Before and After Episode 23

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Before and After Episode 23

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Before and After
“Who’s your daddy”
Written by Tony


Fuck Steven , I love your ass” my cock slid in and out of his hole as he was riding me , I put my hands on his waist helping him ride my pole

“Tyler I love it , fuck! give me that big tool, baby”

“I’m going to cum”

“cum inside me oh yeah, oh yeah!”

“im cummmmmmmninnnnnnnng”

that’s when I woke up , fuck not again. This just needs to stop, oh and its not just steven it’s Mark too, and some times Oliver I don’t know why I really do not like Oliver at all but I remember one dream when I had a three some with Oliver and Steven , it started off with me going to Stevens house no one was home I went upstairs and still I heard nothing I went to his room and went in and Oliver was sucking Stevens cock they both looked at me and said care to join in unison . It was too early to be thinking about this stuff I pushed back the covers and looked down , my cock was straining to get out of my briefs . I needed to get laid



“it’s over!” i wake up precisely at that line , that Oliver said to me , I do not believe in fortune telling or seeing the future in one’s dream but this was freaking me out , why .

“Steven, get up son time for school” I heard my dad

“dad can you ocome in” he opened the door and had on his suit

“do you have a minute” he sat on my bed

“what’s up?”

“I keep on having this dream , where Oliver tells me it is over , do you think he wants to break up with me”

“Steve, do you believe that after everything you two been through he wants to break up with you “ i shook my head no “when he is over here i see the way you two look at each other “

“you do?” he chuckled

“son, exactly you two are like the only people in the room, now go take a shower and get ready for school” he tussled my hair then left out my room closing the door , I loved my dad like this sure beats the old dad who hated me I guess it takes losing someone to understand how important they are to you

After I took my shower brushed my teeth got dressed I headed downstairs mom was putting on her jacket
Janie and Justin were eating at the table

“I finally have my family back” she hugged me kissing me all over my cheek

“mom stop it” Janie and Justin laughed

“bye mom” I rolled my eyes

“bye my loves” she left out the door, I sat down

“uncle Steven can you take me to party play land”

“you can’t go honey I don’t have any money” my sister said

“don’t worry I will take the little guy there”

“thanks” he got up and went upstairs Janie turned to me

“he loves his uncle Steven” I smiled “so have you told Oliver?” She continued

“no ,not yet but I am . You still wont make a move telling Cooper he has a son”

She looked spaced out , as if she wasn’t even listening to me

“hello, Janie, why wont you tell him”

She stood up , then looked at me she went upstairs I was almost out the door when she handed me this picture of her Justin and some guy

“who is that?” I asked

“the man who tried to kill me because I was going to leave him, he also thinks Justin is his son” I shook my head in Disbelief . This all just seem to make perfect since and with the dream, if I didn’t say something to Oliver he would think that I kept something from him and then he would want nothing to do with me .

“so I packed a few of my son things and came back here , he doesn’t know anything about the family all he knows is we arent there. I threw away my phone outside of my apartment building so he couldn’t track us , Steven I’m scared, what if he finds us. What if he harms Justin or you or mom or dad”

I hugged her she began to sob I hating seeing my sister so upset , I just hope he does not find my sister or my nephew because that could mean the whole family is in danger

“it’s okay , it will be alright” she told me the rest of the story then I left for school


When I finally got to school I was late as usual , I sat next to Amanda

“you look like a guy who has the weight of the world on your shoulders” I chuckled a little , I kind of felt like that guy to tell you the truth

“you have no idea, so you and josh” she looked at me nervously “look all I have to say is this , you hurt him and you’ll pay” she laughed nervously I chuckled

“relax I’m just kidding , but please don’t hurt him, he’s my best friend and I might have to pick sides and it will always be josh’s”

“I understand if I were you I would be the same way”

when class was over I went to my locker I felt a hand grab mine it was Oliver

“hello boyfriend” he kissed me , I was liking the free Oliver, who didn’t care what other people thought , and there were people who didn’t agree with us , not everyone would . Especially the girls they throw daggers at me with their eyes almost as if they are mad I am with the hottest boy in school.

