Before and After Episode 25

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Before and After Episode 25

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Before and After ch 25
"Danger Among us"
Written by Tony

I rolled over and felt Oliver push his ass against my hard on I opened my eyes he was rubbing himself allover me , I placed my hand on his hip. The best thing In life really is waking up next to the one you love .the feeling is so indescribable

“are you up” he asked quietly

“yeah, I felt the friction you was causing babe”

“I was thinking how about I try bottoming it’s only Fare”


“yeah, I want to feel what it is like”

He slid his boxers down exposing his smooth ass I ran my fingers up and down the side of his muscular body

I rolled over and grabbed some lube and lubbed up my cock I then got closer he spread his cheeks I moved in I felt the head against his hole I pushed in

“fuck, that hurts”

“I’m sorry , do you want me to stop?” I asked

“no keep going I can take it” I pushed further and further the tightness around my cock felt so damn good I began to go in and out of him he leaned back wrapping his arm around my neck pulling me into a kiss . I never knew being a top felt this good.

“Steven , it hurts” Oliver panted I pushed further into his tight hole this was a first for us me being the top and he being the bottom

I ran my hands up and down his newly shaved legs they were so smooth

I began to hump in and out of his hole , the expression on his face was Priceless , I saw pleasure and pain

“fuck , its all yours” he said in a sexual tone ,my legs were shaking a little as I was boning him.

“im cumming fuck Olli” I came inside of him

I collapsed on top of him , I looked at my jock boyfriends face , he was so beautiful to me , his brown hair was sticking to his forehead I pushed it back he nuzzled his face in my neck kissing and sucking on it

“we have to do that very often “ I nodded In agreement

“and maybe next time I will last longer”

A few seconds later we heard a knock on the door

“boys get up time for school” it was my dad we both snickered


Mark and I were kissing and then we stripped off our clothes and did naughty things to each other that’s when I felt movement on top of me , my cock was hard a rock and the pressure was making me reach a point I opened my eyes and Farah was on top of me straddling me

“get the hell off”

“but you like it , I can tell your dick is begging to get inside me”

“no its not , the pressure is making my dick hard combined with dreams about mark , so its not really you” she laughed then lift her body up a little then she lowered herself I felt my head go in her I pushed her off as quickly as I could she wasn’t wearing any thing under her long shirt or should I say my shirt

“you don’t love me anymore baby”

“Farah , what we had is gone , I love my boyfriend”

“you know what just happened felt good so don’t kid yourself

I tried to stand up but she grabbed me I landed on top of her my hard dick pushed up against her area she smiled then moved a little underneath me I shuttered

“you know you want to, just do it, it will be our little secret, Mark wont find out I need you inside me Spencer” I began to breath hard then I stood up and got off of her and opened my door

“get the hell out now!” she looked at me for a second then stood up and left out , now I had to tell Mark about this, all of this”


@ school

“Halloween is in a few weeks what do you guys want to go as” Ben asked me and Oliver

“we are Sixteen , who Trick or treats anymore” I asked

“ no , I mean to a party, maybe one of you guys can do it” he asked looking between us

“no Ben , my parents hate Halloween , so my house is out of the question and Oliver lives in my house so that’s a double no, how about Marks”

Mark walked up to us

“mark can we have the Halloween party at your house”

“why are you guys talking about Halloween it is for babies and weirdo’s”

“we just wanted to secure a place, come on mark a Halloween party is just what this school needs . You will be legend for throwing the best party”

“Legend? , well since you put it that way sure I guess a party sounds nice” ben smiled

“I’ll tell Megan” he walked away

“so what are we going to be for Halloween, the village people” Oliver asked laughing I laughed and mark rolled his eyes

“yeah , aint gonna happen” mark said walking away

“I was thinking about being batman” I added

“interesting , and maybe I can be Mr. Fantastic” he put his hands on my waist pulling me into him his lips met mine

“yeah , I would love to see you in a tight jumper suit”

“I bet you would Steve” we kissed again

Josh came over we parted

“hey guys” there was something in his voice . That sounded like hurt, I knew josh long enough to know when something was wrong

“Olli I have to talk to josh alone”

“alright , I’ll see you guys at lunch” he patted josh on his back and walked off

“what’s wrong J”

“what? , nothing I’m fine, why do you think something is wrong”

“Josh how long have I known you” he leaned against my locker and sighed

“since practically the sand box”

“right , so that means we know things about each other that other people don’t like that tone in your voice . You sound like you just lost you puppy”

“Amanda broke up with me”

“what!, why?”

