Before and After Episode 20

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Before and After Episode 20

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Last time on before and After

“what the hell happened” everyone was looking at us

You want to know what happened , well I saw those two”

“don’t “ I said to Adam he smiled

“they were about to kiss” everyone was looking at me and Oliver and I didn’t like this one bit I felt how I did when no one would talk to me , I began to back up

“yeah , so what that’s generally what you do when you love someone” I looked over at Oliver he smiled then grabbed my hand

“ I said it , I love Steven Mitchell ,actually since last year he makes me happy and I don’t give a damn about what any of you say especially you Adam”

Adam looked even more pissed

“fuck the both of you” he ran off into the dark hallways one of the teachers went after him , mark and josh ran up to us

“wow , that was awesome” josh stated

“yeah, what a way to come out” mark added . People were still looking at us . His other teammates seemed to be baffled by Olivers Coming out

“Steven lets talk” Oliver ushered me over to a secluded area people followed us with there eyes making me very uncomfortable

“can there be an us again, do you think that’s possible?

Before and After
“Stormy weather pt 2”
Written by Tony


I left out of the library when no one was looking I felt bad for Adam I had to look for him he wasn’t on the first floor I went upstairs and saw him looking out the window in the science lab. He was looking out the window I walked in

“Adam! are you okay”

he put his head down I shut the door and walked over to him I put my arms around him he started to cry h e turned around and cried in my neck I held him I guess I was that guy my ex’s could cry on I pulled back and lifted his head

“there is a better guy out there for you”

“ I wanted it to be you and then Oliver came along and I thought It was him”

“Adam , Oliver and Steven are Epic like any teenage soap on t.v there’s the two main characters . This is their story and when people like you and me interfere in it we are the one’s that get hurt . I know it sucks but it’ll get better

“can you make it better mark” I looked at him he kissed me I kissed him back then pulled him off

“we shouldn’t , it’ll only complicated”

“ I promise it wont , I don’t want a boyfriend , I just know how great the sex is with you . please I just need you right now” he took off his shirt exposing his perfect body his nipples were erect

“your just hurting”

“ I know , I just want to feel better I’m not asking for anything else I just need you right now” I walked over to the door and locked it and pulled down the shade in front of the glass and walked back over to him . I pulled him into a kiss he grabbed my ass squeezing it

“your making me go wild” I whispered in his ear

“I know another way” he dropped down to his knees and unbuckled my belt then my button on my jeans I helped him slid them down past my knee’s he rubbed the outline of my hardening cock through my briefs

“Mark I love your cock” he planted a kiss on my inner Thigh then right on the fabric covered cock I shuttered when I felt his lips on me”

HE pulled down the Elastic of my Briefs my cock popped out stretching to its full max I felt his mouth engulf my cock in a sea of warmth it felt so good . But this wasn’t the time . If I went along with this I would only be taking advantage of a guy that was hurt . This would be my chance to actually do something right” I stopped him from sucking me and pulled up my briefs and my jeans he looked at me , Disappointed . I sat down on the floor

“Come here” I said he sat down next to me I wrapped my arm around him

“Adam you’re a great guy , but we cant do this , Having Rebound sex is not the answer” he rested his head on my shoulder We cuddled on the floor

“thank you , Mark ” I kissed his forehead

“my pleasure, I’m sorry for everything Adam you’re a great guy”

“thanks , but , I cant even hate Steven I knew what i was getting into sort of like when I got involved with you. but I shouldn’t have outed Oliver like that they must hate me”

“I don’t think so. Adam you’re a great guy and you will find someone that will love you for you .I promise you that ” he half smiled

“can you be that guy”

I stroked his face

“no , and let me tell you why, that guy will be so perfect your going to know he is the one , when you look at me do you honestly think im the one”

He started to laugh

“no, but your good in bed” we both laughed , I leaned in and kissed him , he kissed me back

“Who would of thought you were so good at comforting people”

“I know”

After talking a little bit we left out the lab and right into Ben and Megan

“what are you two roaming the halls for” I asked

“trying to find a place to have sex duh, we wanted to try it in school” Ben let us know Megan hit him in the stomach

“what was that for?”

“they didn’t have to know that , but wait what are you two doing in the halls?” she had a smirk on her face

“ I came to find Adam after he outed Oliver to the whole library

“what? , we were in the gym! Damn seems like all the excitement is in Library

“well if we hurry all the excitement can be in the Lab room” ben Grabbed her hand

“see you guys” they went in and shut the door

“Straight people are weird”

“ I know, lets go to the Cafeteria maybe they have something to eat” Adam agreed



“say something Steven, I mean if its too late then let me know”

I couldn’t say anything what the hell”

“I guess this all was for nothing” he turned to walk away I grabbed his hand pulling him into me and I kissed him ferociously. I wrapped my arms around him holding him tight I didn’t want to let him go , at that moment it felt like a missing piece had been found for some reason I pulled back

“no it’s not too late . I want us to be together . But we have to start off slow. I have to trust you again”

“ I understand . And I love you what ever you want or need I will give it to you”

he hungrily attacked my lips with his , I never had a kiss that made me feel so refreshed , reborn , I know it sounds corny but it’s the god honest truth. Kissing Oliver was indescribable . More then Tangible. We separated and laughed

“I think I'm getting light headed

“ me too . But seriously I was a fool for sleeping with Amanda, especially the way I did it”

“yeah you were a fool . Did you think you were straight and Confused”

“Truthfully . I think I just wanted to live up to my families expectations. My mom is Scary when it comes to Stuff she thinks isn’t right . I guess I thought if I had sex with Amanda and I liked it then I could be “Normal” in my parents eyes. She thinks being gay is a choice you know.

