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New: College Bound Episode 12

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College bound: “Now Face the Consequences”
Written by Tony


Today was a good day i thought right before i opened my eyes when i did open my eyes i saw my father sitting in a chair in my room

"Dad what are you doing here?”

I asked as I sat up and looked at my dad

“ you should clean up your mom is downstairs”

he stood up and turned to leave I got up and took a shower, I got dressed and went downstairs , some of my brothers were telling mom and dad some stories about what’s been happening with the charter. As soon as I sat down they left to give me and my folks some privacy

“so , I notice the other guy Eric isn’t around where is he” dad asked

“Eric isn’t a pledge anymore he quit” I stated

“figures he wasn’t our material anyways” I rolled my eyes at that

“dad , he wanted to focus on school , can you stop being so negative all the time”

dad was about to lay into me but luckily my mom stopped him

“you two need to stop this , all you ever do is argue , I just came to spend some quality time with my son, why can’t you just let me do that , the both of you?” we both nodded


I was dead tired after I spent last night writing a paper , I slept though two classes I got to my room and stripped completely naked and went to sleep , when I woke up I felt someone laying next to me , it was Stefan he was sleeping as well I looked at the clock six hours passed . I moved and he woke up

“hey you”

he kissed me on the lips I ran my fingers through his hair as our lips met

“Eric um , I want to try something um” he pulled the covers back and kissed down my body sucking and licking every part he possibly could Until I felt his mouth on my penis I wasn’t expecting this and not from him

He sucked me like there was no tomorrow , I ran my hands through his blond hair I felt my balls twitch

“I’m going to cum” he sucked harder

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” I came in his mouth he was swallowing my seed my dick went flat he came back to my level and kissed me I would taste my self on his tongue

“what was that for” I asked

“for working really hard. Now get some rest” and I did, when I woke up Stefan was gone so were his books he had class . I was starving. I got out of bed and out on my sneakers and left out as I walked to to the cafeteria I thought About Stefan and what he did , that boy really does aim to please

“hey you” Landon bumped my shoulders with his he was held a toothy grin

“why are you so happy” I asked as we walked

“my parents wanted to do some shopping so I have a few hours to kill, and I thought why not have lunch with my favorite pal in the world” I looked around

“okay , have fun” I started to walk away he grabbed my hand

“I was talking about you doofus” we both laughed

“where should we go?”

“um, how about Tuckers Grill”

“sounds good , should I go back to my room to get some money or are you treating”

“you know I’m going to treat” I felt weird like someone was watching me , but I didn’t see anyone

We arrived at tuckers grill and took a seat the waiter came over

“what can I get you cuties today” she said in a British accent we both looked over the menu

“ I want a bacon cheddar cheese Burger , with onion rings and a Coke”

“okay luv, what about you”

“um wow I’ll have the same , why not get a heart attack together” he laughed

“shut up” he retorted

She walked away to put in our orders

“so how are things with you and Ashlee”

“I don’t know , I just think we aren’t Compatible anymore you know.”

“yeah , i get it . Maybe there is another women out there for you, ”

“maybe” he starred at me longer then he probably should have “so are you seeing anyone”

“yeah I am . It’s in the beginning stages but I like him and he likes me”

“oh, who is he”

“I shouldn’t say right now . Because he isn’t out or anything we are taking things slow. The right way I guess”

“that’s cool”

“well , if you need help getting rid of Ashlee I’m your man” Landon rolled his eyes with a laugh

“okay Mr. Mafia”

about fifteen minutes later our food was delivered to our table and we ate , talking about Various things . Once we finished Landon paid the bill and we left . After we got back to campus we parted ways and as I walked back to my Dorm , Ashlee came out of nowhere

“Stay away from Landon” Ashlee yelled at me I was taken back by this people were looking at us

“Landon is my friend” she pushed me

“I said stay away from him, or you‘ll deal with me”

“you are crazy , you seriously need some kind of help” she slapped me

“what was that for?”

