Before and After Episode 14

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Before and After Episode 14

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Before and After :sizzling Summer
Secrets reveal everything pt 1
Written by Tony

Previously on before and after , school was finally out and I was able to go to Pocono’s mountain with friends for the summer . Tyler and I finally had sex and we weren’t the only one’s fooling around apparently Ben and Megan were as well. And Oliver and I had a talk that ended up with both of us frustrated me more because I was between a rock and a hard place I was in love with two guys for two different reason. but that was only the beginning of what was to come .

We all decided to go hiking . Tyler packed us some food and we decided we would spend the night under the stars . As we walked through the woods we held hands

“are you okay” I asked

“yeah, I just have a lot on my mind and I want to tell you something but don’t really know how you’ll react to it” he looked intently at me

“Tyler what ever it is , I’m sure we’ll be okay”

“Steven you know I love you so much . And I would do anything for you for us , but something happened a while back that I think you should know”

“hey guys” mark interrupted us

“mark we were in the middle of a conversation can you excuse us” I stated

“oh I’m sorry”

“forget it baby” he kissed me on the lips

We went up a trail with the rest of the group

“everyone okay” george asked

“yeah , I just rather be by the pool” megan stated , Amanda agreed

“we can rest here for a few minutes then we will be at one of my favorite spots” George added

Once we rested up , we were walking on the trail again, Tyler was talking with Mark and Amanda , Oliver stayed by my side

“So , who would have thought we would be hiking”

“ I know” his hand touched mine I half smiled

“Steven I’m happy that you are finally happy” Oliver smiled at me I smiled back

“thank you I appreciate that , so you came out to your brother” I asked

“yeah , I feel , free I mean I still haven’t come out to my mom , but step by step right”

I nodded in agreement as we walked up the trail

“ you know I was thinking about being gay and out and I’m thinking about maybe going out with a guy”

Why was he telling me this I thought , the thought of Oliver and Amanda Stung but the thought of him actually moving on with another guy hurt more because I believe Oliver would never do to anyone else what he did to me , and Oliver is So sweet and special and what ever guy has him would be so lucky

“Good luck” I patted him on the back , I looked around and everyone was gone

“um Oliver I think we walked off trail, I think were lost” he looked around

“crap , I left my cell phone at home do you have yours” he asked

I reached in my pocket and got my cell I tried to call Tyler but it didn’t go through

“ I don’t have nay signals we are like deep in the woods”

“um , I have food packed so we wont go hungry and I can build a fire I guess and we have the tent with us” Oliver suggested

We walked and found a log , I sat down he did as well

“I think we should stay here until morning because we can get even lost at night “ I agreed with that

He took his back pack off and unreleased the tent . Then started setting it up

“aren’t you going to help me” I laughed

“no your good”

“Funny , I think you should sleep outside the tent then” he put his hand on his waist I stood up

“okay alright don’t be a little girl about it” I walked over and helped him , we put the tent up in seven minutes. There was only one sleeping bag , well two could sleep in it but I didn’t think it would be good for us sleeping together . Oliver took off his clothes leaving his socks and under wears on , he looked over at me

“aren’t you coming to bed” he asked

“ I don’t know?”

“Steven I wont try anything , I know your with tyler you keep on saying that , so come to bed” he went in the tent .

“yeah , its not you I’m worried about” I mumbled to myself. As I took off my shirt

I went in the tent the same as Oliver with under wears and socks

He scooted over I got in the tent and laid beside him

“Can I ask you something” I asked


“I know about you being scared but why did you hurt me , I just haven’t gotten an answer that I I think I deserve”

“your right , Curiosity , stupidity all played a factor , you’re a good guy and I loved you Steven I still love you , and I’m a fucking idiot , I’m glad Tyler can be the guy that can love you . I didn’t think Steve about you or what I would do to you by my actions , I was selfish and cruel to you your so special and it hurts me everyday that I’m not with you . But I made my bed and I’ll lie in it and hope that one day you will come back to me” I closed my eyes and tears flowed I missed him, this being close . I fell asleep.

I awoke to Oliver Snoring I turned the light on in our tent and turned over Oliver was sleep but his hair was sticking to his face and neck he was sweating I grabbed a towel and wiped his forehead his arm reach around me and pulled me to his chest my mouth was right next to his nipple . I tried to pull away but he had me in a grip, so I just stayed there he loosened his grip on me I found my hand rubbing his stomach what was I doing I am with Tyler I thought but my love and lust for Oliver was Winning over , what I felt for Tyler I inched my body up more to reach Oliver’s face , I kissed him on the lips I felt his breath on my lips then his eyes flew open he looked at me

“Steven , what’s going on” he asked

“I don’t know” we looked into each others Eyes then he leaned in and kissed me I laid back and he got on top of me , I spread my legs to give him more access ,I wrapped my legs around his beefy thighs and he began to dry hump me as we both had on briefs the friction of him grinding into me , was making me weak in the knee’s

“ I love you Steven so much , no one compares to you” I moved my hands down his hard sweaty back to his nice round ass that was pumping up and down into me and squeezed it

“take them off” I suggested he did as I said and he slid my under wears off then his he began to grin into me again his cock rubbing up and down mine as he buried his face in my neck

“fuck Steven , I haven’t had sex in so long I’m going to blast” he quickened his spped which made my cock get a tingling feeling “awww” I moaned into his ear he moaned back “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” we both yelled together as we came at the same time . He was panting and his body shook . He stayed right on top of me , I wrapped my arms around his body and kissed the top of his head I went back to sleep


