The Adventures Of Adam Episode 3

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The Adventures Of Adam Episode 3

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The Adventures of Adam
"Out with the old Adam in with the new Adam"
Written by Tony

"hey!" Krys smiled at me , as I walked up to him in front of the movie

"I hope this one is good , because fourteen bucks is way to much for a

"agreed, so how are you and Chamber?"

"what is it about Chamber that you have to ask about him, when we are

"I just wanted to know how things were going"

"fine Smartypants now lets go" we went in the theater and took our seats

Once the movie had started I felt Krys foot touch mine I didn't think
anything of it , in fact I didn't move away , then I felt his fingers on
mine as his hand rest on mine on the arm rest . I looked over at him he
smiled I rolled my eyes and moved my hand . Krys was definitely getting to
me , he was most Definitely the bad boy type and If one wasn't careful he
could easily suck you in only to chew you up and spit you out . When the
film was over we left out and decided to go to Starbucks for coffee , as we
sat down Krys was unusually quiet

"whats on your mind buddy" i asked he looked directly at me then half

"oh nothing , well that's a lie , why don't you like me like me" I laughed

"what do you mean"

"I tried everything that works on gay guys and some horny straight guys
and" I cut him off

"Krys I thought we were being friends" he shrugged his shoulders

"I mean we are and that's cool but I like you Adam , your different and I
like different" he smile showing his super white teeth

"I'm sure you say that to all the boys"

"yeah I do but I'm being real with you. I like your spirit Adam " I began
to blush and Krys took notice of that "and I think you like me too" he put
on a smirk which brought me back down from my high

"I do like you , as a friend nothing more , nothing less. Not everyone is
about hooking up" he pouted which was adorable

"your so boring Ad, here we have the whole Manhattan as our Backdrop" he
points out the big glass window we were looking out of as the pedestrians
were walking by "and your not about hooking up or opening yourself up to
new possibilities, Dude you live in new york city "

"your right , I am kind of boring , but how many times can a boy be a
substitute for someone else before he realize he deserves better?"

"I'm not following"

"okay , back in Jersey , I was with this Guy name mark , you two are almost
alike you know the playboy type and he got what he wanted from me then I
was of no use to him , then this guy name Oliver , we started dating but he
was pinning over his boyfriend who he lost because he slept with a girl
. They eventually got back together and I outed Oliver to the whole school"
Krys looked shocked and amazed

"well maybe I misjudged you Rainer , maybe you aren't all that boring, what
happen to the old Adam" he asked I rolled my eyes at his comment

"the New Adam is tired of being a doormat for people to step on like the
old Adam would let" I said kind of testy

"so you hold your heart under lock and key hence boring new Adam"

I stuck my tongue out to him throwing a pack of sweet and low at him he

"oh your dangerous" he said sarcastic

* That night when I got home I can honestly say I had a great time with
Krys yes he flirted but I ignored it for the most part and he is a really
great guy , old Adam would have been all over that but new Adam couldn't
get into the kind of mess Krys would surely bring

The next day I was woken up by my alarm I pressed the snoozed and got up I
took a nice warm shower than I got dressed once I was done I grabbed a
beagle and left out to school

I waited for Travis but he never showed ? , what the hell I thought Just
then my phone rung it was his number I picked up

"dude where are you" I asked

He coughed on the phone

"Travis your sick ,how can you leave me in school you know you're my only
friend" I complained he laughed and coughed at the same time

"you'll survive without me I just wanted to tell you I wasn't going to be
there so don't wait for me"

"right, I got your message , your so gonna get it when I see you" I said
playfully he laughed "so do you need anything?" I asked

"well I do want some chicken noodle soup from Lou's"

"done , I'll bring it on my lunch break,"

"Cool, thanks I guess living close to school has it's perks"

"I bet it do , crazy how close you live but still manage to be late" we
both laughed I bumped into someone we both fell on the floor

"hey watch where your go.." he stopped as he looked into my eyes

"I'm sorry I should have been watching where I was going" he flicked his
head to move his blond hair out of his face he had brown eyes and full lips
. I helped pick up his papers and handed it to him , he handed me my phone

"I think its broken" I looked at the cracked screen"

"that's okay I guess" he smiled

"I'm Sam"

"Adam" we shook each others hand and I felt something different I don't
think there is a word for it , I snatched my hand away he scratched behind
his head

"I have to go , don't want to be late for Homeroom"

"yeah me neither" Sam added as we both scurried down the hall . What was
that about. When I got to homeroom . I noticed my seat with Travis was
taken and the only one available was next to Vikki I sat down next to her

