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Before and After Episode 10

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Before and After
“Melt down”
Written by Tony
Last time on Before and After, I allowed myself to Get close to Tyler and had a good time at his house until I caught him kissing his ex, I was bummed out about the whole situation and left the next day Oliver Reached out to me by coming over to my house , we talked and then one thing led to another and we kissed . Tyler came over and told me what really happen and we made up but Oliver didn’t like it one bit actually he and Tyler was going to fight , I calmed the situation down and talked to Oliver separately he poured his heart out to me , and I just couldn’t bring myself to take him back, he left with a broken heart at least I thought so. A week later at Amanda’s party , things went smooth until Tyler told me Oliver told him I slept with mark sooner then i should have I confronted him and we ended up in a yelling match and he pushed me , Tyler and Josh broke things up . But I was through with him once and for all. And I was going to forget about him

Tyler and I been dating for a month , a month that I cut Oliver out my life, Oliver and Amanda played the part of lovebirds but I knew different he was miserable , in school I would catch him looking at me , I wanted to say something , but I just couldn’t not after what he did at Amanda’s party I followed up on my word I cut all ties with him, I even stop going to lunch altogether, Josh and I would eat lunch outside, since it was late Spring in New Jersey the weather was perfect for it . and plus I was falling in love with Tyler so that was helping a lot with me moving on.

“so you and Tyler are a real couple now” Josh Asked I nodded yes as I took a bite of my Turkey Sandwich

“yeah , I really like him , I think its safe to say that maybe I, you know three words the four letter word” Josh looked surprised he smiled at me and patted me on the back

“really you think you love Tyler?, wow do you think he feels the same way” josh asked , what a question to ask , I know he said it before but it was really too soon to take that Seriously. But maybe Tyler really did love me.

“ I don’t know , maybe , until I know for sure I wont say anything” Josh nodded in agreement

“has he been pressuring you to have sex” Josh asked

“he ask when we can do it but I always say I’m not ready to , I haven’t told him its because of mark and Oliver that I don’t want to do it , but I can tell he is getting restless”

“if that’s what you want to do then I say don’t give in Steven , if you two are meant to be then he will wait” I smiled. Josh always knows how to make me feel better , he really is a great best-friend.

“so any attempt to patch things up with Oliver” Josh continued I ran my fingers through my hair

“I’m done with Oliver I told you that , he embarrassed and humiliated me for the last time” I folded my arms in defense

“Steven, I think it’s more then that I think he was extremely Jealous of you and Tyler , I really Think Oliver is gay and doesn’t want to face it” I sighed at josh comment

“that’s not my problem, he wants me to be available while he is seeing Amanda how crazy is that. You know since I started dating Tyler I haven’t had one dream or daydream about Oliver and what we had or what we could have had , I have to move on and unfortunately its without him., but that’s not my fault that’s his. It’s been a little less then a month since that incident , he hasn’t tried to apologize or talk to me , and I sure as hell am not reaching out to him”

After we finished eating the bell rung we both got up and threw away our trash and went back into school. School went by relatively fast and before I knew it, the bell rung in my last class. I made my way out the school and to the parking lot I saw Tyler standing in front of his car with his legs and arms crossed we made eye contact and he smiled his sexy smile , we met each other half way

“hey” Tyler kissed me

“so tonight Is a special night, can you come over to my place” he asked I smiled so did he , I loved his toothy grin

“yeah of course , I would love to , but what do you have planned and why is it such a special night” I asked, he shrugged his shoulders

“no you don’t , you will have to wait and see come over around Six and dress up okay” I nodded he hugged me then walked over to his car got in and left. I smiled to myself and turned that’s when I saw Oliver walk to his car he didn’t even look at me he got in and left out the parking lot Josh came over to me

“So lover boy seemed happy , are you giving it up to him later” he put his arm around my shoulder

“oh shut up, I told you I wasn’t doing that until It feels right to me” Josh laughed

“just kidding ,dude oh and Oliver was watching you two together”

“what?” I asked

“when you two were talking I saw Oliver leave out the school he was standing there watching you two , we made eye contact and he looked away that’s when I guess you saw him walk to his car”

“I cant get sucked back into the whole Oliver Greyson drama, screw him. his choice was Amanda Sinclair and now he has to live with it” Josh looked surprised at my negativity towards him

“ I never thought I see the day when Steven Mitchell has given up On Oliver Greyson” I looked at josh annoyed

“And If Joshua Michael Wright keeps it up, I’ll disown his ass too” he frowned

“hey i was just kidding mom, you don’t have to use my whole name when addressing me”

I smiled and bumped him with my shoulder “you know I could never disown you”

He rolled his eyes “I know , but if you do, I will bug you until you own me again”: we both burst out laughing


I got home and was angry , I went to my room and stood there I felt myself shaking , I did this to myself i looked in the mirror at my Pathetic self i began to feel hatred for myself for not being strong for myself for Steven. i hate my life , i hate my life i kept thinking ..