“she said something about not wanting to be tied down, that’s code for she wanted to screw around with some other guy so she ended things so she didn’t look like a slut”

“I’m sorry” I hugged him , he hugged me back

“it’s okay , I still have my friends and there will be other girl” I nodded in agreement Sam walked by , Sam is on almost every team at this school

“hey josh” Sam smiled at him and kept walking josh looked away with red cheeks, what the hell was that about

“What was that about?“ I asked he looked at the floor then at me


“Josh , don’t be coy with me , I am your best friend, have you thought about crossing over to my team?” I looked at him sqinting my eyes he laughed nervously

“no! but you’re a really good spokes person to persuade me” he answered sarcastically we both laughed

“I’m just saying , maybe things aren’t working out with these females for a reason”

“Steven I think I would know if I was gay”

“Josh it’s me here, honestly can you say you never got a boner from another guy before”

“there was you, but that was” I stopped him when he said that , why did he bring that up

“I thought we would never speak of that again”

“I know its just”

“weird !. I totally forgot about that and I thought you have”

“Steven . Your body was up against mine I got excited”

“okay besides me” I did not want to talk about this

“no, girls do it for me, well there was Sam.” Sam; I knew there was something I saw , the way Sam smiled at josh and josh looked away with red apple cheeks he was embarrassed by something or flustered , I wondered why that was

“When we wrestled he had his ass against my dick and it began to get hard . Sam noticed and got wide eyed but he never said anything, which I thought was cool , he could of accused me of being gay but he didn’t he acted normally around me”

“are you attracted to him”

“I don’t know . I mean the shoulder length blond hair doesn’t help much it kind of makes him look cute, and his blue eyes. I guess I did think he was hot , I cant believe I said that “ I laughed

“relax , it doesn’t mean anything . Some guys can think other guys are hot but don’t do anything about it “

“do you think I’m gay?” he asked , looking at him , he looked like a innocent little boy looking for answers

“Truthfully , no I don’t think your gay , you could be confused or curios . But from what I can tell you are more attracted to girls I think you know what you want .

“Curious ? , I had sex with plenty girls to know I’m straight , but I never thought about being curious before, I mean I thought about what it would be like to kiss another guy but I don’t know why I guess I kiss girls and always thought what it would be like like an experiment or something”

“some people call that Bi curious , your predominate attraction is for women , but sometimes once in a blue moon you can think about guys, you know if you are maybe you should talk to Spencer . Considering he is bisexual”

“I don’t know , talking to you is one thing because you’re my best friend but Spencer is a friend through you . I’m not sure If I want to confide in him.

“well what if I ask him for you . Like the questions are coming from me”

“that’s okay I guess . I mean I am not going to do anything with a boy I just want to know some stuff you know”

“ I know. Now that your back on the market I think you should know something”

“What , that your madly in love with me and want me so bad”

“you wish”

“damn it your right” he said sarcastically I punched him on his arm

“hardy har har , but Lauren is a free agent. Rumors has it she misses you”

“sucks to be her then , I’m done pinning over her “

“really ? I would have thought you would jump for joy then run to find her”

“the old josh would the new one will fine a new lady friend.”

Right , come let me show you something” he followed me into the bathroom no one was in there I locked the door and moved closer

“josh this is experimental so don’t go falling for me because my heart belongs to Oliver”

“what are you talking about” I moved closer and kissed him he tensed up then relaxed I felt his tongue go in my mouth we kissed aggressively then I pulled back

“how what that” I asked

“fucking good, damn Steven”

“you’re my best friend and I wanted me to be the boy you kissed because I know there would be no regrets and it would be between us no matter what. Except I have to tell oliver about this. Because I don’t like keeping things from him”

“wont he be mad?”

“I don’t know , probably not because its you.”

“Steven thanks I mean , your awesome and I love you” I looked at him cautiously

“no idiot not like that , you’re my brother I love you” he hugged me I hugged him back


After school I went to Infer-red to wait for Oliver we had plans to go shopping and then see a movie I sat down at our regular booth waiting I noticed a guy sitting on a stool he glanced at me then smiled I nodded my head and looked away the next thing I know he is standing in front of the table

“may I sit” I got kind of nervous , what did he want

“um sure”

“I’m not a creep I promise I’m just new here and you seem like a friendly person
, I was wondering if you could give me some information about what to do here for fun”

“Sure um I could help you out while I wait for my boyfriend”

“oh your um “

“yeah , that doesn’t bother you does it” I asked

“no it doesn’t I just don’t think I ever met anyone that was gay and I knew about it” he sat down

