That's Life Chapter 2:Lesson Learned

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That's life chapter 2:Lesson Learned

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That's Life part 2 Lesson learned


Class seem to go forever History was not my class at all , the only thing
that kept me alert was Brandon and Whitney sitting in front of me making
out the teacher oblivious to it , I started to get annoyed I raised my hand
"yes Mr Barrett" Mr. Jackson said "can I use the bathroom" I asked he let
me go as I stood up I made eye contact with Brandon then looked away. I
stood in front of the urinal looking at the writing on the wall while I
pissed , Washington high sucks my balls someone wrote I laughed Brandon
looks awesome today I thought he is wearing a snug fitted red shirt that
shows off his muscles I envied Whitney so much I got back to class and the
class was over everyone were leaving I had to pack my books "so are you
going to come see me play" Brandon asked "lacrosse isn't my thing" I said
putting my last book in my bookbag walking past him "you have to be so mean
all the damn time " Brandon said " im not mean , and im sure
Whitney will be there cheering you on Brandon closed the door before I
could walk out of it "so that's what this is about your jealous he had a
smirk on his face "sure im jealous of a girl cheering on her boyfriend " I
said sarcastically "that's exactly what I think " he said "I don't care
what you think I pushed him and opened the door and left he continue to
walk with me "im sorry , you have no reason to be jealous" he extended his
hand , I shook it "wanna grab lunch later or something " he said "okay" I
said back and we parted ways , lunch time came so fast I walked in the
lunch room and scanned the students until I saw Brandon he was kissing
Whitney I was going to turn and leave until he noticed me and waved I
walked over "hey you guys " I said "Brandon sit we have to talk" Whitney
said `what about " I said "about you we need to find you a girlfriend you
are always alone " I smiled "thanks but I'm good " I said "yeah whit mind
your own business im sure Josh has better things to do" I didn't even look
at him Karen sat down next to me and laid her head on my shoulder "cuz are
you okay" I said "why does Jeff torment me" she said we looked over he was
hugged up with a girl "he's an idiot Karen ,we have to find you another
guy" Whitney said "what is it with you and trying to fix people up


my car has been acting up and I been fixing it I was under the car
tightening up a few things and I felt someone kick my leg I rolled from
under the car it was m dad "hay dad what's up" I said " how's the car" he
said "it's okay I got the sound to go away "I said "good , I need to talk
to you" I stood up "what's up pops" I said " I want you to stay clear of
that Barrett boy they are no good " he said "what do you mean josh is cool"
I said "im betting he Is gay like his cousin , I don't want him turning you
or any other boy in this town gay " he said , god bless my father but he
was just ignorant as hell I brushed the conversation off he looked under my
lid of the car "you need a new pipe" dad gave me the money to pick it up
and so I did on my way back I saw Josh walking down the road with his
bookbag in hand I rolled up to him "hey , what are you doing " he looked
angry and he kept walking I followed him with my car "josh are you going to
talk to me" I teased "leave me alone" he said "get in the car Barrett now"
I stopped the car he stopped then looked at me I pointed to the seat he got
in the car "what's wrong" I said "my dad was suppose to pick me up but he
never showed and the bus never came so I decided to walk home "you look
hungry look in the glove compartment box there's a twix if you want it " I
said he opened it and took it "thanks Brandon" "no problem" I said , we got
to his house "I'll see you tomorrow " I said "you can come in if you want ,
you did go out your way ,if you want something to drink " he said "sure
that would be great

