Before and After Episode 16

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Before and After Episode 16

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Before and After
“The Change”
Written by Tony

The lives and people you are about to read are fictional , so if it seems you have experienced any of this its just coincidental I guess, hope you guys enjoy .
Last time on before and After , Things at the Cabin were getting confusing. First Tyler and I have sex for the first time , then I cant help my attraction to Oliver and we end up fooling around but that wasn’t all that happen, turns out Tyler and Mark have been hooking up. Since I woke up from my Coma. I easily made my decision to go home and Josh being the greatest best friend ever . Left with me. I had a lot of time to reflect over the summer and now school was back I just hope I could practice what I preach.

“Steven! Wake up you don’t want to be late for junior Year do you?”

I heard my mother , I opened my eyes and yawned then sat up

“School is here to fast I think I need another week”

“haha, funny get up and get ready for school” she left out of my room I got up and had a major hard on I walked over to my door and closed it . Then wrapped my hand around my dick and began to stroke it I closed my eyes thinking about him. His sexy body , his sexy face the way his muscles flex when he is playing sports oh yeah fuck” I began huffing I needed release

Fuck david Beckham yeah” I came all over my hand and it dripped onto the floor” I smiled

“who did you think I was talking about Readers haha”

After jumping in the shower and cleaning everything that needed to be cleaned I got dressed and went down stairs

Mom and dad were eating

“good morning mom” I kissed her on the cheek

“and good morning dad” I hugged him then sat down and began to eat my breakfast . They both looked at me

“are you on that stuff Steven?” my mom asked me I nearly spit out my orange juice because I wanted to laugh

“what ? God no ma I am great”

“you see , its that . When I went to wake you , you were grumpy and didn’t want to go to school, now your all cheery”

“Grandma always told me I was a regular old Jackal and Mr. Hyde ”

“you do know my mother makes no since , she is senile” my mom corrected me

“I am glad to see our son happy. I hope he is just as giddy when he has to mow the lawn soon”

“Cant wait , well I better be off , don’t want to be late for my first day of Junior year” I stood up

“have a good day son”

“thanks dad” I left out the house


I pulled into the Parking lot and saw Josh get out of his car . I parked next to him then got out and greeted him with a handshake

“First day of Junior year you ready”

josh said with enthusiasm as we both looked at Lincoln High time sure was flying by it seemed like only yesterday I was sitting on the bench in front of the school with Josh and Oliver and Amanda came up the steps and over to us

Flashback **

Oliver walked up the steps holding Amanda's hand I had to turn josh squeezed my
shoulder "hey guys" I heard Oliver sexy intoxicating voice "so what's up"
Amanda added all cheery I stood up "I'll catch you later josh " I walked
into school I couldn't sit there and act like we were friends we weren't ,
I haven't spoken to him in months after what he did. "Steven wait" I
turned around and Oliver was coming towards me "can we talk" he said I
couldn't look him in the eyes it hurt to look him his eyes, his shaggy
sandy brown hair ,those cute big brown glossy eyes that would make anyone
melt, his kissable full lips and nose he was built like a football player
not husky at all but lean six feet 2, i was 5 ft 10 a little shorter then
him . He was gorgeous no doubt about it , any guy and girl would be blind
to see that but I just couldn't look at him in his face.

“ yup As ready as I’ll ever be . I can handle another bad year” josh wrapped his arm around my shoulders

“look at it this way , after this year we will be seniors and then…”

NYU” we both said

“I like the sound of that me and you in New York, maybe rooming together”

“yeah, sounds great , I just hope it works out that way” Josh added

We went inside , the school was spotless the floors shinned the lockers polished the halls smelled of fresh pine

“what do you have first period” I asked

“ I have Math., this year is starting out on a bad note”

“ I have history , I’ll catch you at lunch”

Josh went off to his first period class ,

“Steven!!” Amanda ran up to me and hugged me

“Amanda hey”

“Look , It’s a brand new school year I am trying to right some of my wrongs , and I thought a lot about what I did and why I did it , I was selfish and not only that . All this time I never apologized to you . Steven I’m so sorry for hurting you”

