Before and After Episode 21

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Before and After Episode 21

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Before and After
“Turn of Events”
Written by : Tony


I was the happiest guy in the world . Everything seem to fit in place I got out of my bed and looked out my window , the leaves were falling from the trees and outside looked beautiful with the red ,orange and brown leaves everywhere. It was Saturday morning I wondered how my boyfriend was sleeping or if he was awake, I walked out of my room and downstairs I went to the kitchen Cooper was eating breakfast I sat down

Cooper looked at me

“what is going on with you”

“Steven and I are back together , life is just great”

“I like seeing you happy , but unfortunately I’m not”

“what! Why?”

“Remember the Red head ,well she is a psycho , Apparently it’s creepy that I have a box of my old girlfriends things in my Closet

“That’s like me having Amanda’s things in my closet and Steven finding them or me finding Tyler’s things in Steven’s closet . Dude never keep your Ex’s stuff it creates problems

“I know , it’s just she was the only girl I’ve ever loved

“really , why haven’t I heard of her”

“Janie Mitchell , she had flowing brown hair and Hazel eyes she was gorgeous” I stopped pouring my Cereal

“um Janie Mitchell?”

“yeah , One look at those Eyes and you would just melt”

“um, you never met Steven have you” I asked he shook his head no , I was wondering was this girl Steven’s sister , i know he has one but I never seem her .


I came into the kitchen so happy I could hardly contain it mom and dad were sitting drinking coffee and eating breakfast dad was reading the New york times I sat he lowered the paper and he and mom were looking at me kind of crazy

“Steven , did you drink? are you on that stuff”

“mom , for the last time I am not on that stuff , I don’t do drugs I’m just in love”

They both smiled

“who’s it this time” my dad asked

“it’s Oliver, we got back together”

“what ? Steven are you nuts after he slept with that girl . You really want to take him back”

“mom , we were younger couldn’t think clear. He’s grown up so have I and we want to give it a go again”\

“I don’t agree with it Steven , he is no good , your just like those people who keep going back to Cheaters , if your father ever cheated on me , it would be over”

“thank god I love you, and haven’t” my father added

“Marie , it’s Steven Decision , he is a bright young man and they love each other , lets not be our parents “

“My parents loved you”

“they hated me , as did my mother hate you , you were a how did she say it “a Devil in Sheep’s skin”

“what , I thought she liked me”

“she didn’t but she came around because she knew I would marry you and love you forever” they both smiled at each other then they kissed

“okay with the PDA.” they laughed . , as soon as I was about to put waffles on my plate there was a knock on the door

“ I got it” I went to the door and opened it , Tyler was standing there Sweating with a shirt that didn’t have any sleeves

“you know , it’s Cold out , you’ll get sick”

“who knew you still care” I kept quiet

“I just wanted to give you back your Dish , tell your mom her Lasagna was awesome my family loved it”

“okay” I went to shut the door but he stopped me and leaned in and kissed me on my forehead he pulled back

“crazy how we are next door neighbors right”

“yeah Crazy, and keep your lips to yourself Tyler” he smiled and walked away I shut the door I went back in the kitchen

“it was Tyler , he said his family loved the lasagna , why did they have to move next door , why not down the street or another state”

“do you still love Tyler”

“ I care about him, but I love Oliver”

“then forget about the past , try to be friends” the doorbell rung again

“ im already up , you two stay there” it better not be Tyler again I thought , I opened the door and the fall Air rushed in on me and there standing was my Sister , she smiled

“Missed me”

“mommy it’s Cold” I looked down to a little boy he had brown hair and our trademark Hazel eyes”

“what?” she laughed I moved to the side they came in

“mom, Dad , Special Delivery” I yelled

“Steven you don’t have to yell” dad stated I turned and saw them standing there , we were
all in the Foyer just looking at one another

“mom dad hi”

“Janie , what are you doing here. It’s been five years. And you show up”

“mommy I’m hungry”

“what? Who is that little boy”

“he’s my son the one that everyone wanted me to get rid of , Five years ago”

“so you didn’t leave to go to school, you left to hide the fact that you were having that
child” my mother asked

“hey buddy I’m your uncle Steven, how about we go eat the most Awesome Breakfast ever”

“yay “ he grabbed my hand and we went into the kitchen I fixed him a plate and he sat down and began eating , he looked Familiar I mean I know he looks like us but someone else .but who. My cell rung I went and answered it


“hey babe I’m on my way to your house”

“great, but I have to warn you , it’s crazy over here”

“what’s going on”

“a lot , but I cant wait to see you”

“I cant wait to see you either, so come outside I just pulled up”

I stood up “Hey I’ll be back”

“okay” he said eating his waffles I went in the foyer to my parents and my sister Arguing

“will you guys stop arguing there’s a little kid in there who can here everything “ I opened the door Oliver was standing there I closed the door behind me he kissed me I pulled him into me we broke the kiss

“why are you here” I asked

He waved to the car . Someone got out of the car he came over he looked like Oliver

