The Adventures Of Adam Episode 4

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The Adventures Of Adam Episode 4

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The Adventures of adam
Written by Tony

I want to kiss you” I was embarrassed as I laid in my bed with no one even around me , how was I to face him in school tomorrow I thought , this was all too confusing for me , why did I react the way I did when I was around Sam , it both scared and excited me

“honey were home and we have take out Chinese” I heard mom, I got out of bed and went downstairs dad was coming up

“how was school” he asked

“confusing I think” he laughed

“must have been math” he went upstairs I went in the kitchen mom was taking the Chinese food out of the bags

“mom , I have a problem and I need your help” she stopped and looked at me

“what’s wrong honey”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

“oh no , are you sick”

“no I’m not sick , but something happened with this boy and”

“did you use a condom”

“mom!!, I didn’t have sex”

“sorry go ahead”

“I don’t know , I heard him sing and my mouth went dry and my heart began to beat fast and when he noticed me I ran away he ran after me and when he touched me I got into this trance , and said I want to kiss you” my mother busted out with laughter I rolled my eyes

“I’m sorry honey but that is kind of funny you have to admit that”

“no it is not funny its humiliating and embarrassing” I sat on the stool putting my head down on the Granite island top she kissed the top of my hair

“it sounds like love at first site honey, so what do you want Beef fried rice or beef lo main there’s so many choices”

“ I want to not fall in love”

“oh Adam it happens deal with it”

“how can I when I always fall for the wrong guys , Sam is probably a crackhead with fifty girlfriends and the son of Satan himself” my mother started laughing again

“overdramatic are we, or he could just be a normal guy who could be the one, if you let him in” dad came in with sweatpants and a white t-shirt

“what was all the laughter about” he asked wrapping his arm around my shoulder

“mom was just laughing at my expense”

“oh please , you are the comedian of the family A”

The next day was yet another day without Travis , I saw Sam Talking to a few girls he looked up at me and we locked eyes I turned down the hall and went to homeroom


“you did what?” Travis busted out laughing as I sat his soup down

“so not funny , I cant believe I said I want to kiss you , it just came out that never happen to me”

“relax dude , I’m sure it isn’t that bad ,only in your head”

“easy for you to say , you didn’t make an ass out of yourself”

“yeah your right I didn’t” I shoved him playfully

“sure make fun of me, when I’m down”

“you hit your sick friend”

“whatever, I have to get back to school, and Avoid Sam”

He laughed

“don’t worry it will all work out and, you can get your trusty sidekick back tomorrow”

“well I’m glad you know your place” he punched me in my arm

“ouch” we both laughed there was a knock on the door

“I’ll get it your highness” I said

“Well at least you know who I am” I opened the door and there stood a tall black guy with blue eyes he was gorgeous I couldn’t look away

“oh hey Kevin” he came in

“I got some of your mail in my mail box, why aren’t you in school”


“right , I think your better and you wanted to get an extra day to add on to your holiday vacation”

“you caught me”

“so who is your friend”

“this is Adam , Adam this is Kevin” we shook hands

“ well I have to go , I’ll see you around” he and Travis looked at each other longer then they probably should have and he left

“what the hell was that, are you two”

“No , Kevin is Straight he has a girlfriend his younger brother is our age and the jury is still out his name is Anthony and he has the same eyes” he said

“he is fucking Gorgeous , so I can only imagine what his brother looks like. I never seem a black person with blue eyes , green eyes yes light brown sexy ,but blue , who knew new York have many hotties”

“sounds like someone is going boy crazy” Travis Grinned

“no , I like Sam , but I think I screwed that up”

“no you didn’t , go back to school and find him, you never know”

Travis was right , not about the finding Sam part but with never knowing what an outcome will be especially if one does not face it.

