The Adventures of Adam Episode 6

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 6

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The Adventures of Adam
"Krys Boiling mad" written by tony



"earth to Adam? Are you in there somewhere" I snapped out of it Tyler was
looking at me as if I was crazy"

"are you going to help me with my boxes" he asked

"sure" I picked up a box and we went upstairs to his new room

"thanks , I hope you don't mind any of this"

"Tyler , it's cool now it feels like I have a brother or something"

"Brother? Wow that's cool, then lets consider ourselves brothers"

We went back downstairs

"someone moving in?" Sam asked while getting off the elevator

"who is that?" Tyler asked gawking at my beautiful boyfriend

"he is off limits" Tyler laughed holding up his hand

"okay , got the picture loud and clear" Sam kissed me

"Sam this is Tyler , I knew him from back home and he is going to be
staying with us , because he is the new face of my mom clothing line"

"that's awesome are you excited about that"

"as a matter of fact I am, I will literally be on the billboards and in

"hey how about we go to my favorite pizza shop" I asked

"I'm game" Tyler said

"me too" Sam reaching for my hand

Tyler went back inside and came back with our coats we put them on and left
. We took the town car to the pizzeria that was close to my mom offices ,
we went inside and sat at my favorite table

"it smells like heaven in here" Tyler said his hair had grown from the last
time I seem him , he had straightened his hair but It was turning into
blond curls again

"so how do you know Tyler" Sam asked

"well Tyler was going out with Steven the kid that I told you about'

"right , the one who is with the guy you were falling for Oliver"

"yeah, well lets just say Tyler and I got the short end of the stick with
that one"

"and we have another connection" tyler said

"did you two you know" Sam asked


"we fooled around with the same guy though mark:"

"oh yeah" we ordered a small pizza Pie

" so are you two dating" Tyler asked with a smile

"yes we are" Sam stated proudly while he put his arm behind my chair

"how did you two meet" I told him about when I first saw Sam , running into
him in the hallway and telling him I wanted to kiss him later Tyler laughed
at that our food came and we began to eat , it seem Tyler and Sam were
hitting it off

"so I see you couldn't invite me" I heard a cold voice I turned and Krys
was standing there

"Krys hey" I stood up and went to hug him he moved away

"It was a spur of the moment thing , I didn't invite Travis either, it was
just something I thought of Sam and Tyler was already with me" krys nodded


"join us" I stated" he pulled up a chair

"guys this is Krys my other friend , he does some stuff for my mom , he is
a successful model" Krys smiled at that I felt bad that I didn't think of
him when inviting Tyler along for pizza

"you're a model oh shit can you give me pointers , since I'm going to be
the face of flo men's line

Krys stared at Tyler as if he had the plague or something

"you're the one who got the contract" he looked at me

"where you the one who got it for him"

"what the hell are you talking about , I didn't even know Tyler was trying
to be a model until he told me he won the contract" he seemed to calm down
, something was defenitly up with him , I would have to talk to him when it
was just us two it was quiet

His phone rung he looked at the screen he grunted in annoyance

"Chamber" he stated

"Krys answer the phone stop doing this to him"

"fine okay" he got up and answered the phone he walked away

"that guy is something" Tyler stated

"yeah, and I don't like the way he yells at you" Sam squeezed my shoulders
in a protective manner

"Krys is complicated but he's a good person and a good friend just give him
some time"

"I have to go , call me Adam" he rushed out

"he didn't even say bye to us , sure give him some time" Tyler rolled his
eyes , I laughed .


"come on is it over" Sam laughed

"yes" I looked at the screen and Freddy Kruger popped out I jumped

"I fucking hate you" he laughed then jumped up and pinned me on the bed

"get off"

"you hate me!, you hate me!" I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into
me , his body contact against me got me boned up

"I don't think you hate me , from the feel of things I think you really ,
really like me"

"okay , I like you" let go and we kissed his body still pressed into mine
he put his hand up my shirt and began rubbing my stomach his warm hands
felt good I felt him pinch my nipples I shuddered under his touch

"when the time is right , it will be magical I promise" Sam said as he
stood up , he put on his coat

"your leaving so soon"

"unfortunately I have to get home , because I have a mom who will have my
head if I don't

"when will I be able to meet your family" he looked nervous

"I really have to go Adam" he kissed me , then left , I wondered what that
was about , why did he look so nervous , was it something I did


The next day

"anything new" Travis asked as I put my books in my locker"

"hey you forgot this" Tyler handed me my lunch

"thanks , mom made me yogi"

