The Adventure of Adam Episode 12

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The Adventure of Adam Episode 12

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The Adventures of Adam
“welcome back to the crazy life”
Written by Tony

“she is such a drama queen” Vicki sat down next to me in the library I looked up from my book

“who?” I asked

“Marissa, she is into Greg all of a sudden and guess what he never showed up for our date I heard he was out with her and look they are sitting together” Travis and I looked over three tables away she was practically in his lap , he looked over and had guilt written on his face Vicki looked away annoyed but I could tell she was hurt

“there will be other boys” I stated trying to be supportive

“yeah right lets face it , the hot guys either are gay , case and point” she looked at Travis and me “or they go for girls like Marissa” I felt bad

“how about you come over to my place , Travis and I have the x-men trilogy I bought it yesterday x-men has to be my favorite comics”

“why, because you always wanted to boink Wolverine or Scott aka cyclops” Travis teased

“Travis Shut up!” I threw a paper ball at him Vicki and Travis laughed

“I’m so happy I can be the butt of my friends joke, great! laugh at my expense “

“I can’t go, I have to go shopping with my step mom, it suppose to be great bonding as my dad put it”

“well maybe it will be” Travis said Vicki shook her head no

“I doubt it , she is a gold digger all she cares about is my fathers money , she is evil, enough about me , anything interesting happened”

“well yes something interesting did happen right Adam”

“what do you mean Travis?” I asked he rolled his eyes playfully

“so when are you going to talk about what happened with you and Aiden” Travis asked

“what happened?” Vicki was looking at me wide eyed

“nothing we sort of kissed” I stated sighing

“he said he loved you for crying out loud” Travis practically shouted

“wait what? This is huge” Vicki stated Travis nodded

“we are in the library so maybe we should just be quiet”

“no you don’t , as your best friend I want to know where you stand with Aiden , I know you care about him what did you say after he said that”

“I said nothing okay, I was shocked , we danced and we left you were there Travis”

:”I know but you never told me you didn’t say anything , he probably thinks you don’t feel the say way”

“but I do, I like Aiden , I still think he would be an awesome boyfriend”

“what’s the problem then?”

“the problem is , what happens after that , nothing works out for me” I began to feel depressed

“because you don’t allow it to work out Adam , lets face it you are so set on something bad going to happen you never see the good In things . Adam he loves you , love him back” Travis said with a half smile on his face

Travis and i arrived at my place after school to watch the X-men Trilogy

"you are suck a nerd" he teased

"well I'm a sexy Nerd" he nodded

"i couldn't agree more" we went upstairs and heard noise coming from Tyler's room we walked passed my room to his we looked in Tyler was unpacking

“Tyler!” Travis ran in the room and hugged him they kissed Tyler backed away quickly Travis seemed to notice that

“is something wrong” he asked

“um no , I'm just a little tired from the flight”

“I'm so happy to see you buddy” he smiled at me

“thanks , I'm happy to be home” Travis looked at me he didn’t even say he was happy to see Travis I wanted to say something but Travis eyes said don’t

“so anything exciting happened while you were in Italy” I asked

“no!” he quickly said

We dropped the conversation

“Well since you are here i guess x-men is off plus I better be going I have to talk to Aiden and see where we stand”

“what? You and Aiden”Tyler looked surprised

“yeah it’s a long story” I headed for the door

“you should go to , I want to take a shower then nap” I turned around and saw the hurt look on Travis face

“yeah , I’ll go” Travis walked past me then out the room

“Travis!” he didn’t stop when I called his name I closed the door and looked at Tyler upset that he could just dismiss Travis like that

“what is wrong with you?”

“what are you talking about” he looked up from unpacking his suit case

“did Italy make you become a dick or something?”

“what do you mean?”

“don’t play that innocent act with me, Travis has done nothing but talk about you ever since you left and he was so happy to know you were coming home and then you two are reunited and its like you have no interest in him anymore. Did you do something is Italy for you to act like this”

“you know what Adam! Get the hell out, I am tired and I don’t want to deal with this shit okay, don’t you have a love life or lack of rather to go chase after” I scolded him what the hell was wrong with him

“you are not the same Tyler that left I don’t know who the fuck you are . But your hurting my best friend and I don’t like it, and fuck you for thinking you can take a dig at my love life, low blow bro” I stormed out of his room and slammed the door shut

I was still angry at Tyler for being a prick I almost forgot I had to see Aiden I couldn’t leave him thinking I didn’t want him or rejected him

I put on my jacket and left out the loft I had to be away from Tyler or I would ring his pretty neck , I got downstairs and outside as expected Bruno was waiting I would talk to mom and dad about a raise for my trusty driver

He drove me to Aidens apartment it was a nice building in the Financial district I never been to Aidens Apartment so it was weird that I was coming there . I went inside the security wasn’t behind the desk so I let myself in I got in the elevator that was waiting already and pressed Seven it was now or never I had so many thoughts as the elevator went up floor by floor

..2 what if he hates me

..3 no he wont hate me

..4 god he might have moved on

..5 no why would he it just happened

..6 oh god my heart is pounding

..7 the door opened I got off the elevator and stepped on the marble floor I walked down the hall looking for 7Q I finally found it and knocked

“who is it” I heard his sexy voice my heart almost stopped

“who is it!” I saw the peek hole flash with light

“Adam?” he opened the door he was in a v neck white shirt that clung to his muscular body and a pair of basketball shorts his hair was messy

“ can we talk” I said

“about what? Oh I know about leaving high and dry”

“Aiden I'm sorry it’s just” he cut me off

“Adam you didn’t say anything you just left do you know want me if so I get it I came home and” I cut him off

