Before and After Episode 24

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Before and After Episode 24

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Before and After
Written by Tony


Tyler was on my mind for a straight week , we had to talk about what happened , I just hated that he felt that way about me . I know I deserve everything he said but I just needed to know we could get passed this , I knocked on his door and his mother answered

“hi , is Tyler home?”

“yes, he’s upstairs come on in” I walked in

“my name is mark , I am a friend of Tyler’s”

“nice to meet you mark go right upstairs” I went upstairs to a room, I heard music I opened the door he was on the bed masturbating i watched as his Strong hand glided up and down his nice cock I was getting a hard on looking at him, he looked over and covered up

“what the hell!”

I came in and closed the door

“sorry , so can we talk” I asked

“can you see I am kind of busy”

“please I seen every part of your body” he sat up pulling his boxers over his cock I sat on the bed with him

“Tyler I know I hurt you , but I’m not that person anymore , I like Spencer and we are dating taking it easy , we didn’t even have sex yet , I notice the golden flakes of hair growing on Tyler’s chest it wasn’t a lot but it was sexy he leaned in and kissed me we were in a passionate lip lock I began to run my hands all over his body he got on top of me then I stopped him

“we cant Tyler , I want Spence , I want a relationship with him , I’m trying not to be that guy anymore”

” How is that working out for you” he said seductively

“I’m trying , what can I say, Listen I know I Promised you” he stopped me

“just forget it , what did I expect from someone like you, I mean I get it , your trying to change . But Remember after we had that fight and I left , why didn’t you just let me go , why did you seek me out and pretend you wanted something more”

“I’m a jerk!, I really am sorry Tyler” I got up and left out I felt awful about leading him on , especially after Steven ended things with him, I kind of left him also

“Mark wait!” I turned back around he kissed me again , it felt so good

“I have feelings for you Mark”

“I..I “ he kissed me again , I kissed him back I pushed him away gently

“I cant” I left out of there

Why was this happening to me , I like Spence so much but Tyler is a nice guy as well and when he kiss me I feel things , same with Spence . This is to complicated , I can totally see myself with Both guys”

I got in my car and drove to Inferred , I saw Spencers car I got out and sighed , I walked in , he was sitting with Amanda they were eating I came over

“hey Handsome” he smiled at me I smiled back and sat next to him

“want some of my fries” I nodded yes he picked one up and fed me

“you two are sickening” we both laughed her cell phone ranged

“I have to take this” she got up and walked away

“Spencer I have to tell you something”


“I went over to Tyler’s to try and make piece and he I mean we..”

“and you slept with him didn’t you, I knew this would happen”

“wow thanks a lot I just was going to say he kissed me , a couple of times and I told him I liked you , but thanks a lot for believing in me” I stood up

“Mark wait?” I left out of there upset , I just needed to get home

When I got home , Steven was sitting on my front porch , I drove the car up the Drive way and got out

“why did you call me” Steven asked Curiously I grabbed his hand and dragged him in my house

“ I think I am Addicted to Sex” he laughed

“what are you talking about?”

“I mean Tyler was all over me and it took every ounce not to peel off his underwear and have my way with him

“what stopped you?” Steven asked

“Spencer, I like him so much and we havent had sex , so we are really getting to know one another , at least that’s what I thought”

“what do you mean”

“I told Spencer I went over to Tyler’s to try and smooth things out with him , and he jumped to the conclusion that we slept together I got so mad I just left , and guess what , I was so angry at Spencer I was contemplating going back over to Tyler’s and having sex with him just to make what Spence thought happen really happen , but I called you instead to meet me here so I can talk to you and not lash out or do something I’ll regret, and I know if I try anything on you , you’ll punch me or something” Steven laughed

“come on sit down relax breath, you did a good thing Mark!” he smiled at me

“what ?, I don’t know what your talking about”,

“you could have had sex with Tyler when you met with him and you could have gone back to his house when Spencer made you mad ,instead you called a friend , you really are growing up Mark , I think you love Spencer”

“Love? , I don’t know about that”

“why did you stop Tyler , why did you call me instead of going back over to Tylers . Because you don’t want to hurt Spencer , you put his feelings first before your own, it may be to early to say but it sounds like you my friend are in love”

I think Steven was right , Tyler is Gorgeous a great kisser and great in the Sack but I love to talk to Spencer , and just be next to him, and we haven’t had sex since we started Dating , maybe I was in love with him


I had time to process what Janie came and told me , and my mother wanted me to protect myself for Janie trying to so call get her hooks in our money. I drove to the Mitchells house I was nervous , what if Janie told me to go to hell, what if my mom is right, I knocked on the door . The door opened , Justin was standing there he smiled at me I smiled back

“Justin , what did I tell you about opening the door”

