College Bound Episode 10

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College Bound Episode 10

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College Bound Episode 9

College bound
Written by Tony


I walked into the Newspaper room at school , Rick handed me a list "what's
this" I asked "this is what your job entails" I looked over the list get
coffee , dry cleaning who did he think he was , this isn't even a real news
paper "you have got to be kidding me , what am I a assistant" I asked "Um
yeah, Why are you so pissed at me" I was getting annoyed "I see you found
replacements" I stated he smiled "yup , that's chase , he will be covering
school sports , Melody , everything that's hot , electronics , websites
clothes you name it, " then there's Paul , he will be doing the hot spots
for college kids and we are yet to fill the student development spot" he
looked at me " I know I'm not qualified Rick , you don't have to remind me
, I'm just the person you can walk all over because its convenient for you"
I turned to leave "that's not true" he said turned around "yeah it is , I
showed you what I can do and it was a hell of a lot better then the last
person with that spot but you just wont give it to me, you rather I do the
job you think is best suited for me" the newbie's began to look Rick looked
embarrassed "that's not it Eric" I scuffed "don't worry master , I'll get
your coffee and dry cleaning and I'll even clean the gutters." I said
sarcastically leaving out. I was just passed that he could hire this new
staff and want me to be some kind of assistant , not that there's anything
wrong with it , but I completed the last issue with my article of student
like , and people actually liked it. As I stormed off to get his dry
cleaning , I bumped into Landon "hey , what's wrong" he grabbed my arm
"nothing I'm good ," he looked at me "no your not come sit for a minute" I
sat telling him about what was going on "are you sure, I mean do you think
its because of that?" he asked " I don't know I didn't mean it , I just was
angry , all these new people coming in and moving up and I have to pick up
dry cleaning and coffee" he half smiled "well I have time to kill how about
I be a assistant to an assistant" I laughed so did he "you don't have too"
I replied "I want to , you're my friend" I nodded

(Danny )

After a very trying two weeks I was getting caught up school was draining
me literally and not seeing Eric was bad , I had to arrange for us to do
something I got to my room , Justin was at the desk intently reading his
textbook shirtless he looked up and smiled "are you okay" he laughed "no I
am not" I sat down he got up and be behind me on my bed "what are you
doing" I asked "Shh, just relax" he whispered he massaged my neck it felt
so good then felt him kiss my neck , sort of like small pecks ,I turned my
head and he was looking at me "hi there" his lips met mine his tongue was
trying to get in I opened my mouth even more so he could get it in , Damn I
was horny as hell , I was going through a major dry spell he broke the kiss
and came around he got on his knee's in front of me lifting my shirt and he
started kissing my stomach he moved up and sucked on my nipples I ran my
hands through his curly hair my dick was at full max with him. He reached
down and grabbed it through my shorts jerking me I let out a small moan and
he smiled he unzipped my zipper and stuck his hand in my shorts he pulled
my cock out "god Danny your like eight inches" he said stroking me "why is
it skinny guys always has the big cocks" he put his mouth around the head
and started sucking on it. I threw my head back because his mouth felt so
good he was driving me crazy I ran my fingers in my shaggy hair pulling it
back "suck it" I moaned he bobbed up and down he was unbelievable he then
released my cock out of his mouth and stood up and unbuttoned his
Abercrombie jeans they fell down to his ankles he stepped out of them and
was only in his boxers "this is where you stop me now" he had a smirk I his
face I looked at the tent in his briefs I reached over placing both hands
on each of his brief clad cheeks and pulled him close "who said anything
about stopping you" I pulled the elastic band down exposing his pubic hair
I slid it down further and his cock pushed out hit was hard and leaking I
looked up at him "its been a while since I got laid" I opened my mouth and
the head went in he placed his hands on my head and began controlling the
movements on his cock pushing in and out "oh man that feels great Danny" he
began to moan loudly "shit I'm going to cum dude stop" he pulled out and
jerked his cock "awwwww fuck" cum spurted out of his cock and onto my face
he collected himself and got me a towel and wiped it off he kissed me on
the cheek then got back down and put my cock back in his mouth he used his
hand to jerk me and suck at the same time "slow down or I'm gonna cum" he
didn't listen , I felt my balls tighten up "dude I'm going to cum" he kept
going and I exploded in his mouth "ohhhhhhhhh shit" I was panting like
crazy I laid back and closed my eyes I felt just release me , when I open
my mouth he was smiling "did you swallow?" I asked "yeah , god your tasty"
he laid down next to me and kissed me