That was unexpected what was next the world was going to end . She hugged me

“I forgive you I guess” she smiled at my comment

“you got taller , and you cut your hair , it looks good on you”

“yeah I thought it was time for a change”

“yes change is good, well I should be off I have American history”

“Mr. Cambridge?” I asked she nodded yeah

“so do I , I’ll walk with you” she smiled

“great. So I have tons to tell you , stuff went down after you left the cabin”

“I really don’t care Amanda I just want to forget the cabin and everyone in it, it‘s a new school year I need to focus on school work and not boys”

“I understand but Tyler and mark got into it , like fist fighting and Tyler left immediately after you and josh did and well that’s about it, and I met this cute guy name Owen

We both went inside the classroom we were the first two people there .

The class began to fill up and then the teacher came in

“I am Mr. Cambridge your 11th grade American history Teacher . This class is so awesome because you get to learn about the history of the country in which you live , the whole USA is your backyard and we are going to explore it”

How corny was he . I mean he was hot kind of young to be a teacher but it helped that he was easy on the eyes. When class was over I went to my locker to put my textbook away I closed my locker and someone bumped into me

“hey watch where your going” he said

“you bumped into me asshole”

He stuck his middle finger up and kept walking josh walked over to me

“josh who is that kid?”

“Spencer Granger , he just Transferred here from Virginia”

“How do you know all that?”

“because he said it , when we went around the class room and introduced ourselves”

I couldn’t shake the fact that Spencer was bad news , that’s great all I need is to like another bad boy .

“Steven you there ? Are you having your little flashbacks again”

“no!, just was thinking”

The bell rung and I went off to my next class . As I sat in my seat I pondered what this year had in store for me , I had officially quit looking for a boyfriend , I figured it was best to just lay low and focus on myself . As I thought some more I heard laughter I looked up and Oliver and Adam came in the room . Oliver had his hand on Adams back they both stopped when they saw me Oliver smiled at me and waved I looked away , this year would be different no more Drama.

“welcome class to Math 4, we will be covering Algebra to College Trigonometry to get you ready for the eleventh grade state final”

“your late!”

I looked up and it was Spencer

“I know, I’m new here and I don’t know my way around the school”

“its okay for today , take a seat” he scanned the room , there was a desk next to me he looked at me and rolled his eyes and walked over and sat down , he opened his notebook and search for a pen he kept patting his pockets and looking around until I held out a pen for him , he looked at it then me

“are you going to take the pen or are you to proud to take the pen”

He looked annoyed and reached out for it , I pulled my hand in and chuckled

“stop being a dick”

I did it again he snatched it

“Thanks” he mumbled I looked over Spencer was so damn adorable he looked over as I was starring at him our eyes met , I looked away , don’t you dear Steven, he is a bad boy I know your attracted to bad boys but you need to focus on you” I reminded myself
Think about the first time you were ever in Contact with , the guys that screwed you over

Bad boy number 1


"hey, are you alright?" I looked up into the purest brown eyes I'd ever seen they showed no hatred or Malice like the other kids held his name was Oliver Greyson , he played for our football team at Lincoln High, well he starting play recently , he wasn't important on the team but he would be he was hot, tall brown hair that looked soft to touch just perfect "I'm good thank you " he smiled and sat down beside me " I'm Oliver by the way" he stated extending his hand "Steven" we shook hands , I felt electricity shoot threw my arm it scared me , he looked at me wide eyed I think he felt it too, he leaned in and our lips met

Bad boy number 2

Mark *

"Mark!" I shouted he turned why did I just call his name , oh god and he is
coming back over "you called" he smiled with his blue eyes fixed on me "um"
I looked around there was no one in the halls I moved closer and kissed him
his lips were so soft and vibrations went through my body then I backed
away he got wide eyed I could tell he was stunned "I'm sorry ,oh god um
sorry , please don't hurt me" I backed up and hurried down the hall "what
the hell did I just do.

