*NEW* College bound Episode 11 September/06/2010

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*NEW* College bound Episode 11 September/06/2010

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College bound :“No more Triangles”
Chapter 11

I woke up to a hard on rubbing up against my backside I turned to see Steffen in my bed spooning me , it felt great , I really couldn’t figure this guy out , its like , he don’t like dating girls he likes to hook up with them but he treats me more like his boyfriend , being worried about me , smiling at me kissing me on the lips and spooning against me when he wants to, we would have long discussions about life and where we see ourselves in the future I like when he nuzzle his face in the crook of my neck as we snuggle together , I try not to get to close because the nature of what he wants , I rubb up against him I could feel his warm breath on my neck

“hey , your making me hard” Steffen whispered in my ear

“you shouldn’t be in my bed” I stated he chuckled he put his hand on my waist

“I have a girl coming over today, her name is brit”

I roll my eyes , he couldn’t see me because he is looking at the back of my head

“great!” I said sarcastically

“can you look at me” he asked I turned and faced him

“are you Jealous”

“no why would I be”

“tell me your jealous and I wont have sex with Brit” I didn’t know what he was getting at “I wont have sex with any girl” he added with a grin

“sorry I’m not jealous” I stated , he sighed

“ I guess that’s that” he turned away from me a few Minutes later he was snoring , I moved closer now my front on his back and I pulled him in

“Okay I’m a little jealous” I stated Softly but he didn’t hear me. He had fallen asleep.


“Fuck Justin , fuck me” I yelled he was drilling my hole I lifted my leg and dug the hill of my foot Into his bubble ass

“Danny your ass is amazing”

he bent down and started kissing me then nuzzling my neck he was driving me crazy

“fuck dude im going to cum” I yelled ,

I felt the itchy feeling in my dick and my balls tightened then I came not even touching myself

“that was hot D” Justin said still fucking my ass I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed my back he then stood up with me still on his rod and then he grabbed me by my waist and began pulling my body up and down in his cock I never tried this with anyone and damn was it hot it felt so good my feet were curled .

“I gonna cum”

He lift me off his dick I got on my knees and took his condom off I sucked his cock , sending him into a sexual Seizure

“here it comes” I took his cock out of my mouth and jerked him off hard he yelled in ecstasy as his cum shot on my face he let out load after load . I licked the heah he shuddered as his hard breathing went down he bent down and kissed me then licked some of his cum off my face

“that was hands down a ten danny” I smiled he grabbed a towel and wiped my face off

“I think we both need a shower”

“thank god I have my own bathroom , lets take a shower together, before class”

“sounds good babe”


“you did what?” Rick looked at me as I sat down

“I completed the next two assignments” he looked at me with a questioning look I sighed”

“Rick , I saw the portfolio you had and the upcoming assignments you want me to cover so I decided to do the one that’s handed in today and two more” he grinned

“what if I change the topics then what?” he asked kind of catching me off guard

“then I guess I have two already in the bag” he stood up

“you have a lot to learn Fish, you know that” he turned around to get a file out of the file cabinet and god he had a nice ass it was firm and round and I just kept staring then I heard his voice clear I looked up and we locked eyes

“sorry I like your jeans” I stated he grinned at me

“right it’s the jeans you like”

I mean he was gorgeous I couldn’t deny that fact but rick was Rick , I really didn’t see anything happening there

“yeah I’m sure it’s the jeans , I’m not interested in Dinosaurs” I smirked at my comment

“What? I’ll have you know I am only a year and half older then you” I started laughing

“your so not funny Johnston, I’m not old” I nodded

“that’s why you cant ever get dates , your passed the expiration date”

I stood up laughing and went to the door he followed I opened it he shut it he was close I turned he smiled then kissed me WTF, WTF, Rick is kissing me and I’m letting him his tongue slipped into my mouth and it feels good he backed away

“can a dinosaur kiss like that” he asked

“um…um.. um.. I got to go” I stated and left out in a hurry . No this wasn’t happening again , last semester it was Landon and Justin , this semester its Rick and Steffen I was avoiding these stupid triangle things and just wanting to have fun , but wait Steffen isn’t gay he has had sex with so many girls and all we do is spoon a little , sometimes , I mean I don’t initiate it he gets in my bed wraps his arms around me and fall asleep this was getting complicated remember I said I was going to be less complicated I had to be less complicated. I walked down the hall really confused I bumped into Landon

“I see your in a hurry “ he had a smile on his face

“yeah I’m sorry about that I have to go I’m sorry” I walked away

“Eric!” I heard Landon but I kept walking. that’s all I would need is Three guys I needed to clear my head I went across campus to my room

I walked in he and that Brittney girl were kissing did he ever go to class

“oh sorry , just came to get my books”

I didn’t even look at them I grabbed my book bag and left

“Eric wait” I heard Steffen he came up to me and just looked at me

“I cant do this, right now I got class”

I stated and walked away to my sociology class ..