"So I think we did everything on the list" I reminded Eric he smiled "you
really didn't have to run Errands with me" "I know I wanted to , so what's
going on with you , interested in anyone" I asked as we walked down the
street "um , no I'm just Having fun , I don't want to get all heavy in that
stuff , I think I want to keep my options open , who knows maybe I will
find the right guy that way" I nodded at that . As soon as we turned the
corner we bumped into Ashlee "so your shopping with him now?" she asked
kind of in a accusing way "what's the problem" I asked "you know how I feel
about him." Eric looked stunned "um I should go thanks" he took the four
coffees in the cup holder and left before I could tell him not too. "what
is wrong with you, Eric has never done anything to you" I yelled at her "he
is in your head , when we have sex , you say his name , I think you blurt
it out not knowing so , something is wrong with that , you say your not gay
but I just don't know about you anymore" she yelled back causing a scene
people were looking at us "I care about you but you are pushing it" "I'm
pushing it? Your in love with a guy who happens to be black I don't know
which one is the worst" I couldn't believe she just said that to me "you
know what I am going to walk away before I say something I'll regret" I
walked away she called my name but I kept walking.

I got back to the house and was still pissed at Ashlee , I went up to my
room only to find my ex Jessica sitting on my bed I was annoyed now "what
the hell are you doing in here" I asked "relax , I wanted to see how you
were" she smiled "I'm good, look I don't know why you are here but" she cut
me off "Landon I am dating Jeff Reno, the quarterback I'm not interested in
you like that anymore , I actually wanted to know about you and Eric, if
you two are you know" I frowned "Jessica I'm not with Eric , I am with
Ashlee your sorority sister but you knew that" I folded my arms "come on
Ashlee is a bag of crazy , I'm telling you , she was almost kicked out of
the charter for stalking a guy in her freshman year but she quote on quote
changed, be careful Landon , wouldn't want a fatal Attraction on your hands
now would you" "Jessica , Ashlee is as crazy as you and you are plenty
crazy , she isn't like that trust me I know her" "so did her high school
boyfriend but where is he , right he disappeared" she got up "Landon I
didn't come here to start trouble all I am saying is ,watch yourself and
Eric, you are different when you are around him a good different it wont
take her long to see that , and he will be in trouble" "why isn't she in
jail if she did all of those things" "because there is no prove silly , I
keep close eye on her all the time. You need to as well" she ;left out , it
was like a horror movie , it started off good and ended up bad by the end
of the day.


I walked into the journalism office and handed Rick his dry cleaning and
coffee's "there you go" I said walking away "Eric wait can we talk" he said
I nodded yes we went into his little office "about earlier I had no idea
you thought that about me" I didn't say anything " it really hurt me to
here you say that mainly because im not like that , I never been racist or
thought of you as the help or anything like that , I just didn't want to
give you a position you didn't work hard for" I was listening "how do you
know those guys worked for their positions, because they told you , let me
guy they were in charge of their high school Newspaper or maybe they own
their own blogs" he starred at me "that's exactly what they said" Rick
stated " I could have said that too I was going to actually but I thought I
just be upfront and tell you I didn't have a lot of experience and that I
was willing to learn , but you rather take the words from people you know
absolutely don't know how they will do?" he nodded "your right I'm sorry "
he put his hand on mine we looked at each other he smiled I pulled my hand
away "So , I guess you'll be writing about student life each week then" "
are you sure I don't want you to give this to me because you think I am
twisting your arm" he smiled "no one can twist my arm I could have easily
fired you , but I did love your first article so" I turned to leave "Eric
topic for next weeks edition is Sex in college can you handle that" he
asked "of course" he laughed.


"I have to tell Eric he wont forgive me" I was pacing back and forth "why?,
its not like we are together , I'm free your free, who cares what Eric
thinks" I gave him a death stare " I care, he's my best friend , I care
about Eric and if he cant forgive me I don't know what I will do" Justin
came close I backed away "Justin I have to tell him" I left out my room and
went to his, I got to his door and knocked no one answered "what's up" I
turned and I behind me smiling "I have to talk to you" "okay" he opened his
door with his key and we went inside "sorry Stefan is a slob" I sat on
Stefan bed he sat on his "what's up" Eric looked at me "I betrayed you , I
slept with Justin" I began to sob actual tears "I'm so sorry, please don't
stop being my friend" he looked at me and then burst out laughing I stopped
crying "what's so funny" I asked " Danny I don't care" he laughed "you
don't?" I asked "no , he isn't my boyfriend , you know what he can do , so
I don't need to warn you , just be careful with him" he got up and sat next
to me pulling me into a hug, I hugged him back "we will always be best
friends Danny" I smiled to myself.

*Dreams are only Dreams When you do nothing about them.


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