Before and After Episode 13

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Before and After Episode 13

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Before and After: Sizzling summer
“baby it’s Hott”
Written by Tony

Previously on before and After I was in a coma and fighting for my life , but with much love and pleading from Oliver I found my way back to the people that I love. My waking up wasn’t so joyous for Tyler because I asked for Oliver and both of them got into a fight. My dad finally came around and in a last efforts I went to Tyler and we made up. Summer had Arrived and we were staying in the Pocono’s what could go wrong?

Tyler and I pulled up to the Cabin, he looked nervous

“what’s wrong” I asked

“nothing um lets get inside. I hope they have Air Conditioner because its scorching out here”

he started to get out I grabbed his hand

“if your worried about the whole Oliver thing don’t worry”

we both got out the car and went inside as soon as we walked in I heard yelling and arguing I knew the voices it was Oliver and Amanda .

“I cant believe you are doing this , is this because of Steven”

“no this is because of me , in order for me to grow I have to be Honest with myself I’m not attracted to you or no women at that I like Men , I loved Steven but that ship has sailed, I just want to enjoy this summer without living a huge lie”

Tyler looked over at me I grabbed his hand

“ I love you” I whispered he smiled

“hey guys” Adam said loudly the arguing stopped Oliver and Amanda came out the other room and looked at the three of us

“Steven , Tyler , Adam. I didn’t know you guys were here”

“um , we should find out room” Tyler dragged me off with him,

As I got my stuff settled , Tyler was laying in bed I got in bed with him

“your so damn lazy you know that” he smiled

“ I know , get your sexy ass over here”

I laid next to him he turned over and his thigh slipped into mines and his fingers circled my back

“I think maybe its time that we you know have sex” I stated Tyler looked a little apprehensive about it

“ I thought that’s what you wanted?”

“ it is , I just respect your decision to not want to have sex”

“well you should respect my decision to want to have sex now”

I sat up and got on top of him straddling him . I lifted his shirt over his head and began touching his chest and muscles I leaned in and kissed him his tongue slipped in my mouth , I waited and now I wanted him so much was it the heat maybe but I know I wanted to have sex with Tyler. I felt his hands slid on my ass as we kissed passionately not to mention the hard on he was experiencing in his shorts , truth is , I never seen his Cock but I guess that was about to change I rested my hand on the buckle of his belt then the door flew open

“Steven dude…” I turned to find Oliver, mark and Josh standing there , I was flustered mark lips turned upright into a smile

“looks like they were getting frisky” Mark said in a playful way , Oliver shook his head

“lets give them some privacy” he said and grabbed the handle “sorry guys” he closed the door.

“wow that’s embarrassing , I’m glad they didn’t see my hard on , considering your sitting on top of it”

I bent down and kissed him again

“wait , you still want to?” he asked

“them barging in made it even hot, because they know what we are about to do”

Tyler put on a huge smile

“you want to give them a show, how kinky of you”

“I want to give you a show baby” I got off of him and got off the bed , I took my shirt off and unbuttoned my shorts they feel down i began dancing he started laughing I took off my underwears and was completely naked , I walked over to the door and locked it I felt his eyes roaming my body causing me to get extra hard I turned around and he was staring

“you like what you see” I asked he nodded yes

“so strip for me” he immediately took off his shorts and boxer and his cock was a site for saw eyes it was fat and at least seven inches and his blond pubs indicated that he was really a blond I walked over to him and placed my hand on his face

“Tyler do you really love me” I asked

“ yeah I love you a lot, you’re my sexy boy”

I kissed his neck then , his Pecs , I moved over to his nipple and began to suck it , as I sucked his hard pink nipple I wrapped my hand around his fat cock and stroked it

“Steven, this feels amazing” I went over to the over nipple and sucked it like the first one

“summer sure is great” I GOT on my knees and his cock was leaking precum I leaned in he stopped me

“what are you doing” I asked

“let me take care of you”

He grabbed me and pushed me on the bed and kneeled down between my legs taking my cock in his mouth

“ohh fuck Tyler , that feels awesome” I ran my fingers in his hair pulling him down further , the way he sucked I would say he was a pro at it . He played with my balls as he sucked my his long sensual deep sucks was so earth shattering I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. His hands were rubbing up and down my thighs as he bobbed on my cock “Fuck I’m going to cum baby” he stopped and came up to my level we began kissing again “you have a rubber” he asked I went over to my jeans and took one out of my pocket and handed it to him he took it out of the package and rolled it on “we don’t have lube but I have an idea lay on your stomach” I did as I was told he kissed from my neck to my back and down my back I felt my cheeks part and his breath on my hole then I felt his tongue

“OHH MY!” he dug his tongue deeper into my ass hitting a complete nerve I arched my back so he could get at it better I never felt anything like it