we went inside and the lights were out he turned them on and kicked off his
sneakers we went into the kitchen "help yourself" he said I went over to
the fridge and opened it I took a can of coca cola out and opened it and
drunk it "you have a really nice place here a lot fancier them mine" "you
want to trade , I hate this place its like this everyday " "it must get
lonely " I said "tell me about it " I placed my hand on his shoulder "im
sorry man" I said "yeah well ever since my mom died " he stopped then
turned I could tell it was killing him inside I turned him around and
hugged him " it's okay " I aid holding him tight we parted alittle and he
looked at me his eyes were red from the tears I wiped his face then he
kissed me I kissed him back we backed into the table then to the counter
then he pulled away, "you should go" he wanted me to leave so I went to the
front door and twisted the door knob to leave I opened it halfway he ran
behind me and closed the door I could feel his breath on my neck" I thought
you wanted me to go " I said he gently took my hand I turned around we
looked into each others eyes "I don't know what I want " he said I leaned
in to kiss him and he let me I started searching his mouth with my tongue
he was running his fingers through my hair i started to rub up and down his
back but slowly went down to his ass which felt firm and amazing i started
to squeeze his ass he flinched as I did this I wanted josh so bad and I was
going to have him in every way and position I could think of we feel on the
staircase still making out . "I think we should go to my room you never
know if my dad will come home early "cool " I said we went upstairs to his
room i laid on his bed lifting myself up by my elbows looking at him "its
your move now Barrett" I said


I closed the door locking it and slowly walked towards him I got on top of
him and we started kissing again he sat up and i took off his hoodie and
then his shirt I was on top of him and he took off my shirt and started
kissing my chest then sucking on my nipples "that feels weird " i said
"that's because you never felt it before i could feel his dick getting hard
it was moving around hitting my ass I pushed him down then kissed my way
down his chest including sucking his nipples he was moaning i took off his
sneakers then his socks then i moved back up to his button I could feel my
body shake i never had sex before and never sucked another guys cock but I
wanted to do this Ii undid his button and unzipped his pants and slid them
down he was now in his Abercrombie underwear looking at me his dick was
sticking out of the hole of his boxers it has to be around seven and a half
inches "wow you have a huge cock" I said "its not huge its nice though he
slid his boxers off "let me see you now " he said i undid my jeans and took
of my briefs me cock was stiff as well "wow your not so bad your self " he
said looking at me "im seven and a half " I said "yeah me too " he said the
difference would have to be the fat ness of the cock's my cock was a little
fatter then his which could make mines appear bigger but the head of his
cock was so big I dropped to my knees and grabbed his cock then stuck the
head in my mouth "oh my goddddd ,that feels.." he couldn't get the words
out i began to go farther down then back up then back down wetting his pole
"yeah just like that josh " be placed his hands on the back of my head and
began fucking my mouth I could taste his man juice come out my jaw began to
hurt but that was okay I was kind of enjoying sucking his cock he began to
pant i stopped "why did you stop he said i moved back up and kissed him I
want to have sex " I said "are you sure " he said "do you have a condom" I
said "no I don't " he said I got on top of him and took his cock in my hand
and guided to my hole the head was poking my ass I relaxed and it went in
"oh my fuck that hurt" I screamed Brandon went further in he covered my
mouth with his hands so I wouldn't scream again and I started to meet his
thrust I was getting fucked and it hurt like hell he went slowly pumping in
and out of my ass it started to feel good "oh yeah josh you feel so good"
he said he bent down and kissed me he was pumping harder "im gonna cum" he
said he pulled out of me and I jerked his cock for him his dick was burning
hot "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh" was all he could say his cum splatted on my
face like a fire hydrant he took my towel and wiped my face then kissed my
lips "thanks friend" he said , he got dressed and said goodbye then he
left.. I laid in my bed looking at my ceiling I could see the blue
reflection from the pool outside what had I done I slept with Brandon why
would i do that he has a girlfriend Whitney and im nor sure if i know who i
am , but i didn't feel good about my self at all right now , its funny I
wasn't thinking about anyone but myself during sex because it felt good


the next day at school was normal i avoided Brandon we have two classes
together i skipped both of them i don't know if I could face looking at him
and Whitney sitting together or me stirring at him it was best for


I haven't seen josh in a few days I knew it had something to do with what
we did , and then I saw him walk by while I was in science I got up while
the teacher was teaching and I caught up to him "hey , long time no see " I
said he looked at me " I got to go " he said " hey what we did was okay it
was great " "you have a girlfriend I feel really dirty " he said I smile
"maybe I can clean you up" I said he looked at me in disgust and walked


Jeff is with Sabrina morehouse aka morehoe and he is taunting me with her
but im not going to give in to his childish behaviors he was the one that
cheated on me not the other way around . when school was done i crossed the
parking lot to get to my car and then this motorcycle came and knocked me
down he stopped and got off rushing to me "Are you okay" he said he took of
his helmet and there stood the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen , he was
black and had the lightest brown eyes I've ever seen I couldn't look away
"um,um.." was all I could say "oh god i hurt you , let me take you to the
hospital" he said his voice was so calm and reassuring "no need im good ,
do you go here" "yeah today was my first day imagine that " he said we were
now stirring at each other "well i should go , I guess I'll see you
tomorrow" i said " I'll hold you to it " he went back to his motor-cycle
and sped off.


