Before and After Episode 7

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Before and After Episode 7

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Before and After
"Movie Delight and pool side."
Written by Tony
Last time on Before and After, I tried to talk to my dad but no luck on
that and also , I found Mark got what he wanted from me , and moved on to
the next guy, but what I don't get is why he said he wanted to continue to
see me but also go out with Adam. The thing is he was right , we weren't
dating and he should have options, I just wished I knew his intentions
before hand that way I wouldn't have gotten involved with him in the first
place. But maybe a movie and just hanging out with Josh would keep my mind
off of the Situation.


Lets see, Oliver then Mark , wow I'm setting the ultimate goal of how many
boyfriends I can have and then lose , with both they wanted something else
something other then me , if I said it didn't hurt I would be lying. Josh
ended up paying for my ticket for the movie and popcorn, since I was tapped
out. As we went into the theater I sat down next to Josh and Oliver and
Amanda sat in front of us, Oliver had his arm around Amanda shoulders it
got to me just a little but not as much , josh bought a jumbo popcorn so me
and him can share , the movie we were seeing was the new A-Team with
Bradley Cooper . "hey guys did I miss anything" it was Lauren "oh Steve I
invited Lauren I hope that's okay" he shared I nodded yeah "sit next to him
, I'll move" I said "thanks your sweet" she was really nice , I stood up
there was no seats available near my friends so I had to go somewhere else
I went to the back and found a seat "are you saving this seat for someone"
I asked the cute guy he looked at me his eyes were super green "nope its
all yours" I sat down and watched the previews "don't I know you" he asked
I turned and looked at him "nope I don't thank so" I stated turning back to
the movie "Steven Mitchell I do know you , we were like best friends in
third grade" I turned to face him again "my god , Tyler Lawrence!" he
smiled "in the flesh , Tyler was so good looking he had blond curls and
green eyes and definitely was built, he was a bigger hotter version of his
third grade self "so you here with your girlfriend" he chuckled "nope don't
have a girlfriend" he stated "Shhhhh" said a couple in front of us "well
excuse me, its only the Previews" he stated I laughed in a low tone he did
as well.

After the movie , we left back out in the lobby "so what have you been
doing I mean since third grade" I asked "well we live on the other side of
town so I attend Washington high I guess we are your school rivals" I
nodded "its really good seeing you man" he hugged me then pulled back "you
too , Steven you've grown up" "you have as well , gone are the days when we
were puny kids , well for you anyway" we laughed "you look great your not
puny man , so you got a cell , I can give you my number" I reached in my
pocket and handed it to him he gave me his , we installed each other number
"I'll call you tonight we can catch up on some stuff" he smiled then patted
me on my back and left. Josh, Oliver and Amanda came up to me "what was
that" Amanda said with a grin "nothing" I stated "Steven spit it out how
long have we been friends" josh said "Well minus a year then add on a few
month I would say" he gave me a death stare "just kidding dude , that was
Tyler Lawrence from elementary school can you believe that" I stated "Tyler
pee in his pants Lawrence haha" I punched josh on his arm "ouch what was
that for" he asked "I remember vividly someone else.." "okay that's enough"
josh said putting his hand over my mouth Oliver and Amanda laughed he
removed his hand "I still don't understand , you two were my best friends
but you directly didn't get along with him and he you" "that's because we
would fight for your attention, constantly" Josh added "what? Why" I asked
"I guess when we were young , you think there is suppose to be one best
friend , and when someone else also holds the title there is competition, I
didn't like him because you and him got each other at times and I felt left
out , and I think the same went for me and you , when we would talk about
something or bond over something he couldn't and he would get frustrated ,
so its all your fault" Amanda patted my back "Even back then you had guys
fighting for you" I looked at her "Amanda its too soon I think" she nodded
"I'm sorry" she said Oliver gave me a look I couldn't place it then he
smiled at me , I almost melted I hated after all this time he still had
that effect on me "guys lets get out of here, hey tomorrow , you guys up
for a little pool party" I asked they all nodded yes "okay , I'll see if
its okay with the rents first" I stated we agreed and left the movie

At Home**

"Absolutely not Marie" my dad said to my mom , I asked the question but he
was talking to her as if she did "Joe, calm down seriously , I don't see
what the problem is with Steven having a pool party the weather is warm out
why not?" she said my dad looked angry "he will have those people over"
that hurt me "tell dad , I don't even know anyone gay people , and that the
people that are coming over is josh his girlfriend and Oliver and his
girlfriend and a few other people from school , no one gay , so he don't
have to worry about having his house turn into Sodom and Gomorrah" I was
pissed I turned and headed for upstairs "Stevie wait" I heard mom I went to
my room and slammed my door


"Steven what is going on " my dad said he looked worried about me "nothing
dad just leave" I said "this is my house and you are my son I am worried
about you , you disappeared for seven days , I was scared I lost you ,
you're my only son , you and Julie and your mom mean everything to me" he
stated "I'm sorry dad , I'm. gay" I said he looked horrified "what ? No
your not don't say that" there was a urgency in his voice "dad I don't want
to be , I am I've always been its not a choice either I tried being
straight doesn't work out so much" he backed away from me " no son of mines
will be that , will be gay, I wont allow it" I sighed "some things you cant
control" he got angry and stormed out of my room never to talk to me again

