Before and After Episode 6

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Before and After Episode 6

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Before and After
"Turning your back"
Written by Tony

So, I had mind blowing sex with Mark. But what seem like something perfect
went completely different when mark suddenly just left I don't know maybe I
am over analyzing things. Meanwhile At Oliver's , his older Brother Cooper
came back to town and sure Enough their old brother Rivalry started up
again, and he also noticed Oliver not really being the traditional
Boyfriend to Amanda as it should be . Things were about to get a lot more
interesting and not in a good way.

I felt good Monday morning, I had sex with mark and it was explosive , I
walked into school and Josh came up to me ,wrapping his arm over my
shoulder "so , I think I'm in love" he stated I smiled "really , what's her
name" I asked "Lauren Johnson , I mean I really like her and I think she
likes me" I laughed "good for you man" we turned the corner and Mark was
standing at his locker and he was talking to Adam Lavery they were smiling
at each other " I go to go to class, I'll see you at science" he walked
away I turned the corner so mark couldn't see me , he looked around then
leaned in and kissed Adam . WTF. "hey" I heard behind me I turned it was
Oliver "oh hi Oliver" I stated "so what are we looking at" I froze he tried
to look over me "um nothing lets walk" I grabbed his arm pulling him in the
other direction he had a amuse look on his face "what?" I asked he shrugged
his shoulders "its like before I screwed up , you dragging me around , I
miss it " I rolled my eyes "what ever , so how's things" I asked "good I
guess , so how's things with you and the person your seeing" he asked I saw
mark turn the corner we made eye contact he looked caught , but I pretended
I knew nothing "everything is good"



I wanted to kill everyone and everything, he cheated on me , with a girl
nothing and everything made since, like when we had sex and he wanted to
know what It would be like to be a girl , he got his wish , he did the deed
with Amanda Sheldon , she was hot I guess if you like girls and a
cheerleader , I just drove , my heart was Aching . I left I got in my car
and drove no where really just drove and stayed in my car for a week, I was
in bad shape . No one could contact me , you could imagine my thoughts when
I saw Josh number on my phone I hadn't spoken to him in close to a year why
was he calling , I decided to answer "hello" I said in a horse voice
"Steven! Where are you everyone is worried" he stated I laughed "yeah
everyone , not you , everyone can leave me alone" "Steven, I am worried ,
your parents haven't heard from you in four days. And you sound terrible"
"you have no right stay away from me I'm just a faggot, queer " I hung up
my cell, I finally came to some sense , and called josh back .

Josh came and picked me up . It was awkward because we hadn't spoken in so
long minus the phone call of course . i was reluctant to get in his car
"come on Steven I'm not going to hurt you or anything" I opened the door
and got in "I'll get someone to pick your car up later" I kept quiet and
looked out the window "so are you okay, what's going on" he asked I
couldn't believe him, at this point was angry at him and the whole world
"what's going on ,really you want me to answer that you fucking asshole" it
went quiet again "tell me how you really feel" he tried to make a joke out
this but it was no joke and I didn't see him as my friend either he got off
at an exit and drove until we were in the parking lot at a mall "Steven
look at me" I couldn't "please" his voice was shaky I looked over and he
had tears in his eyes "I'm sorry, I know that don't mean shit to you , but
im sorry we been best friends since practically the womb and I turned my
back on you and said some real cruel things to you, Steven I love you ,
you're my best friend and I've been lost this month , starting Junior year
with out you , not calling you when I needed to talk about stuff that was
on my mind and our friendship was on my mind constantly , I want to know if
you can find it in your heart that is so full of compassion and goodness to
forgive me for what I've done , I should of stuck by you instead of being
so ignorant of the situation." I cut him off " Josh , I never gave up on
you and if the tables were reversed I'm pretty sure I would have been there
for you, I don't know how to respond to this or you I really don't ,I don't
know if I want to be your friend anymore" he cleared his throat and wiped
the tears from his face "that's understandable, just know I need you back
in my life I miss you so much" I nodded " lets just take it as it comes ,
maybe we can be friends again" he agreed with that


