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Before and After Episode 1

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Before And After:
"Beginning Turmoil"
Written by Tony
Edited by :Cody Delrese

* * * * *

Hi , I'm not much for introductions but my name is Steven Mitchell , the
lives and people you are about to read are fictional. If it seems you
have experienced any of this its just coincidental I guess, hope you guys
enjoy .

* * * * *

I woke up and my best friend was sleep in my bed next to me ,he turned and
wrapped his arms around me there was nothing sexual about this . I was
grateful I had him back in my life . It wasn't an easy process, but he was
here. I remember when he hated me for being gay

* * * * *

(Flash back)

“Can we talk?" I asked, approaching him as he was going up his walkway he gave me an
icy glare. I moved closer, he moved back.

"I have nothing to say to you. Stay away from me, I don't even know you
anymore." I felt sick, he was my best friend. How could he say this to me? How could he say he didn't know me?

"Please, I just want to talk." As I placed my hand on his shoulder he pushed

"Don't touch me you fucking faggot!" I could feel a sharp pain in my
heart as his words rolled past his lips. We had been friends since practically the nursery. How could he say this to me? He pushed me back making me land on the grass outside
of his house. "I don't want anyone thinking I'm gay so do me a favor and stay the hell away!”

* * * * *

I opened my eyes jerking up, Josh opened his eyes and sat up.

"You alright man?" He asked looking at me worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He glanced at me with a knowing look

"No, your not. What's going on?" He asked I turned to look at him

"A year ago you would have cringed at the thought of us sharing a bed."

He sighed, wrapping his arm around me. "I was stupid."

I began to tear up "I remember when I came to talk to you and you pushed me and said
don't touch me faggot." He looked ashamed then put his head down

"I'm sorry. You're my best friend, I should have understood. I was too wrapped
up In my mind of what others thought, how they would see me, that I
didn't realize that I was hurting you. I will never forgive myself for what
went down back then." I nodded.

"I forgive you, you know that." I laid back down still facing him, he did the same grabbing my hand holding it in his.

“Not having you in my life was pure hell. I swear I missed your lectures on
life and the funny part about it, is you were always right about stuff.
That's why I always came to you for advice, your ability to know every
person or character on TV, most of all you, I missed you. I actually cried
some nights because of what I did, just walking away from you and I thank
you so much for being my friend again. Um, Steve what happened with you
and Oliver?" He asked, catching me off guard. I felt sour about talking
about Oliver, he was my ex-boyfriend who cheated on me.

"There is no me and Oliver. He chose Amanda." I stated, Josh stared at me causing me to feel uncomfortable I looked away

"Will you look at me." He ordered, knowing I would relent "How do
you feel about him?" He asked and I half smiled "I really loved him, but he
doesn't want me."


Lincoln high school, named after Abraham Lincoln. You know, the 16th
president of the United States of America, honest Abe, but this school was
anything but honest. It housed a bunch of liars. hypocrites and Stereotypes

Josh and I sat on a bench outside of school. The morning was great, the sun was out, the weather was great the, sky a crisp blue. I decided that morning to keep it casual, just
a light blue polo and some A.E jeans. I looked good, okay sorry back to the

"You're an attractive guy Steven, you don't deserve the crap that guy is giving you." Josh told me "I know, but how many gay guys are in our school? Besides the flames." I asked back.

"If you look at statistic its not possible for every guy in that building to be straight. Some of them are gay, or play for both teams." Josh added.

"That may be true, but if they don't want to be discovered they wont be. look at me I hid it for a long time until enough was enough I wasn't happy living a lie dating girls, and
stuff." Josh nodded and patted me on the back. We both heard music blasting. Josh and I looked over to see Oliver driving to his parking space with Amanda in the passenger seat, of course

"I got to go." I stated quickly as I stood up, Josh pulled me back down "What the hell!?" I yelled

"Steven , stop running. Its been too long, he shouldn't have that affect over you. This is your school too and you will go, and do how you please." I nodded in agreement. Oliver
walked up the steps holding Amanda's hand I had to turn away. Josh squeezed my

"Hey guys." I heard Oliver sexy, intoxicating voice

"So what's up?" Amanda added all cheery.

"I'll catch you later Josh.” I said, standing up and walking into school. I couldn't sit there and act like we were friends we weren't. I haven't spoken to him in months after what he did,

"Steven wait" I turned around as Oliver began walking towards me. "Can we talk?" He asked. I still couldn't look him in the eyes, it hurt to look into those eyes. His shaggy
sandy brown hair, those cute big brown glossy eyes that would make anyone
melt, his kissable full lips and that nose. He was built like a football player,
not husky at all, but lean 6' 2”, I was 5' 10” a little shorter than him. He was gorgeous, no doubt about it. Any guy and girl would be blind not to see that, but I just couldn't look at him in the face.

* * * * ******************************************************


I went upstairs to his room, I wanted to surprise him with tickets to see
the Black Eyed Peas. He loves that group. I went to the door and knocked

"I'm busy!" I heard his voice he sounded irregular I opened his door and he
was on top of Amanda Sinclair, fucking her I watched as she was laying on
her back and he was on top of her, naked. His ass muscles flexed as he was thrusting in and out of her, like a jack hammer. He looked backed and I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. I backed out

"Steven! Oh my God!" I ran out of the house. I went away for a few days, basically lived out of my car I didn't want to face anyone. Oliver called non stopped. Texting me, telling me he was sorry and how worried he was about me. That my parents were looking for me, eventually I went home. When I went back to school, Oliver and Amanda were a couple, I had to hear it from everyone. The Grapevine of the gossiping world of high school. He would smile at me and try to make small talk, but I just ignored him.

* * * * ******************************************************

That leads us to today. Right now. Oliver, calling out to me.

"I need to talk to you." He grabbed my arm, dragging me into the boys bathroom
"I hate this, us not talking."

I scoffed "That's your fault not mine. Do me a favor, stay away from me." He looked hurt

"I never meant to. . ." I cut him off.

"What you never meant to do is your problem, not mine. I'm moving
on." I stated proudly even though it was a lie.

“Can you move on from me that easy?” He asked, his sorrow and pain in his words.

"You did, when you were fucking Amanda's STD infested pussy." His hands reached out and tried to touch take mine, but I walked out the bathroom and right into Mark Delauro, well actually bumping into him.

“I'm sorry." He smiled his sexy smile

"It's okay" He actually winked at me and kept walking.

"Mark!" I shouted. He turned back to me. Why did I just call his name? Oh God. And he's
coming back over.

"You called?" He smiled with his blue eyes fixed on me.

"Um. . ." I looked around, seeing no one in the halls I moved closer and kissed him. His lips were so soft, vibrations were sent through my body. I backed away. His eyes got wide. I could tell he was stunned

"I'm sorry,oh god, um. . .sorry. Please don't hurt me." I pleaded as I backed up and hurried down the hall

"what the hell did I just do. . .”

To be Continued. . .

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