“get a room you two” Tyler scowled as he walking pass

“can we talk in a more private setting?” he nodded yeah , we went outside the wind was getting strong as we were going into our last week of September , I sat on a bench he sat down beside me putting his arm around my shoulders I turned to face him

“it’s about my sister , Oliver you need to know that you have a nephew”

He looked at me weird

“what are you talking about” he looked at me then was thinking about something

“you mean Justin?” he concluded I nodded

“my sister told me that Cooper is his father , but that’s not all”

“what else”

“her ex boyfriend is this crazy psycho who wants them back but he abuses her , and the reason she left him is because he put his hands on Justin she couldn’t let him hurt her son so she packed and came back here without him knowing”

“just when our lives get simple something happens”

“are you mad at me , I mean I knew for a little while now. I just wanted to give my sister time to tell Cooper”

“come here” he hugged me and kissed me

“I’m not mad at you , I am happy you told me the truth , now Cooper has to find out”

“I have one more thing” I added he looked defeated

“what is it now?”

“I keep on having these dreams”

He laughed

“Are they about me” I nodded yes

“good because I have a lot of sexy dreams about you too” he started kissing my neck

“no , its not like that , the dream starts out okay but then at the end you tell me its over and I wake up every time”

He held my hand in his , I love his long slender fingers intertwined with mine

“I love you so much baby, you know that . It’s just a dream don’t read into it as much, and since we are sharing , I might as well tell you , my dad knows about us, he saw us holding hands on our special night “

“are you okay? I don’t see a bruise”

“yean I mean he didn’t harm me, but remember when I came in with sweets” I nodded yes

“well after I bought them I saw him with another women they kissed and were going out to dinner, I confronted him, and well we got into it , he slapped me, and told me if I told on him he would tell mom that I’m gay, but apart of me felt like a hypocrite for getting mad at him cheating because of what I did to you”

“you were struggling with your sexuality he is struggling to keep his mistress from his wife” I assured him

“that doesn’t change the fact that I am just like him, I was so scared that I didn’t care if sleeping with Amanda hurt you until I felt the effects of my actions.”

“you are not your father , you made a mistake we all do and I forgave you, maybe your dad will change” he shook his head no

“he wont , she isn’t the first women he has cheated with, and im sure she wont be the last , I just hate that my mom doesn’t know , and I hate that I have to be the one to tell her. this all sucks so much, I need too , I want a life with you I have to tell her that I‘m gay and that I love you”

“it wont be that bad , you’re her son and she loves you your dad loves you and I know cooper loves you , it will be okay” he half smiled our nose touched this guy always gives me Goosebumps , the late bell rung we got back to class

At lunch time

Josh and Amanda were kissing , it was strange because well it just seemed off on so many levels , I would have never though those two would get together but it happened

“this kind of feels weird and uncomfortable” Oliver whispered in my ear

“oh your not the only one feeling that way” they parted and saw us and a few other people staring both turned a bright red

“great show” I began clapping josh punched me on my arm

“shut up dude” Tyler sat down next to Josh

“so what’s new” he asked

“why are you here?” Oliver stated rudely

“because Steven is my friend , Josh is my friend and Amanda is my friend , and you are not my friend so you seem to be the only one with a problem” they were staring at each other . I noticed Tyler’s hair was straightened and cut ,instead of his usual curls his hair looked more blonder he was smoking but he had nothing on Oliver , I know I am being Bias but hey Oliver means the world to me . So

“how about we all play nice , Steven is the reason for this tension we all know but Tyler get over it , Oliver and Steven love each other . He forgave the both of you , I know you just wonder how he could forgive the both of you but still be with Oliver, he is his first love , Nothing really compares to that , sure you can find it again and if you can then that’s great . But It’s not Oliver’s fault its no one’s”

Some wisdom words from Amanda I never thought I see the day Josh wrapped his arm around her he kissed her on her forehead

