Before and After Episode 15

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Before and After Episode 15

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Before and After :sizzling Summer
Secrets reveal everything pt 2
Written by Tony
Last time of before and after the gang decided to take a hiking trip and what started off as a new experience turned out to be something more. Oliver and I Got separated from the group and well things started to heat up when we had to share a tent together. And Something seemed suspicious with Tyler and Mark and it all was about to explode wide open.

IT was July 4th and we wanted to celebrate Independence day with a barbeque At this point my suspicious about Mark and Tyler were laid to rest , I didn’t see anything out of the Ordinary so I just let it go, they barely even spoke to each other . I filled the cooler with ice and Oliver came over and helped me put the drinks in as well

“where’s Adam”

I asked

“he went to the supermarket with mark, tyler and George to get some stakes and other stuff” I nodded

“so how are things with you and Tyler “ he asked

“okay I guess , nothing to exciting” I started to walk away Oliver grabbed my arm and pulled me into him I backed away And saw Tyler mark and Adam looking at us with bags in there hands Tyler looked angry mark had a amused look on his face at that moment Josh saved the day he and Amanda came into the backyard with a guy and girl we had never seen before

“guys this Is Kelly “ Josh had his arm around her shoulder she was a pretty brunette, she waved to us

“this is Greg” Amanda added he nodded his head

They both looked at all of us

“what’s going on” josh asked

“nothing , lets get the grill going” I was about to walk away but Tyler came over

“we need to talk”

We went inside

“Why were you hugging him?”

“Because he is a friend you act like we were fucking”

“Steven , don’t say that”

“Why not , and while we are on the subject of getting to close”

I went over to the computer and went on marks face book page and went to the picture , he froze

“you had time to take pictures with mark at some party but not visit your boyfriend who had just came home from the hospital”

“Mark came around he was nice we became friends”

“funny how you two barely say a word to each other when im around”

“I’m not cheating”

“I never said you were Tyler, I just want you to be honest with me”

“I love you Steven, and if you don’t feel the same way about me then” I shut him up with a kiss

“Tyler I don’t want you to be perfect , I just want you to talk to me” he held my hand

“I get that , I promise” he started kissing my neck his hands ran all over my body we went up to our room and had sex. Then cleaned up and joined the others for the barbeque


Over the course of the next few weeks we all went to the movies , shopping , went out to eat , and became a really close knit group of friends , Kelly and Greg became part of our circle things were starting to become Normal at least I thought, IT was the 2nd week of august and School would be coming in another three weeks

“lets watch a movie” Megan said she turned the plasma on and put in a dvd

“what movie is that” I asked

“some movie I found in marks room”

Mark ran into the living room

“what? , where?” he asked

“it was hidden I figured it must be good” Megan Smirked

“no, don’t press play”

She pressed play

I saw Tyler , then Mark came into view they were talking in Marks room then Mark kissed him I was shocked, Tyler pushed him,

“you said Steven wanted Oliver , so why don’t you have some fun” mark went back over to Tyler and Tyler kissed him , I watched as they peeled there clothes off and had sex . Megan put her hand on my shoulder

“ I’m so sorry Steven” mark looking defeated I looked at him in disbelief Adam had his hands covering his mouth he looked as shocked as I was

“How could you?”

“it just happened , we were drinking and it happened”

Josh ,Tyler , Oliver, Amanda and Ben came In I rushed over to mark and punched him in his face , he flew back I jumped on top of him and began punching him again I was so mad Josh and Oliver rushed over to me and grabbed me off of him Tyler took my hand I snatched it away and pushed him

“what the hell Steven!”

