Before and After Episode 17

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Before and After Episode 17

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The lives and people you are about to read are fictional , so if it seems you have experienced any of this its just coincidental I guess, hope you guys enjoy .

Before and After
“The things we do”
Written by Tony

The next couple of weeks , school was in full swing , test reports and little room for anything extra curricular unless you were on the football or basketball team. Josh had rejoined the football team this year so we hung out less . But he always made it a mission to sit with me at lunch or call me in the Evening I hardly missed him. and Adam and Oliver were Definitely a couple they never confirmed it but I could see it , to any one else it would seem like they were just friends but the little touches no one else noticed but me sometimes when they walk there hands glide and touch each other . I stood at my locker and watch them . Oh yeah , Spence and I got close as well . Not like that but we seem to be really good friends

“if you stare any longer you’ll burn a hole through them” I snapped out of it Spencer was standing there

“Oh Shut up Spence , I was just day dreaming I do that a lot”

“sure , I was filled in by Amanda on what went down between you and Oliver”


“yeah , she is in my science class I mean the girl is annoying but she knows good gossip” I rolled my eyes

“listen, you love Oliver, Steven stop making it so hard for your self , so fucking what he screwed up haven’t you some point in your life”

“I guess so but”

“no buts if you think there is a possibility that maybe you can be happy with oliver you need to fight for him. Because Adam has him , and he still wants you”

“what? How do you know that”

“Because he is looking over at us” I turned and saw him starring at us he focused on adam when he saw us looking at him.

“get your man back Steven” he leaned in and nibbled on my ear

“what the hell?”

“give them something to talk about” he winked at me and walked down the hall , Spencer was like the twisted best friend that everyone should have

“hey, Steve” MArk approached me I didn’t answer him back I tried to walk away but he grabbed my arm

“Steven , can we please talk , I miss talking to you”

I scuffed at him

“Leave me the hell alone mark, I have nothing to say to someone like you”

“What the hell is that suppose to mean”

“it means your scum , stey the hell away from me”

I turned to walk away

“don’t be mad because your weak Steven , that’s why we didn’t work out and that’s why Tyler came to me”

I turned back around

“really?, or maybe because you’re a whore you’ll suck anyone’s cock”

“no not anyone’s just Tyler’s” he had a smirk on his face I wanted to punch his lights out I walked over to mark, Oliver came rushing over to me

“Mark why don’t you go about your way” Oliver got in his face

“says the idiot who cheated on him to began with, your all pathetic, always running to Steven’s aid”

“Pathetic? Mark you sleep with anyone you can because you know that’s the only way you will get close to someone , your parents are never around, they don’t want to be near you I guess I should feel sorry for you, no one will ever love you mark” I turned around to walk away he rushed into me pushing me into the lockers I felt his hand around my neck

“you take back what you said”

“let him go” Oliver was pulling on mark

“no, you bitch I wont take it back” I kicked him between the legs he let go and bent down in pain

“Fuck you Mark, for every thing you ever done to me and this isn’t over not by a long shot”

I walked away Oliver caught up to me

“hey you alright” he put his hand on my neck, where mark was

“he left a mark”

“I’m fine” I noticed Adam looking pissed

“I have to get to class

“Party at my house tonight!” Amanda was texting E-vites to everyone

“sweet , will there be beer” Josh asked she nodded yes

“that’s the worst kind of parties , getting drunk and making a fool of ourselves in front of the whole school”

“oh Steven , stop being so negative ,you need to stop starting fights and come to the party and enjoy it. And maybe I can score with Lucas the wide receiver”

I looked over Lucas was reading a book a smart jock , that seemed to be common in our school , Mark was witty and besides his struggles in history he was great in other areas , Oliver was brains and beauty as well , he had to be or else he would feel the wrath of his mother and be sent to private. I guess Lucas could be added on to the list .

“Lucas , come over here for a sec” Amanda practically scream he looked up and came over

“What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party tonight and be my very special guest”

“um okay I guess . Aren’t you dating Oliver”

“god no, we are so over”

“um sure I guess I can come to your party”

As soon as he said that a guy walked up to us

“hi , I’m new here, you guys don’t mind if I sit”

he was hot as hell I didn’t know what his ethnicity was but I knew he had flawless skin , jet black shinny cropped hair , the whitest teeth imaginable and beautiful dark brown eyes. Amazing body to top it off . I think we all were looking at him.

”um sit away” I snapped out of my trance on him

“I’m sorry , how rude of me , my name is Devin”

“I’m Steven, this is Amanda , Josh and Lucas”

They all said hi , but I noticed something peculiar Lucas seemed to be nonchalantly checking Devin out.

“so Devin if you don’t mind me asking where are you from” Lucas asked coyly


“oh that’s cool I never been to Boston” he was definitely making small talk with Devin

They smiled at each other , Amanda looked at Lucas suspiciously then at me I shrugged my shoulders

“cant be, not another one” she said out loud

“what?” Lucas asked

“oh nothing so all is invited to my party tonight , including you Devin. I have things to do, um Lucas walk me out”

“um sure, nice meeting you Dev”

“same Lucas”

They both left out

“um did we both see the same thing here?”
I asked

“excuse me ?”

