College Bound Episode 8 Season Premiere

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College Bound Episode 8 Season Premiere

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College Bound
"Drama Free"
Written by Tony


I walked into Washington hall , I smiled to myself remembering when I first
got here last semester *Flashback(" I went to the Washington square dorm
building it was a big brick building about three story's high I went inside
the building was brightly lit and had posters and servicing boards all
around I looked on my paper for my room number as I walked and I bumped
into someone "hey I'm sorry " the voice said I looked up and the bluest
eyes were staring at me "it's okay" I said he smiled "your new here?" he
asked "yeah what about you" I asked "no , this is my second year here" he
said then he continued "you know what , why don't you come to ALPHA MEGA
KAI , I'm a brother there and we are looking for new pledges " he said , I
kept looking at his lips as he talked , damn for a white guy he had full
pink lips that just looked so good as he talked "so what do you say " he
said "I'm not sure , if fraternities is my thing" I said "you should at
least see what we have to offer" he said , how could I resist a hot guy "
I'm Landon, by the way" he said "Eric"))

I stood there looking at Washington Square dorm room , it was the start of
spring and it was beautiful outside. I went inside and found my new room,
it became policy actually last semester that you request roommates and room
and I did neither , which meant me and Danny was split up by the department
of room and board , I was praying Danny would be my roommate again though,
I stuck my key in the door and went inside , this room was a lot better
then my old room , and it was bigger I sat my stuff on a bed I looked over
at the other bed there was a duffel bag on the bed I started unpacking and
putting my stuff away then he came in he smiled and walked over "I'm Stefan
" he extended his hand "Eric, nice to meet you" I shook his hand "so this
must be your first semester" I stated he nodded "yeah how can you tell" he
asked with a grin on his face "because you look nervous , relax I'm sure
all will be great plus your going to be on our football team" he looked at
me "wait how do you know that" he asked "I can tell , by your frame you
look like you work out a lot and you have a foot ball players build" "yeah
I'm a wide receiver , so any cool places to hang out" he asked "the campus
is cool , we got everything we need here , we even have a few clubs and
bars down the block so" he Grinned at that. Stefan was really attractive ,
about six foot two, about maybe two hundred pounds of lean hard muscles ,
dirty blond hair in a faux Mohawk style and bright brown eyes and a mole on
the left side above the corner of his mouth. This would be torture I could
feel it



I laid in bed , my new girlfriend Ashlee was sleep and we just had intense
sex. I rolled over and I kissed her on her forehead and closed my eyes
"Eric" I whispered I felt movement "what?" I heard Ashlee she was sitting
up "What?what" I asked opening my eyes to meet her glaring at me "you said
Eric again , what is up with you and this Eric guy" she asked clearly angry
"he was a friend and I haven't seen him in a while" she looked at me as if
she knew I was lying " I hope that's all it is, are you gay" she asked "no,
I'm not , I like you don't I , I had sex with you" she smiled "I guess your
not , but its just weird that after what we did you say his name" she got
out of bed and put her clothes on then kissed me "I have sorority duties ,
I'll call you later" she left out . I wonder if he was here today ,
considering it was time for the students to come back . Tomorrow would be
the start of the new semester

got out of bed and put on some clothes , some of the guys were
Lounging around while the pledges were working on a way to get
creative with planning the perfect back to school party "Landon, we
have a bit of trouble did you see the guide lines for this semesters
rules" Joe asked, Mikey had his arms folded "guys since when do
we follow rules. Adam said it best ,do what we want how we cant, just
never get caught" they both smiles at that "your like the best
acting president ever" they both walked away talking about what
girl could give it up.


"Hi I was wondering if I could join the newspaper " I asked , the guy
looked at me "do you have any experience in the news related field" he
asked "no , but I can learn" he laughed his cocky laugh "right you can
learn , sorry kid we have no openings" he walked away . The guy was hot ,
his brown cropped hair and emerald eyes his perfect white teeth his perfect
body what the hell was going on with all these cute guys this semester , or
maybe they were always here and I was just hung up on one , maybe it was a
good thing there was no positions " I started to walk away when I heard him
talking to someone "you cant quit, wait you mean to tell me I don't have
anyone on staff , our first issue of the semester isn't even finish yet"
"Rick , I'm sorry but we don't like your control over us , and that date
just topped the cake for me , you are the worst" the girl walked out the
office "Chelsea don't , he looked at me "seems like there is a position
open" I had a grin on my face "oh no Don't be cute , and your not
qualified" he stated " who else will you get , oh I get It, it's a black
thing , I forgot some people still are racist in this country" I was
playing with him now I started to walk away with a smile on my face "no
it's not a black thing , hey I like black people , I listen to rap" I
wanted to laugh even harder then I became serious and turned to face him "
can you at least give me a chance a day something , please, come on I'm
begging here" he was starring at me "okay ,alright , you have until tonight
to produce the final article on freshmen living for the paper, if you fail
you wont be in the paper" he walked back into the news room and closed his
door then it dawned on me, I knew nothing about reporting