“Sociology is both topically and methodologically a very broad discipline. Its traditional focuses have included social stratification (i.e., class relations), religion, secularization, modernity, culture and deviance, and its approaches have included both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. As much of what humans do fits under the category of social structure and agency”

Professor Cambious Went on and on I couldn’t concentrate I had to re-evaluate everything that was happening to me . After class I handed the professor my Research paper and left out I ran Into Danny

“Hey you okay” he asked

“I don’t know , can we talk” I asked he nodded yeah we walked around campus

“I don’t know I was trying to have a less complicated semester and then bam , I am back into this thing , you know my roommate well he likes to kiss me and spoon with me but he has a lot of sex with girls then there’s Rick from the newspaper and he kissed me today , and I keep on running into Landon , I mean that’s not a problem because he hasn’t tried to kiss me or anything , but the feelings are still there , I don’t know what to do” I said

“Dude relax sounds like a bunch of hot guys are into you , have fun, your so serious all the time, I say if your roommate wants to play , play and if that rick guy is interested then go for it” I sighed not exactly what I wanted to hear

“I guess, I don’t know”.


I got home and Britney was still there naked sleep, this guy was a whore , I thought , I sat my book bag down he started to stirr then his eyes opened he looked at me

“hey” he said

“hey” I stated , this whole situation was awkward.

“um I’ll give you two some privacy” I stated

“Eric , we didn’t do anything, below the belt” he got up his jeans were still on but his shirt was off

“you don’t have to explain anything to me you’re a grown man , im just your room mate” I stated , I left out , I went to the quad and got a coke from the vending machine and sat down , really I was trying not to let anything get to me , its not like I liked him or anything , well I did , but I knew I shouldn’t , he Is straight remember what happened last time Eric Remember. I kept repeating

“Eric, we need to talk” Steffen came to me

“about what?” I asked

“about a lot , come with me please”

he stated I stood up and followed him to our room

“Just wait a sec”

he went in the room , a few minutes later Brit was leaving clearly upset I went back in he looked at me and sat down on his bed he put his head in his hand he looked up at me

“what are you doing to me Eric” I kneeled down in front of him

“I don’t know what you mean” he half smiled

“Eric you know what I mean”

he leaned in and kissed me , I hadn’t felt like this since Landon kissed me , he wrapped his arms around me pulling me into him

“I always had a thing for Chocolate” I laughed so did he

“ Eric I want to try I mean , I connect with you , I know you aren’t looking for anything serious but I really want to see what happens. You would be my first guy I cant promise you anything but I want to have fun with you” he seem sincere but I wouldn’t hold my breath

“ I really don’t know how to respond to what you are saying to me , I mean you screw so many girls and now its like you think we are soul mates or something, who is the real Steffen” I asked he chuckled

“there’s a lot of me you don’t know about , it actually isn’t that hard for me to connect with you”

I didn’t understand I’m not sure I wanted to understand I was going to leave because this was getting to heavy for me but something stopped me from moving from in front of Steffen , I think it was my conversation with Danny , just have a little fun see where things lead I smiled then pushed him back and climbed in between his legs pushing my crotch into his I stroked his blonde hair and bent down and kissed him again our hands locked in a embrace my darker skin against his whiter skin

“Steffen I want to see where this leads, lets just see where this leads” he nodded in the positive. He took off my shirt and wrapped his arms around me . Was this really happening


“I woke up and Ashlee was over me I jumped

“what the hell!” I practically screamed

“sorry baby, its just you were sleeping peacefully I didn’t want to wake you”

I was being paranoid Jessica was just being an idiot about Ashlee I pulled her down and kissed her

“I’m sorry about the whole Eric thing if he is your friend then I will respect that” I smiled and kissed her

“thank you, I really appreciate that” she took off her shirt

“so I was thinking we have make up sex” I really wasn’t in the mood

“I’m sorry I’m a little tired” she smiled

“okay maybe later , how about I just lay here with you”

“I would love that” she seemed happy with that she laid there with me and I put my arm around her , was Jessica right I thought was Ashlee crazy, I thought about it a little while then pushed it out of my mind , Jessica was just talking.

The next day I over slept and jumped up I had class I put on fresh clothes brushed my teeth didn’t have time to do anything to my hair and I was off , I got to class right behind the teacher I made It to my seat Eric laughed

“you were almost late” he smiled something was different with him

“what happened to your hair you forgot to brush it “

he patted my head I smiled he just brightened up my day,

“yeah , I overslept, so what are we doing today” I asked

“um .Landon we have a test today , I take it you didn’t study”

“shit!, I forgot” he chuckled

“don’t worry about it I’ll help , okay , coughing means A, yawning means B, sneezing means c and taping my pencil means D” he smiled at me

“I don’t know, you can get caught” I said

“caught doing what? I have a cold and I’m tired”

I laughed he then sneezed, it was convincing and he started coughing. Someone gave him a cough drop we both laughed. During the test Eric helped me out , the professor thought he should go to the nurse he said he would be okay. At the end of the period the professor told us pencils down and we stopped it , I changed like two answers so eric and I didn’t have the same test score I couldn’t risk getting expelled we handed it in and we left out with the rest of the class

“thank you Eric” he put his hand on my shoulder

“no problem I’m just helping out a friend, hey I’ll catch you later” he left before I could ask him about anything else. I was in love .

There is more to come .............


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