“I think a certain football player has a thing for the new boy”

“what? , um I have to go” he got up and hurried out


. So much for minding my own business

After school I walked to my car , I saw Mark he looked at me and shook his head in disgust then drove off in his car I could care less

“don’t let him get to you , so I heard about your fight Floyd Mayweather”

“haha funny , it was bound to happen” he put his arm around my shoulders

“just remember; never back down, stand up for yourself”

I shook my head in agreement

“so you coming to Amanda’s sudden party”

“yeah , why not something is bound to happen at the party and we all know I’m all about the drama” we laughed

“right !”

“catch you later Steve-o” he rubbed my hair and walked to his jeep I went to my car and headed home


When I got home , the house was empty I took the time to do homework , my chores I so like to neglect and made dinner for myself . After that I sat down and watched a little tv . Around seven I got ready for the party I heard the car drive into the garage and then the downstairs door opened .I looked in the mirror one last time , everything was perfect then I went downstairs

“where are you going Steven?” my dad asked as I put on my jacket

“to Amanda's party , why?”

“I’m a concern parent cant I ask questions , rule number one no beer. “

“ I know dad, where’s mom?”

“she had to go into work , be home by eleven it’s a school night “

“ I know dad”

“and last rule be careful son”

“ dad I will” I left out the house and got in my car


I knocked on the door some random kid opened it , kids were everywhere

“yo Lucas , whats up” someone said the guys from the team were doing keg stands Amanda came up to me

“hey sexy , lets get you a beer” she grabbed my hand and led me to one of the kegs and poured me a cup of beer and handed it to me , I drunk some

“so I was thinking how about I show you the ultimate tour of my bedroom”

“um, I don’t know”

“what? “ she rolled her eyes and started dancing with some guy I walked away I looked around her house , it was pretty nice I walked passed the den and saw Devin sitting there I walked in he looked up at me

“Devin , why are you in here all alone”

“I guess the whole partying thing isn’t my kind of scene”

“yeah I know what you mean” I sat down next to him it was painfully quiet as I didn’t know what to say next , why did he have this effect on me , he was just another dude my hands felt clammy and I was kind of shaking

“Um, So Lucas where are you from” Devin asked me

“well I’m from Montclair New Jersey but my mother is from Charlotte North Carolina and my dad is From Arizona , actually he was Born in California but his parents moved to Arizona and when he graduated from high school he came to new jersey and went to Rutgers University my dad was on the football team there. they met in college and fell in love . I can honestly say my parents really do love each other . that’s where me and my two brothers and sister come In”

Devin smiled

“imagine if your dad hadn’t went to school in new jersey of all places and stayed in Arizona or went back to California , you probably wouldn’t be here” I shook my head in agreement

“I know , that’s crazy but I think everything happens for a reason

We both stared at one another. I turned to face him my fingers seemed to touch the tip of his

“there you are” a drunk Amanda came into the den I stood up from the couch she kissed me her tongue slid in my mouth i don’t know why but I wrapped my arms around her almost like a reaction. I then pulled away from her Devin was gone!.

“so how about that tour”

“Amanda your drunk , sorry I just don’t want your tour. I walked away from her

“is it because you rather take a tour in Devin’s Pants” I stopped

“Amanda what are you talking about?”

“Lucas don’t lie to me ,you like him more then you should which is surprising because you didn’t peg me as the gay type”

“I'm not gay, so shut the hell up . You really are a bitch” I stormed off and out her house


I saw Adam whisper something into Oliver’s ear Oliver half smiled

“do something Mitchell” Spence sat down next to me on the Couch, we were both now looking directly at them


“stop watching them like some psycho , if you want him back just do something about it, for all of our sakes”

“stop, okay”

I got up walked away from Spence and went outside for some much needed air”

Why was i being like this , all I have to do is go up to Oliver and tell him how I feel it’s that simple

“What’s your deal” I turned around Adam was walking towards me


“you know what about , you staring at Oliver and I stop it! , he’s moved on”

“Okay! I am not having this conversation with you” I turned back around

“how does it feel now. Funny how your available and wants him back but he’s moved on now you know how he felt when he wanted you back” I still kept my back to him

“why don’t you go to hell Adam , I came out here to be alone so can you stop being a little bitch and leave” I turned around Oliver was standing there next to him

“Oliver? Hey”

“why are you talking to him like that”

“what? He came out here and started with me”

“come on Steven, don’t you think its time you stop being miserable . Do everyone a favor and lighten up because your acting like a child” he grabbed Adams hand .

“Right!, all of this is all my fault” I walked passed them as if they were nothing but I felt defeated to say the least .

