Before and After Episode 26

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Before and After Episode 26

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Before and After
“Cuts and Bruises”
Written by”: Tony

I wondered what was taking Steven so long I went downstairs to the kitchen , I looked around Steven wasn’t anywhere to be Found

“Steven!” I yelled out Janie came down stairs

“why are you screaming”

“Steven said he was coming down to get a few snacks and sodas but never came back up”

Janie walked over to the door it was slightly opened she opened the door and bent down she picked up a picture of Lance and Janie

“oh my god he has my brother, Justin!” She ran back upstairs what the hell was going on , I picked up the picture it was the man , Steven and I met . None of this was making any since

Janie came back down stairs with Justin

“we have to call the police Oliver” she picked up the phone and dialed 911


“your going to be the ticket for me to get my kid back”

“you think kidnapping a guy at gun point will make that happen Lance” he held the gun to my head

“ I don’t know maybe” he drove I put my hand on his , he looked into my eyes

“please” he snatched his hands away

“shut the fuck up faggot!” I shut up and looked out the window

We drove to a motel I got out and followed him , we went inside his room I sat down

“listen I’m sorry about calling you a faggot” I looked away from him clearly angry
I didn’t say anything

“are you hungry”

“what kind of kidnapper are, I mean do you seriously want to take care of me “ he laughed

“your just like your sister, you always have to get the last word”

“ if you love her so much why did you hit her”

“ its all I ever knew , Steven . I didn’t mean too , and then I hit Justin she went crazy and I hit her again . That night she left me “

I kind of felt bad for him, not the part about hitting my family . The part about that’s all he knew

I patted his back . Was I really bonding with my kidnapper

“maybe we can all work something out” he shook his head no

“I want my kid”

“he isn’t your son” he looked up and glared at me

:what did you just say”

“nothing” he wrapped his hands around my neck chocking me

“what the fuck did you just say” Fuck , Fuck i blacked out

I woke up to him with his head in his hand and the gun in it I heard my cell he lifted his head and took my phone off the nightstand he put it back down I moved a little

“I’m sorry” this guy was a bag full of nuts he was sweet one minute and crazy the next . His eyes were red I sat up

“you wont get away with this “

“I will” he sat on the bed with me he moved closer touching my neck softly

“ I left a mark” I gulped I tried to get up but he snatched my arm

“I haven’t fucked in weeks” why was he saying that . Why did he say that to me

“well I’m sure you can find a hooker in this part of town” he laughed

His grip loosened and he moved closer

“ I never been with a guy before, I mean I heard guys give better head then women and I also heard guys are tighter then pussy and you look so much like Janie” I pulled my arm completely away from Lance

“look , I don’t know what your implying” he looked at me with lust . This was not happening to me , he was not going to do this


There was a knock on the door I opened it two officers were right there I let them in

“officers this man took my brother his name is Lance Harris”

“why would he want to take your brother “

“because he is after me , he hit my son and I left him, he somehow found us, and this picture of him was left behind”

“that doesn’t mean anything ”

“turn the picture around” they did so

“Gotcha” was all it read


I went downstairs to pour something to drink

“no one tried to break into your house you think your so slick” I closed the Refrigerator and Farah was standing there I Rolled my eyes in annoyance

“I know the game your playing , I guess it takes a bitch to know a bitch” I added

“touché, I want Spencer and I will get him back”

“really , I wonder how he would react if he found out you slept with Billy Walters, Spence best friend from home , and Thomas Daws , oh Jack Caplin and lets not forget Emily , Spences cousin , or did you forget about your little lesbian experimentation” she looked pale as a ghost

“he wont believe you”

“really , earth to Farah, how do you think I found all this out . Seems like you weren’t very liked in Newport News Virginia, all he has to do is call his old pals to confirm it. Hey I cant fault you for whoring up the place, I mean I have a few skeletons but come on sweetheart you got to come harder”

“you remember when your kissing him he was licking…”

