The Adventures of Adam Episode 15 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 15 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam
“Travis falls from Grace”
Written by Tony


“ matt how does that feel” I pushed into him he had tears in his eyes

“I’ll stop”

“no the fuck you wont” he had his ankles resting on my shoulders I began to thrust in and out of him , his moans of pain became moans of enjoyment

“baby fuck me” Matt yelled he smacked my ass as I was fucking this hot jock he started Stroking his dick

“im going to cum fuck yeah” Matt came all over his chest , I was still going in and out of his velvet insides, I pounded until I felt the stirring in my balls , I pulled out and took off my condom then stroked myself I came all over him, he pulled me down and kissed me , our bodies were mixing the cum together

“thank you” MAtt smiled

“for what” I asked

“for being my first , I mean with Guys” I chuckled

“your welcome “ I kissed him sweetly we rubbed our nose together


The next day

“ I opened my locker taking my books out” travis came up to me

“ hey there , so I go your e-mail and I will have to take a rain check on going to the Café”

“come on , its suppose to be our new hangout spot”

“we are not the sitcom friends , and plus I have a hot date or fuck” he smiled this new Travis was not my first choice

“oh you and Leo”

“no silly, Leo is a been there really done that, its with this hot German guy name Deniz”

“Travis what the hell is wrong with you, your just slutting it up”

“Adam , I’ll pretend like you didn’t just say that me , I am seventeen , I don’t need you or anyone looking after me”

“I know but you having sex with these guys , \firstly It isn’t safe”

“we use protection”

“that’s not always safe you don’t know these guys they can be crazy people”

“why do I even bother , I’ll do what I want to do with whom ever I want to do it with”

“hey guys” Tyler walked up to us Travis looked away

“we should get to homeroom” Travis said

“yeah, Travis you look really nice today” my heart melted for Tyler I know he fucked up but those puppy dog eyes and the sincerity in his voice it was just so sweet

“thanks , whatever” Travis said ice cold and walked ahead of us

“why do I even bother”

“because you love him and you wont stop until you get him back” he nodded

“I screwed up but he is treating me like dirt!”

“what do you expect Tyler , no Offence but when I thought Sam cheated actually Took part in the sex with Krys I really didn’t want anything to do with either one of them . In time he will come around I am sure of it , but sometimes you have to just say its time to move on”

We got to class and Travis was waiting in his usual seat I sat down next to him , Tyler sat next to Vicki

“so what are you two buddy buddy now”

“yes we are , he is my friend just like you , and I am not choosing sides so don’t even ask” I said angry he held up his hands

“I wouldn’t dream of it , you know I love you” he smiled tickling my stomach I laughed

“stop , okay you love me” people looked over including Tyler Travis looked at him annoyed then down into his book the teacher came in with a smile

“okay class pop Quiz” we all groaned

During Gym , Travis and I played volley ball on the same team and we were winning , Lewis a really hot guy in my math class was on the other team , Travis winked at him Lewis smiled then I saw Travis move his tongue to his cheek to imitate a blow job lewis looked around I looked away so he didn’t see me looking then I looked back he nodded yes we finished the game , our P.E Teacher thought we should play doge ball next but Travis asked to use the bathroom so did Lewis , what the fuck was Travis doing. Ten minutes past and snuck out of class I went to the boys bathroom slowly opening up the door I heard moaning , I moved closer

“fuck Travis suck my dick”

“hey shut the fuck up or we will get caught” I got slightly turned on but I was angry I left out as quietly as I went in , Travis was messing around and it was dangerous he was trying to have sex with every guy that he could, I went back to the gym , about five minutes later both Lewis and Travis returned Travis came over to me smiling

“I don’t know who you are anymore , just leave me alone” I said as I walked passed him

“Adam what the fuck!” I left out the gym , I couldn’t stand by and watch him do this to himself I would rather end my friendship with him then to stand by and watch him catch something.

After school Tyler was outside waiting

“lets go home”

“are you okay” he asked we started walking

“Adam! Wait up” it was Travis Tyler stopped I pulled him to the car

“hey!, so much for not picking sides” he shouted we got in I started tear up

“what was that about , did you pick my side”

“no!, I didn’t pick anyone’s side this isn’t even about what you did to him , this is about what he is doing to himself, you hurt him so bad he is just using any guy that will have him to numb the pain and I am scared for his life!” Bruno began to drive I looked out the window Travis was standing there clearly upset looking at me as I looked at him


As Matt and I left out of school I saw Travis standing there with tears in his eyes

“hey Travis what’s wrong” he didn’t say anything

“Travis come on talk to me”

“my life is shit right now , just leave me alone” he stormed off

“What was that about” Matt asked I shrugged my shoulder

“maybe we should go after him see if he is okay”

“yeah” , we followed him to his house he didn’t even know we were behind him

“what are you two doing” he asked not even turning around

“just making sure you were okay” Matt said he turned

“how would you two like to have some fun”

“what kind Of fun I asked” he smiled we went back to his place with him it was a nice apartment he brought us some shots

“Alcohol party”

“we shouldn’t what if your family comes”

“mom is away and its just me and her so no one is coming” he was the first one to do it we did to, damn was it bitter

“how about we do shots off each others bodies he suggested

“Travis I don’t know”

“come on Sam” he came close and kissed me I was shocked

“hey!” matt yelled he turned to matt and did the same , matt looked even more shocked

“ have you guys ever had a threesome” we looked at each other Matt shook his head no I did too

“do you want to have one” he asked

“I don’t know , I love Sam I don’t think it would be good to bring in a third person”

“its only for one time, come on ,for experience” matt didn’t know what to do so I grabbed Travis and matt and pulled them close to me the three of us began to kiss

“I had not anticipated this at all”

To be continued…

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