I yawned and stretched out Oliver was running his fingers through my hair

“Good morning” he smiled

“good morning Olli”

“ I think getting lost was the best thing that ever happened to me” Oliver said , suddenly my pleasure with Oliver turned to Guilt for Tyler

“ Oliver this isn’t right , I cheated on Tyler” he rolled off of me

“no you didn’t , I mean we didn’t have intercourse , no parts of you or me went into any holes mouth or ass we just helped jerk each other off”

What he said made since but I knew Tyler wouldn’t see it that way , I barely saw it that way

“ Steven, I really wish you give me a second chance everyone deserves a second chance right”

“yeah, but I have a boyfriend who is committed to me and who would never cheat on me”

“how do you know , those four weeks he thought you wanted me back how do you know he didn’t sleep with some other guy” Oliver asked

“ Oliver , I know Tyler he would never hurt me”

“you knew me as well and look what I did to you , don’t ever assume you know anyone Steven, please just think about us . I don’t want anyone I want you , but I know if you don’t want me back I have to move on”

This was all so complicated . I love them both but could only be with one boy ,

“right now , I just need to focus on Tyler and I , I owe it to him . What we did will not happen again Oliver , please just forget it ever happened” he looked hurt

“fine , forgotten” I leaned over and rested my head on his cheast

“what are you doing I thought you wanted to forget about it”

“I do , I just miss your body”

he wrapped his arm around me pulling me in close to him , I could hear his heart beating a mile a minute

“you don’t have to miss it any longer , just tell me I am your boyfriend again”

“nice try buddy but this situation is complicated.

I sat up and put on my briefs then my shirt he did the same we laid back down he grabbed my hand in his

“ we are going to be Juniors when we return to school , Steven and I want to return to high school with you by my side”

“I cant”

“whatever , I guess I should move on then”

“yeah maybe you should.

we got dressed and packed everything up and we started walking again then we heard voices

“hey anybody there” I heard rustling sounded like someone doing something

“hello , we’re lost” Oliver spoke

“Steven , Oliver!” we heard mark we walked and went around the bushes he was standing there, something seemed suspicious

“hey we got lost , I hope Tyler isn’t worried about me”

“he isn’t I don’t think , um come on guys lets get you back to the house”

We followed him and we ended up back at the house

“hey” tyler got up from the table and hugged me

“where were you , we were worried , Mark called the park ranger and everything

“we were talking and you guys were fast we must have turned somewhere and got lost I tried to call but there was no signals”

“I’m glad your alright” he hugged me , I smelled something , haha it probably was me

“I’m going to take a shower”

“mind if I join you” Tyler asked I nodded yeah , I could see the hurt in Oliver’s eyes , I winked at him, he formed a smile and winked back . We took a hot shower , he kissed me and began touching on my body , something felt off with us. Maybe it was because fooled around with Oliver a little


I noticed Adam and Oliver talking they looked cozy sitting next to each other Amanda sat down next to me “it seems our Oliver has moved on” she pouted

“you should as well” I stated she raised an eyebrow “you are an attractive girl who could have any guy , I mean you help your self to my boyfriend . Just go out and find a cute guy from around town, its summer have a fling or two “

She smiled

‘you are so right, and boy if you weren’t gay you would be my first lay” she got up

The thought of having sex with Amanda was um ,, not something I want to think about . I looked back over at my ex. And got the shock of my life Adam was kissing him, they were making out , I wanted to get up and go over there and throw Adam into the fireplace (its not on people , remember its summer) and take Oliver away from him but I couldn’t I was with Tyler. I turned back around and sat there for what seem like a hour I heard the kissing and rubbing , I got up I needed to go for a swim

Marks uncle went to his girlfriend house and left us on our own, I went to the pool for a swim I was the only one out there . Megan came down with her laptop


“hey , this house has so much Wifi , I don’t know what to do with myself” I laughed at that

“what are you doing” I asked

“updating my face book page, oh look Mark added me” I rolled my eyes and continued to swim

“Steven ! , there is something on here you should see” I turned to face her

“what” I asked

“get your sexy ass out the pool and come here” I swam towards the later and got out the pool , I grabbed my towel and walked over to her


She pointed to the screen , there was a picture of Mark and Tyler , clearly at a party of some sort

“it may no mean anything” I looked at the date it was put up , about two weeks after I woke up from that short Coma I was in

“you think anything went on with them”

“Steven honey I don’t know , I hope not , look it may not mean anything just observe them , if you feel like they are sneaking around behind your back then say something if not then leave it alone”

I went inside and Adam and Oliver were talking then Adam kissed him they broke the kiss and Oliver saw me standing there

“Steven I”

“its okay ,your moving on I’m not mad , have a goodnight “ I smiled and waved to him, I was not mad how could I be , when I was in a relationship with Tyler I walked to my room and went in Tyler was watching tv I got in bed with him he didn’t look at me but was still watching the show I noticed something on his neck, a hickey

“um Tyler you have a hickey on your neck” he smiled and turned to me

“I know you gave it to me” did I give it to him , I cant remember , we did have hot sex and I kissed and sucked places on his body but did I give him the hickey I don’t remember seeing it , maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, I just eased it out of my mind and went to sleep.

Dear Journal

I quote myself when saying Intuition is a strong since in self knowing , when something isn’t right it isn’t right . And as a human we have a strong sense of this . As I lay here with Tyler something just doesn’t feel right . Nothing is Adding up here “should people ignore there intuition or look into it?”


To be Continued…..


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