College Bound Episode 7 Season FInale

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College Bound Episode 7 Season FInale

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College Bound
"College Thinking"
Written by:Tony
The ending of fall means the beginning of winter , the beginning of
life means Death will one day knock , every crush and relationship
has a beginning but do they also have a ending , is there a such
thing as a happily ever after and if there is what happens after
that. )

I was in my room , thinking about how this semester came and after
finals it would be gone, it had been six months since I met Eric

I'm Landon, by the way" I said "Eric" he responded and
I extended my hand he took it and shook it we stood there and i
didn't release his hand , why didn't I release his hand" I
thought then i let go "hope to see you there Eric" I said
as I walked away.)
I couldn't shake the feeling that he affected me in some way my
door swung open and Jessica came in "hey
baby" Jessica came over and kissed me on the lips "Jess don't"
she looked angry "what the hell is wrong with you , you never want
me to kiss or touch you lately what the hell Landon!" . I stood up
so did she "it's My grades I need to get all A's this semester
and we have literally today until the semester ends "baby let me
take you mind off of things, this morning so that you can ace your
finals later" she got on her knee's I stopped her " Jessica
stop , I don't want to" I said she stood up "it's somebody
else isn't it" I took a deep breath, her eyes seem to know the
truth , they were of deep emerald "oh my god you meet some other
bitch haven't you, its one of the foreigners from Canada or
England" I rolled my eyes she gave me a ice cold look "I did meet
someone else and they aren't from Canada or England but from right
here in the united states and I cant stop thinking about them" I
said she slapped me "fuck you, I put up with you for the last time
" she shouted "Jessica we were just fucking you gave me the
title of your boyfriend not me, so don't be mad at me" she
slapped me again I felt a stinging in my cheek "fuck you , you
fucking cunt" she yelled . " I think you need to leave." I said
she tried to slap me again but I grabbed her hand "let me go" she
said I opened my door and pushed her out "I don't want to see you
again " I slammed the door in her face she was yelling I didn't
care . The one I wanted was with another guy. I needed to to talk to


"Eric can I ask you something" Justin said I looked up "What?" I
said as we were laying in bed together "we haven't had sex not
once" I froze I just knew he was going to address this " um I
don't know I didn't think sex was all you thought about " I
stated "I don't want sex to be the basis of our relationship I
just want to be with you in that way, um Eric I want you" he said I
smiled then kissed him "Justin , then lets do it" I said he took
off his shirt then took off mine "are you sure , Eric I don't
want you to do this just because you think that's all I want." I
pushed him back and kissed his neck then moved down to his chest I
started sucking his nipples he moaned then he flipped mover and did
the same for me. He moved down my body kissing every part he stuck
his tongue in my belly button I almost melted I ran my fingers
through his hair he unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off along with
my boxers he took off all of his clothes "Justin I want this" he
smiled and kissed me then started sucking on my neck " that feels
good" he laughed "I know baby , a lot will feel good" he slid
down a little bit more and started sucking on my left nipple he
started nibbling at it "god , do the other one" he did the same
thing to the other. Then there was a knock on my door "shh , maybe
they will go away" Justin whispered , the knocking continues "Eric
you home?" it was Landon "what the hell does he want" Justin
nosed flared " Come on Landon is my friend , I have to talk to him"
I got up "do not open that door Eric" Justin warned :Justin we
are only friends calm down , I put my shirt back on and a pair of
boxers and opened the door "hey" I said walking out and closing
it a little so he couldn't see inside "hi , can we talk" he
asked "well I'm busy right now," he nodded "okay , just give
me a call when its convenient for you" I nodded and he walked away
" I turned back around Justin was fully dressed and he looked
pissed "where are you going" I asked "you just cannot let
Landon go get it through your head he doesn't want you" Justin
stormed out I slammed the door . This was not the kind of day I
wished to have


