Before and After Episode 19

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Before and After Episode 19

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Before and After
“Stormy weather pt 1”
Written by Tony
Previously on Before and After . I began to wonder if maybe my life would ever get better Considering Oliver and Adam were a thing. Josh and Spencer manage to Convince me to stop the whole “Sabotage Mark plan” . Spencer on the other hand Had a one on one with Flirty mark and Mark reveals why he is the way he is causing Spencer to like the sensitive side to him . During a night out with Spence , I get ambushed when Mark , Adam and Oliver show up .what went from a awkward night turned bad when I went to the rest room and was confronted by Adam. After our screaming match I left out the club upset . But Mark came and we made up. He even drove me to Oliver’s house hours later only for me to spill my heart out to Oliver but once Adam came to the door without a shirt I knew Oliver and I were finished for good . Or Were we


“Oliver , hello where are you” Adam asked as we were in the library studying


“Steven!, what are you doing here?”

“Um , Oliver I just wanted to say that I ..I love you and I never stopped and through all the hurt and pain the boyfriends and girlfriend I still love you and I miss you, your this piece of a puzzle that is missing from my heart and I need that piece back because without it nothing make since to me, no one compare to you no matter how hard I try no one can be my Olli “

“Steven I..”

“Hey babe you have an extra tooth brush” Adam came to the door without a shirt on

“oh Steven , hey!” I saw the look on Stevens Face

“um wow I shouldn’t have come here um I have to go, have a good night you guys” he turned to leave then he ran down my driveway

“Steven!, STEVEN!!!”

He was gone ,at that moment I heard thunder how Appropriate I thought

I seem to be the only person to cause that look. I hadn’t seen him since. We definitely had to talk, I felt a kiss and realized I was daydreaming

“hey , you do know we are in school , right”

I looked at Adam who was flashing me , a really Toothy Grin

“ I know but your sexy when you day dream and first period hasn’t even started no one is even here”

“I have to go, I’ll see you later. Maybe at lunch”

“what is going on? Oliver, things were good , until Steven showed up at your house the other day and he rattled something”

“no he hasn’t”

“come on Olli” hearing him say that didn’t sit right with me , no one called me that but Steven

“I have to go, I’ll see you later” I left out the library

And walked down the hall . I saw Steven, I smiled to myself god he was Beautiful handsome whatever you want to call it, he was taking a book out of his locker he stopped and turned and saw me down the hall then closed his locker and walked away I ran down the hall as fast as I could catch up to him

“Steven can we talk”

“I have class, Oliver”

“ I know , its just , you show up at my house and say those things and then run off”

“it was a mistake I shouldn’t have went to your house. Your happy with Adam I should of just I don’t know stayed away” the first period bell rung

“I..I have to go” he walked through the corridors and was gone

I heard a loud thundering the lights flickered off and on

“whoa” a girl said walking by with her friends

“get to class Mr. Greyson!” Mrs. Montgomery patted my back I went down the hall to my first period class .

*as I sat in class I looked out the window and the rain started to pour I felt a paper ball hit my head I turned around Johnny laughed

“real funny” I mouthed

He shrugged his shoulders I turned back around to listen to the teacher



“What’s wrong” Josh asked as we learned about menerals in Earth Science class


“come on , you can tell Spence everything but you don’t tell me much of nothing”

“I’m sorry but Spencer is there , you have practice all the time , I mean your still my best friend ,it’s just Spencer and I are almost always together”

“now I’m jealous you’ve replaced me”

“no one can Replace you , your just not their anymore”

“I guess that’s my fault . so you coming to our first game next Wednesday”

“of course , so what happened with Lauren”

“I confronted her , she wants nothing to do with me, she called me incompetent. She knows I don’t know that word ”

I stopped myself from laughing

“I’m sorry dude . I guess she isn’t the one”

“yeah , I’m done looking for love now I have to focus on sports and my best friend” he bumped me

“wow I think I like the jealous Josh” he laughed

“fags!” Zach one of Josh football teammates said from behind us

“why don’t you shut the fuck up before I punch you in your mouth and make you swallow your teeth”

“Jeez I was talking about him” he pointed to me

“yeah my best friend . So what if he’s gay . What is it to you bitch”

“nothing sorry Steven”

Josh turned back around

“you alright”

“yeah , who knew you were that crazy”

“no one messes with the people I care about”

“oh your getting all mushy on me I might fall in love with you”

He punched my arm we both laughed the lights flickered off and on everyone looked around

“looks like a storm is brewing”

The principle came on the loud speaker

“A storm is in effect for the tri-state area and Middlesex county has issued a Warning, apparently the major roads are blocked from major rain and tree’s falling . With that being said , no one is too leave the primacies” . then the power went out. outside was looking really dark and the thunder and rain made it look like one of those horror movies