“this is Steven my boyfriend” he looked at me then at the house then back at me

“you look just like her” Cooper said I looked at Oliver questioning what he was talking about

The door opened

“uncle Steven I’m finished” the little boy came outside

“hey buddy it’s kind of cold . Go back inside . Tell your mom I’ll be in , in a sec”

“okay” he went back inside

“uncle Steven?” Oliver questioned

“Apparently my sister , you know Janie she had a kid five years ago no one knew about Crazy huh”

“Janie?” Cooper stated the door opened Janie stood there she looked at the three of us

“Cooper ? “ she looked as if she saw a ghost

“It’s been so long” he smiled at her ,

She looked at Oliver

“and this is my little brother” she looked at us holding hands

“he’s my boyfriend” I added

“Boyfriend? , so you are gay I always could tell. Oliver you’re a hunk

“yeah he is, um what is my nephew name”

“Justin” she added

“good to know, so Lets go talk Oliver” I grabbed his hand and went inside the house, mom and dad were sitting with Justin in the kitchen and we went up to my room he sat on my bed I sat down next to him

“I am so horny” I said leaning in I nibbled at his ear he looked at me

“ I am too, I want to be with you, but we have a house full of people” Oliver added

“well there’s nothing wrong with cuddling right”

“right” he took off his shoes and jacket and laid down on my bed i laid down beside him . He put his head on my chest I wrapped my arms around him

“you think , we’ll be together forever Steven? , you know like those old people who been together for like fifty years

“ I don’t know I do know that I love you and you love me and all we can do is live for today”

“ I like that answer” I ran my fingers through his hair

“Steven stop that’s making me so hard”

“all I’m doing is touching your hair”

“ I know but your diving me crazy . I want to be intimate with you we haven’t been Intimate since we got back together”

“ I know”

“ I want to explore everything with you. Hey I have an idea ”


He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number

“hi want to make reservations for tonight around seven , yes table for two something intimate… yes that would be great put it under Oliver Greyson……okay take care”

I looked at him weird

“wear something nice , maybe those tight Levi’s you use to wear and I want to take you out tonight”


“yes , I want to take my boyfriend out for an awesome dinner, just you and I . it will be perfect, I have to get home to change I will be back to pick you up okay” I nodded in agreement

He kissed me and left out my room . I went over to the window and saw Oliver and Cooper leave I laid on my bed with a smile i heard a knock on the door then Janie came in

“wow I should be proud of you , taking after me” she sat on my bed

“what are you talking about”

“I use to date Cooper in high school. We had some wild times and now your dating his younger brother”

“wait that was five years ago is he Justin’s Father” she didn’t say anything

“oh my god he is , which mean Oliver and I are his uncles”

“you cant tell Oliver about this , I don’t want Cooper to know”

“he is my boyfriend and I cant keep something like this from him , he will be angry if I don’t tell”

She folded her arms and rolled her eyes

“come on , stop being selfish,”

“I finally got Oliver back and I wont lose him for anyone not even my sister who I haven’t seen in five years , and if anyone is selfish it’s you for depriving a guy of his child. I wont tell Oliver tonight but I cant promise anything tomorrow. You need to tell Cooper or Oliver will” I got up and went to my closet to get ready for my date

Later Oliver came back i got into his car

"you look nice" he smiled

"you look good yourself Steve" he kissed me

We went to a nice Restaurant, nothing to Stuffy but just right , we ate talk laughed had dessert then we left

"i have one more surprise" we held hands and walked down the street

"okay" he took out blindfolds and put them over my head

"what are you doing Ollie"

"Just Trust me" we walked and i heard a door open. we went inside and walked down what i assumed was a hallway , and then i heard a ding , it sounded like an elevator i heard the door opened . we walked through and down another hallway

“what is this place?” I asked Oliver, he took off the blindfold and smiled as he swiped the Key card. The door opened and we entered one of the most beautiful enormous hotel rooms I think I ever seen

“this is our Romantic Getaway” there were rose petals on the bed , Strawberries , Champagne on ice.

“this is kind of gay” I said we both laughed

“well this is what people in love do so go with it okay” I nodded yes

We both walked over to the bed and sat down

“I got us something , and I hope you like it”

“Oliver I don’t want a gift , I didn’t even get you anything”

“I know but it’s for both of us” he reached in his pocket and pulled out two rings

“What are those”

“Promise Rings, I promise never to hurt you again Steven”

“you cant Promise that Oliver , there are many different ways of hurting someone. And you may not even realize you doing it”

“okay smart aleck , let me rephrase that I will do my damn best to never hurt you , I am yours Steven and only yours”

I smiled so did he

“yeah that sounds about right”

He took my hand and placed the ring on my index finger I did the same with his then we kissed

“does this mean we are going Steady” Oliver laughed

“what?” I asked

“Steady , I don’t even think our parents used that word. Its so ancient”

“I guess I watch a lot of old television shows, so”

“of course, we are goin Steady which means you have to wear my Varsity Jacket, as well silly” he rubbed my chin