Today is the final , no talking , no cell phones are to go off , if one
does then that is an automatic failure in this course" my English
professor said. I was almost relieved at the thought of spending the
next seven weeks away from here and possibly go back to new York for
a while. The final consisted on the text we read throughout the
semester we had to write two full length essays on two out of the
four stories we read . I was finished in a hour I handed my material
in and left , one down four more to go, I had a hour break before my
history exam I got a soda from the vending machine and sat Landon
came walking out of a class room and he saw me he walked up to me
"you finished your finals?" he asked "i took one and have few
more to take" I stated he smiled "yeah I already took two so far
,and have two more to go, hey do you think we can talk now" Landon
asked "sure lets take a walk" we ended up walking around campus
together it was quiet we just walked then he stopped at a secluded
part on the campus , I actually loved this part there was plenty of
shade because of the tree's and it is one of those places where you
can take a good book and sit under a tree and just get lost in it
"Eric , before you my life was perfect you know, then you came into
it and I really don't know , you changed me somehow, what I'm
saying is , I've always known I was different but you brought it
out in me, I guess I'm going to take these next couple of weeks and
try to figure out who I am, I think I owe it to myself" he turned
to me and smiled then hugged me , I patted his back "I'm glad you
came to that conclusion Landon," we parted a little then he kissed
me I kissed him back then backed away no one saw but I felt like I
betrayed Justin " I'm with Justin" he looked sad "i know , but
I also know you haven't stopped liking me either"i put my head down
"Landon I cant , I have my history exam" with that I walked away
from him.

When I got to the Exam room , I saw Justin I sat down beside him he looked
at me "are you ready" I smiled he didn't "Eric please sit
somewhere else I need to study and I cant do that near you" I felt
hurt just a little , I stood up and went to the back of the
auditorium Then some guy came in and smiled at Justin and sat down
beside him they were talking and Justin put his hand on the guys
shoulder the thing is I didn't feel jealous I was hurt but not
jealous . The professor came in and I had to keep my mind from Justin
and that guy and on my exam. It took an hour and a half to finish but
I was confident that I passed. I handed my teacher my exam and had to
sign the final exam sheet stating I took it and then I left out a few
minutes later Justin caught up with me "Eric wait" I turned
"Justin what do you want your boy toy might miss you" he began to
look angry "like your any better with Landon" this was all
unbelievable "Next time you want to kiss him why don't you take
it behind closed doors" he yelled "you got this all wrong, I
didn't " he stopped me "stop It Eric!, look I cant do this I
have another final" he walked away "Justin!" he didn't turn
back around .

Adam knocked on my room door "hi Danny can I come in" he said I let him in " I
just wanted to see you before I go" he said "go where ?" I
asked " oh, you don't know I'm transferring to Michigan state,
this is actually my last day here" I felt sad I really liked Adam
"Adam I'm going to miss you" I said he walked closer "I'm
going to miss you strange freshman" I smiled he placed his lips on
mine I wrapped my arms around him pulling him in , this felt to right
, how could he be leaving why would he transfer . "are you sure
your leaving" I asked "yeah , I have to" he said I didn't
understand that part why did he had to go to Michigan. I took his
shirt off and admired his body I pushed him back so that his back was
flat on my bed then I got on top of him and we started kissing I
loved the feeling of our smooth chest gliding together I then slid
down to the floor on my knees I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his
jeans I slid down the zipper he pulled his jeans down his cock was
making a tent in his briefs I grabbed his cock through his briefs and
started jerking him "that feels nice" he reached down and ran his
fingers through my hair I then took my fingers and placed it on the
elastic band and pulled his briefs down I took them off he was
completely naked so I got undressed as well his cock was standing at
attention so was mine I got back on my knee's and grabbed his cock
I started licking the head of it , his dick was about six and a half
inches , the head was nice and plump and his cock was really fat , It
felt good in my mouth , I slid my mouth further down and gagged a
little then went down some more until it was deep in my mouth "Danny
I love that ,I love you right now" I began to go up and down on his
cock using my hand to masturbate him "damn you have the magic mouth
and hands he was breathing really hard . I sucked him off for about
fifteen minutes his balls were tightening up so I decided to back
away "lets do It" he smiled "that would be perfect" I stood
up and he pulled me into a passionate kiss I went over to my dresser
and took out a condom