I went in the kitchen and started drinking a beer , Devin came in

“hey , about earlier I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything”

“it’s cool man, so are you okay” he asked

“ I don’t know yet all I know is life is crazy you never know what can happen, well it was nice meeting you , enjoy the party” I left out the kitchen and went and got my jacket , after all it was the end of September. I headed for the door

“you leaving” Spencer asked

“yeah , I need to be home before eleven thirty

“I’ll walk you to the car” we both left out into the cool Autumn night air

“you know I like you Steven , I mean not like that but as a friend and I don’t like very many people , I laughed

“thanks that means a lot”



“listen to your heart , let it guide you ,but think as well with your brain, that’s my Advice for tonight”

“your advice sucks” i punched him on the arm softly he half smiled

“how many beers did you drink?”

“just one bottle I am not drunk. I’ll see you tomorrow”

“okay man , drive safe” I got in my car and I drove home
* Oliver*

I felt bad , really bad for yelling at Steven , something didn’t sit right within me ,

“Adam I have to go my mom wants me home” I lied

“oh um okay”

“do you need a ride because you came with me”

He smiled

“no , I’ll catch one with someone don’t worry about me . Hope everything is okay”

He pulled me into a secluded area and kissed me on the lips his tongue went into my mouth I held onto him with my eyes closed

“okay you better get going”

When I got home I went to my room and opened my cell , I scrolled through the contacts and s saw Stevens name I wanted to call him. I was trying to move on but I kept on having these urges to want to be near Steven , hear his voice , or imagine him snuggled up against me , and I could smell the shampoo he was using in his hair the way his soft supple skin felt and the way our hands felt when we held hands . Adam was good looking but I didn’t think it would be this hard trying to get over someone you want. But I didn’t press talk I closed my phone . I couldn’t keep torturing myself . I had to face the facts Steven didn’t want me anymore.

“Son are you up” I heard a knock on my room door it was my dad I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleep , I had nothing to say to my dad I didn’t want him in any of my business, or my life . I eventually drifted off to sleep thinking about Steven.



After school , Josh , and the football team had practice , Amanda was co captain of the cheerleaders squad so she had to stay to work on cheers for the first game of the new school season that left Spencer and I hanging out alone


Wait Spencer what is your bi, I totally pegged you as gay” he chuckled

". i like what i like, if i connect with a guy then i will date him, same with a girl, I had two serious relationships in my life one with a girl name Ashley and things didn’t end well, she found out I was bi and told the whole school I was gay , she almost ruined my life until I met Leo, that was my second relationship , I felt things for Leo I didn’t think any human could feel , but as they say all good things must come to an end , his family moved from Virginia to Wisconsin , that left me heart broken for real, I think I am more bi gay there's just some stuff I cant do with girls . But girls don’t gross me out as I'm sure they do you " I laughed

"at least your honest about that, Oliver pretended to be straight so he wouldn’t face being gay"

"some people deal with there sexuality differently. So now that we are all open and honest what is your deal with that Mark Character”

I looked over Spencer All his attention was on me

“nothing I hate him , its like he has it out for me”

“I’m sure your over reacting Steven” I rolled my eyes , then a smile krept on my face

“what are you up to Mitchell?”

“a brilliant idea , I think I found a way to get back at Mark and you can help”

“no! I don’t like the sound of it”

“come on , you have that brooding leading male thing going on and I notice how mark looks at you when we walk by in the hallway in school . So I was thinking how about we make him fall in love with you then you break his heart”

“no ! I am not going to do that. It’s cruel “

“Cruel , he slept with me and then the day after that he moved on to the next boy who just so happens to be Adam as if I was nothing , and then he slept with my boyfriend not once but a bunch of times and you want to talk to me about being Cruel, really Spencer?”

He looked at me shocked , I shouldn’t have went crazy like that since Spencer didn’t know any of this

“ Jeez , Steven, I didn’t know any of that. Why didn’t you tell me”

“ I don’t know , because I don’t like to think about it most of the time. Its unfair of me to ask that of you I’m sorry for yelling too I shouldn’t drag you into my problems Spence”

“well the way you put it , someone has to put that guy in his place , I’ll do it . You been nothing but nice to me Steven, even when I was Rude to you. So what do you suppose we do?”

“well, you have to show some kind of interest but not too much or else he will think he can have his way with you then move on to the next. Have you ever seen john tucker must die?”

He nodded yes

“well something like that. I mean put on the charm make him chase you around, act like he doesn’t phase you . He’ll be eating out he palm of your hand then you break his little heart into a million pieces. It’s time Mark gets a taste of his own medicine”

To be Continued………

Questions that people have e-mailed me

Q:When is before and After Ending ?

A:Well reader B&A has a a while to go , I want to focus on storylines of the present and tie up old storylines , I don’t want to give a definite answer , I think I’ll call it quits around the 25 or 26 ch

Q: What is marks deal , why is he such a douche

A: Well we will get that answer is ch 18 , he and Spencer will talk about why he is the way he is , nothing like opening up to a cute boy lol

Q: when is Oliver and Steven going to get back together come on!!!!!!!

A:haha , you will have to wait and read. Who knows if they will or wont get back together

Got a questions send them to me and I will answer them or try to answer them for you , peace out … Tony!!!


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