Mark was clearly the biggest Mistake of them all if I knew he was a conniving snake I would have steered clear of him to began with , but I wouldn’t have had to move on if Oliver never cheated and broke my heart

Bad boy number 3

Tyler *

"are you saving this seat for someone"
I asked the cute guy he looked at me his eyes were super green "nope its
all yours" I sat down and watched the previews "don't I know you" he asked
I turned and looked at him "nope I don't thank so" I stated turning back to
the movie "Steven Mitchell!, I do know you , we were like best friends in
third grade" I turned to face him again "my god , Tyler Lawrence!" he
smiled "in the flesh , Tyler was so good looking he had blond curls and
green eyes and definitely was built, he was a bigger hotter version of his
third grade self”

I blame running into Tyler on Josh and Lauren, if Lauren wouldn’t have showed up I wouldn’t have had to move my seat to began with , Hince I probably wouldn’t have run into Tyler and if that didn’t happen mark wouldn’t have never slept with Tyler or if he did , it would have been because they met each other and not through me

When class was over I got the hell out of there ,



soon it was lunch time I sat in my usual spot before the new freshmen tried to stake there claim , Amanda came in and sat next to me

“this is going to be the lamest school year by far”

“I don’t know I think it will get interesting “

she shrugged her shoulders . Josh was the next person to sit he looked bummed

“What’s wrong” I asked

“Lauren Is dating Scott Preston, she just forgot about me” he sighed

“well to be fare , you were with The girl in the Pocono’s” Amanda chimed in

“who asked you , that’s beside the point , I figured summer could be a break for us and then in the fall we could get back together”

“you assumed josh , you should have told her you wanted to take a little break for the summer instead of dumping her” he nodded in agreement

“so I guess I am going to be alone”

“seriously josh your gorgeous , go ask a girl out already, they will say yes”

He nodded with a smile

“why are you boosting his ego Steven , I mean josh you are not gorgeous you look like a goat on crack”

I laughed

“hey !, no I don’t , do I steve”

“no, she is just fooling around stop Amanda” Amanda stopped laughing

“okay , alright , I guess your okay looking , I would do you if it’s any consolation”

“its not, you would do the janitor”

“which one , if your talking about bob then hell no but Italian Leo , the twenty four year old , hell yeah he’s hot and have you seen the muscles on him

“ I tend to not look at other guys Amanda its called being straight”

“please you and Steven are Practically boyfriends who don’t fuck”

“Steven and I have a very close relationship that’s true but it is not Sexual . Steven is my best friend.”

“I bet a little tequila and you two would be doing it like Bunnies”

“Okay Amanda stop, Josh is my best friend . There’s no romantic anything with us”.

Oliver and Adam came in , what the hell, were they conjoined at the hip or something

“hey you guys” Oliver smiled at us

“I’m going to sit with my friends talk to you later” Adam went off

“so how is everyone” Oliver asked looking squarely at me

“we are good , except josh is conceited” Amanda added

“hey! No I’m not” we laughed

“what about you Steven”

“I’m good , just living life”

“are you seeing anyone?” he asked

“no , I’m single I think I’ll stay that way considering my track record”

“Wise Choice all love does is bring you heartache and pain” Josh added

“you guys want to go to that new spot Infer-red after school I saw it on the way here, we can all catch up” Oliver Offered

“Sounds good ,to me” I said


“hey I see a booth” Oliver stated we followed him, when we approached we noticed two guys going at it “

“get a room” Josh said they parted and I froze it was Mark and some guy everyone looked at me

“ what ?” I sat down they did too

“so what are we getting , “ it was quiet

“Um , I want onion rings , Steven get some fries so we can share” Oliver winked at me , I half smiled , everyone decided what they wanted and I got up and went and ordered it , as I stood by the counter waiting for our food I heard a familiar voice

“hey” I turned and Tyler was standing there


“you think we can talk”

“Aren’t we doing that now”

“ I guess so , Steven I never meant to hurt you”

“leave me alone Tyler, your boyfriend is over there with some guy why don’t you talk to him, maybe make it a threesome”

“Mark is not my boyfriend , I made a mistake why cant you just forgive me”

“I would Tyler , but I cant because not only did you sleep with him , you did it again when we were in Pennsylvania together”

“what about you and Oliver , huh”

“we didn’t have sex we touched each other and I was wrong for doing that with him because I was with you but I wouldn’t consider what we did sex. It doesn’t matter anymore anyways I just want to be by myself for a while, so just leave me alone”

“no not until you hear me out”

“he said leave him alone , now do it” I looked over and Spencer was standing there , Tyler looked at Spencer then me. Looking at Spencer he was a fine speciman . His square jaw intense eyes pouty full lips

“this doesn’t concern you man, this is between me and Steven”

“yeah it does, Concern me” Spencer grabbed my hand his fingers entwined with mines felt good Tyler looked at our hands together

“ I just wanted to say I was sorry” he had the saddest look on his face . Apart of me wanted to forgive him but I just stood there with Spencer holding my hand he turned around and left out.