I placed the condom on his cock and used some KY to lube him up I put
some on my hole I got over him my legs on each side of his thigh
then I put my hand on his cock to guide it in me I lowered my ass and
could feel the head on my hole "you ready babe" he smiled I
smiled too "yeah I'm, ready" I loosened up and pushed down I
could feel the head trying to push its way through I relaxed and it
went in "ohhh yeah, Adam that feels good" I felt light headed
"yeah it does" I place both hands on his Pecs and I could feel
him slowly going in and out of me, his eyes fluttered I was loving
the sensation of his cock going in and out of me I began to meet his
thrust I didn't want him to do all the work "Danny , you're the
best, fuck my toes are curled" I laughed at that, he put his hands
on each of my butt cheeks and was fucking me real good we were in
this position for a long time then he grabbed me and held me close
and flipped us both over I was on my back now. He started pumping
into me "you feel so damn good , I love your body Danny, oh man"
he said seductively .sweat was on both of us it was hot and the room
smelled of sex our eyes were connecting he was looking intently at
me and it felt like we were the only people in the universe. "I
don't think I can hold it for much longer I'm going to cum Danny"
he said grinding into me slowly it felt like our bodies were in
synced he kissed me , we moaned in each others mouth I grabbed the
back of his head and the kiss was so explosive I rested my forehead
on his as he was going in and out , the feeling was something I never
felt he was hitting all of my spots and my cock kept on twitching as
he was doing me "Danny I'm cumming I'm cumming" he thrust one
last time and I felt his dick get fatter inside me "Ahhhhhh shit"
my cock twitched and then cum spewed out. On my stomach chest and
face Adam smiled and kissed me he even licked my cum off my face
then kissed me "you taste sweet" he said with a smile. he slowly
pulled out of me and took the condom off I put in in the garbage next
to my bed he collapsed on the side of me "that was the hottest sex
I ever had , that topped anything I ever done with anybody else
Danny" I put the covers over us he wrapped his strong arms around
me and we drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up I looked at the time "shit Finals" I got up and threw
my my clothes on "hey Adam you got finals"i asked he opened his
eyes "no my finals were yesterday" he said "i took three
yesterday and I have one more" I kissed him he laid back down I
grabbed my back pack and left out before I was late

A few hours later I finally was done with my last final and I had to
find Justin things just didn't sit right with me , leaving things
the way I did, I had to show him that I was putting Landon in the
back of my mind for good , I looked all over so I decided to go to
his dorm room so that's what I did, I walked to the Carver
dormitory building and to his room , I knocked on his door I didn't
here anything I decided to leave when I heard a thump in his room, I
decided to twist the knob the door opened and Justin was having sex
with that guy I couldn't believe what I was seeing "so there you
are" I said with visible anger in my voice "Eric!" Justin said
as if he was shocked to see me "dude can you leave we are in the
middle of something , Justin jumped up off the bed and put a towel on
"Eric I'm sorry I was angry at you" I got so angry I balled my
fist and punched him in his face he fell "Fuck you Justin, and for
the record , Landon kissed me not the other way around and if you
would had stayed you would have saw that I was the one who backed
away and left

He stood up and looked guilty he put on his jeans and a shirt I turned
to leave he followed me out into the hallway he looked at me with
anger "I saw you and Landon, I saw you" he just wasn't
listening "Landon is my friend " I said people were watching now
"yeah , you can be friendly alright , like you were with your
professor" people started talking ,i heard someone say "I wonder
who the professor was" I couldn't believe he said that "I told
you that in confidence Justin what is wrong you" he grabbed me
"what Is wrong with me? No what is wrong with you I love you and
your playing me for a fool Eric" I pulled away "I'm playing you
for a fool? you know what , Fuck you, you're the one who had sex
with Mr. Herpes 2010 not me" I walked away from him .