I went to the dining hall and sat down trying to think of how to write my
first article then Stefan came in he scanned the hall and his eyes set on
me he walked over "whats up" he said sitting down "Damn it ! I don't even
know how to do this, wait how about you , you're a freshman , I'm a
freshmen that should be enough right?" "Enough for what" he asked "I am
writing a article for the school paper on freshman living" Stefan shrugged
his shoulders I took out my recorder "so Stefan how do you like it here so
far" I asked "um its okay you know I'm from Sacramento so it is great
seeing a change of scenery every once and a while and I have the coolest
roommate , I think this will be a great semester" I stopped the recorder
"thanks for the props" we tapped fist and smiled at each other , he had a
smile that was mesmerizing "hey Eric your back" Landon was standing there
"Landon hey , oh this is Stefan , Stefan this is Landon he is in a
fraternity, I actually pledged but decided I didn't want to anymore" I
stated "We are always looking for new recruits " he said to Stefan "that's
really not my thing , thanks anyway " Landon nodded " hey I'm gotta go , I
still have a tone of books to buy I'll see you guys later okay" he winked
at me "yeah " he walked away Landon sat down "so is he your" I laughed "no
he's my roommate" I said still kind of laughing "so how are you I mean I
haven't seen you In twelve weeks a lot of time went by" he asked "I'm good
I guess , you know , better then expected , so what about you" I liked that
we were being friendly with each other "I've been good , I actually have a
" before he could finish a girl came over and kissed him , it bothered me a
little but , this semester would be drama free I thought to myself they
separated "this is Ashlee my girlfriend" she extended her hand I shook it
"Eric" I said she looked at me then snatched her hand away "so your Eric" I
didn't like the way she said that Landon wouldn't even look at me "I have
to go nice meeting you Ashlee, see ya Landon" I said walking away and right
into the person I most wanted to see , Danny had his back turned "You know
I'm starting to think you don't love me anymore" he turned "I was thinking
the same thing Bro" we hugged "how are you man ," I said "Great , fine" I
looked at him " you are like three shades darker what's going on you want
to be black" he laughed ": I was in the Bahamas it was so amazing, I still
wish you would have come with me," "I wanted to go , but I wanted to spend
the last week with my parents" "speaking of I want to thank them again for
letting me stay with them, I love your family they are really great , and
new york was great " I nodded "So who is your new roommate I asked "don't
know, I'm actually waiting for him now I left him a note to meet me here. I
got kind of sad because we wouldn't have our talking session before bed
anymore "hey I guess we are roommates" we turned and Justin was standing
there" Danny looked at me , not sure of what to say or do on my account
"wow , isn't this ironic, the guy who cheated on me is my best friends
roommate" I laughed "how are you Eric you look good" Justin said "I'm fine
, hey enjoy what ever this is" I left out , I found a few more people to
interview and had enough information to start writing something. Stefan
came in with some girl "hi Eric do you mind" he asked "no sure why don't I
drop everything and let you fuck sure" I said sarcastically I picked up my
laptop and my book bag and left out


Later I was laying in bed , Stefan came in with only a towel " so do you
have a girlfriend" he asked I forgot he didn't know about me "no , Stefan
I'm gay" I stated he looked at me wide eyed "wow, I don't think I ever
heard anyone say that before" he sat down "look , I'm not going to try and
jump your bones or anything so you don't have to be shy around me" Stefan
laughed "why would I be that" he took his towel and walked over to his
dresser naked I couldn't help but look he turned and saw me looking I
looked away "you can look its kind of hot" he said and took out a pair of
underwears "I don't understand you , what are you" I asked "I never back
down from an experience he sat on my bed naked then leaned in our lips
almost touching " I like to have no strings sex with girls" he said then
pulled my covers back "nice undies" he said and placed his hand on the band
of my boxers "Stefan what is this , I mean didn't you just have sex with a
girl" I stated "so, me and that girl aren't dating each other , I can do
what I want with whom ever I want" I gulped he was making me hard as a rock
" We have classes tomorrow , I should get some sleep" I wish I didn't say
that what is wrong with me I thought" he smiled "okay ,but if your
interested my bed is always open" I laid down feeling flushed he got up and
threw his undies at the foot of his bed and got under the covers "good
night roomy " he said seductively ,this was going to be a interesting
semester .


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