Before and After Episode 22

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Before and After Episode 22

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Before and After
"Crazy how things work out"
Written by Tony

*Mark's POV*

When I was a little boy I was interested in Everything but what I wanted the most was my Parents love . Something I never got . The thing is . If you were to analyze me as a therapist you would most likely say I sleep around to fill a void in my life . Maybe that’s true maybe it isn’t I don’t know. But Right now . Things have changed I haven’t been on one date, I haven’t been looking for ass either . The last time I was with someone was with Adam in the Science lab and even then we didn’t have sex . I stopped him from making a mistake


I walked into Infer-red , god I was Hungry , School seem to always have that Effect on me
Lacey walked over to me , god she was a slut I thought as she flashed me a huge smile

“I cant wait to have you huge cock in my pussy again”

I rolled my eyes, who says that. oh i know Lacey Graham , she is like the Female me
she doesn't care all she wants is to get laid. at least i have an excuse . she doesn't her family are a close knit one who all love each other

“I fucked you like two years ago, I think you should move lace”

“even when we were freshmen you were good, I just want to know how well you can perform now”

“Lacey, I am a Raging Fag! , I love cock and man ass, when I was fucking you that was just a phase, that I am so over”

“maybe your bi’

“Lacey sweetie , the last girl I fucked was your best friend and that was almost two years ago. Trust me I don’t have any interest in girls I’m not bisexual or Bi-curious I am G-A-Y, okay”

“you don’t know what your missing” she paid for her smoothie and left out

I looked over and saw Spencer I walked over he looked up with a smile

“what are you doing?” I asked sitting down Spencer was too damn adorable his hair wasn't crop the way it always is like mine but tossed to the side his Eyes were so intense it made me want him even more

“just finishing up my homework why?”

I smiled at him he smiled back

“What?” he asked

“nothing , I just wanted to know if maybe you wanted to go out sometime . Nothing serious just you and me going out” he was about to open his mouth , god he was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen , actually Steven came in at number two

“hey” a girl came up to the table , he stood up and kissed her , I didn’t recognize her

“hey . Sit this is Mark, Mark this is Samantha ” I definitely had egg on my face

“Nice to meet you, um , I should go” I stood up

“you just got here”

“yeah, now I'm just leaving” I left out , I guess I deserved that. I finally like a guy and not just for sex and he got himself a girlfriend , I thought he was gay.

When I got home the house was Desolate as usual . How can you have one son and visit him one every year. They never really cared about me I was just a means and to my dad just someone to keep his name going , I sat down in the living room and turned on the T.V .Hard times of R.J Berger is on. how Appropriate

After the episode went off I Called everyone I knew to hang out . Steven couldn’t he had a big report to do. Oliver said he had family problems . Amanda was with her new boyfriend, Josh was with his new Girlfriend. I hadn’t seen Adam in a while I saw Tyler’s name I almost pressed talk but it would probably be a bad idea to call him.


Josh came over and hugged me tightly

“what the hell?”

“I’m in love dude”

“josh your nice and all but”

“not you fool” we both laughed

“come on up to my room I want details” we went up to my room

“she’s awesome , I never really noticed before”

“Who is she”

“you got to promise you wont say anything”

“I promise”

“it’s Amanda” he was smiling I was beyond shocked

“say something”

still I couldn’t , maybe because I thought him and Amanda was a bad idea . Josh is sexy as fuck something Amanda goes for . But Josh what I call a hopeless romantic he falls fast and it sucks when a girl breaks his heart . Because I have to be the one to pick up the pieces

“Josh , you know my history with Amanda I just want you to be happy”

“what are you saying that Amanda cant make me happy”

“no, just be careful you’re my best friend and I love you and I just want you to be happy. Just be careful” he half smiled I hugged him

“what’s that for” he asked

“for being you. I am just so happy we are all in a good place . I have my guy , you have your girl , Spence is dating some girl from our School , Ben and Megan are still together . And surprisingly Mark is focusing on football and school and not hot boys

“wait ,Spencer is straight?”

“Spencer is Bi, he likes he likes and right now it’s a girl, but I just knew he and mark would hit it off . I think Mark likes him as in a long term relationship but Spencer clearly doesn’t “

“I guess that’s Karma”

“yeah, but I really want to see Mark happy I know he didn’t have the families that we have growing up I want him to feel loved”

There was knock on my bedroom door Tyler came in

“what the hell Tyler you just let yourself in other peoples houses”

“Steven , please I am not in the mood” he slumped down on my bed

“what happened?” I asked he sighed

“I met this dude and he was great until his boyfriend caught him with me . I don’t know I thought he would be the one , boy was I wrong he was just cheating

“I’m sorry” he half smiled

“I guess that’s what I deserve . So what are you two boys doing tonight”

“what did you have in mind” Josh asked

“I was thinking maybe a movie or something , unless you have something planned” he looked specifically at me

“i have to Finish this report”

"dude it's Friday. do it tomorrow"Josh said closing my text book

"okay, but i told Mark i was doing the report i dont want him to think i just bailed on him" Tyler rolled his eyes

“Who cares what mark thinks, so Steven where’s your other half” Tyler asked rolling his eyes again , i swear one day they will get stuck like that

“ he is at his house , you know where he lives , just because we are boyfriends doesn’t mean we have to spend every waking minute together , we both have our own stuff going on”

“so movie tonight and then maybe pizza at little Italy”Tyler got excited I nodded yes so did Josh


*Spencer POV*

"Hey you"

Mark was in his front yard racking the leaves he looked up at me standing on the other side of his fence

“what are you doing here?”