“she’s right , I’m sorry Tyler I guess I didn’t give you a chance because you were the boy Steven got over me with , so you were the automatic enemy, I actually think your pretty cool” Tyler smiled they shook hands

“I’m sorry too, I know its over with me and Steve and I’ll respect what you guys have , it’s just kind of hard seeing you two together” he half smiled then stood up “I’ll go , you guys have a nice lunch”

“no you’re my friend I want you here” he smiled at me then looked at the others

“we all want you here man” Josh stated he sat back down . Mark , Spence and Devin came in together

“dude you have to send me a copy to that link” Devin said to Mark

“sure thing” they sat down

Mark looked at Tyler then Spence

“Tyler this is a first” Mark replied Tyler looked at Mark as if he had a third eye , I couldn’t really make out his initial thoughts

“hi I don’t think we officially met I’m Spencer” Tyler shook his hand

“Tyler Lawrence, so are you Marks new flavor of the month” I never seen Tyler this catty he definitely had an ax to grind with mark

“I’m actually his boyfriend”

Tyler mock laughed

“good luck with that , maybe you will be the one that breaks Mark in, we all know his Motto never fuck the same guy three times right” it was quiet at our table Mark looked at all of us then Tyler

“you were as much to blame for what went down , so don’t act like you were this innocent victim who I forced to have sex with you were more then willing”

“fuck you mark , Spencer sorry to tell you but he is damaged goods, and he will hurt you because Mark isn’t human” mark looked very upset

“Tyler I’m sorry okay for everything, why cant you just move on”

“sorry? , fine what we did to Steven was bad , but what about what you did to me, I guess no one knows that right but me an you , don’t worry I’ll keep it our little secret” Tyler stood up and left out I looked at Oliver he shrugged his shoulders , damn I hate when people speak in codes.

*Cooper *

Mom came in with Groceries

“For dinner , I am making Sheppard’s pie I know how much you and Oliver love it ” I smiled

“why are you going all out”

“because you are my family , speaking of when will you be returning to school”

“I think I want to stick around a little while longer before head to any college”

“that’s fine just don’t get sideswiped” the door opened and Owen came in

“mom I’m starved”

“go do your homework oh and Owen “ he turned she threw an apple he caught it

“not the kind of snack I had in mind” we both laughed he left out the kitchen

“ how did I end up with three boys , I always thought I have a daughter, maybe it isn’t too late, your father and I still love each other”

I hated not telling Mom the truth but if I did it could hurt Oliver and I didn’t want Mom to find out that Oliver was gay through Dad . It would not be right

“yeah” was all i could say.

Later on Oliver came home , he looked upset I went upstairs with him we went in his room Owen was laying on Oliver’s bed watching WWE

“get the hell out Owen”

“okay , you don’t have to yell”

“wait I think you should tell Owen he isn’t a kid m he’s our brother”

“yeah tell me, I’m ten I know a lot” we both laughed

“Okay ,Owen I’m…”

“your gay, I know”


“ I’ve been sneaking under your bed to try to get something incriminating against you , and once I heard you talking to Steven, that boy you called sexy on the phone , and then I heard you say you loved him too , so I put two and two together “ we both looked at him

“first, creepy much and second how do you feel about Oliver being gay” josh asked

“you know Coop and your still his brother , so I know and I still love you Oliver, I cant stand you most of the time but I love you” we smiled and I hugged him cooper got in on the hug

“okay fags, no more free fills” we grabbed him and slammed him on my bed and started tickling him

“okay stop I’m going to pee stop”



At dinner

The three of us went downstairs ,when mom called us we sat in our usual seats mom had dinner on the table

“Mom you have outdone your self”

“thank you Oliver , so what is new” I had to tell her what was up it was just that time

“now that you mention it mom, I have something to tell you, and you wont like it” I looked at dad her shook his head no

“Mom , im gay” she looked at me stoned face cooper rubbed my shoulders for support while Owen patted my back she looked at cooper and owen

“wait you two knew” they both nodded

“that’s not all , Dad is cheating on you I saw him with another women”