“I am warning you faggot”

“sorry but I will not stay away from Landon, you do not own him”

“then suffer the consequences” she walked away what the hell did she mean suffer the consequences


After lunch with Eric we walked back to campus and I had two classes after they got out I called Ashlee but she didn’t pick up . I think it was time we talked. I went to the frat house and up to my room I got to my room and found Ashlee on the floor there was blood her face was bruised I rushed to her

“Ashlee what happened” she opened her eyes

“Eric, Eric did this to me “ I couldn’t believe what she was saying how could Eric do this, he isn’t even violent , why would he do something like this”

“he said that he cared about you and that I was no good for you, that he was going to get Rid of me” I stared at her. And remembered something from Lunch

Flashback: “well , if you need help getting rid of Ashlee I’m your man” I rolled my eyes with a laugh

“okay Mr. Mafia”
I pulled my phone out and called the Police .


Danny and I were in the quad watching a movie

“this is so corny” Danny said I laughed

“want something from the vending machine” I asked

“yeah , um a bag of Doritos” I nodded okay and got up I went over to the vending machine I notice two cops walk over to a guy and they were talking to him, then he pointed to me they walked over to me

“Eric Jonhston?” a officer said

“yeah that’s me” I stated

“your under arrest for the Assault of Ashlee Graham” they put handcuffs on me

Danny rushed over

“Eric what’s going on” Danny asked

“I don’t know they said I assaulted Ashlee, I never even touched her, she slapped me” I stated

“Be calm , I’ll get a lawyer for you” Danny said they took me out of the dorms with handcuffs on everyone was looking at me when we were finally outside I saw Landon he was standing there he looked angry

“How could you Eric!”

“I didn’t do anything” I stated

“tell that to my girlfriend you are not a man you know that, I thought you were just joking but you weren’t you were serious of getting rid of her” I put my head down

“ I didn’t do this”

“whatever , you are Evil more like a piece of Trash. Stay away from me and Ashlee” he said walking away

The Officers put me in the back of the cop car people had come out and was looking at me I didn’t do anything and I was beyond humiliated

They held me in central bookings in a cell , there were three guys in there , how could she do this to me I did nothing wrong , she just was jealous over Landon , and I haven’t even flirted with him not once this semester. I was scared felt lonely

“what are you in for” the man next to me asked I ignored him

“you can tell me”

I ignored him. This went on for almost two hours

“kid you made bail , but don’t leave out this jurisdiction”

a cop came and opened the cell, I walked out , and into the main office

“Kid , Ashlee put out a restraining order against you , and your school is doing an ongoing investigation , what that means is , you are not aloud on campus until we solve this , so how does it feel to beat on a women” I stood there almost in tears

“I didn’t touch her,” I said

“sure you didn’t touch her that’s what they all say”

“Eric!” I saw Stefan and Danny I walked away from the cop and we left out

“are you okay” he asked

“no, why is she trying to ruin my life” he hugged me

“I believe you” he kissed me and hugged me

“ I believe you too , I know you Eric and I know you don’t have one bad bone in your body, Stefan and I Put some money together to bail you out” I smiled at them

“thank you both so much, Ashlee is Crazy when you approached me when I got back from lunch with Landon she was sayin to stay away from him and I said no I wont then she said you will face the Consequences”

We got into Stefan’s car

“so she did this to get you out of the picture” Danny said

“I guess , she thinks I want her boyfriend but I don’t, she is crazy and now I cant go back to school , because of a pending investigation I have no where to go” I stated

“ I’ll help you, I can put you in a hotel for a few weeks okay no worries I’ll take care of you “

Stefan put me in a really nice hotel and I was allowed to finish classes online this was humiliating , Danny came and visited me and so did Rick, he said he had my back and hugged me two weeks had passed and I heard nothing . I was getting to a point where I just wanted to go back to New York and forget about this all. But if I ran I would look Guilty and I was not Guilty . Excuse my language but that bitch was lying on me. And everyone except Stefan , Danny and Rick believed me .


When I got home , my father was sitting in the den I walked in

“I heard what that boy did to your girlfriend, how do you feel”

“like crap I thought I knew Eric”

“they are all alike son, they beat women and sell drugs and are lazy people . My father called them good for nothing niggers”

“Dad stop! We don’t talk like that here”

“He hurt your girl”

“and I called the Police , they took care of it so it’s over”

“Good for you son, put him in the cage where he belongs”

“why do you hate black people dad . Why are you so ignorant”

He looked at me not angry I couldn’t place the look

“ I don’t hate black people, I loved someone a long time ago and she broke my heart okay.”

he stood up and walked away . I was just too confused right now to even process what he was talking about .

Will Eric prove his innocence

Will Landon find out the truth

Who was it that broke Landon’s father heart

And what else will Ashlee get away with

More on the next College Bound


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