“don’t tell me your with someone else, is he in there” I looked past him

“no! why would I be with anyone else,look Adam I have to go” I stopped him from closing the door

“I'm scared! that’s why I ran away . I'm scared” I began to tear up god what a moment to tear up

He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside then closed the door I looked around it was nice wood floors one level apartment nice view

“Scared of what?” I focused on him

“of getting hurt I don’t want that , nothing ever works out for me , no one ever really wants me and when they do it never happens I don’t want you and me to fail”

“but how can we if we never happen, you can just not pursue a relationship because you’re scare it wont work out Adam, you are limiting yourself for happiness” he stroked my check I looked at his thumb and saw wetness

“I want to be with you Aiden, if you still want me” he smiled then moved closer he kissed me lightly on the lips I opened up and I felt his tongue flicker in my mouth I wrapped my arms around his neck running my fingers in the back of his hair.

We separated my heart beating completely fast

“I take that as a yes”

“a hell yes” we both chuckled

“you’re finally mines Adam Rainer and I aint letting you go”

We kissed again

(Tyler point of view)

I thought about what Adam said I was taking out my frustration on the both of them , I called Travis back over I wanted to apologize to him for being such a cruddy boyfriend he came over and I took him to my room I closed the door and kissed him on the lips

“Travis I’m so sorry I didn’t know I was being insensitive to you , that was not my intentions” I stated I hugged him tightly and kissed his neck

“ I missed you so much I’m sorry for not answering the phone calls or e-mailing I was really busy”

“I know , I just thought you wouldn’t forget about me”

“I didn’t I promise, I got you a gift”


“yeah sit” he sat on my bed I got my duffel bag and took out a jewelry box and opened it

“wow its amazing”

“I got this necklace for you” I put it on him then kissed him he looked down and picked up my camera

“I'm sure you have pictures of Italy”

“no don’t” he turned it on and flipped through the pictures

“wow Milan looks amazing”

“it was, I wish you were there” he smiled at me I kissed him on the nose

“wow look at you guys” he showed me the picture of me and two of the models I made friends with in Milan. Renaldo and emit

“they are smoking, but you’re hotter” I smiled at that

“so which one did you kiss”

“wha…t what?”

“well I gather you probably kissed one of them or something that’s why you’ve been acting weird”

“I didn’t. I swear” he laughed

“relax,” he chucked “good to know you didn’t I know you could never hurt me like that I was just playing around “ he kissed me little did he know the truth , fuck I wish I could go back and stop what happened .


Renaldo and I headed back to my hotel room we were drinking a lot , but I was conscious of what was going on

“you are so hot, I love you’re blond curls” I chuckled


“ Voglio che cazzo me difficile!” I looked at him as the words flowed out his beautiful mouth he was a hot specimen , his hair was slicked back and his brown eyes twinkled he looked at me seductive

“what did you just say” he moved closer his lips almost touching mine I feel back he sat on top me straddling me moving back and forth my cock began to stir he leaned down and kissed neck then my ear

“I said I want you to fuck me hard” he ripped open my button up exposing my chest

“I have a boyfriend” he took his shirt off exposing his flawless body I ran my hands over his Pecs and squeezed his harden brown nipples he ran his hands through my hair

“what he doesn’t know wont hurt him sexy”
I fucked that guy and I felt horrible afterward, but the good thing is Renaldo is in Europe and I am here which means Travis will never find out and I can now be the perfect boyfriend to him , I felt guilt about what I did and I was going to make it up to Travis even if he didn’t know it

“you there” he tapped the side of head lightly

“yeah babe I’m right here” I kissed him on the cheek

“how about we go out to eat catch a movie I want to spend time with you” he smiled then bit his bottom lip

“ or we could..” Travis lift his shirt over his head exposing his sexy chest he had a trail going in his pants he moved close I put my hands on his warm chest

“I missed you so much and I want to get real close” Travis said seductively my cock started to harden in my pants

“we should make reservations” I stood up turning my back to him


“for the dinner and we should also see what is playing to decide what movie we want to see” I turned back around he had that hurt look on his face I got down on my knees and scooted myself between his legs I leaned up and kissed him

“I want us to make love and I want it to be right, not some spur of the moment thing” he smiled at that I hugged him , I wanted him so much I just couldn’t right now because I felt dirty , dirty for what I did behind his back”





“A LITTLE OF BOTH! , But I'm hoping for more Pleasure” he smiled thinking about Tyler

To be continued

Writers corner:

Oh I had fun writing this Chapter!, things are going to get real interesting . So I wanted to answer a few questions the first from Bradstar and the second from atlas12x

Bradstar wrote

What happened to Krys did he die or not you kind of left that unanswered.
Answer: I left it unanswered for a reason so people could wonder just like you :p The Krys situation has not been forgotten he screwed a lot of people over . And if Krys is dead or not is entirely up to which way the storyline goes , I’m really having a ball writing this story rather then my others because I write this one weekly they aren’t planed out as much as my others so it can go any way, and it also allows for suspence . So is Krys dead or alive , well that is up to what you think he is for right now , I can’t Confirm or Deny! Haha you just have to keep reading.

Another Question from atlas12x
Is Sam and Adam going to Reunite

Answer : for right now , I am building on Adam and Aiden I think this pairing was a long time coming . Sam made a point in ch 11 when he said “even if I was drugged I still slept with someone else , that little tidbit would always find its way into conversation , being apart is what we need right now” anyway I am working on a Matt and Sam storyline right now , I don’t see Sam and Adam getting back together anytime soon

Got a question just write me either at my e-mail or on my site in the forum section of Adventure of Adam.


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