“why did you leave mark?”

“you came all the way to my house to ask me why I left the stupid diner”

“yeah, I consider you a friend”

“don’t Spencer, we aren’t really friends” he put the leaves in a plastic bag

“why are you so pissed” I asked knowing the answer but I wanted to hear it from him

“I’m not pissed , just stupid I guess. Whatever”

I opened the gate of the fence and walked in his front yard and up to him

“your upset because of Samantha aren’t you” he didn’t say anything

“I have leaves to rack” I grabbed his hand he looked at me

“tell me how you feel, mark”

“I don’t fee anything”

“how do you expect anything real if you don’t put out anything real that’s all I am saying Mark . Your looking for a relationship .but you cant even tell me what your feeling” it was quiet , I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out he looked at me for a second then shook his head in Disbelief

“I’ll see you around Mark” I walked out of his yard and down the block



Mom you home?”

I walked into the family room my father was sitting there with a newspaper he closed it

“mom you home?, maybe we should have sent you to private school , Oliver try saying mom are you home”

“Where’s my mother” I asked annoyed

“out , have a seat son , I feel like I don’t get to talk to you anymore”

“that’s because I don’t want to talk to you”

“I am your father”

“and you’re a cheater too”


“I saw you , I saw you with that women , who wasn’t mom, you had your hands all over her kissing her . Your scum” he slapped me I stumbled back

“you tell your mother about this I will do more then slap you”

“fuck you!” I yelled Cooper ran in

“what’s going on?”

“your brother is in needs of a major adjustment, clearly he does not know how to be Respectful or have tact for that matter”

“if you ever put your hands on me again I will kill you”

he laughed

“is that a promise son”

“okay , alright” cooper said he grabbed me and we both left out the room closing the door

We went upstairs to my bedroom Cooper closed the door

“hey what the hell happened”

“I saw him with another Women and I told him I saw him , we got into words
And he slapped me”

“what were you doing in town”

“I took Steven some place nice,we had a good time and ended up staying at a hotel”

“oh I bet you did have a good time brother”

“shut up, what are we going to do”

There was knock on the door my father walked in

“one more thing, just like you saw me I saw you and that boy you were with , Steven I believe his name is holding hands walking down the street like that is normal , breath one word and your mother finds out her son is a queer, I’ll see you boys for dinner” he smiled then left out

Cooper rubbed my shoulders

“don’t worry , you have me you know that” he hugged me , I cried into
His shoulder . How could my dad be so cruel

“listen to me , right now we have to make dad feel like he won, and I know it will be tough especially lying to mom but we have no choice right now , unless you want to come out to mom on your own”

“I don’t know Cooper , I guess I should but I know mom she wont take it well”

“she wont take dad seeing another women well either but at some point we have to tell her”

He was right . I would tell mom soon, so she could know what kind of man she married”


Since the house was Empty I decided to go get take out , I just hated sitting at home alone. I decided on Chinese . I ordered on the phone and drove my car to get it , another Friday alone I thought as I rode into town and parked my car I went in and paid for my order they handed me my bag of food and I left out that’s when I saw Spencer and Samantha they were laughing I just decided to walk by them and that I did

“Mark?” I kept walking

“hey Mark!” I heard Spencer yelling they were out on a date

About two blocks away Spencer caught up to me

“what, I told you I have no feelings I am as cold as ice” he smiled I opened my car door and sat the food in back seat of my Mercedes

“no your not. What do you feel”

“okay, I like you Spencer more then anyone I ever met , I don’t know its something about you, I don’t know this feeling , I never felt this way , I'm confused I guess because I don’t see you as a quick fuck I see you as someone I can hug and hold and I can let hold me , and kiss my eye lids I don’t know what i'm talking about” he had a huge Grin on his face

“that’s all I wanted to hear silly” he moved closer and kissed me gently on the lips , we were both about 6 ft 2 so we saw eye to eye

I moved away

“what about Samantha”

“she’s cool but she isn’t my girlfriend, we kind of established we have nothing in common ,so we decided to be friends and she isn’t my type”

“who’s your type”

“um a cute guy with sparkling baby blues and a sexy smile”

“so I have all this Chinese food do you want to come over and have dinner with me , just dinner and maybe some Cable that’s all”

“I would love too, but I have to take care of something first” he walked down the two blocks and I could see he was talking to Samantha they talked for five minutes she hugged him and walked away, he came back to me.

“All better” he smiled

“a lot better” we got in my car and I drove to my house , Chinese food with a boy that i think i can actually be in a relationship with(Priceless).


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