It was quiet she stood up and looked angry at me

“Get out , now” my mother shouted

“mom !, no where will he go” Cooper yelled

“I don’t know , but he is not allowed in this house, or near Owen”

“mom , he is my brother I don’t care if he is gay and neither should you” Owen yelled she looked at the three of us as if we were nuts

“get the hell out of this house Oliver now, I don’t believe you , you will not tear this family apart because you are a sinner” my mom continued I didn’t move my dad got up and grabbed me by my arm

“dad stop” Owen yelled, Cooper tried to stop him but Dad pushed him he dragged me to the door and opened it , he pushed me out the door and slammed it I was on the floor confused about what just happened I started crying

Cooper opened the door and helped me up I was crying so hard he hugged me

“she didn’t even believe me when I told her about Dad, where am I going to go” I asked

“I’ll put you in a hotel don’t worry brother , let me just get my wallet” he went back inside , this was my fight my struggle , he had done enough , I just went to my car and took off . I found myself in front of Stevens house . My life was just literally turned upside down and I should just leave that’s the only thing I could think of . I knocked on his door. Five minutes later he opened

“Oliver hey“ his smile faded when he saw my face “what’s wrong babe” I just broke down he grabbed me and held me

“ they kicked me out , I told them I was gay and they kicked me out I don’t have anywhere else to go”

“Steven what’s going on” we both turned and his parents were standing there

“I’m sorry, I should go” Steven grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house

“His parents kicked him out , because he is gay, mom dad he has no place to go”

They looked at each other then us

“Steven take Oliver up to your room , so we can talk” his dad said he grabbed my hand and we went into his room he hugged me kissing my neck , making feel wanted and loved when my own parents could give two shits about. We went over to his bed and sat down Steven didn’t let me go

“I don’t want to impose on your parents , I can just leave , my brother offered to put me in a hotel”

“no, your staying with us”

“what if your parents don’t go for it , then I’ll have to leave and..” we heard a knock on the door then it opened Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Came in

“we talked about it ,and you can stay with us , for as long as you like” my mom smiled

“but there will be rules, number one rule is respect , have respect for this house Oliver its your home now which means you and Steven will do chores , also we think it would be good if you two stayed together in this room. With that being said we will permit a lock on the door but do not take advantage of being in the same room together there are other people in here including a very impressionable little boy” we both nodded “oliver if you ever need anything you can ask don’t hesitate , you make out son happy and that’s all we want” Steven stood up and hugged his parents then they pulled me into the hugg

“it’s going to be okay” his mom kissed my forehead they soon left out

“thank god my sister and her son came back , because if they didn’t we wouldn't be sleeping together” he kissed the side of my cheek then whipped my tears

“I’m just a big baby”

“you’re my big baby don’t ever forget that” we kissed


I went and grabbed my wallet and car keys I left out but Oliver was gone I pulled out my cell he didn’t answer . I went back inside

“what is wrong with you people , he is your son”

“he is trying to destroy this family Cooper why cant you see that” my dad looked at me as if he wanted to say something but he never did, he knew Oliver was telling the truth

“so that’s it ,Oliver doesn’t exist anymore, some parents you are . It’s funny how Owen and I still love him no matter what but his own Parents cant” the doorbell rang I ran to the door hoping it was Oliver I opened it and Janie was standing there with her son

“Janie what are you doing here”

“can we talk it will only take a few minutes” I nodded she came in with Justin

“its kind of a bad time so if you can make it fast”

“um sure , Cooper remember five years ago when I left and I didn’t tell you why” I nodded

“its because I got pregnant with Justin and I knew how your family were and my family was all about Education”

“Janie what are you talking about” she was shaking and had tears

“Cooper I .., Justin is your son” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing , we heard a glass shatter we turned our heads and saw my mother looking at us

“what did you just say”

“I should go”

“you wont get a cent out of us , you or your bastard child”

She grabbed Justin hand and they left out

I still was in shock , was Justin really my son. How could she do this how could she keep him away from me.


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