“what do you think” I asked

“looking back I think I started liking boys in the third grade. Remember Toby Keller”

“the one who ate his boogers” we both chuckled

“ I remembered being so fascinated by him . But it wasn’t sexual it started getting sexual around the Eight grade . I had a sex dream about Johnny we were best friends back then and that was my first sex dream. It scared me. The next day I asked Rebecca Shaw out”

“I remember you dating Rebecca. I almost forgot about that”

“yeah well that didn’t last , she wanted to do stuff that I didn’t really want to do with her and around that time I started getting into sports with my friends and they were all getting girlfriends . I had no other choice but to stay in that relationship. My mom loved Becky they were alike . But I began to hate her and myself .”

“Crazy how we went to school together for most of our lives but didn’t really have any contact”

“I’ve always noticed you Steven , you were that shy cute boy I wanted to talk to but never got the chance and you were always with Josh even in Elementary school. Really you two are like bigger versions of yourselves back then I don’t think anything has changed”

“a lot has changed . I wish I could forget about the whole coming out and everyone turning there backs on me”

“you never told me how or why you came out . I just know the aftermath of it”

“it all started at Johnny’s Party, I went with Josh


Music was playing really loud Josh went off dancing with some girl I began to walk around why did I go to this stupid party , I had nothing in common with any of these people ,

“hey, want to dance” Kelly asked me I figured what the hell so we started dancing I was so uncomfortable she turned and was grinding her ass into me . What was she doing I thought I froze . She turned back around and kissed me square on the lips I was mortified

She stopped the kiss and grabbed my hand

“how about we go upstairs” I noticed Josh watching he had a smile n his face
She dragged me off with her we went upstairs and found an empty bedroom

“so. Steven , I been noticing how big your getting , you were short then you sprout . Makes me wonder how big your really growing” she took of her shirt exposing her pink laced bra she pushed me on the bed and got on top of me . I felt her kissing my neck

She slid further down my body her face looking right in my crotch area she touched the zipper

“I cant”

“what?,” she laughed “what are you gay” I didn’t say anything. I gulped

“oh shit you are gay”

“yeah , I am” I finally admitted it , I felt all the weight being lifted off my shoulders but before I could think she was out the door spreading the word . Once I went down stairs everyone was looking at me I went over to Josh

“is it true” he asked

“can we talk”

He looked around

“Josh you gay too?” some one asked

“Fuck no” he moved away from me . I decided to leave


“I couldn’t go to the party I was grounded . I didn’t even know that happened” Oliver said

“I think it made me a stronger person. I didn’t have anyone , the little friends I did have ignored me or tormented me even Josh, and my dad couldn’t understand . But I had you and my mom. You two kept me sane . I remember our first kiss in the hallway at school . Its like for that one moment you didn’t care if anyone was looking at us”

“I found out you were gay from a few guys on the football team and I just had to talk to you , because finally there was a kid who could relate to me , and I saw how sad you were so I kissed you and that changed my life"

"it changed both of our lives"

A few Hours later the roads were cleared and we were able to leave it was still nasty outside Oliver and I walked to my car holding hands

“listen , I need a little time to tell my parents”

“hey I get it , they will probably blame the Anti-Christ which is me”

“you are not the Anti-Christ Babe . They just have to understand this is who I am , and I love you” he kissed me gently on my lips

“okay alright , I love to see a reunion but all this lovin is making me jealous” Josh stated we separated and smiled

“oh shut up Josh, and will you start my car since I am dropping you off home”

“thanks for the rides considering my car is in the shop”

I tossed the keys to him, he got in the passenger seat We saw Mark and Adam coming out the school

“I feel bad , you know for the whole Adam Thing”

“he kind of exposed you”

“I know but I shouldn’t have gotten involved with him especially since I knew I loved you , same with Amanda”

“I guess,” I kissed him one more time he smiled

“ I could do that forever, but I have to get home”

“yeah me too” I added

“I’ll call you tonight” I nodded and went around then got in

“ you are so in love dude , I haven’t seen you like this , since well I don’t remember seeing you like this”

“I’m happy I finally got my boyfriend back , now I just have to keep it that way”

with that we drove off. After dropping Josh home I went home great no one was home , I went upstairs and laid on my bed looking at my ceiling just smiling to myself . I had to be the most happiest guy in the world . I drifted off to sleep . I awoke to honking . I got off my bed and looked out the window I saw moving trucks pulling up to the house next door . I went downstairs to the smell of my mom’s lasagna I went in the kitchen

“mom we have new neighbors?” she nodded

“they been moving things in for about three hours , you were sleep”

“so are we having Lasagna for dinner?”

“yes , and I made an extra one for the neighbors”

“Mom really? lasagna is a little too much”

“Just come with me to welcome the new neighbors”

“Fine , but most people just mind their business or buy a pie and act like they baked it”

She rolled her eyes

“just come with me “

We left out the house and went right next door , I knocked on the door a few seconds later it opened Tyler was standing there

"Hi neighbors”

he said with a smile, this was not happening to me. Tyler and his family were not the New Neighbors


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