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That's life chapter 1

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That's Life part 1 moving face


Another year here at Washington high the seniors are all gone and the new
seniors have taken there place , I was cool with Nathan Bellini during his
years here and now i am a junior , eleventh grade what can i say next year
i will be a senior about to embark on my own life journey."you trying out
for lacrosse" my friend mark came up to me "you already know the answer to
that, i got to beat, Nathan Bellini and Todd Newman's score from last year
it was the only way i would make a name for myself" " good luck with that
bro i don't think you can" mark said . I met with my girl Whitney at lunch
this girl was amazing brunet the hottest body and the softest lips ,
correction one of the softest lips , a year ago i kissed a boy his name is
Josh Barrett it just happened if you want to read about it its in Part 12
of Nathan the Bully that's where i am first introduced to Josh he was a
good kisser as well and he liked to play mind games i haven't seen him
since i tried to apologize to him for hitting him at my party but he
totally made a move on me and i totally got hard when he did it I was told
by his cousin one of my really good friends Karen that he was moving here
but i guess that fell through , good thing though because me and Josh have
this thing i cant explain it but it can get me in a lot of trouble ,
speaking of trouble we made a plan to go out and steal a stop sign on
intersection 12 .


i went running it was different in the city there were parks and sidewalks
you could go running there , here there are sidewalks like in the shopping
district but you basically have to run along the road the sun was setting
and the warm air was setting in making me sweat it was the first week of
September . i pumped my i-pod up to full volume and listening to
boom,boom,pow by the black eyed peas seem to be doing its magic I felt like
I was something important , although I know I Wasn't , I just moved here
and all I keep on thinking is my last visit here meeting Brandon , playing
truth and dare at the party kissing Whitney and Brandon punching me then
trying to apologize for it .


me , mark , Lloyd and Damon got to the stop sign no one was there that's
because intersection is barely used because of the highway they built years
ago that made it more convenient for the people that traveled back and
forth I got out with the screw driver and climbed the pole the undid all
the screws and got the sign, as soon as i got down someone ran into me then
we heard sirens, Lloyd speeded off and I was left with the stop sign in my
hand the cops pulled up and they advised us not to run they got out and I
was caught red handed "Brandon Lawson are you serious , your daddy is the
chief what am I suppose to tell him" Fisher said one of the officer who
happens to be my uncle "and who is your little accomplice " the other cop
said "take off your hood " he did so "what the .. Josh Barrett what the
hell are you doing here " i said "i don't have anything to do with this
officers I was out for a run and ran into him " josh said "you two are
under arrest they placed handcuffs on us " uncle fisher laughed "this is
not funny" I protested


in order to make things fair we were sentenced to community service fixing
up a old barn for its owners "this is not fair and you didn't even say
anything you know I had nothing to do with you taking a stop sign and why
would you take a sign like that someone could have gotten hurt " I said
"you talk to damn much lets just start get it over with and go okay "
Brandon said while looking around the area "fine by me " i replied "do you
recognize this place " Brandon asked i didn't answer but of course I
Remembered this place it is were he kissed me and it was awkward afterwards
"fine be like that " brandon said his cell rung he answered it "hay what's
up babe" he walked away into the barn I started thinking about when he came
to apologize to me (Flashback-"you greet people in your undies all the time
" he said "don't beat around the bush what do you want " I said he had a
look of guilt on his face "im sorry for doing what I did it was uncalled
for and it was just a game " he looked at me for some kind of answer
"whatever " I said then turned to go back upstairs "that's it?.. whatever
?" I turned back around "what else Brandon" I walked closer to him I was so
close our nose were almost touching he was frozen still I grabbed him by
the waste I could feel him get hard "you want me don't you " I said
laughing he looked serious "too bad right im leaving today and never coming
back " I went back upstairs I could here the front door close .) . I
thought I was never coming back, if I had known then what I know now I
wouldn't have done that, Brandon is a product of good genes Brown hair that
brought out his Blue eyes his fit body his nice asset(LOL),his ass was
definitely made for squeezing but we were two different besides the fact
that he had a girlfriend he is confident and knows what he wants I'm not
,I'm the shy kid who barely talks and is never noticed and will probably
die alone , I know harsh right but I accept that is my reality , Brandon
came back out and started picking up the branches and old wood from the
fences and putting them in the plastic garbage bag "that was Whitney I told
her your back in town she told me to tell you hi" he said "I shouldn't say
hi , you might try to hit me again " I said laughing it was quiet "I
apologized for that what else do you want me to do " I continues gathering
the old wood he came close then turned me around "seriously , I feel bad
about what I did and I don't want you throwing it in my face all the time"
he said now I felt bad for even bringing it up his hands on my shoulder was
doing something to me I cant explain the feeling " I wont bring it up again
,sorry" I said i pulled away