I got home and dad was there "hi son" he said as I came in kicking my
sneakers off in the doorway "what are you doing here " I asked , hoping he
came home to spend sometime with his son "I came to get a file I left he
said getting up from the table "dad do you think we can do something later
" I said ":like what" he said " I don't know throw a ball around , go see a
game or something " I said " im sorry son im swamped this whole week and
next week " he said "your always swamped " I said my voice implied anger
"look I don't have time for your tantrum's Joshua , your birthday is coming
up we can do something then " he said "you know what screw you" I said
"don't you ever talk to me like that , you know what your grounded" he said
I laughed "your never home , you honestly think you can ground me " I went
upstairs and slammed my door and buried my face in my pillow I just
screamed until I felt numb I could feel tears gush out my eyes I hate him
so much I thought. I got up and wrecked my room then looked in the mirror I
was red my eyes were blood shot what have I become I thought , this is not

(The Next day)


Me and Whitney spent the day together , but Josh was on my mind , Im no
going to say I don't know why its pretty obvious we have this attraction
towards each other , "what are you thinking about " Whitney said as she
picked up a pair of expensive shoes "I'm not thinking about anything " I
looked out the window o the boutique and saw josh going into Katlyn's Café️
"hey im going to get a cup of coffee do you want anything " I said "no, I
don't have time to eat I rather spend my time here , as a matter of fact ,
you can keep on going my dad is going to the city in a hour and I'm going
to go with him" she said we kissed and I made my way to Josh

(This was my favorite spots to go to the café️ was light dimly and low
serene music played while people were reading books and drinking or eating
some were on there laptops , this place is definitely a comfort place for
me , I went to the back for a good fiction book and ordered a muffin and a
juice I paid for it and sat down in the back in a secluded area I began to
read "what's the book about " I looked up and Brandon was standing there
with a smile on his face "its about a cheating loser who needs to mind his
own business" I said he laughed "does it say anything about the person the
cheater cheated with " I slammed the book shut and looked at him "What are
you getting at Lawson" I said "nothing , it just sounds like a intriguing
book" he sat down and placed his hand on my thigh and we were staring at
each other "you have a girlfriend " I said "I know what I have and I know
what I want " Brandon said I pushed his hand off of my thigh "and I know
who I am and what I did was wrong on so many levels , and for you to just
sit here and have no guilty conscience about what your doing to Whitney
really shows me what kind of person you are" I was angry "yeah, and what
kind of person is that " "a piece of shit, Brandon , I figured that out
when you punched me " I said "oh here we go again " Brandon said "yeah here
we go again , you know what go to hell" isaid "I'll meet you there first
baby" he said I stood up and stormed away from him to the front of the
café️ and out the door


I had gotten home , Danny was sitting at the table coloring mom was cooking
dinner she turned "what's wrong honey" she said "what? Nothings wrong why
would you say such a thing " "im Moira Barrett I know all sit and spill"
she said I did as I was told "I meet someone but I cant figure him out ,and
he has my number " I said "oh he's one of those guys , the cocky type " she
said "no not at all he's great , it's just I haven't felt this way about
anyone since Jeff and I still haven't completely gotten over him " I said
"you have to listen to your hurt , Matt did it with Nathan " she said "yeah
look how that turned out " I said "if you think those two wont find there
way back to each other , you clearly haven't been around for the past two
years " she said she kissed me on the forehead and I kissed Danny on his
"eww that's nasty " he said I laughed .the phone rung mom got it "matt hey"
she said "she's right here " I heard mom say "Karen matt wants to speak to
you" she said I went over and took the phone "what's up big bro" I said " I
need you to do me a favor " he said "sure what? " "get out , go hang out
with your friends forget about Jeff" he said "who told you " I said "josh ,
he is worried about you so he called me " he said "josh needs to shut his
mouth " I said "anyway ,when are you coming to see the new place" he said
"soon ,I can see the place I will be staying when I decide to move to the
city" I said " haha you think your going to be living with me , your funny
" he laughed "you cant deny family" I said ..