“there’s tons to do here , I mean there are a million and one restaurants , Shopping, gyms, theatres you name it we got it” he smiled at me , something about him gave me this mixed feeling

Oliver came in and walked over

“sorry I’m late I had to talk to Mr. Olsen so” he looked at the guy then me

“you must be the boyfriend nice to meet you :he extended his hand ,Oliver shook it

“well I should be going , you two have a great day”

Hey you can come alone” Oliver looked at me with a quizzical look

“he doesn’t know anyone Olli, I’ll feel bad” Oliver rolled his eyes playfully


“no really I have to get going, its nice to know there are good people in the world”

“he is a stranger, do we have to have the talk a parent usually gives to a child”

“haha funny, um olli can we talk”

“yeah” we sat down

“I kissed Josh today”

“what? Why, he didn’t seemed bothered he looked actually curious”

“I don’t like spilling his secrets but since you’re my boyfriend , he wanted to know what it was like to kiss a boy . So I figured why not me , considering we are best friends are you mad”

“should I be mad or worried?”

“no , you know I love josh to death but me and him that could never work out in a million years and plus I love you too damn much to give you up”

“good, and no I’m not mad josh is a really great guy and I’m happy your there to help him but can you um not experiment anymore with him beyond kissing”

“done, it wont happen again I promise, but I think Josh is straight anyhow . I don’t think I would be this cool if it was you”

“I wouldn’t expect you too , considering what I did to you , the whole Amanda thing”

He took my hand in his

“I’ll try to make up for that for the rest of our lives”

“I forgive you , we’re good , lets just focus on the present and the future , screw the past”

“I like that , but you cant make me stop feeling guilty”

“ I know but I can love you, no matter what and hope that you will stop beating yourself up when I stopped doing that along time ago”

*Spence *

Mark had plans after school but he said he would come over so we could spend some time together , I went home and took a shower so I could be fresh and clean for my guy I got out of the shower wrapping my towel around me , I went into my room and took the towel off drying off when I was bum rushed I ended up on my back and Farah was on top of me naked , now we were both naked our bodies twined together

“what the hell is wrong with you” I yelled

“you know you like my pussy” she was moving it around on my cock making me grow

“this isn’t right I love Mark, not you stop being a bitch and get the hell off of me” she bent down and kissed me , I had to stop this I stopped her

“ I don’t love you , and at this point I don’t like you very much, why cant you just respect who I am and what I want” my boner was going down she looked disappointed

“ you use to let me do what ever I wanted to you, remember when I would show up at your house after cheerleading practice and I would let you fuck my brains out, Spencer no other boy could come close to you In any and all ways”

“ I’m a different person now, I was with you for the sake of a quick fuck no offense and the guys let me know how much of a stud I was for fucking you and it felt awesome . But I knew you weren’t the person I was meant to be with I’m sorry Farah but mark is the real deal, out of all the girls I been with and the few guys I fooled around with Mark is different, I cant explain it or tell you why , but Im in love with him now please get off of me”

“hey boyfriend what’s up for to..” he stopped and looked at the situation I pushed Farah off of me she ended up on the floor

“what the fuck is this! Spencer what the fuck are you doing”

He looked at me accusingly and was about to leave

“mark wait” I grabbed him he was crying my heart broke into two seeing him like this

“I was worried about myself betraying you, trying extra hard to make this work but you were just playing me”

“no baby I didn’t betray or play you, I got out of the shower and she was in my room , you have to believe that I love you”

“who is she?”

“my ex girlfriend she is staying here for a week or two”

“you both were naked she was on top of you!, I’m not stupid I know the game I played it really well, so don’t try to insult my intelligence”

“im not trying to insult anything” he looked down at my hard cock I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body

“its over Spencer” he turned I grabbed his arm

“Mark no , I don’t except that . I didn’t do anything wrong please. I love you so much she is my past you’re my future please don’t do this . Im telling you that I did not cheat on you I would never

“well your dick sure was hard”

“Mark I’m a seventeen year old boy. The friction made me hard not her. Yes I’m Bi. But I am not like that I would never hurt you”

“can you honestly say that if I wasn’t in the picture you wouldn’t have fucked her just now” I gulped

“ I probably would have a year ago” he shook his head negatively “she’s attractive mark . But she isn’t you.”