@ school

I manage to go the whole day without Bumping into Sam , so when last period came I was a little happy about that , during class I had to pee really bad so I asked to go to the bathroom and the teacher let me , I practically ran there when I went inside my heart stopped there was Sam at the urinal , he turned his head and we locked eyes , I hurried into a stall because I didn’t want to be next to him at the urinal

I did my business and opened the stall door Sam was standing there with a huge grin on his face

“I’m starting to think you were avoiding me”

“avoiding you ? No… I wasss um… no”

“why do you stutter when your around me? I mean I know you don’t stutter like that normally”

He began to come close causing me to step back he was still coming close and I was still backing up then I backed up onto the toilet “looks like you can’t run” he leaned in and our lips met , no tongue , just a simple kiss his sexy full lips felt so amazing , my heart was fluttering as our teenage lips were interlocked , nothing compares , not Mark , not Oliver this felt like my first kiss he backed away a little with a grin plastered on his face

“thank you”

“for what” I asked

“for having the sweetest lips on earth” I stood there looking at him , he was looking at me , no words were being exchanged then I attacked him with my lips and my tongue entered his mouth , his body pressed up against mine and I could feel his big hands on my back I could stay this way forever I thought , but the bell rung we separated

“shit , I missed half of last period” he laughed

“go get your stuff before they lock the classroom” Sam said I kissed him one last time and left out of the bathroom to my homeroom, I held my stomach and walked in Mr Francis looked up

“are you okay” he asked

“yeah , my stomach just started acting up , that’s why I took so long”

“right down the homework assignment that’s on the board and take two handouts all of this should be done by tomorrow” I nodded and took the two handouts and sat down and wrote my homework once I was done I wished my teach a happy holidays he did the same and I was out of there , I looked for sam but he was nowhere to be found , that sucked
I really wanted to see him again


That night I went to Starbucks to meet up with Krys I saw him waiting at a table , as I approached he looked up and smiled then he stood up

“Hey” Krys hugged me , I could have sworn I felt a kiss on my neck

“so I was wondering if you wanted to go out for Chinese and a movie tonight”

“Krys im sorry I can’t I have homework from the ceiling to the floor at home , maybe some other time” he looked Disappointed

“that’s cool , I guess I’ll ask Chamber” he looked away then back at me

“Krys, don’t you think asking me before your boyfriend is a little weird” he shrugged his shoulders

“its who I am, I don’t care”

“I don’t believe that , I think you care more then you want to” he starred at me

“I care about you” I looked away

“Krys , I told you”

“I know you just want to be friends”

“how is any of this fair to Chamber , he loves you”

“no he is comfortable with me, we have an open relationship Adam”

“open meaning you fuck other guys and he watches on the sideline” I added he looked at me stone face

“you know I should go” he stood up

“ the truth hurts ,I don’t know Chamber all that well but if you don’t want him , then set him free so someone else can love him” Krys stormed out after I finished my coffee , I left out.

The next day , I was completely tired, I got out of bed and took a hot shower once I was done I got dressed and went downstairs Mom was there surprisingly there

“hey you’re usually at work before I wake up now”

“I know, im working from home today im sending out a model search for models to work exclusively for my label”

“ How About Aiden?” I asked

“Aiden moved to California” I was surprised by that I hadn’t seen him in a while I had no idea he moved

“he was getting more work offers in the West Coast, are you alright, I know that you liked him” I nodded yes , truth betold I did have feelings for him, but thank god it didn’t go anywhere

“well I should be off to School , by mom”

“bye babe” I left out , when I got downstairs , I saw Travis he was standing in my lobby when he spotted me he smiled so did I

“aw my servant waits for me”

“ha ha “ he hit me on my arm

“ouch” he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and we left out to the town car

“your doorman is Sexy as Fuck”

“yeah well, I think he play for our team so ask him out”

“I just might”

When we got to school , I felt in good spirits , I don’t know why but I did, as Travis and I walked down the hall and I saw Sam he was at his locker

“that’s him” Travis smiled

“really hot! ,I’ll see you in class” he walked away I walked over to sam he turned and smiled at me

“I would love to go out with you”

“wait! How did you know I was going to ask you out”

“I don’t know I guess I can see it written on your face”

“wow am I that readable”

“no I just guessed” he laughed so did I

“so you want to go out” he nodded yes

“I would love to go on a date with the Cutest Boy in this School” he reached for my hand and held it in his a few people walked by and were looking at us but I didn’t care

“actually I think you are the cutest boy in this school”

“aww your so sweet” he leaned in and kissed me on my cheek “ I cant wait for our Date” I couldn’t wait either , I think I am finally finding myself , I have a great friend , Great parents and looks like a Potential Love Interest and I live in the greatest City in the world what else can a guy ask for ….

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