“you like that “

“yeah fuck dude”

He stuck his large finger in my moist hole

“Ohhh, I want the real thing”

He pulled his finger out and was on top of me , I felt the head of his cock on my hole

“you ready”

“yeah do it” I was so horny

He pressed down into me and the head slipped in

“AWWW” I buried my face in the pillow he continued with invading my ass , he kept going until I felt his pubs on my ass ,he was buried in me

“your so tight , Steven it feels so good you have no idea

He began to pull out and push in , the friction of his cock in my ass was unimaginable , I was hot and horny for Tyler his hard lean body on top of mines pumping in and out of me
His hands wrapped around my chest and he held me close rubbing and flicking my nipples

“oh my god, Steven I want you to turn around I want to look into your eyes . Tyler pulled out I turned around on my back and he put my legs on his shoulders and entered me again this time he was going like a jack rabbit pumping in and out of me I pulled him into me attaching my lips with mines wrapping my arm arms around him we moaned in each others mouth

“I love you Steven so much” his dick was so hard and I think I could actually feel it pulse inside of me as he attacked my hole I gripped the sheets with my hands as he thrusted in and out of me ,

“fuck I’m gonna cum baby” he kept pumping and then pulled out he rolled the condom off and began to jerking off and then his cum splattered all over me it he collapsed on top of me I wrapped my legs around his strong hairy calf’s he laid his head on my chest . Sweat and cum mixing with our bodies and filled the air in our room

“that’s was amazing” he kissed my chest

“it was but I have to do something for you” he scooted down and put my still hard cock in is mouth and began to suck me off. His tongue swirled around my plumped head I began to get light headed
“im gonna cum, baby shit!!!” my toes curled and I came in his mouth he lapped it all up I couldn’t have been any happier .

At dinner

George, mark’s uncle made Spaghetti , we sat around the table eating and it was relatively quiet

“so who wants to talk first about what we heard” mark asked

“what do you mean”

“oh please Steven we all heard the bed squeaking , you two were fucking like bunnies”

“hey the mouth” George said to Mark

Oliver was looking down at his plate I could tell this was making him uncomfortable
I didn’t like seeing him like that

“hey you guys lets talk about something else please”

“amen to that” Josh added

Megan and Ben came down stairs her top was twisted and his zipper was down , we all noticed they sat down

“what’s going on” Ben asked

We all laughed he and Megan didn’t know what was so funny

“like we don’t know you two were screwing around , you are just as obvious as Tyler and Steven” Amanda chuckled to herself

:please as if I would be interested in no brain Ben “

“Yeah and like I want a girl like Smutty Megan” she slapped him


“okay guys , I’m not running a sex cabin, try to keep your hormones under wraps and what I mean is , I don’t know want to know just try to respect others” we all agreed on that

After dinner we all decided to hang out by the pool, Tyler was talking to josh and Amanda . And Oliver came over to me

“you okay” he asked sitting down next to me

“yeah I’m fine I cant complain, hey I’m sorry about earlier”

“you don’t need to apologize he’s your boyfriend that generally what you do” he bumped my shoulders with his

“you think if you hadn’t cheated we would be together”

“Steven I don’t know, I would like to think we would, but I guess we’ll never know”

He went in the house I followed him we were the only ones in the house

“its hard to see you with him, Tyler touching on you kissing you making love to you , and I know its my fault but it’s so damn hard”

“how did you think it felt when you were with Amanda” he nodded in agreement

“I guess I know how it feels to want you but have someone else have you , I just wish I had that second chance to show you how much I love you , my heart hurts without you Steven”

Oliver still had the ability to make my heart melt , I moved closer so did he our nose touched what was I doing , my head was saying one thing and my heart was saying another .

“we cant , its just wrong on so many different levels” he backed away

“your right, I’m sorry Steven” I held his hand in mine he kissed me on my cheek, then softly on my lips

“don’t be sorry, I should get back to Tyler, I’m glad your finding yourself”

“yeah so am I” he touched my face and smiled then went back out to the back yard

Is it possible to love two people at one time …

I seem to find release in another way in writing these little entries , Okay so my question for any one that is reading is:"can it be possible to love two people at one time?", i can sure use the answer because i think i am in a bind here Tyler is perfect, perfect face, body and he is so amazing and caring but Oliver is that boy , you know the type the boy you fall in love with , the one you want and cant get out of your head. its Crazy how love works huh.. well I'm tired i better get some sleep tomorrow is a big day . so peace and Hair Grease!!!!! haha


Steven Mitchell-Main
Oliver Greyson -Main
Josh Wright-Main
Mark DeLauro -Main
Amanda Sinclair -Main
Ben Logan-Recurring
Adam Finch-Recurring
Megan Johansson -Recurring
Tyler Lawrence -Recurring
George DeLauro - Recurring

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