Chapter 24 recap , what did you thing

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Chapter 24 recap , what did you thing

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:39 pm

So a lot went down in Chapter 24

first lets look at Mark and Spencer's Relationship or lack of

MArk and Spencer seems to be in a happy place . but Tyler clearly has unresolved Feelings for mark as he kisses and try to seduce mark . Mark a "recovering Sexaholic" is very tempted to you know take Tyler to bed but he doesnt he leaves and goes straight to Spencer. Mark Tries to Confess to Spencer but Spencer jumps to the wrong Conclusion and Mark gets upset , Spencer doesn't have any faith in him.

he leaves to find Steven sitting on the steps of his house because he called him and he vents to Steven telling him whats going on , Steven thinks he is doing a good job and that he has matured from the mark who slept with him and it is evident because he walked away from tyler because he put Spencer first


Cooper goes over to the Mitchell's and gives Janie papers stating he wants a Paternity test for Justin , and they get into it only for JAnie to agree to it

Spencer shows up at marks house and no one answers he goes in to find mark sleeping on the couch . Mark wakes up and Spence apologize for not believing in him they make up and dance to Dashboard confessional

LAter Adam comes by and announce that he is leaving he and Mark share a nice goodbye and Adam makes one more stop

Steven returns home and snuggles up with oliver they talk about where Steven been and Oliver tells him , Adam called and told him he was moving Steven , doesn't downplay his happiness that Adam is gone . they get into a deep discussion about Coming out and why guys stay in the closet and Steven feels bad and tells Oliver he is sorry, oliver tells him he loves him and basically wouldn't have it any other way . Janie stops by and sees her brother sitting on top of Oliver and Oliver arms around Steven as they look into each others eyes . and they tell her to come in after they are in a more decent position she tells them about Coopers paternity test.

Everything is cool with Spencer and mark until a knock on the door and it is Spencer's ex girlfriend Farah , she flirts like crazy and it doesn't help that his mom invites her to stay . Spencer see's nothing good coming from this little reunion

and finally at the end a mystery man comes to town but who is he , is he Janie's crazy ex boyfriend or possibly someone new.

I'll give this chapter a B, from A to F what is this chapter ?? and why

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Re: Chapter 24 recap , what did you thing

Post  Zach Astra on Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:07 am

Definitely a B! Great story, and more mystery just make it more interesting! Can't wait for chapter 25 Very Happy

Zach Astra

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