“hey that’s enough” I heard Spencer I looked behind her Spencer was standing there

“you need to pack your shit and leave Farah, Mark is my boyfriend and your making our relationship uncomfortable”

“but Spence bear”

“no Spence bear , we are over, we‘ve been over for a long time , I‘m in a gay relationship deal with it. I expect you out by tomorrow morning” she stormed upstairs

“what a way to put your foot down”

“anything for my baby” Spencer pulled me into a kiss we were making out for so long we didn’t even hear the door

“what the hell!!” we separated and saw Spencer’s mom wide eyed , horrified at best and a bag of groceries on the floor also Farah behind her smiling


“okay , um how long have you been gay, I mean I saw the signs…you were always fascinated by the pink power ranger” I wanted to laugh so bad but it wasn’t the time or place she looked bewildered he went over and helped her to the t able she sat down he sat down with her

“I should go” I added

“no you sit now” she commanded I did so

“mom I’m not gay in the since that I am only attracted to boys I like girls too but I love Mark , I’m Bi-sexual mom” she was now in thought

“so you like both you had girlfriends and now you have switched teams , I think I understand”

“are you mad?”

“no you’re my baby! I’m shocked and surprised as any mother or father would be, seeing there child kissing someone of the same gender but I’m not mad” I looked over at Farah her smile turned into a frown she was so sure something was going to go down

“so all this time you been his boyfriend”

“well yes , but in the beginning he was a really great friend to me , your son is the greatest guy I’ve ever met , and its all because of you , I really am happy you guys moved to new jersey”

Spencer reached over and grabbed my hand

“well, I can see how happy you two are , so that is enough for me , but please be careful the both of you , this is a very Cruel world we live in” we both nodded


“We have a trace , seems our Guy used an Alias when signing into the Motor inn down on Richmond Grove he paid cash but he used the Atm to get the Cash , lets check it out”

the officer said, she told the dispatch to bring backup and they left . Steven parents came in worried

“what’s happened, why was the police here?” Steven’s mom asked looking around

“he took Steven mom”

Where is our son” his dad spoke with alarm in his voice

“Mom Justin is upstairs, please look after him , lets go Oliver” I put on my Jacket and we ran out the door I drove as fast as I could to Richmond Avenue trying to stay in the speeding limit

“please let my little brother be okay , Lance is Nuts, he will do anything to him and I mean anything” I gulped at that

“how did you meet him” I asked

“ he was nice Oliver , we met at the community college he was the sweetest and I was pregnant , he didn’t know that , we got to know each other and then we had sex , I still didn’t tell him and I was so early in the pregnancy , so I thought why not make him the father , that was a big mistake.”

“what about my brother?, didn’t you think he deserved to be a dad?” she nodded

“yeah , but we were fresh out of high school Oliver he had dreams he wanted to be a lawyer and I didn’t want to hinder him from pursuing his dreams that would be awful of me . I wanted him to have everything he ever dreamed of. He wouldn’t have gotten this far if he knew I was carrying his kid, your parents would have disowned him , he wouldn’t have went to UCLA . So I‘m happy I did what I did, for him”

We finally got there and there were no doubt cops all over the place I parked the car and Janie and I ran over

“why are you both here” the officer who came to our house asked

“someone we love is in danger” I answered two cops went over to the room and bust the door in they ran inside , we heard shots it sound like a gun battle in that room , every fiber of me was shaking to it’s core as I did not know if Steven was caught in the gun battle . Then everything stopped . I couldn’t just stand there and wait , I ran past the police

“kid stop!!” I heard I kept running until I ran in the room both officers were shot and Janie ex boyfriend Lance was on the floor as well I walked on the side of the bed and Steven was there on the floor his jeans looked ripped I began to cry as I feared he was dead

I bent down his body was shaking , he looked up at me and leaped into my arms and hugged me tight I held him rocking him back and forth

“it’s okay , I got you , it’s okay Steven” he began to cry in my neck I coddled my boyfriend

4 more Chapters to go!

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