"um are you really going to be that rude"

"oh sorry , Travis this is Tyler , Tyler and I went to the same school and
shared the same boy back in new jersey"

"it's nice to meet you" Travis said looking mesmerized I noticed tylers
cheek getting flushes of red in them

"yeah likewise"

"well luckily , Tyler has homeroom with us"

"yeah!" we walked to homeroom together

"this school is different from Lincoln" Tyler stated looking around

"it is , but you will soon get use to it " we walked in and a few people
were starring at Tyler , he had the whole model look , six ft tall , light
green eyes , blond curly hair , he was a gorgeous specimen

Vikki was looking at Tyler like he was sex on legs she moved her bag in
hopes he would sit next to her but he followed us to the back she turned
around and looked at us , I swear that girl just freaks me out

Tyler sat behind us

"why is she starring"

"I think she likes you" I stated

" well I like boys so that could be a problem" Travis and I laughed

I noticed Travis was acting weird , and that could only mean one thing he
was so into Tyler that would be a great Pairing , my best friend and the
hot Tyler

After Class we went to lunch and out of nowhere Vikki came in front of us

"I don't think we have been properly introduced my name Is Victoria but
everyone calls me Vikki" Tyler shook her hand she seemed to swoon

"my name is Tyler and everyone one calls me Tyler or Ty whichever I don't
care" she smiled

"Well Ty.." I interrupted her

"We are actually going out to eat bye Vikki" we rushed off before she could
say anything , once outside we were laughing at how much Vikki wanted Tyler

"she would spread her legs right in the lunch room if you asked her too"
Travis stated

"that's the powers of being Tyler" he walked ahead

"I think you would too" I stated he hit me on my arm I laughed

"what's so funny" Tyler asked

"nothing just laughing at Vikki"

After school Tyler and I went down to my moms office he had to do some
photo shoots he came out with a pair of Denim by Flo and shirtless his
pecks were perfect and defined his skin was a mix between milky and golden
he was just right we went into the studio and a professional photographer
was waiting

"this is the new face of Flo men" my mother announced he stood in front of
the white screen, I hadn't noticed they put eye liner on his making his
green eyes pop, Tyler was making me hard , he was sexy it would be hard not
to miss it . He modeled like a pro of course he needed a little direction
from the photographer but from what I saw on the computer screen he brought
sex appeal to the jeans and to the whole shoot , we wrapped up and Tyler
came over to me

"how'd I do" he asked exposing his pearly whites

"you did really good " I looked down at his nipples and they were hard I
blushed , Tyler noticed

"it's kind of cold in here" I smiled a little Tyler did too

Tyler had to do more photo's with different outfits I decided to go to the
lounge and do my homework . Tyler was hot , but Sam was the guy I looked
forward to seeing , I pulled out my cell and called him no one answered I
tried again still no one . I guess he was out



As Krys was wondering around the city he loved imagine his excitement when
he spotted Sam coming out of the drug store he smiled in a mischievous way
while he walked up to him actually bumping into him

"watch where your going" he yelled as his bags fell to the floor, he heard
a tough voice come out unlike the one he heard when he was in the pizzeria
with Adam and Tyler

"I'm so sorry" Krys said in the most innocent polite voice while picking up
up his bags "hey your Adam's Friend"

"oh you're Krys, hey" there was an awkward silence between the two

"you live around here" Krys asked noticing Sam looked Uncomfortable with
the question

"yeah , I should go nice seeing you"

He nodded

"same , and I am sorry for being rude before I was just having a bad day"

"hey it's not a problem I have some of those some days" Sam smiled

"yeah I know what you mean , hey if you want to hang out" he nodded and
took out his cell phone Krys gave him his number and he gave him his , they
said their goodbyes and Krys grin was bigger then the empire state building
this plan was just so easy , it would take nothing then to seduce Sam , and
Adam will be hurt but Krys would make himself seem like the victim


When Sam got home he looked at his surroundings , he felt bad , he didn't
have what the other kids have , he didn't live where a lot of the other
kids lived , where Adam lived , his parents did their best but to Sam it
just wasn't enough , he hated avoiding Adam but he didn't want Adam to see
where he lived , his apartment wasn't bad at all but it wasn't what Adam
had , his dad was a drunk and his mom was the bread winner , and him being
gay was just a phase to them. His cell rung and he saw it was Adam again ,
he felt guilty but didn't answer it , a few minutes later Krys called he
picked up little did he know he was apart of a trap that could possibly
cost him the boy he was falling in love with .

To be continued


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