“I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!” I screamed

I started throwing and kicking things, I threw one of my football trophies at a mirror, the Mirror Broke into piece, I then tossed my dresser over I was beat red and crying I lost him "Steven!” i yelled. I played games and I lost him for good I could feel it in my bones.

“what the hell” I heard cooper as he peaked into my room , the dresser was in front of the door so he could only open the door partially

“Oliver what’s going on, what the hell are you doing” I was still throwing and breaking stuff. He pushed at the door and eventually came in he tried to grab me but I pulled away from him. he came behind me and held me I tried to get out of his embrace but his grip was to tight

“Oliver its okay” he said I closed my eyes and felt my body violently shake

“no its not , its not okay” I broke down I felt light headed and lost my balance , cooper fell down with me , my back to his chest his arms around me holding tight i began to cry my heart was aching i was too young to feel this kind of pain i was holding so heavy on my heart

“shhh it’s okay Oliver, what ever it is it’s okay” I was still shaking and sobbing. This is what a melt down must feels like , I thought

“I think I should call mom” he stated as he dug his hand in his pocket for his cell phone

“no don’t call that bitch” i could tell Cooper was startled that I said that about our mom

“Oliver , your scaring me, tell me what is happening with you” he let go of me I turned and faced him he focused all his attention to me

“I’ve been scared since I was twelve years old and started feeling things I shouldn’t have felt , or at least mom told me I shouldn’t have felt” I was taking breaths in between every word he reached over and wiped my tears with his fingers

“I ‘m not following what do you mean shouldn’t have felt” just as I was about to explain myself …

“what the hell happened in here” mom was looking at my room then at me and Cooper “sorry mom , we got into a fight , but we patched things up” cooper said reaching over and hugging me , I hugged him back. would he be this comforting once he knew the truth

“you two love each other , why fight like this ,and look at this mess, I’m going to call the help maybe Constantine can make a house call and clean up this mess , you boys are a handful” she shook her head and walked away

“why did you lie” I asked “because you’re my brother. Oliver I don’t know what’s going on with you , but I do know one thing , nothing you say or do will stop me from loving you , yeah i said it , i know i give you hell but i do love you and Owen and if mom and dad has a problem then you always have me” I hugged cooper and cried into his neck he held me tightly “its okay little brother , what ever it is its okay”.

“Cooper , I have to tell you something” the tears started up again , he put his hand on my shoulder

“tell me, what’s going on, why are you so upset” he asked me again

“When I was twelve I figured out I was different, I couldn’t place it but I knew I was different, and then mom and her views I was scared. I still am scared, cooper I’m…I’m Gay” the hardest thing I ever had to say I said. And it seemed everything went still, nothing seem to move,


*At home*

Later that day I came downstairs , dressed up, I had on a black button up with grey slacks and my black leather shoes

“You look great where are you going” mom asked with a grin on her face

“I’m going out with a friend, what time should I be home” I asked , with pleading eyes , so I could stay out for a long time

“Midnight!” she winked at me I smiled

“Midnight are you crazy try eleven” dad said Harshly coming into the kitchen, it is crazy how much we look alike but he really cant stand me

“he is sixteen, cant he have fun?” my mom said putting her hand on her hip, I I knew one thing when mom put her hand on her hip she was getting pissed at him

“Fun? What kind of fun will he have , the kind of fun faggots love, having sex with any guy willing” I wanted to cry, every time he talked the love I felt for him was being chipped away and pieces of hatred began to replace it

“mom I’ll be back at eleven” I put my head down and walked out the kitchen

“that is enough , he is your son” I heard him scuff

“He is dead to me” my dad said as I walked out the door of the house.

