That's Life chapter 4:A boy named Vince

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That's Life chapter 4:A boy named Vince

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"A boy Name Vince"


The cool November air had set in and most of the leaves were blown to the
grown I went inside Kate-Lyn's café️ for a cup of Joe "hi Kate-Lyn can I
get the usual " I said she smiled " sure thing , oh yeah a cute boy asked
about you " she said "really , I said " yeah his name is Vince I think,
he's In the back " she handed me my coffee I went to the back and there he
was , he looked up and smiled at me I took off my peacoat and sat down "how
did you know I come here" I said "a little birdie told me so" he said "did
the birdie have blond hair with brown roots " I said he laughed "yeah " he
said "sounds like a cousin of mine , so anyway why are you looking for me "
he handed my book" I believe this was yours I took it and almost cringed at
the thought of him seeing it "I have to admit I looked at your pictures
they are amazing " he said "thank you " I said "so what have you been
photographing lately " he asked "I haven't taken any pictures since I moved
here" I said "that's a shame leaving your talent to just complete waste he
looked at me and smiled I never noticed before but his eyes were a mix of
brown and green and it was like light filters were in his eyes they seem to
glow this boy is good looking his ark brown cropped hair his skin was
perfect and his teeth white as hell and perfect I guess he saw me staring
at him "what do I have something on my face " he said "um , no, thanks for
bringing me my book" I said he smiled I smiled back "you want to go see a
movie or something " he asked "a movie , sure I mean I don't have anything
to do "I said "great , how about drag me to hell , I heard that was a sick
movie" he said "I love horror movies" I said "or we can see the Hannah
Montana movie its still playing you know" we both laughed "yeah right i
wouldn't be caught dead" I said "I was just kidding " .

The movie was awesome but there were many scary parts and I kept jumping ,
our knees were touching I had my hand on the arm rest he put his hand on
top of mine we looked at each other and smiled , after the movie we walked
around "so I enjoyed myself how about you " he said "yeah It was cool" I
answered back "except for the fact that you were so scared " "was not "was
too" we both laughed "we sound like we are in kindergarten" I said "this is
me" he said we stopped in front of a bar "the bar?" "No above the bar , hey
come up see the place" he said we went to the door on the side he used he
key and opened it up we went up a flight of stairs there were three
apartments he opened up his apartment door we walked in "you have an
amazing apartment" I said "thanks " he smiled "wait a minute , your
seventeen and you live here by yourself what's the deal " I said "my
parents found out about me , this time last year and my parents kicked me
out the house my sister paid for this place for me , they don't even call
you know " he looked so sad "I'm sorry I should've mind my own business" I
said "no it's okay" he said I looked around his apartment was spacious one
bedroom a full kitchen with chrome appliances , bathroom and a tricked out
living room with a 42 in plasma and a teenagers essential , ps3, Xbox 360,
WII and DVD's chocolate leather couch "sit " make yourself comfortable he
said I walked over to the couch and he went in the kitchen, I turned the
radio on some slow sexy music was playing he came back with two open beers
he handed me one I took a sip he did too "it must get lonely here sometimes
"yeah it does but I tend to be active in sports or something that keeps me
from home sometimes how about you " "my mom died in a crash , a year ago
and I blame myself for it " I said "why " he asked "because it was raining
I put on music she turned it off I turned it back on she was yelling and
the rest you can figure it out" I said "im sorry " he said "don't be , its
okay , my dad and my brother avoid me any chance they get im always home
alone " I said he put his arms around my shoulders "why don't we keep each
other from getting lonely he said he moved close to me his lips met mine he
parted my lips with his tongue our tongues were enticed with each other I
felt his hands on my chest I did the same then pulled away " im sorry ,
Vince I should go" I said I stood up and left out .

the next day in school I saw Brandon a few times but I didn't let his
sudden hatred for me consume me I went about my day even changed my seat in
history I sat behind Ashley who just kept smiling at me after that I went
to put my books in my locker Vince walked up to me , damn he looked great
today his hair was in a mess but it looked great on him "Hey so about
yesterday , im sorry if I made you uncomfortable" he said "you didn't I'm
just sick of guys wanting sex and nothing more" I said "I didn't want to
have sex with you I just wanted to kiss you" Vince said "I guess I just
stuck my foot in my mouth" I said " I guess you did, look , I'm gay and I
happen to like you " he said " I like you too " I said then he kissed me
"okay back up this is school principle Walters said we stopped kissing "get
to class you two , he left Brandon was standing there staring at me , I
turned and me and Vince walked down the hall.