“okay class , we are going to the School library there is an automatic generator in there and you can use the extra time to study for tomorrows test” we all groaned to Mr Kelly’s comment we did as he said , when we went into the library , other classes were already in there. the gym and cafeteria was also being used to house the student . Why couldn’t Oliver Be in the gym or cafeteria he and Adam were in the library as our class entered he looked up and at me

“Lauren is here with Scott” josh whispered in my ear , I noticed them kissing

“and Oliver is here with Adam”

“great just great , we are officially pathetic , listen if we stick together then they cant break us” I laughed

“Deal” we shook hands and sat together

Mark class came in he came over

“this weather is kind of crazy, I guess like our night out”

“the club was great , you and spence looked like you had a good time”

Mark smiled

“Spencer is great . But I don’t see him as someone I want to you know hit and quit”

"It’s the end of the world Mark is human”

“ha ha funny Mitchell”

“um did I miss something here” Josh looked at me then mark

Oh , right Mark and I patch things up were working on being friends”

“wow , yeah I may have to cut back on all the practice and you had a guys night. I’m just missing everything”

“Josh , IT was me , Spencer , mark , Adam and Oliver , and we were at a gay club which I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be because I didn’t want to be there ” he huffed

“the gays love me, right Steven” he moved his eye brows up and down at me I slugged him

He and marked laughed , Devin walked over to us

“Hey guys” he sat down

“hey Dev”

Josh looked at me

“oh Josh this is Devin , Devin this is my best friend Josh”

“oh hey , I thought Spencer was your best friend”

“yeah I may have to quit the team”

“dude we are on the same team , you just need to prioritize , I have all the time in the world to do the things I want”

“you mean to do who ever you want” Josh clarified , he slapped josh on his forehead

“Dude!” we all laughed

“Steven and josh shouldn’t you be studying” Mr. Kelly was eye balling us

“I’ll go get a earth science book” I got up and went to the science section in the library

“can we talk now” I turned Oliver was standing there

“Oliver just leave me alone I don’t want to talk ,you’ve moved on let me”

He came closer

“Steven , I had no choice every time I stated how much I loved you or wanted you back you push me away and I get it I fucked up I did ,but punishing me forever wont change what happen. So I had to do what was best for me and move on.

“you said it”

“yeah I did, but when you came to my house the other night you only confirmed the fact that I love you my heart yearns for you and it took me messing everything up to see how important and special you are to me . Its like that saying goes you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.”

he began to get chocked up and cry all the emotions he felt were pouring out to me , I walked closer to him and grabbed his hand forcing him to look at him , our faces started moving closer together

“what the hell is going on” we turned and Adam was standing there angry

“Adam , we were just talking”

“talking my ass , Steven you were just waiting to fuck up my relationship”

“nothing happened” Oliver practically yelled

He pushed me into the bookshelf I feel back and the book shelf went into the other and then the other and books fell on the floor Oliver helped me up

“your helping him”

“Adam stop this” he walked to where the other students were we followed

“what the hell happened” everyone was looking at us

You want to know what happened , well I saw those two”

“don’t “ I pleaded with Adam, Oliver wasn’t out and I didn’t want him to expose him not like that he smiled

“they were about to kiss” everyone was looking at me and Oliver and I didn’t like this one bit I felt how I did when no one would talk to me , I began to back up make a run for it

“yeah , so what that’s generally what you do when you love someone” I looked over at Oliver he smiled then grabbed my hand

“ I said it , I love Steven Mitchell ,actually since last year when I actually talk to him he makes me happy and I don’t give a damn about what any of you say especially you Adam”

Adam looked even more pissed

“fuck the both of you” he ran off into the dark hallway , mark and josh ran up to us

“wow , that was awesome” josh stated

“yeah, what a way to come out” mark added . People were either looking at us in shock or talking about Oliver and I . His other teammates seemed to be baffled by Oliver’s Coming out

“Guys I need to talk to Steven” Oliver ushered me over to a secluded area people followed us with there eyes making me very uncomfortable but the warmth of Oliver’s Hand made up for it . Once we were out of sight he hugged me tightly then pulled back

“can there be an us again, do you think that’s possible?”

** TONY: hey guys thank you for all the support and being Avid readers that means so much to me , you'll never know how much . i just wanted to let you know , i am currently Writing my next Story it is untitled but i wrote about Six Chapters so far. although i wont be putting it out there until around mid September or early October i thought i let you know that i am going to be putting another story out and i am also thinking about a Spin off of before and After not sure if i want to use Adam , Spence or Tyler for it. Peace!!!

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