“Megan play it again let the whole world see what kind of boyfriend I have”

“Steven! No lets just calm down” she protested

“ I said play it! now”

She pressed play and it started over

“mark what did you do?” Tyler looked angry mark stood up they watched as Tyler and mark fucked

“while I sat at home wondering why you weren’t coming around you were fucking him”

I turned to leave

“oh like you haven’t cheated on me “ Tyler shouted

I turned around


“ mentally its been Oliver ,I had to compete with him , our conversation always starts and ends with him ,and then I see you hugging and touching him all the time”

“no don’t you dare blame this on me you piece of shit it’s you”

“me , its you , you think the world owes you something Steven , that’s why no one sticks around, Look Steven I’m sorry lets just talk and..“

“talk you want to talk , lets talk you all are worthless human beings“, I was having a serious melt down right now

"Steven come on calm down" josh said

"no lets start with you josh, you were suppose to be my best friend but disowned me because of who i am , you belittled me , pushed into me, insulted me all because it was convenient for you . i felt lower then dirt how can you treat your best friend the way you treated me? , i will never understand"

"you forgave me"

"yeah but i still don’t understand how hurtful and cold you could be towards me , we spent most of our lives together"

"Steven why don’t you lay off" Amanda stated

"Amanda lets get to you , the bitch who stole my boyfriend , you knew exactly what you were doing , you knew Oliver and i were a couple but you went after him because you played on his fears you knew he wouldn’t out himself so what a great opportunity for a conniving whore to jump right in. I'm surprised you don’t stop looking in the mirror because if i were you i would be ashamed of what i saw" she put her head down , “Oliver , sweet innocent Oliver , tells me he loves me one day , fucking a whore the next . and then you have the nerve to get jealous when i have someone in my life , if you hadn’t cheated you would have still been my boyfriend . i really hope her pussy was worth all of this. this all of this is because of you. why did you have to break me" i began to tear up so did Oliver he came close i stepped back

Mark turned to leave

"no you don’t mark, you acted as if you liked me , but you didn’t you just wanted some ass, you got it and i was history Adam know a little about how you operate . use then dump right Adam , but that’s not all you do Mark, you clearly are worst then Amanda . i bet you played on the fact that i called Oliver Olli , i was out of it , but you used that to sleep with my boyfriend i always tried to give you the benefit of the doubt mark but its like you are really out to hurt me . your a despicable Person you know that I hate you literally hate your being. I’m ashamed to call you a human being your a monster that’s what you are .

i turned to walk out

"what about me" i heard Tyler I turned around and looked at him in disgust

“that night when Oliver and I got lost , lets just say we had a good time Tyler. Even with his clothes on Oliver is better then you”

“well the following morning after you and Oliver got busy Mark and I had sex , that’s when you called out for someone to find you guys , I hurried to the house and you found Mark by himself , just know Steven he wasn’t alone.

I nodded in defeat With that I walked out the room he didn’t exist anymore to me
I went upstairs and began packing my bags Oliver came in

“you alright”

Yeah I want to be alone”

“Steven , let me be here for you , I deserve everything you said but let me be there”

Oliver! Leave me alone I said just leave me the fuck alone , go screw Adams Brains outor something” Oliver put his head down and left out

Josh came in he looked at my bags

“Steven, come on “

“I’m leaving “ he left out and came back with his bags

“ I know , I’m leaving with you, the car is filled with Gas , lets go on a road trip” he came over to me and hugged me , I held on tight

“josh I‘m sorry for calling you out like that I just..”

“hey you were right , Steven I love you and I know I screwed up but I am thankful to have you in my life again. Call me out all you want I deserve it”

“maybe I deserve everything that happens to me , maybe Tyler was right”

“no Tyler is a bitch, and I seriously was going to kick his ass but he isn’t worth, your amazing and if I were gay you would be the guy that I would want to be with”

I smiled at that he kissed me on my forehead

“you’re the only dude I will ever kiss” we laughed

“thanks Joshie”

“your welcome stevie”

We went downstairs with our bags . Tyler was standing there he looked at my bags then at me I looked away from him

“your leaving” Oliver asked

“yeah , I cant be here anymore , I guess I’ll see you guys in September” megan came up to me and we hugged

“Steven I’m sorry really” Amanda began to cry I hugged her

“don’t be”

With that I left out that Cabin with Josh by my side

“where do you want to go” he asked

“Home, I just want to go home”

He chuckled

“Home it is”

As Josh is driving ,I had to think Tyler was somewhat right . I did love him but I wasn’t in love with him. He cheated but it didn’t feel the same way as when Oliver did it . I was angry and hurt but now I’m okay I guess it wasn’t really love to began with . I guess Things will be different once school start .

Until then I guess I’ll see you around


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