School came and went, and Mark was waiting in front of my car "Hi, so what
do you want to do" he asked "um I don't know if I want to hang out
tonight." I replied "come on don't flake on me , how about you come over to
my house and we can watch some movies , I'll order Chinese" he smiled then
kissed me "okay" his phone began to ring he answered it " no
today isn't good , I'm kind of busy" he turned around and was kind of
whispering , it was Adam from earlier I just knew it "Tell the guy you were
kissing earlier your schedule just opened up" I got in my car and drove
away. I went home and sulked , I didn't come out to eat dinner , my mom
wanted to know what was wrong but I just told her I was tired , Mark called
like Eight time but I just didn't answer the phone. I woke up in the middle
of the night because well my stomach began to growl I didn't eat anything
. I went downstairs to the kitchen and made me a sandwich I sat down and
began eating . I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen , it was dad "oh ,
I heard noises down here" he said without looking at me and turned "Dad!
Wait" he turned back around "are we ever going to talk about this , who I
am , what you don't like about me anything" I asked he looked at me and
opened his mouth but nothing came out , he sighed then went back upstairs
. I tried I thought he just didn't want anything to do with me, I finished
my sandwich and went off to bed, I had to face tomorrow

At School**

I couldn't think, I didn't understand , why was he doing this to me , After
third period I saw Mark with his friends I couldn't wait I had to talk to
him, maybe it wasn't anything I walked over to him and he looked at me for
a second then resumed his conversation with his friends "We need to talk" I
stated "I'm sorry do I know you" mark said rather harshly his friends
laughed "I don't know , maybe I can tell your friends some stuff or maybe
show them a tape of something in my basement" he froze "lets go" he stated
we walked away from his friends and into the stairwell "what is wrong with
you" I asked "I'm sorry , I had to still act the same" he leaned in I moved
back "I saw you kiss that guy yesterday" I stated "who , Adam? , that was
harmless it really was, I was thinking him for helping me with an
assignment" "like I helped you with your history assignment" I asked "are
you jealous, because I don't think I ever said I was your boyfriend or
anything close to that" I shook my head in disbelief "look I see what's
going on , you got what you wanted and now you lost interest" he smiled
"Steven , I don't know what I want, I am young and not in or looking for a
relationship, I'm sorry If that's what you thought, and I want to continue
to see you but I should have other options" he smiled then kissed me on the
cheek "I hope we can still be the way we are because Saturday really was
awesome" he patted my shoulder "I cant, Mark you used me" I said "Steven it
wasn't like that I just met someone else as well and I really like him ,
and I really like you why shouldn't I see who is best for me" he asked "its
not fare to me, this isn't some reality show where you pick who is the best
for you" he grabbed my hand "then I guess we should just not do this
anymore" I nodded in agreement with that "see you around Steven" he walked
away from me did he just ...what's the word to use, oh yeah did he just
play me. Wow I always hear girls talk about this but I never thought it
would happen to me , he used me , was nice to me I thought he was a decent
guy but when we had sex , there was no reason to like me anymore he found
the next gay guy at school to take an interest in. Now I really feel shitty
do anyone fully get this love thing right .

* *Cafeteria * *

So when are we going to meet this mystery guy" Josh asked I put my head
down "you alright S," Oliver asked "yeah I'm fine um, he's no longer in the
picture" I said looking down feeling embarrassed "what happened" Amanda
asked I wasn't comfortable with talking about it especially with her "guys
leave him alone" Oliver spoke sternly "Apparently he got what he wanted and
have no use for me anymore" I felt almost defeated "what?, I`ll kill him
when I get my hands on m" I stopped him I felt good that he would want to
defend me "wow that happens with gay guys , sorry Steven" she sounded
almost sincere it was hard not to like her . " okay I don't want to talk
about that , there are better fish in the sea" I stated "that's the spirit
, josh added "so how about a movie tonight you guys up for it" Amanda and
Oliver looked shocked "would you two quit it , really , I'm done being
angry and crying over spilled milk , I get it , I cried I was angry I'm
over it " Amanda smiled "I'm in" she said Oliver didn't look happy at all
jeez was it something I said