Josh is a complicated creature I cant get him one minute he is sticking his
tongue down my throat the next he is hating me maybe it's his guilt that
has gotten the best of him , and I guess he had a point why do I fell bad
aout cheating on Whitney , I have to admit josh isn't the first boy I had
developed something for but he is the first boy I kissed and had sex with ,
I think I should be honest with Whitney about what Is, going on


me ,Whitney and Ashley went to joe's for burgers my cousin Josh walked
through the door "your cousin is hott " Ashley said shaking her hands as if
they were on fire "and he is a good kisser to " Whitney said josh spotted
me I waved to him telling him to come over he did "hi , what are you guys
doing tonight , " "nothing much" Ashley said she grabbed his hand and
practically pulled in the booth next to her we laughed "so Josh Barrett ,
you have a girlfriend" she said "no, im single" he said "good to know" ,
the food came and Josh took some of our fries but Ashley stirring was
relentless " hey , lets take a walk she said "um, okay" josh said , poor
naive Josh he was about to be stripped by the Queen b


we left out of josh and I thought we were going for a walk she pushed me on
the side joe's and kissed me , I kissed her back she was touching my dick
and I felt myself getting hard not because she was hott which she was but
because I was imagining Brandon kissing me "nice I see it didn't take long
before you to get a woody" she said she unzipped my pants and started
fondling my cock I pulled away "im sorry I cant " I said I put my cock back
in my pants and zipped up she grabbed my hand and we walked back to the
front of joe's she kissed me again "well I liked what I saw josh so when
ever you are ready let me know she went back inside and Brandon was
standing there looking at me I felt dirty I walked passed him he grabbed me
by the arm "so you want her , and not me " he said he looked hurt "take me
home " I said we walked to his car and got in he drove out the parking lot
we drove until I told him to stop at a rest stop and he did he turned the
car off I grabbed him and kissed him he kissed me back "im confused about
you josh: he said "I know im confused about you too. when she was kissing
me I kept thinking about you " I said "glad to here that we rested our
heads together "What is going to happen" I said " I don't know but I like
being with you" he said putting his hands on my thigh he only wanted sex
from me "this isn't going to work" I said


"you know what josh you are confusing as hell , what is wrong with you" I
screamed at him he put his head down "fuck you Brandon" he said and opened
the car door "what are you doing we are in the middle of nowhere " I said ,
he walked through the tree's and was gone , josh was officially crazy a
lost cause If you ask me , I got out and went in the same direction as him
"joshhhh!' I screamed out for him it was getting dark I saw him sitting on
a log just stirring out into a sea of tree's I sat down beside him not
knowing what to say he might flip out or something "hey josh im sorry for
screaming at you" I said he looked at me "I wish I was dead" he said I was
taken aback by what he said "don't say that " I said "I am a fucking queer
a homo, my fucking mother is dead and my stupid ass father and brother
wants nothing to do with me" he had tears in his eyes I moved closer and
tried to touch him but he moved over "everything I touched turns into dirt
, I slept with you and I knew you have a girlfriend , who does that " he
said "it was good" I said " it was nothing good about it , you cheated on
your girlfriend , im scum " he continued "you know my mothers death is all
my fault: he said I started to get scared did he kill her or something "we
were riding home it was raining I turned the music on mom didnt like that
she told me she needed to concentrate then turned it off I turned it back
on she yelled at me , not watching the road a car slammed into us and the
next thing I remember was hearing that she was dead", his sorrow put
daggers in my heart I wanted to take away his ache and his pain but
couldn't " it was an accident, josh" I grabbed him now holding him he was
crying he cried into my neck I held him tight we were on the ground in the
woods "it's not your fault , its not your fault" I kept saying stroking his
hair he wrapped
his arms around me

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