatoes” his brother smiled

“you have a nice stake and garlic potatoes he just wants it to sound nice” willow stated we laughed

“why did you do that? they believed me” she kissed him

“sure they did, lets go get dessert ready for them” she dragged him to the back

“your brother is funny”

“among other things” we both laughed and began eating , we talked about everything , I learned he came out when he was fourteen and that he thought he was bi for a while but he knew there was no attraction to girls , and that his parents hated it but came around , but Sy had always been there for him. And that his first boyfriend was this guy name David , they were happy together , until he broke up with him and told him he wasn’t gay any more . I reached over and took his hand in mine

“Well I am glad he dumped you” Sam had a puzzled look on his face

“why is that” he asked

“because I wouldn’t be sitting here having my first date with you” he smiled , this was awesome we didn’t have to rush or have other people around it felt like we had a whole restaurant to ourselves , Sy and willow came back after we ate with two plates , they sat it down it was chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream they collected the dinner dishes

“chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream is my favorite , how did you know?” I asked

“a little birdie name Travis told me”

We started eating our desserts and I looked over Sam had Vanilla on his top lip, it looked so good I was feeling all sorts of things as it sat there on his luscious pink lips

“you got a little something”

“where?” I moved closer and I just couldn’t stop, I sucked on his top lip then kissed him I moved back he was starring at me

“I guess you got it off” he said with a grin I nodded he leaned in and kissed me gently ,I opened my mouth and felt his tongue slip in to meet my tongue I could taste him , he could taste me and we both could taste vanilla we heard a voice clear and pulled apart , Sy and willow were standing there with grins on their face

“ I see you like Dessert” Sy said I looked at my watch it was turning ten”

“I have an hour before I have to be home”

“then we should go” Sam said we got up

“thank you so much the both of you this was the best date I been on . Ever” they all smiled

“ well how many people can say they went all the way to paris for their first date” Willow said I nodded

“hope to see you again Adam” Sy smiled

“same” I shook both of their hands

“and little brother , be safe and call me when your on your way back” he nodded and we left out , I Must have had a smile plastered on my face the whole ride back , Sam kept looking but didn’t say anything he took my hand in his running his thumb in the inside of my hand . We finally reached my block and we got off on the opposite side we were picked up on

“why are you smiling like that” Sam asked smiling himself

“I don’t know , I just no one has ever did anything like that for me ,remotely close to that, hell I would have been lucky if I got popcorn at the movies” Sam put his arm around my shoulders as we walk

“you’re special adam , don’t let anyone tell you your not” we walked in my building and we stopped in the lobby it was empty .

“I had a wonderful time with you”

“you think we can do this again sometime”

“defenitly” he smiled

“cool” it was a awkward silence, I then leaned in and kissed him he kissed me back I never felt like this in my life , I was falling in love this has got to be what it feels like, we kissed for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes I backed away

“its ten fifty five I have to go before eleven hits” he smiled then kissed me one last time I walked to the elevator and went up to my house I was the happiest guy in the world . I went inside and had my back to the door and smiled uncontrollably this was only going to get so much better.


As Sam watched the elevator door close he smiled to himself he was so lucky to find Adam , he knew Adam was the one but what he didn’t know was someone was watching them kiss, someone with angry piercing brown eyes and blowing dirty blond hair, he gripped his fist in a tight ball as Sam turned and walked out of the building and right into him

“oh I'm sorry” Sam said politely and walked down the block . He had seen Them get off the city bus and walk to the building so he decided to follow to see what was going on with his friend, the arm around the shoulder action was nothing to him , maybe they were friends but when he turned the corner looking into Adam’s building he saw them kiss . He became angry, jealous, Sad he couldn’t describe his own feelings . What was Krys to do.

Author note:

Oh now that I am finish with Before and After , I will be focusing more on this story , and I have so much drama coming up. So Sam and Adam go on their first date and it’s so Romantic Adam and Sam are perfect for each other, and at the end of it we see the perfect ending to a perfect date . But Krys doesn’t think this at all, he is angry and jealous and sad , we all know what those feelings can do especially if one lashes out , it can spell for disaster . Lets hope Krys can get past these feelings

On the next Adventures of Adam , Tyler Joins the series as stated in ch 30 of Before and After . And Krys may have a plan to get Adam.


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