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Before and After Episode 8

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Before and After
"Pool Party and new Beginnings"
Written by Tony
Last time on before and after. I found out that Mark wasn't who I thought
he was , he was a Complete player. And Josh, Oliver and Amanda thought it
would be a good idea to go to the movies that would for sure keep my mind
off of the "situation". Meanwhile , Lauren showed up and I gave up my seat
next to josh so she could sit with him. I didn't have any other place to
sit so I found a seat next to a complete stranger except he wasn't a
stranger at all. He was my best friend in grade school Tyler. Tyler and I
hit it off once again and I invited him to my pool party Of course my dad
said no to the Pool party because well he hates me , but my mom said it was
okay for me to have it . At the pool party , people showed up. And Megan
made me take off my shirt. me being insecure with Mark and Oliver looking
at me I turned around into a nice warm built body. This pool get together
was sure to be interesting


"look Megan is about to do Steven" i heard Ben of course it was Ben she
lifted my shirt and looked at me "please Steven your just as hot , stop
being stupid and self conscious all the time" she smacked my ass causing me
to blush and jumped in the pool , I noticed mark and Oliver starring at my
body , I turned and walked right into a warm shirtless body I lifted my
head to warm green eyes "wouldn't start a party without me right" I was so
close to him I could smell his cologne damn he smells good I have to back
up before I get a boner "hey Tyler you made it" he looked into my eyes and
smiled "yeah, you invited me ,so here I am" he said , god he was a sexy
jock his big Pecs, six pack " my burgers!" I said he looked at me strange,
I went over to the grill and took the food off of it "you okay" he asked
with a grin "yeah I'm fine" I smiled so did he before I could get another
word out Megan was all up on him "so who the hell are you?" Megan asked as
she was looking at Tyler as if he was a piece of meat "I'm Tyler" he said
"I'm Megan and you are so damn cute, lets talk!" she grabbed his hand and
pulled him off to the side "another straight boy , duh as If I had a chance
with Tyler". Ben and Lauren came over and got a burger .josh came over with
a towel rubbing his hair with it "I'll take over the Grill have some fun"
he smiled at me , then started putting more meat on the grill , I nodded
and walked over to the pool chairs and sat down I saw Megan touching on
Tyler, rubbing up and down his arm placing her hand on his Pecs "Stop it
Steven , he isn't gay stop being Jealous" I had to say this to myself
. Okay , I got up and went inside mom was in the kitchen making a cake
"what's up honey" she looked over at me "did you see Tyler" I asked she
laughed "yeah he has changed , I haven't seen him in years. The boy is a
looker" she stated " I know , I ran into him yesterday at the movies" Tyler
came in "there you are , you left me with that crazy girl , she was
practically in my lap" mom and I laughed "not funny , hey can I take a tour
, I haven't been here since I was like eight" "go ahead , Steven show him
your room" she had a grin on her face I rolled my eyes "come on Tyler" we
went upstairs to my room "wow the dinosaurs are gone" I laughed " they been
gone for a long time" he sat down on my bed "Steven!, I heard something
about you , and I wanted to know if its true" the mood turned from pleasant
to Uncomfortable "what did you hear" I asked "he stood up "um ,That your
gay, is that true?" he asked coming closer "are you disappointed or
something " "god no, Stevie , I think its cool" he came closer "Actually ,
I think its sexy" his voice was husky when he said that he wrapped his arm
around my back pulling me in close I looked at him " I was in loved with
you in the third grade you know that" he said I was shocked "what? that's
stupid we were like eight going on nine years old" "I knew what I felt
wasn't what a best friend feel for another friend or a boy should feel for
another boy but I did , why did you think I was jealous of Josh , I wanted
you all to myself" his chest was on my chest I placed my arms around his
neck pulling him in closer I felt his lips kiss my neck I ran my hands
through his blond curls it felt like I was going to have a instant orgasm
"don't you see the affect you still have on me Steven, after all this time
can still make my heart beat so damn fast" I heard him say " I did feel it
I pulled back "Tyler , this is crazy" I smiled he brushed his thumb over my
face "I'm gay too, my parents know they have been supportive , I mean they
don't understand but they still love me , I went out with girls but I never
liked it , the only person I thought about was you, don't get me wrong I'm
not a virgin, I've been with girls and a few guys, but I never fount that
special someone" his lips met mine the kiss was so sweet , so magnificent ,
I never experienced anything like it before I could feel the hardness of
both of us brushing against each other I felt like the luckiest boy in
America "so your not interested in girls" he shook his head no "and you
don't want me for sex" he laughed " I want you alright in every way , but
to just have sex with you and leave no that's not me, that's not who I want
to be , and I would never do that to you " , I pulled away this was too
good to be true , I didn't want to be another laughing stock "Tyler , I got
out of two bad relationships , well one bad one and the other was I guess a
bad hookup , I'm not sure if I am ready I don't want to get hurt again" he
kissed me "I get it, when ever your ready I'll be waiting" he was rubbing
my back I swear he was giving me Goosebumps "Hey Steve , you in here"
Oliver came in he looked shocked to see us in a embrace I backed away "lets
go back to the pool party "Wait , Steven I need to talk to you" Oliver said
"I'll go down " Tyler stated he left out closing the door "what's up" I
asked "so its more then a friendship" Oliver stated "I don't know yet , why
do you care" it went extremely quiet "be careful" he hugged me I felt his
fingers in my hair he sighed " I really miss you" he stated I pulled back
"I'm sure Amanda misses you right now" I walked over to my door and left
out heading back to the back yard. Josh was on the grill I jumped in the
pool and stayed under , the water felt good around me then I came up Tyler
swam over to me "Having fun , finally" I splashed water at him "shut up" he
slashed it back at me "hey you have something in your hair Tyler" I stated
"really what?" I came closer and put my hand on top of his head and pushed
his head down he went underwater then came back up "you are a creep" he
laughed and came close our chest were touching , I notice Mark , Megan and
josh looking at me , Josh with a grin on his face , Megan with a confused
and mark with dear I say it a jealous look , Oliver was making out with
Amanda I focused on Tyler I wrapped my arm around his mid-section pulling
him close "maybe I am a creep" he smiled seductively at me and moved closer
his lips near mines but we didn't kiss "maybe I like your creepiness" his
warm breath on my face felt so good "oh well" I went underwater and swam
away from him and popped back up I got out of the pool and went over to
josh I grabbed a burger "so you and Blondie look chummy" he said as I took
a bite of my burger "Tyler is cool, that's all" I stated he grinned at me
"fine have it your way" he said "but this isn't burger king" he faked
laughed "ha ha funny". Megan came over "Steven we need to talk" she said
grabbing my hand pulling with her "about what?" I asked ":you and my guy,
Tyler , he is off limits" she stated "um, wow, I didn't realize you two
were going out" I said amused "who's going out" Tyler came up behind me
"well Megan said you were her guy so" he laughed "Megan sorry I play for
Steven's team" she looked crushed "All the gay guys are gorgeous and I'm
stuck with someone like Ben" we laughed "that's not funny , I mean he's hot
but no brain`s" she walked away "wow you just came out to her like it was
nothing" I stated "its isn't nothing unless you make it something" he
leaned in and kissed me "guys check it out" Ben said I felt all eyes on us
but I didn't care we kissed then parted "his green eyes were soothing to
look at "what are you thinking" he asked "that I want to kiss you again" he
smiled and did just that.