After lunch I finished out my day , I had P.E Gym class was extra boring we
played Dodge ball , then it was time for Math class you already know how
that went and English last period . Once the last bell rung I made my way
into the sea of kids in the hallway . And downstairs I felt pretty bummed
out about Mark "Are you okay" Oliver walked up to me and put his arm around
my shoulder "I'm fine" "listen mark is a idiot if he thanks he can do
something like that to you" "what , who says its mark" I replied "I know
its mark" he stated in his sexy but concerned voice "his loss" I stated and
moved from under his arm I began to walk faster "my loss too" Oliver added
I didn't turn I kept on walking. I was bummed but it seemed to be okay
because once you have a boyfriend cheat on you, your father and best friend
disown you and being a complete outcast the other stuff seems less hurtful
I didn't love Mark but it still hurt a little .As I was going to my car I
saw Mark with Adam from earlier , they were talking then he got in marks
car .I shook my head as I saw this. Oliver and Mark really were one in a
same I thought , but Mark liked men.. Was it something about me , that no
one wanted I wasn't ugly , maybe it was my personality, my boring brown
hair and hazel eyes, maybe I was annoying , I think that's the part that
made me sad , I felt a burning feeling in my eyes ,I didn't know what I
could change for these people , or maybe I didn't need to change. I got in
my car and went home

"Steven you don't look so well , did something happen in school today" my
mom asked as I walked through the kitchen door "no I'm fine mom , josh,
Oliver ,Amanda and I are going to the movies tonight if that's cool with
you" I stated "Oliver? Amanda? didn't that Dirty Creep hurt you with that
girl" she asked "I'm over it " she chuckled "you are way better then me ,
because if that was me , I would have kicked both of there asses , but your
way is more mature" I laughed "Mom , wow you get down with the best of them
don't you" she rolled her eyes "what? I would have, but you are calm and
patient and mild that's what I love about you , and all those
characteristics will get you far . But Steven listen to me , you don't let
anyone I don't care if you think they are the love of your life , walk all
over you , because the day you do that is the day you lose yourself you
hear me" I nodded she kissed my forehead "I just want the best for you ,
you lift your head high and don't care what anyone says about you" I smiled
"thanks mom , I think I really needed to hear that" she smiled "Anytime
honey" I went to my room


"you have to choose" I looked between , Amanda and Steven , "its not hard
moron who is in your heart" Amanda said with her hand on her hip rolling
her eyes , they were dressed up, Amanda with a dress on and Steven with a
classic suite and his hair combed back he looked hot I turned to Steven
"Olli,I ...wake up!" what? Wake up , I felt someone slap me I opened my
eyes cooper was standing over me "you put your hands on me again I will
break your fingers" he laughed "right , I'm shaking in my boots because
those words scare me, anyway why are you sleeping didn't you just come in
from school" he asked "I cannot wait until your break is over so you can go
back to school and leave me the hell alone" "you see that's not going to
happen because you said I wasn't in your life , well I am going to make it
a mission to be here and torment you " I rolled my eyes "well not torment
you but be your big brother and Owen needs to get to know me , so when this
semester is done I am moving back home and transferring my credits to a
nearby college" I sat up "what, you love UCLA law school" he nodded n
agreement "I did but truthful I missed you guys , and with the family on
the east coast and UCLA on the west coast I think I need to do this. Plus I
was thinking maybe I can transfer to NYU in Manhattan its only life forth
five minutes away" I nodded "that's fine but your not getting this room
back I hope you know" he smiled "there are three unused rooms I think I can
manage, oh and Someone named Steven called" I got excited "he did ,what did
he say" I asked "relax is he your boyfriend or something" "what did he say"
"just to remind you that he would met you guys at the movies around six".

*Mark is a douche I guess people aren't what they seem, but like the saying
goes when one door closes another one will open , but Steven has been hurt
to many times to count . Lets hope he finds some kind of Happiness. E-mail
me at, look forward to your comments

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