"he is gay Marie how the hell am I suppose to deal with that" he yelled
"you just do because he is our son" my mother yelled back "no son of mine
is or will be a fucking faggot" those words hurt me as I listened on the
top of the stairs . Why did I listen to Josh and come back home , why did I
tell my father . I went to my room and closed my door I buried my face in
my pillow , and cried my eyes out for what seemed like forever I heard a
knock on my door my mom came in "oh baby" she sat on my bed and hugged me
"mom, I sorry" I sobbed in her neck she held me and rocked back and forth
"don't you dear apologize for being yourself , baby I love you no matter
what , look at me Steven" I moved back and looked at her , she wiped my
tears and I wiped hers "your dad just needs time that's all, you're my kid
and I will protect you no matter what you hear me" I nodded yes she kissed
the top of my forehead

I laid on my bed just thinking how my life changed from then to now then my
cell rung I answered it "hello" "hey its Tyler" his voice was cute , it was
not too deep but not feminine at all it was a great balance "hi Tyler , so
you called" he chuckled "yeah I called , so we have so much to catch up on
, seeing you today really brings back old memories Steven , I'm so happy I
bumped into you" I smiled to myself "hey I'm throwing a pool party tomorrow
at my house I would love for you to come" "really great , I'll check with
my parents but I'm down for a pool party" we talked for like another hour
or two I gave him my address just in case he came "Steven I had a blast
talking to you, I guess I'll see you tomorrow" "yeah see you tomorrow" I
hung up and a smile crept on my face

The next day

Pool party

I set a table up with chips and had the cooler filled with drinks , mom
went to the supermarket to get burger Patti's and hot dogs and buns I
started the grill , Josh came in the back with only his board shorts on his
body was crazy built like a surfer then his girlfriend came out , she had
on a bikini "everything looks good man , so I saw your dad , I thought you
said he was angry all the time , he was happy to see me" I frowned "that's
because you aren't gay" I said turning to the grill "I'm sorry " he rested
his hand on my back. My mom came in with the groceries "Hi Mrs. Mitchell"
Josh hugged my mom "this is my girlfriend Lauren" they shook hands Nice to
meet you Lauren, you kids have fun I'll be in the house if you need
anything , oh and honey be careful with that grill" I rolled my eyes she
laughed "okay mom " she went back in the house "is it okay to go in the
pool" she asked "go in , Lauren enjoy yourself" she smiled and kiss me on
the cheek "if I was straight , josh you would have a run for your money"
she laughed "dude!" josh said she jumped into the pool "you know I'm
kidding" I kissed him on the cheek "if you weren't my best friend I would
so clobber you right now" I smiled so did he. "is this where the party is"
Ben came in the back yard he came over to us "who invited you" I asked "I
Invited myself , so can I stay" he smiled I rolled my eye's "fine but don't
start no shit" he smiled "great so I see Lauren is here, she is way hot" he
said "lay off she is mine" Josh got in his face "jeez relax , I wont flirt"
he took off his shirt exposing his hot body. And sat on the chair near the
pool , Josh helped me put food on the grill , I put some patties and hot
dogs on the grill , then I heard laughing I heard Oliver and Mark chatting
it up with Amanda in tow they came in the back yard, figures they would get
along. Amanda came over to me and josh "smells good , guys" she said and
took off her daisy duke shorts she got in the pool so did , Ben Oliver and
Mark came over "hey guys" Oliver said "hey " I turned around and started
flipping burgers" Mark came next to me "need some help" he asked "I can
manage" I said not looking at him it was quiet I notice Oliver and Josh
walking away and going over to the pool , Oliver took off his shirt
exposing the body that use to belong to me, but was now Amanda's they got
in the pool "can we be friends" mark said " I guess, I said turning around
and walking over to the cooler I got a Pepsi soda and sat he sat down next
to me " I'm sorry about the way I went about things I am" he started I
smiled "its cool , I should of expected it mark , I have to face the facts
that no one wants me " he looked sad "that's not true" he stated "your
right , people want me for a second then move on to something better" I
stood up and went back over to the grill he sat there , Megan and a few
other people showed up she came over "sexy take your shirt off, it is your
pool party" she smiled I laughed "why? I don't look like any of them" I
said nodding towards, Ben, Josh, Oliver and mark" she laughed "come on" she
grabbed my hand and pulled me to her then she grabbed the bottom of my
shirt "look Megan is about to do Steven" i heard Ben of course it was ben
she lifted my shirt and looked at me "please Steven your just as hot , stop
being stupid and self conscious all the time, you have an amazing body and
if you weren't gay I would so do you" she smacked my ass causing me to
blush and jumped in the pool , I noticed mark and Oliver starring at my
body , I turned and walked right into a warm shirtless body his arms went
around me touching my shirtless back I lifted my head to warm green eyes
and a smile "wouldn't start a party without me right?"

To be Continued...


Wow , Tyler is Caliente , and he seems to come in the best timing
considering Steven doesn't have anyone in his life. And what will Oliver
think of someone from Stevens past coming and potentially being the new
love of his life. E-mail me at, look forward to your


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