“sorry mommy” he ran back up the stairs

“Cooper what are you doing here”

“can I come in “ she nodded yes I came in

“Janie , I’m sorry about the night you showed up It just caught me off guard , my parents kicked my brother out , I haven’t heard from him a days I’m worried and you come and tell me I have a son”

“Oliver is living here with us , my parents will tae good care of him”

“really , oh my god ,I’m relieved”

“Oliver!” Janie yelled he came down the stairs and saw Cooper they hugged

“Why haven’t you been answering my phone calls I’ve been worried”

“I’m sorry , but all my stuff is at home , my phone is dead I don’t have the charger”

“I’ll bring you your things”

“thank you big brother”

“uncle Oliver, it’s back on” we heard Justin’s little voice

“got to go , he’s making me watch the Backyardagans” he went back upstairs

“Uncle Oliver?” I Questioned she sighed

“he doesn’t mean anything by it , he calls Steven uncle because he knows steven is my brother but he calls Oliver Uncle because he has been around lately and he is always with Steven”

“I got papers” I handed them to her she opened it

‘you don’t believe me “

“I just want to cautious” she shook her head is disbelief

“right , don’t worry I don’t want any money from you , if you think that’s what this all is about” I sigh

“I just want to know if he is my son or not that’s all, then we can go from there”

“go from where Cooper ,what do you plan on doing once it comes back that you are the father”

“I plan on being there for my son physically and Financially. I have rights”

“Cooper no one is trying to keep you from him”

“you could have fooled me” he put her hand on the side of my face rubbing my cheek

“I wanted you to focus on getting into College and having the life I know you wanted”

“that was not your Choice to make for me , I had a right to know I was going to be a father , and a right to help you , I know you struggled , not having me or your family to help you , Janie I love you , I mean I loved you” she looked sad when I said I loved her and not that I still love her , but I do still love her

“when ever you want to do it , let me know” with that I left out a part of me wanted that little boy to be mine, something about him reminded me of Oliver and steven put together lol if they could have a kid im sure it would look like him,



I walked up to Marks door and knocked no one opened I assumed he was gone but I saw his car I knocked again the door opened , I walked in and closed the door

“Mark!” I walked into the family room and saw him sleeping on the sofa I walked over and bent down. I stroked his face he began to stir his eyes opened and he looked at me

“what are you doing here” he asked

“ I came to apologize , I’m sorry for hurting your feelings by thinking the worst , I should have know you wouldn’t hurt me. I just got scared that maybe you did do something, mark I want this to work out”

“ I do too” I bend down and kissed his lips we began to make out

“I think we should slow down babe, take it easy”

“yeah your right, but I have an idea” he stood up and went over to his I-pod Docking station , he put on a Dashboard Confessionals Stolen and held out his hand I went to him he wrapped his arms around my midsection pulling me close he put his head on my chest and we began to slow dance

“ You watch the season pull up its own stage
And catch the last weekend
Of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced
Another sun soaked season
Fades away

You have stolen my heart
You have stolen my heart

Invitation only, grand farewells
Crash the best one
Of the best ones
Clear liqour and
Cloudy eye
Too early to say goodnight

You have stolen my heart
You have stolen my heart

“did I still your heart Mark” I asked he looked Directly at me and smiled

“I think you have Spencer” we smiled at each other then kissed passionately Things were really looking up for me . I found my guy , Like Steven found his Oliver. After our dance we watched some tv cuddling with each other I felt like a million bucks with Spencer.

Later after Spence went home I was making dinner when I heard a knock at my door
I opened it and Adam smiled at me

“hey A what are you doing here?”

“can I come in” I nodded yes

He walked in I closed the door he hugged me and then kissed me, first Tyler now him

“I’m with Spence!” he laughed

“ I know , I just wanted to say goodbye”

“what ?, what do you mean goodbye”

“my mom clothing Line is taking off and since my Dad works in Manhattan at his law firm they decided we all should move to the city , so I am leaving today”

“Adam , I cant believe this , will I see you again” he smiled

“of course , maybe you and Spence can come to the city sometimes and hang out”

“sounds great” I pulled him in and hugged him holding him tightly

“be safe in New York city and meet some cute boys” I added he laughed

“”none more cuter then Mark Delauro” he kissed my cheek I shook my head in agreement

“bye Mark”

“bye Adam” he left out , I watched as he got into a Lincoln car it drove off , I was going to miss him like crazy”


I came in the house and went upstairs Oliver was laying in bed I took off my shoes in got in bed with him we snuggled together

“where did you go”

“to marks , he was having a crisis, then I went with Amanda to inferred , you have a double cheeseburger with your name downstairs” my lips met his I sat on top of Oliver straddling him with my thighs I sat Indian style my legs around his lower back he sat up and wrapped his arms around me holding close we looked into each others eyes

“you know Adam moved away”

“what! Why?”