I noticed Oliver sitting by himself while everyone else were in the pool I
went over to him

"hey you having fun" I asked Oliver "yeah , I'm having fun" I detected some
kind of animosity in his voice "Oliver are you okay, did I do something
wrong" I asked "no Steven your perfect, you didn't do anything wrong , I'm
the screw up remember" he got up and walked over to the pool and sat down I
followed him and sat down beside him "what's Wrong Oliver?" I asked him
"nothing I guess I'm just missing.." before he finished Tyler came from
under the water and pulled me in "oh I got you all wet again" I splashed
him he laughed so did I , I noticed Oliver getting up and grabbing his
towel , he looked back at me with the saddest eyes I think I ever seen him
display he turned back around and walked away Amanda followed they went
around to the front and they were gone."so what is your deal with that
Oliver guy" Steven asked "its complicated" "I like Complicated so spill on
the juicy details" I moved closer our chest were touching. "what is going
on" I heard my dad I turned he was standing in the door way , my mother
grabbed his arm "get back in here" she pulled him back in the house and
closed the door "wow your dad looked pissed" Tyler added "he hates having a
queer for a son" Tyler gave me a sympathetic look. We got out the pool and
sat at the table with josh Lauren Megan and Ben and we ate some food and
talked about nothing "mark sat down next to me I felt his hand on my thigh
he squeezed it I looked at him and he winked at me , this sparkling blue
eyes seemed innocent but I knew different . I moved over kind of snuggling
up to Tyler he smiled at me when our bodies touched , Megan keep on
grilling Tyler about being gay "so are you sure because when I look at you
I don't read gay" Tyler laughed " I'm sorry I didn't think we were suppose
to be detectable" I laughed so did mark and Tyler "no I mean your hot , you
look like you play football and your this complete jock , but you like
cock" Megan stated that was uncalled for "Megan!" Tyler laughed "its okay
Steven , look Megan Being gay isn't all I am , gay doesn't define me as a
person that's just my sexuality, just like I'm sure Straight doesn't define
josh or you or Mark or Ben" . Being gay doesn't mean your going to
automatically talk with a lisp or be feminine because I met some feminine
straight guys you would think they are gay but they like pussy , and I seen
macho frat guys who likes Cock, but you wouldn't know it . I bet you Megan
someone that you know could be gay and you wouldn't know" Tyler stated
"yeah right , like who" she questioned "anyone , someone on the football
team , a guy your crushing on . Even guys that have girlfriends trust me I
know what its like to hide behind a girl because I didn't want people to
know about me" I found that part interesting , I didn't know that about
him. What if Oliver was doing that. Oh well who cares right. " I guess your
right, I shouldn't stereotype people. I mean look at Steven , he doesn't
act any gayer then Josh" we all laughed "haha funny, Joke on Josh" Josh
rolled his eyes.