(Two weeks later)


josh is a mystery to me he and his cousin Matt looks very similar, he and
Matt are nothing alike but they both have blondish brown hair and josh is a
little taller and his eyes are brown its like he can see into you they draw
you in automatically , he seems very anti-social he even pass by me in
school and didn't say a word, keeping his head down not making eye contact
i saw Karen his cousin taking books out of her locker "what is the deal
with your cousin"I said "what do you mean" she said "he doesn't talk to
anyone except you "I replied "maybe because you got him in trouble " she
said "what ever ,he needs to get out more " I said stirring at her "who
knew you cared" Karen said in a rather bitchy tone I shook my head "I see
it's that time of the month for you so ,im going to walked away" I said "no
, I'm sorry I'm just trying to accept jeff has a new girlfriend " she said
"im sorry Kay" I said I hugged her "thanks , and my cousin is vulnerable he
needs good people in his life not people that can hurt him" she said . I
got to my locker # 135 once occupied by Matthew Barrett , oddly enough Josh
had Nathan's old locker the one he occupied for four years , I stirred at
his locker , all the things that were personal to him was in there I wanted
to know what was in his head the bell rung and the halls were empty I
opened his locker without trouble I mean he is right next to me I see him
open it everyday he had a sweater in there I leaned in and smelled it , it
smelled just like him what the hell am I doing smelling another boys
sweater then there was this picture of him he is sitting on a stoop in what
looks like Manhattan looking sad he has tears in his eyes there were two of
them I thought the picture was artistic so I looked around and took it then
closed the locker I slipped it in my folder then closed my locker

(Josh )

i walk through the gym doors and Brandon and mark were playing basketball i
sat on the bleachers and put my head phones in my ears and closed my eyes i
could sense i was being watched but i didn't car I tried to tune out the
rest of the world the school I sat there for almost a half and hour then
the ball hit my leg brandon was standing over me sweating I could smell his
masculine scent it was driving me wild I took my head phones off "what are
you doing sleep in here don't you have a house it is Five o clock he said
he reached out his hand I accepted he pulled me up "thank you " I said and
began to walk away "hey I can give you a ride if you want " he said I
started to say no but the bus wouldn't get to the bus stop until another
hour and he was going out of his way to be nice to me so what the hell " I
waited outside so he could shower and get changed he came out wearing his
Hollister hoodie and jeans that showed off all the right places on his body
he opened the car we got in he started the car and music instantly came on
"my life would suck without you I didn't peg you for a Kelly Clarkson fan "
i said teasing "im not it's the radio " he kind of turn red "you know you
listen to Kelly Clarkson its totally cool " I said he smiled then put back
on his im cool look and we drove off he put his i-pod into the dock in the
car and changed to 3oh3! Don't trust me "so you officially live here how do
you like it so far" he asked "its cool I guess I don't really have any
friends " I said "sure you do , Karen , me " he said flicking my ear we
laughed "hey both hands on the wheel " he looked at me and smiled "whatever
Sargent , lets go to Joe's I'm starved after that game. my treat " he said
"okay , my dad is working he wont be home until one in the morning so lets
go '.


we got to Joe's and it was not a lot of kids there , I guess most of the
students who use to hang out there were , Nathan and matt , amber , Todd ,
Robby I ordered my usual a bacon burger and fries and a coca cola and he
ordered a grilled chicken sand with a salad and lemon ice tea it became
painfully silent not sure of what to say I just waited until our food came
, we ate and josh tried to pay for it I told him I got it he said "no" so i
let him pay then i suggested we go to the barn do some more work

we painted the barn and replaced the gates with metal ones and all we had
to do was put on the new doors for the horses .. it must have been 7:30 p.m
when we finished josh was sitting in the back of the old pick up truck I
got up there with him "what are you thinking about " I said "I'm thinking
why the sun is setting at 7:33" he said I laughed "you think abut the
weirdest things Barrett" I said it was quiet and I looked over at him and
he looked over at me the sun was beaming on us he was turning me on his
full lips the way the sun brought out his features and I leaned in and
kissed him our lips touched but he backed away "im sorry I couldn't help
myself " I said I knew I had a girlfriend but doing that felt so right "we
should go " he said , and that we did. I. drove to his house and he got out
then turned around "thanks for dinner and dropping me home " he said "its
no problem , hey I'll call you when I get home " I said smiling " you don't
even have my number " he said (347)265-7117" I said "how did you know that
" he looked curiously " I know everything " I said he grinned I pulled off


I went to my room and closed the door , Brandon gave me a boner for sure I
fell back on my bed the house was so quiet , sometimes I wish my brother
was here , he was finishing up his bachelors degree at Texas state for most
of my life my brother has never really been there , he always had his
friends and when he graduated from high school I was in junior high school,
he would come home occasionally and when mom died he came to her funeral
but he never comforted me or told me it will be okay , after the funeral he
split and I haven't seen much of him since . Anyway I looked at my ceiling
and though about Brandon's Naked body I got hard as a rock I stuck my hand
in my pants and started rubbing myself "come on josh cum for me " I
imagined him say I unbutton my jeans and slid them down to my ankles my
cock was standing tall out of the hole in my boxers I started pumping my
dick hard back and forth I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead my cock
was seven and a half inches and I could feel my balls tightening up " I'm
gonna cum " I thought to myself , a week of pint up frustration was
released on to my stomach , but then I got back to reality and my high was
over because I thought , this is my life jerking off in a empty house with
no one here , I was alone and I felt it , my dad loves me but after mom
died he still is kind of lost burying himself in his Work and i feel for
him and my brother , i don't want to go to uncle Martin and Aunt Moira with
what I'm feeling they have there own family but what about me , who can i
turn too , life was not fare or else i would have my mom . tears began to
come out my eyes streams and streams of them and my heart began to cry out
i felt like a little boy who just wanted his mommy.

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