"hi" she smiled at me

" hi" I looked away

"so Adam, you been here for a few weeks and I still don't know very much
about you"

"that's because I'm a private person"

"I see , maybe we can um catch a movie or something, you know to become
more acquainted " was this girl serious

"no thank you, I'm seeing someone"

"oh , she is a lucky girl" I rolled my eyes

"no its not a girl it's a guy" she began to smile

"oh a friend , so you aren't seeing any girl"

"no I am not and wont be anytime ever because I'm gay" she looked at me for
a minute then laughed

"no your not, you cant be"

"oh I am , very gay" she looked speechless I wanted to laugh in her face
the teacher came in thank god for him

After a few classes it was lunch time , I was allowed to go out for lunch
so I headed to lou's and ordered a large container of Chicken noodle soup
for Travis , once it was made and bagged I headed to Travis house , well I
got on the phone and he directed me to his house it was about five blocks
away , pretty close to the school . A nice enough building with a security
guard at the front desk , I had to sign in and I went up to the seventh
floor once I got off I saw Travis in his robe waiting for me he waved I
walked over to him

"thank you buddy" we went inside he had a really nice place I handed him
the soup

"thank you a million" he said as I shut the door I tussled his bed head

"hey stop it, I like this style" we both laughed I sat down taking off my

"so you want some"

"sure I'll have a little I don't want to take too much"

"non since you bought the jumbo , I'll have enough for dinner, so how was
your date with Krys" he walked in the kitchen

"it was not a date!" I heard him laugh as he was getting two bowls in the

"he is a friend okay and besides I met this boy today in school" he came
around the corner fast I laughed

"what boy ?, in our school? Who?!" Travis was all ears

"his name is Sam , he is Blonde its kind of lay on his head in a Justin
beiber kind of way, Piercing Brown eyes I think I like him but that's crazy
because I don't even know him"

"Adam strange things happen everyday , maybe he gives off something you

"maybe. And when we touched it was was"

"Magnetic" Travis said in his cute Spanish newyork accent

"yeah, that's the word Magnetic!" Travis smiled

"I hope I can find that one day" I put my head with his and smiled

"you will Trav," after our little heart to heart we ate some soup. Then I
had to go back to school , I told Travis I would get his homework for him
he thanked me and I returned back to school

I Wanted to See Sam again but that never happened , don't you hate when you
met someone and there's just something about them , and you try your
hardest to bump into that person again but they are no where to be found,
yeah well that's how my day went

As I was walking past the music room I heard singing I stop dead in my
tracks Someone was singing Ryan Cabrara's It's you

"Baby it's you When I look up in the sky I see you Then I turn and close my
eyes It's you When I'm sitting all alone in my room Everything reminds me
of you"

I go back and look into the music room and its Sam he is Singing! Holy
Cheese balls

"The time is slow and I am sinking Into a hole blackened with lies And
though I made it myself You stand watching as my life passes me by

I'm standing before you with this label on my head I'm pleading before you
for you to understand How much I adore you I'll be there till the end When
everything falls down Will you hold my hand

Baby it's you When I look up in the sky I see you Then I turn and close my
eyes It's you When I'm sitting all alone in my room Everything reminds me
of you"

The piano stop and my heart was pumping hard my mouth went dry what the
hell was happening to me , it was scaring me his voice was so beautiful

"are you interested in singing" I snapped out of it the music teacher was
looking at me she asked the question I gulped and notice Sam looking at me
giving a quizzical look

"um no , sorry" I jetted down the hall his Voice did something to me , what
the hell was this all about . I'm sixteen freakin years old I know a lot
well most things about life and what attraction does to the body but never
this, I stopped at the water fountain and took a drink I closed my eyes as
the cold water went into my mouth I felt a hand on my shoulder it made me
jump , it was Sam he half smiled

"Are you okay" he asked starring into my eyes

"I um, yeah no I um yes" he laughed in a mild playful way

"well that's a good thing. So do you sing?" he asked

"I don't know"

"what do you mean, you must know if you can sing"

" I mean everyone can sing but I don't know if I'm any good or bad . I

"why don't you show me" those words penetrated through my body as he said
them he was definitely doing something to me , maybe it was his deep sexy
voice but we locked eyes and the whole world seem to not exist

"I want to kiss you" I felt myself say softly

"what?" he responded, I snapped out of my trance looking at him in horror

"huh?" I asked

"you just said.."

"No I didn't , um I have to go , it was nice seeing you Sam yeah" I hurried
to my next class , I did not just say that In front of him ...Crap!.

Music : Ryan Cabrara


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