New Ch coming this tuesday

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New Ch coming this tuesday

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:13 pm

Here's a sneak peek

The next couple of weeks , school was in full swing , test reports and little room for anything extra curricular unless you were on the football or basketball team. Josh had rejoined the football team this year so we hung out less . But he always made it a mission to sit with me at lunch or call me in the Evening I hardly missed him. and Adam and Oliver were Definitely a couple they never confirmed it but I could see it , to any one else it would seem like they were just friends but the little touches no one else noticed but me sometimes when they walk there hands glide and touch each other . I stood at my locker and watch them . Oh yeah , Spence and I got close as well . Not like that but we seem to be really good friends

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