“his family moved to Manhattan , he came by and said goodbye to me”

“well good Riddance”

“Steven that’s not nice” I shrugged my shoulders

“he was with you , so that makes me kind of; what’s the word?”


“yes , Jealous, do you think it will stay like this , us together no more drama and Problems” I asked he was the one who shrugged his shoulders this time

“maybe , but with my homophobes for parents and Janie’s crazy ex boyfriend on the lose who knows” we both Chuckled at that Oliver placed his thumb on my cheek tracing my face.

“I love my family but I love you more Steven, and I love waking up next to you instead of you being the first thing I think about you’re the first thing I see and that makes me happy

“I know what you mean” his eyes got watery

“what’s wrong”

“I just don’t know why people cant let us be. Why we always have to ridiculed in society. that’s why guys hide who they are and stay in the closet and hide behind girls because , once people find out we’re gay we are less then our Straight Counter parts its not fair , even when I’m playing football some of the guys talk about me , mark and Tyler calling us Pillow biters , fudge packers , not all guy but one or two. It sucks but I think about how happy and free I feel now that people know and I wouldn’t trade that in for the world. I just wish people could see we are normal we just are attracted to the same Sex”

I kissed his forehead

“I’m sorry I caused you all this trouble” I looked away from him sad

“no baby look at me you haven’t , none of this is your fault I love you , you’re the reason why I came out because I want to be with you freely I did the whole straight thing and it didn’t work out because I’m not straight”

“you could have continued I mean you did get hard when you were with Amanda”

“Steven , its call visualizing someone else. When I was doing it with Amanda I thought about you that was the only way I could stay hard , so I’m not bi I’m most definitely Gay and most Definitely in love with a guy with the most beautiful hazel eyes I have ever seen

I smiled at that kissing him

“Steven can we” Janie came in while we were kissing

“I’m so sorry I’ll come back”

“no you don’t have to” I got off of Oliver

“what’ up” she sat on the bed with us

“okay little brothers” she smiled at me and Oliver

“your brother wants a paternity test and I don’t know , I was angry that he didn’t believe me , but I will to put coopers mind at ease then maybe we can all just move past this”

“you have to understand Cooper is angry at you , but he still loves you and my parents are a factor in the whole paternity Test”

“right , your mother called Justin a bastard in his face”

Oliver shook his head in disgust

“ what is wrong with my parents” I wrapped my arm around him

“so what now” I asked

“I guess I comply to Cooper’s Wish” .


I was in my room finishing up my homework when I heard the doorbell I assumed my mom or dad would get the door

“Honey can you get that” my mom said I went downstairs and opened the door

“miss me Lover boy” it was my Ex girlfriend she had a duffel bag in her hand

“Farah what are you doing here?” i asked kind of Annoyed

“cant I come and Visit my boyfriend”

“I’m your Ex boyfriend, I’m dating someone now”

“oh!, competition, so is she hotter then me, does she make you cum like I did” she walked closer to me with a seductive smile on her face she touched my Pecs rubbing then through my shirt

“it’s a he , and he is a great guy” I moved her hands off of me

“wow you did go all Queer as folk , I didn’t believe it , but I guess it’s true”

“Seriously what are you doi...” she shut me up with a kiss , her tongue went in my mouth and I kissed her back realizing what I was doing I pushed her away

“seems like you miss me too, so where am I sleeping , in your bed, hopefully” i nodded no she rolled her eyes . Farrah reminded me of Payton from one tree hill, she had the curly blond hair that was shoulder length and hazel eyes soft pink lips. but she was drama too much Drama.

My mom came downstairs

“Hi Mrs. Granger"

“Farah! my gosh its been a while” she hugged my mom

“what are you doing here?”

“ I came to see this guy but he said there is no room for me here so I guess I am on the next bus smoking to Virginia”

“non since , there is a spare bedroom you are more then welcomed” Farah smiled

“this is going to be Great? She pinched my ass I jumped she laughed

This was not going to be great at all

3rd person

He was sexy and rugged , he was Mysterious and seem to have a look of Danger in his eye , he walked up to the women behind the counter at Infer-red

“what do you know about that kid” he asked in confrontation manner

“what kid?, there are a million kids in here all day everyday”

“the cute one , he’s about 5ft 11 brown tossed hair intense hazel eyes”

“Oh you mean Steven"

"Steven" he seemed to say to himself he knew of a brother but it was great to have a name to go with that face

"he’s a cool kid, what do you want with him?” the man smiled to her

“I am an old friend” his laugh was of someone Sinister it Caused the women to get a shiver down her Spine

“thank you” he put a hundred dollar bill on the counter and left out . Steven he managed to say out loud , he had to meet this Steven person.

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