I got in my car and headed to Tyler’s .

when I got there I knocked on the door he opened up with a smile then it faded when he saw my face

“What’s wrong?” he grabbed my hand and held it pulling me inside

“nothing , I just want to enjoy tonight with you” I smiled he kissed me , I kissed him back.

“ I made us dinner, this way my sexy boyfriend” we went into the dinning room so I made pepper stake with onions and Gravy , mash potatoes and they are so creamy and buttery , you’ll die, with a nice Greek salad oh and for dessert peach cobbler , with a side of Tyler” I laughed

“all of it sound so good to me, I don’t know what I want first , oh yeah a side of Tyler sounds good “ he grabbed my hand and led me to the dining room he pulled out my chair

“you do know I’m not a girl” I stated , he rolled his eyes in a playful way

“Steven , I know that but I think its polite” I laughed he went over to his chair

“wait a minute” he looked at me puzzled I got up and pulled his chair out for him he sat with a grin I pushed the chair in and kissed him on his forehead

“how’s that for chivalry”

“that was great i guess Chivalry isnt dead, oh i almost forgot happy anniversary”


“its been a month since we’ve been going out , I’m not much for anniversaries but I think one month is important” I couldn’t believe he did all this because we were going out for a month , it just showed what kind of a guy I had in my life

“Tyler this is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me, thank you, I just wished I knew you would do this so I could give you a present” he smiled his coy smile and reached over and took my hand in his “you being here is enough of a present to me babe” he brushed his blond hair out of his face . Then we heard a buzz

“the food is ready!” he got up and went into the kitchen five minutes later he came out with two plates fixed with what he said he made , and it looked and smelled delicious he sat a plate in front of me and a plate where he was sitting , he took two whine glasses and filled it with eyes and then Coke, I laughed

“what happen to the alcohol” I asked

“you have to drive , I care about you Steven , so Coke will do”

After dinner which I might add was so damn good, Tyler and I watched a movie snuggled up together

“where are your parents” I asked he turned and face me

“they are away at my grandparents house in Pennsylvania they should be coming back tomorrow actually” I grabbed his hand in mine he leaned his face close to me and I kissed him, our lips were hot and I wanted him badly , I felt his hand travel down my back and touch my butt he gave it a squeeze and my body shook in pure delight .

“ I know you want to wait but do you think maybe we can make love” he asked and nuzzled into my neck he was making me horny and hard as I felt his lips and touch on my neck his fingers found my buttons on my shirt and he unbuttoned the top button then the next , then the next until my shirt was completely unbuttoned I took my shirt off , he then took my White t-shirt off as well

“wow, Steven you have a nice body” he bent down and sucked my left nipple

“oh gosh, Tyler” I ran my fingers through his hair and rolled my head back my breathing was heavy as he licked and sucked on my harden nipple , I felt his hand travel down my stomach to my crotch he squeezed my hard on “oh god , your going to make me blow my load” he reached for my belt buckle and then my phone rung. I looked at the time it was ten thirty I stopped Tyler

“I didn’t realize what time it was , I have to go before I get grounded forever” Tyler sighed I stood up and put my t-shirt back on then my button up

“ I really don’t want you to go” he sat up and grabbed my hand he walked me to the front door

“ I don’t want to go but my dad will start bitching” he hugged me tight his lips met mine then he pulled away

“I love you Steven Mitchell everything about you” I kissed his neck sucking on it , he moaned , then my phone rung again , it was from home

“I have to go” he looked disappointed

“maybe we can pick this up tomorrow night” I nodded yes

“thank you for everything , it was so incredible, ” he rubbed his thumb over my face

“your incredible baby” we hugged, his hands were rubbing up and down my back I pulled back and gave him a quick peck on the lips and then I left .

On my way home I was happy I finally got the guy and my life was falling in place. The only thing is my dad , he hates me , he said I was dead to him , how can he say that about his own son , a son he help gave life too. As I turned onto the highway I thought to myself For one or two rotten seeds in my life I had a few good fruits haha I said fruits,

OHH SHHIIITTT >>>>CRASH!!!!. Everything went Dark.

To be Continued
Whoa , Oliver had a melt down and then told his brother what he has been hiding all these years , what a crazy storyline. And things don’t look good for Steven at home , when his own dad said my son is dead to me” oh and the nice dinner that Tyler had for Steven. But the Car crash at the end seem to be unexpected , hope you all enjoyed.**

and what did you think of meltdown . Hit me up at let me know

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