“total Cliché of going out with a jock , I love it , I love you”

“ I love you too” I placed my hand on the button of his shirt and unbuttoned it

“I think we waited long enough to make love” he put his hand on mines

“are you sure Steven , I don’t want to rush you , I’ll respect if you want to wait”

“yes , I am sure I never been more sure about anything in my life I want to be with my Boyfriend”

I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt he took it completely off exposing his Chiseled chest I began to rub up and down his chest feeling every line and formation that was there I took his pinkish brownish nipple between my fingers they were stiff I leaned in and sucked the left one I heard a moan come out of his mouth I knew I was making him feel good and that was my adjective . I then move to the right nipple and did the same I felt his long fingers on the back of my neck , he then stopped me and took off my shirt he ran his fingers on my chest

‘wow , Steven your really bulking up, you got Pecs now” I must have turned a beat red when he said that

‘hey don’t be embarrassed you look really good before and you look extra good now”

I stood up and removed my jeans he did the same I was in my stripped Boxers he was in his all white CK Briefs his warm arms wrapped around me pulling me close our chest touching . He lead me to the bed he laid down I did the same and we just seem to look at each other

“are we just going to lay here and look at each other?” I asked

“I love looking at you , touching your body” I smiled then reached down and Touch his hardness though his white cotton briefs he moaned at the touch of my fingers he reached down and grabbed my cock it was sticking out the hole of my boxer

“let me show you how much I love you handsome”

he slid down my body , Oliver placed his strong hands on the elastic of my boxers and slid them off of me , y cock slapped back hitting my stomach he wrapped his hand around my shaft massaging it , Oliver looked into my eyes and smiled then he opened his mouth engulfing my cock in his hot moist mouth.

he turned me over I felt his lips kiss my neck then my back he slowly was going down I felt his lips on my ass then I felt him rub it , what was he doing I thought , I felt him spread my butt then I felt his warm breath against my hole making me bucker that’s when I felt something I had never felt in my life a tongue on my hole I began to shiver with Oliver’s tongue diving into me from down there , where the hell did he learn this from ,

“Ol…Oliver whattt!!! Are you do .. Doing”

“It’s called Rimming baby relax enjoy it”

he wrapped his arms around my thighs pulling me back onto his face he was using his tongue forcefully

“oh god I need you inside of me right now Oliver” Oliver stood up and got a condom he put it on and lubed his cock I turned over on my back he got on his knees on the soft mattress and I felt his cock head on my hole

“you ready Steven”


Oliver slid his cock into me , my body shook and Goosebumps surged on my skin, i lifted my leg higher so he could get better access to my hole he began to pump into me , i think this was my favorite position, i could look and see the pleasure on his face

"Ahhh fuck baby you feel so damn good!"

Oliver lifted my leg higher and wrapped his hand around my ankle he went all the way inside me and looked down at me.

"I love you so much"

"I Love you too Oliver"

he bent down and kissed me , I wrapped my arms around his neck as he thrust in me hard


he stopped from my yell

"keep on going" I assured him

"you sure"

"yeah" he resumed to his thrusting. we both were moaning loud not caring if anyone was listening to us

"Doggy style" he slid out of me , I turned over and Oliver mounted me his seven inch cock was skewering me and it felt so good he placed his hands on my waist pulling

"Fuck me hard" he did as I said

"you like that , you like my cock in that sweet ass baby"

"yes, yes" I lifted my body he wrapped his arms around my chest my back was glued to his hot sweaty chest and he was fucking me so good in this position , i turned my head and kissed him

"you love it"

"yeah you feel so good" I grabbed my cock and jerked it

"don’t stop , oh gosh don’t stop Oliver"

"i wont baby" he rested his forehead on the back of my head we both were breathing heavy , it was almost time for both of us he pulled back out i turned around on my back spreading my legs , Oliver laid flat on top of me his chest on mine I felt his dick push into my open hole his hands went in my hair as he kissed me passionately , I calf were resting on his bubble butt as it flex up and down. I was in complete ecstasy with my baby

"Fuck I’m gonna cum" he was pumping even harder . my own body tensed up I wrapped my arms around his neck

"ahhhh fuck ahhhhhhhhhhh" my cock went off and so did his

"Fuckkkkkkkkk" Oliver yelled I was Drained Oliver slipped out of me and onto his back I rolled over my head resting on his chest he took off his condom and threw it in the waste basket

I feel asleep


After that amazing love making ,I took a shower Steven was knocked out , I put on my clothes and left out the hotel room . I walked to a twenty four hour bakery and decided to get an assorted of sweets for my sweetheart , after I paid and grabbed my bag of goodies I left out only to see my dad , the driver was holding the door of his Lincoln town car as he was getting out a women got out as well who was not my mother . He kissed her on the lips how could he do that to her they went into a restaurant. This was not good at all.

Sorry for the Delay . I recently moved into my own apartment so I been really busy with that , work and also registering for fall classes . I will try to get the next installment out by the end of this week or beginning of next week.

Later Dudes……….

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