That's life chapter 3:When in doubt say i love you

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That's life chapter 3:When in doubt say i love you

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TL:That's Life

(Karen )

I walked through the hallways of Washington high a thousand times but this
time Craig was here he was so hot and I wanted him to notice me like he did
in the parking lot " you like him or something " I turned around Jeff was
standing there "fuck off loser" I said "what if I said I miss you " he said
"I don't care " I said "me and Sabrina didn't work out ,and that's because
of you" he said "right , im your second choice" I said "and it looks like
im your only choice because you haven't been on a date with a single guy
since we broke up "that is not true" I said even though he was right "let
alone kissed another guy because it's me who you want to kiss" his cocky
ness made me sick I wanted to show him I stomped over to Craig "hi , Karen
right" he said I grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him into a kiss , he
stuck his tongue in my mouth we were making out then I pulled back Jeff
stood there with egg on his face and I loved every single moment of it


That break down in the woods was our little secret never to be talked about
again especially to other people it was early in the morning and Josh was
on my mind "hey babe" Whitney came up to me and kissed me "you look tired ,
have you been up all night " she asked I took my history book out of my
locker "yeah I have a English test " I said lying right through my teeth
"well good luck , with that " the bell rung we walked to history class and
took our seats , I guess josh isn't coming I thought about ten minutes in
the teachers lecture Josh came into the class room his hair was pulled back
like in a short ponytail and a five oclock shadow all the girls were
looking at him he did look hot with facial hair as he walked by and put his
hand on my shoulder no one saw and he took his seat "Mr Barrett you graced
us with your presence" the teacher said "I was just " "you were just doing
some random stupid teenage thing and clearly education isnt important" "hey
leave him alone " I said now standing up "brandon what are you doing "
whitney said trying to pull me down "you got something to say lawson" "yeah
your being a asshole he was late so what you never been late to anything "
"thats non of your business" "hypocrite , thats what you are " "and your in
detention , the both of you " he said then turned around I sat down "why
the hell did you do that for " josh asked "will you two shut up before you
get into more trouble"Whitney said


detention for a week " thanks buddy" I said looking at Brandon "how was
your weekend" he asked " rough but okay " I said laying my head down , the
room was dim and kind of cold and I felt like a prisoner ,there was no
teacher just the two of us Brandon moved his desk closer to mine "you didnt
have to stand up for me " I said "I wanted to he yelled at you not knowing
all the stuff your going through I just wanted him to stop " he said
"thanks I guess that was really cool of you ,although it landed us here " I
said our legs touched I bumped it he laughed then bumped my leg back "you
know you look kind of sexy with the rugged look" Brandon said "stop , have
you forgot about Whit" I reminded him "what? I cant think my friend is sexy
" he said with a grin on his face " you are all sorts of trouble you know
that Lawson" I said he leaned in and I leaned in and we kiss , as soon as
we parted our lips the door swung open ,it was the principle Walters "look
you two I am willing to let you go just one day only if you stay out of
trouble , Josh as to my understanding you are going through a lot with your
mothers death so I will excuse your behavior just this one time , and you
Mr Lawson we need you for the lacrosse season ,if you do anything else we
will have to take you off the team" the principle told us we can leave .


Something is going on with Brandon and I don't know what it is , he's not
himself , but I have to admit I'm not myself either I've been hiding a
secret a big one and no one can know especially Brandon or Karen , I've had
guilt ever since that day and I hated that I was keeping this from them
. school was over and Brandon was in the parking lot waiting for me I got
into his car "I wanted to say I think it was sweet how you stood up for
josh , you're a really good friend" he smiled "thank you" he said . Josh
walked by "hey dude you want a lift " Brandon asked he looked at us "no I
can manage "oh come on josh get in stop being a drama king" I said he
looked at the bus stop then got in the back