I pulled my hand away from his grip

“what was that for” I asked

“you saved my ass , now I was saving yours. Okay now that is over with. I don’t owe you anything”

“ I guess not, but since we are talking what is up with you and the whole bad boy persona you put on”

He scuffed

“you think I put on a bad boy persona , I don’t put on anything I am me”

“well you , why don’t you met my friends your new and maybe you will like them”

“I don’t know , I’m not keen on meeting new people” I laughed at his comment

“really ,you?”

“funny , I love how sarcastic you are Steven”

“order 21” the waiter said I went over to the counter and got our food I went over to my friends and sat the trey on the table I waved Spence over he rolled his eyes and came over

“guys this is Spencer Granger he is new here , Spence this is Josh, Amanda and Oliver they all exchanged greetings

“well it was nice meeting you all, but I have to go” he walked away

“something you want to tell us Steven” Amanda asked with a grin on her face

“no , I barely know Spencer. And I’m not doing relationships this year I rather be alone then go through what I went through before”

I wasn’t scare, or maybe I was I went through three guys one would think something is wrong with that . Is something wrong with that , do I just jump into these relationships head first before even thinking .


After we left Infer-red , I went home my mother was dusting

“your home , honey I fired Rosilan she wasn’t doing much of a job and how , and I want the house to be spotless your father is coming home today”

“that’s great , but I have homework”

“on your first day of school.?”

“mom , I don’t care if dad is coming home , when he is here he is working and then he leaves for weeks and months at a time . It’s like we don’t have a father any more”

“hey you watch yourself , if your dad wasn’t working hard you wouldn’t have that car you drive and this house that you live in”

“what ever mom I officially don’t care” I went upstairs to my room on my way Cooper came out

“mom still dusting?” he asked I nodded yeah

“why do you look suspicious” I asked

“I kind of got a girl in my room” I laughed

“wow, your bold you know how mom feels about sex before marrige and those Evil Homo’s” I laughed again

“dude not funny, she will pass out”

“of that’s the case then she is going to die when she finds out about me”

“I have to get her out of here”

“okay I will distract mom you get her out of here” I turned and went back downstairs to mom

“mom , I was wondering if maybe you can cook a special dinner in dad’s return”

“really? , what do you want me to make”

“how about your famous meat loaf , it really is to die for”

I saw Cooper and a red head girl come down the stairs mom was about toturn

“Mom! Aww”

“honey whats wrong”


I noticed the girl leaving out and Cooper coming over

“whats wrong brother”

“nothing I had a small brain freeze I guess , I got homework”

“you boys are strange” she went into the kitchen

“thanks bro”

“no problem, so is it serious”

“I don’t know I like her I do , I just need time to know if I love her”

I nodded

“what about you and Steven”

“there is no me and Seven , Steven is staying clear of relationships and I am just dating around , nothing serious , I’ve been seeing this guy name Adam its okay I guess but he isn’t my boyfriend. We haven’t even had sex. I just cant”

“well maybe Adam isn’t the one”

“Maybe , at this point I don’t know what I want or what I feel any more . I just know that I fucked up with Steven and no one compares to him , I know I’m only sixteen , and I have so much time to find out what I want . But I cant have what I want any more and that’s my sad reality.”

“I don’t believe that , if you and Steven are meant to be , then you will be together, but if you feel like that isn’t going to happen , then maybe Adam isn’t a bad way to go, you screwed up but you shouldn’t have to pay for it the rest of your life . Steven chose to move on , so I think you should as well, all you can do is be a better boyfriend to the next guy ”

“yeah I guess your right bro”

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