That Vince guy was kissing Josh in public , I was both shocked and amazed
but good for him , he found someone , why do I feel like this , like he's ,
mine and some other guy has taken him away , I seriously have to get my
priorities on check , Whitney is my girl I love her , the sex is great , so
why does it feel like im settling .I got home and dad was in the kitchen
cooking "where's mom" I asked "she went to the supermarket im starting
dinner " he said "my dad is a great cook I believe if he didn't get into
the profession of being a sheriff he would have been big time like Rachel
ray or bobby flay I sat down feeling all sorts of ways I guess dad detected
it "what wrong son" he said pulling up a seat across from me " I don't know
dad I feel conflicted about some stuff" I said "such as " he looked at me I
wasn't, talking to the hard cop he normally portray but today he was my dad
" I love Whitney " I said "that's great Whitney is a great girl" "but
there's someone else , I meet them and we hit it off but then it got to the
point where I had to pull away because of Whitney" I said "Brandon , what
does your gut say" he said "it's saying to stick it out with Whit" "then
that's what you should do , leave that other person behind they aren't
important" he said he got up and went back to cooking.


Craig and I went around town on his motorcycle we stooped at the Riverway a
hangout spot for us teenagers there are benches and tables and the river on
the other side is the bright lights from the nearby city "its beautiful " I
said "I know I come here you know to think" he said "maybe I should start
coming here as well" I laughed " I know your using me , to make Jeff
jealous" he said "I have to admit I love the look on his face but , I
really like you" I said "you do?" he asked "yeah , a lot actually" I kissed
him , he kissed me back I felt a spark his muscular frame was pressed up
against my body "so what now" he said "how about another ride" I said


I was in my room lying on my bed and my phone rung I looked at the caller
id it was Vince "hey" I said "why don't you come over " he said I smiled
"um okay I'll see if I can" I said "cool , looking forward to it " . My dad
walked into my room "dad your home " I said "yeah I got out early how about
Chinese tonight , maybe we can catch up " he said , why now I thought , I
really wanted to go see Vince and he wanted to spend time with me "I have
plans dad" I said "with who" he said "with a friend " I said "a girl " he
asked "no a boy" I said with a grin on my face "oh, what's his name" he
said "dad , what's with the questions " I said " I want to know who my son
is hanging around" he said "really your concerned now ha, funny, you could
care less about me , its evident , I barely see you and when I do its hi
son bye son , all you care about is Jason and work , im just here taking up
space until I can leave " I said it became quiet "you think I care about
your brother and my job more , I love you and Jason the same " he said I
could feel my eyes tear up "no you don't dad ,and the saddest part is you
think you do . I got up and put on my hoodie and left out my room , flew
down the stair and out the door.


I paced around in my room mom came in "Brandon are you okay , what's wrong
" she said worried "mom sit please" I said she did so she flipped her
golden blond hair from the from of her to the back "bran talk to me " "did
dad leave" I said "yeah what's up" "you may hate me , but I had sex" I just
came out and said it "oh my god , it was that Whitney girl wasn't it , I
always knew she was trouble" mom said "mom , I did have sex with Whitney
but that's not what this is about" I said "why do you think I will hate you
" she said "because It was a guy I ha sex with" she looked at me stunned
"oh wow " "im sorry mom" I said I had tears in my eyes "Brandon come here "
I sat down beside her she grabbed my hand "you have nothing to be sorry for
, if your gay , then I have to accept that" "that's just it , I don't know
what I am , I love Whitney, I love being with her but I think I love being
with Josh too" she wiped my tears "baby , you have to do what's right for
you , not me or your father or the world , you" she kissed me on my
forehead and left me with that , I think im in trouble


I stood outside of Vince door I knocked he opened it he had his shirt off
and was sweaty "josh I thought you weren't gonna show so I " "if there's
someone else here I can go" I said "no I was just working out come in" he
said I walked in he closed the door I turned to face him then kissed him he
then started kissing my neck I slipped my hand in his sweat pants and his
cock was springing to life we went over to the couch he got over me and was
kissing me with passion I never felt before "We cant" he said stopping he
got off of me and laid down next to me "what do you mean we cant" I said "I
thought about what you said and I want to get to know you josh and sex only
complicate things " I was even more intrigued by Vince a guy who didn't
want sex, wow, I put my hand on his chest and rubbed his pecs "I think
that's a good idea" I said he smiled then put on a shirt

The next day was a good day I felt alive and it was because of Vince ,
someone actually wanted to get to know me , I put up my photo's in my
locker "I like that one it looks like a fusion of day and night" I turned
and Brandon was standing there "thanks " I said then turned back around
"look, about the other day I'm so sorry I was just freaking out about a lot
of stuff" he said "and you took it out on me" I said "yeah ,I'm an idiot "
he said "that you are" we laughed "I need to talk to you" he said "about
what?" I answered "I came to a conclusion last night and I" Vince got
between us "hi you" he said then kissed me "oh I'm sorry I didn't know you
guys were talking" he said "yeah its okay man I should go" Brandon said
"what was it you wanted to tell me " I said "it's nothing , I'll see you in
History" he said "yeah in history" I said then I focused on Vince "I got us
tickets to this photo gallery on Main, you want to go" he said "yeah , that
sounds awesome" I said.

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