on the way home was very uncomfortable for me Whitney rubbing up and down
Brandon's thighs while he was driving he wrapping his hand around her
shoulders her laying her head on his shoulder and me in the back sticking
out like a sore thumb , I could see Brandon look back at me but I pretended
to ignore them both , we drove to Whitney's house first she got out kissing
him then said bye to me she went in the house "you can come up now" he said
" I rather stay back here " I said "you are not serious , she is my
girlfriend there's no need to get mad" "im not mad I like back seats " I
said "yeah so do I " he said staring at me "that's nice"I said
sarcastically "please " he said I shook my head is a humorous way then
jumped in the front seat he drove off putting his arm around my shoulders
as he drove we missed the exit to my house "where are we going " I asked
"my place" he said , we drove and got to his neighborhood he drove the car
into the garage then we got out and went in he closed the door then grabbed
me he kissed me putting his hands under my shirt rubbing my chest and
stomach we both was getting hard "we should go"I said not knowing if anyone
was home "no, relax we are alone" he guided me to his bedroom and pushed me
on the bed he untied my sneakers and took them off he started to massage my
feet "that feels really nice" I said he moved up my leg an to my thighs to
my zipper he pulled the zipper down and took my cock out he started jerking
me "that's what you like buddy isn't it " he said I felt great having
Brandon jerking me off "how's that " he asked "that is great" I replied
back he then put his mouth around my cock and began to suck me off I ran my
fingers through his hair the way he was sucking I kept lifting my body up I
felt one with Brandon , "I'm gonna blow " I said he picked up the pace
faster "Bran,,,stop" I said he didn't listen I came in his mouth cum slid
out the side of his mouth he released my cock and kissed me I could taste
my hot salty cum on his tongue .


we cleaned up and I put on Disturbia , I love that movie (lol) and we
watched I guess Josh was beat because he feel asleep next to me while the
movie was going on , I guess that's what a good blow job will do to you I
nudged him "hey josh wake up" I said he tossed over putting his hand on my
chest snuggling up against me "I love you " he said I stared at him as he
slept, he almost a smile on his face "oh my god , he loves me " I felt very
uncomfortable I didn't want it to get that far I like josh a lot but love ,
I love Whitney at least I think I do , me and josh are buddies we fooled
around with each other but maybe he thought we were in a relationship or
something I, rolled over josh hands slid of my chest to his side and I laid
there thinking "this has to stop" ...

--------- (Josh)

Brandon had been acting weird avoiding me since Friday he hasn't even
looked at me today , he has just been hanging around Whitney a lot but
she's his girlfriend I guess , school was a drag and I couldn't wait to go
to lunch , that was the only period I like I walked pass the main hall
where at least three couples wee hugged up kissing , and into the lunch
room ,Karen was sitting with that Craig guy and Brandon and Whitney were
laughing at something I walked over to them "what's so funny" I said
curiously "we were talking about that youtube clip were that fat girl fell
off the table " she said laughing " I hadn't seen that one " I said smiling
"that's because you live like a cave person josh , some of us actually do
stuff instead of sitting around crying all the time" Brandon said , the
tone in his voice seemed almost angry at me , "rude much " Whitney said
"babe lets get out of here I'm feeling frisky" he actually said frisky
while kissing her neck "okay alright , how about your car" she said smiling
"sound great" he said he stood up and walked away from me , Whitney
followed tussling my hair "bye josh " I sat there an analyzed what had
happened , from when I at his house on Friday to Midday Monday ,

I went to math then gym and school was over I had to find Brandon and that
I did "Hey what is your problem" I walked up to Brandon he was with his
friends "the fag wants to talk to you " Lloyd said they all laughed
including Brandon "Brandon , wow a complete 180" I said hurt he looked down
at the floor I laughed "fuck you , all of you" I turned one of them pushed
me I feel on the floor all my books feel everywhere, they walked away I
felt humiliated "here let me help you " I heard someone say I looked up it
was Vince Kelso a Senior , he was on the lacrosse team with Brandon he
handed me my books Vince had the body of a Greek God he puts a lot of
Hollywood Celebs to shame "thanks " I said "no problem , you know they are
all idiots don't pay them any mind " he said I turned to walk away "I'm
Vince by the way"he said "I know " I blurted out then felt embarrassed
about it "you know , so you been looking me up on facebook, myspace?" he
grinned "that's not what I mean , I just , um " I was stuttering now he
laughed "relax , I was just joking " he said then walked away I leaned
against the locker "I am a complete idiot " I chucked to myself


I had sex with Whitney in my car and boy was is good , but all i kept
thinking about was josh and what i said to him knowing everything he's been
through I deserved to get Fucked up, but I didn't know what other way to
discontinue what was going on . I wanted him to hate me , so he could walk
away and find better , lets face it I'm a coward , Josh is gay , he told me
and I like him but being with josh means not being with Whitney , and
Whitney = Normalcy, I played with fire and now I'm feeling the burn marks
its leaving behind. he said he loved me , I don't want him to love me, I
want him to love someone who can love him back no strings attached , no
double life , so maybe I'm doing this for him , or maybe I'm too afraid to
admit what is really going on with me .

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