“how am I suppose to compete with her. You said it your attracted to her”

“no I said she was attractive, she‘s not ugly. I’m attracted to you” I began to tear up

“well thanks”

“get the hell out slut” Mark yelled


“get the hell out of my room now” I practically roared catching both of them off guard , she stormed out I turned my attention to Mark

“please I need you mark , I swear I didn’t do anything wrong” he looked into my eyes I was tearing up he wrapped his arms around my midsection pulling me in

“I believe you, I know you arent like that , but she has to go”

** Farah stood outside of Spencer room listening in on the conversation. She almost had Spencer right were she wanted him. It would have been great if he was fucking her when mark came in. But he didn’t . Spencer was pulling away from temptation. She knew he would . He was always a upstanding boyfriend, even if he didn’t care for Farah that much he was a good guy . But she wanted her man back and would do anything to do so . But what she didn’t know was she was playing with fire and the fire name was Mark DeLauro . Mark was at best Conniving and sneaky and being with Spencer had made him a better person. But in his mind . Farah was a threat . And mark didn’t like threats . No he wasn’t contemplating killing her that would be crazy. But he did think of a way to get her away from His boyfriend


The next day I decided to go over to Spencer’s house with a plan in tow I knocked and Spencer’s mom opened

“Mrs. granger can I talk to you” she smiled

“come in”

“listen I know you’ll probably say no. but someone broke into my house”

“oh my gosh honey are you okay” she asked

“yes , I’m a bit shaken . I was wondering if maybe I can stay here until they catch the guy .I’m sure it wont be that long”

“yes , I’m sure Spencer will be glad , his friend and ex girlfriend under one roof” she smiled

“I have a bag”

“make yourself at home . I went out and got a suitcase and came back in I went upstairs I saw Farah going to Spencer room I moved closer to hear what was going on

“Farah get out”

“why don’t you want to fuck me” I opened the door

“because you’re a nasty slut” they both turned to look at me

“I swear I didn’t..” I stopped Spencer

“I know babe. I saw her trying to work you. But guess what sweetheart. I’m moving in” she looked at me annoyed Spencer looked shocked

“apparently someone broke into my house and they haven’t caught the person . So your mom said it was okay if I stayed awhile” Spencer hugged me Farah stormed out I slammed the door close

“no one really robbed me , I just want to be here . I hope that my jealousy isn’t going to..” he kissed me full on the lips his tongue slipped into my mouth as he wrapped his arms around me , we kissed for like five minutes then we separated laughing trying to catch our breaths

“I don’t care how you got here as long as you’re here”

“you know , Farah is a thorn in my side and yours so that means we have to pick the thorn out and throw it away. And I have just the plan

“I don’t like that look Mark”

“its time to dig the old mark out just for a little while” I smiled at him
He contemplating hurting Steven. But his eyes were pure he smiled to himself this could work out in a different way , no he was not gay . But he saw the face of someone who he could not give up. Steven was no doubt attractive, and he knew he could scare Steven into anything he wanted, and he wanted his son and Janie . But if that wasn’t possible then Steven would do . He waited outside the Mitchells house for the opportunity to do so.

“where are you going” Oliver asked as I got up and headed for the door

“to get a snack”

“don’t leave , me like this” he pointed to his hard on I laughed

“im thirsty”

“oh I have something you can drink”

“ you’re the biggest perv I know, okay I’ll get us some snacks and soda’s then we can take care of each other”

“sounds like a plan” I went downstairs as soon as I went in the kitchen I heard a knock on the kitchen door

“just a minute” I opened the door and the guy from Infer-red was standing there

“how do you know where I live”

he smiled at me and pulled out a gun

“come with me quietly and no one will get hurt”

I looked at the gun then turned around , Oliver was upstairs , so was Janie and Justin
I couldn’t put there lives in danger I stepped outside leaving the door slightly opened

“get in the car Steven” I did as he said

“what do you want”

“well since your sister doesn’t want me , I guess I can settle for you, you are so pretty” he touched my face I moved my head from his touch he smiled a dangerous smile and a chill went down my spine

I looked at him clearly , it was the man from Janie’s picture he just had facial hair. Yes he was sexy as hell but I didn’t want him I loved and wanted Oliver .
I began to tear up. Was this the end this couldn’t be the end

“were gonna have a good time Steven, I promise” he put his hand on my knee.I really hope he wasn’t talking about what I thought he was talking about

Thank you guys for reading . I am glad you all are sticking by me with the story . I just wanted to let you know the next part is written and I am just looking over it and I already have an outline for ch 27 that will be the last one until mid November . I have so much going on with me right now. And I need to deal with it . Also the Adventures of Adam is having a slow start due to storyline issues . But I am hoping it all comes together.

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