After the party was over and everyone left I was alone in my room with only
my thoughts . Tyler was great , but I wasn't about to get excited about any
possibilities I would have to be with him. I didn't like my track record
and I didn't want to keep on adding to it. And I had great friends in Megan
and Ben even , who knew but I was most grateful for Josh , he really is
like my non-sexual Soul mate , he gets me when no one else does and he's
always there when I need him, sure he turned his back on me , but he made
up for it.


"Queer , watch it" Johnny Armstrong pushed me and kept going "hey your
going to let him do that to you" I turned and Josh was standing there "yeah
what other choice do I have, its only one of me and a lot of his jock
friends, I mean I'm not scared its just they don't fight fare and I don't
feel like getting my ass beat today" Justin nose flared up he walked passed
me and over to Johnny "yo Johnny" he turned around "Oh Josh what's up" josh
Punched him in his face. Johnny fell back . He looked up at Josh "dude why
did you do that for" Johnny looked pissed " don't you ever touch or talk
bad to my friend over there" he pointed to me Johnny and his friends looked
at me "that queer, what is he you boyfriend" Josh balled his fist again "I
was just kidding dude relax , okay I wont bother him anymore" josh turned
and walked back over to me "I told you I had your back and I would make it
up to you . I hope that's

a start" I smiled then nodded "Josh , thanks but you cant beat the whole
world up for me" he smiled back and put his arm around my shoulder "sure I
can , you're my best friend, oh and Steven its not one of you against all
of them , it's the both of us against all of the homophobes"

The Next day**

I walked into school and to my locker Adam walked over to me "so , how are
things with you and Mark" he asked I never had a conversation with Adam a
day in my life and he was talking to me "I don't know what your talking
about" he smiled "sure you do, you and Mark had something going" "Mark is
very delusional , but you'll soon learn Adam, because he is going to use
you and when he does , then well I feel sorry for you" "he likes me, he
isn't going to use me , I mean you and him just didn't have the
chemistry. He`s mine" "we did have something going on and we had way
chemistry but maybe your right, maybe he wont use you" I saw Mark talking
ot some guy "who am I kidding , the proof is behind you" he turned we
watched as Mark was at work "the truth hurts doesn't it , I hope you didn't
give up the ass to soon" I slammed my locker shut and walked away from Adam
, to tell the truth , I felt bad for him, but he came over to me with all
this crap .

"Steven great pool party yesterday" Ben said as he walked by . I saw Amanda
and Oliver smiling and talking "I thought you were moving on" I snapped out
of my trance and saw Josh standing there "I have , I was just thinking
about stuff what is it to you" he laughed "just concerned about you , so
You and Tyler" "there is no me and Tyler we kissed but im not jumping the
gun here I have to be careful" josh nodded " I get it , your being smart
about it , but Tyler might not understand that and demand more from you"
"well I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there . Right now I
have t focus on numero uno" josh put his arm around my shoulder and we
walked to class together.

Well, Tyler seems to be a big improvement from the last Guy Steven has been
with, but i guess it is too early to tell. look at Mark he was nice in the
beginning. Steven and Tyler has a nice ring to it. But if Oliver had his
way it would be Steven and Oliver. but he could have had that , had he not
screwed up. I think we are seeing the beginning of a Oliver Melt down. i
guess you have to keep on reading to find out. Thanks for reading , e-mail
me and let me know what you thought of this installment of Before and After

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