I walked out of his dorm building to my own and went directly to my
room. Danny was sleep I slammed the door he jumped up and looked
around "did you see Adam, I came back from taking my finals and he
was gone , I must have fallen asleep" he said "no I just came in"
he sat up "Eric what's wrong?" he walked over to me "Justin
was screwing some guy that was in our history class and he did it
because he saw Landon kiss me ,but I stopped it Danny I stopped
it,but it didn't matter" he came to me and sat next to me on my bed
and put his arm around me "are you okay" he asked " I don't
know. I really did like him , I wanted to be with him you know , with
him things were easy, Danny but I guess it wasn't that easy" he put
his head on my shoulder "don't worry I'm not going to cry or
anything, I just need to get out of here" I said I got up and went
over to my closet to get my suitcases I packed my clothes "I
thought you were leaving in a few days" Danny said "I'm sorry
Danny I just I have to go home for a while" he hugged me I hugged
him back "yeah, its okay , hey maybe I can visit you in new york
for a week or something" he said "that would be great , hey, I
have an idea how about we both go to new york together , best buds
enjoying the big apple together" Danny jumped up and down like a
school girl I laughed "yeah , lets do it , shopping going to time
square, scamming on the hot new york boys, I want to be like a real
tourist" I laughed at that "I know all the good places to go , I
can take you to the best pizza shops , there's one in Staten island
that makes the perfect pizza and it saucy and cheesy at the same time
and the crust is so fluffy and crisp , also I can introduce you to
some of my friends in Brooklyn." I said "Brooklyn , hells yeah
that's were the gangstas live" I rolled my eyes in a playful way
"actually Brooklyn is a nice place well some parts anyway" I
stated "how about Coney island !" " well they are
reconstructing Coney island so no rides, but we can go to Nathans
and maybe walk on the boardwalk take pictures but its cold this time
of year so" he smiled then it faded "what am I saying , I mean I
would have enough for shopping but not a hotel I can't go" I put
a hand on his shoulder "my parents would be glad to meet my best
friend who keeps me sane here, the only thing is they might think
you're my boyfriend but I will make it clear that we are only
friends" "cool,well let me take a shower and you my friend can
pack my stuff" he went to the bathroom and took a shower I packed
up some of his belongings into his suit cases,I called my parents
while he was in the shower

"Hello, mom hi" I said

"is this my son Eric, you know the one that never calls" she said

"ma, I'm sorry I just been busy ,so I'm coming home"

She seem excited "oh my god when , should we start planning a dinner ,

You do know your dad reconstructed the house let me rephrase that , he
thinks he reconstructed the house but i I cant wait for you to see it

"I cant wait either mom , so I am bringing a friend with me ,his name is
Danny, is it okay if he stays" I asked "of course it would be
okay , so is your friend really more then a friend" she asked

she laughed

"what? I'm just asking can't I be concerned about my son, so is he your"she

"he is more then a friend he's my best friend actually, that's it" I

"what! no boyfriend?" this was still a kind of awkward situation, I know
my parents have come to terms with my sexuality I just didn't want
to talk about it with them

"no boyfriend ma , so we will be leaving tonight actually"

"okay that means you'll be here in about five hours I'll have your dad
pick you and your friend up and I will be making all your favorites"

"thanks ma I have to go I love you"

"love you too" then I hung up , Danny got out the shower and dried off he
put on some clothes and sneakers then we left out , we said bye to
the people we met during the semester and caught a cab to the air

As I sat in the airport I made plans, when I Return my life would be
less complicated , I would get active in something maybe writing ,
nothing else would get in the way I would be drama free

"hey I got M&M's and starburst which one" Danny asked "um
Starburst would be great" he handed me a pack "so what's your
family like?" he asked "wow , they are interesting , everyday is
like a reality show at my house . My dad takes pride in the
brownstone. when he isn't working he is trying to modernize or redo
a room in the house but every time, my mother always have to call a
professional to fix the damages my dad created trying to fix up the
house . My mom well she is into family and traditions and having
Sunday dinners and spending time with one another , I have a older
brother who lives with his girlfriend in the city and a sister who is
in middle school." Danny nodded "sounds nice your family loves
you mine just wanted me gone they just couldn't except I'm gay you
know, I had the best life before they found out and then when I
graduated my dad gave me a check for a hundred thousand dollars and
told me never to come back, like I wasn't even his kid, I have no
family , my mom my dad my brothers want nothing to do with me" I
rubbed his back " I'm sorry Danny, why didn't you ever tell me
this" he looked ashamed "i don't know I didn't want anyone to
know I guess" I nodded at that " but hey you have me so" he
smiled "Eric you've been more my family these past few months
then my real family, you are my family" he said "yeah I like
that , were brothers" ,"brothers" Danny repeated and we shook
hands .

"NWA Flight 117 to New York's LaGuardia is now boarding" the announcer
made "that's us Danny" we walked over and got on line to board
the plane we handed the lady our ticket and we boarded the plane .
New York here we come

next day



went to talk to Eric today because I wanted to clear the air I
knocked on the door no one answered then Justin walked around the
corner "What are you doing here" he asked clearly upset "I came
to talk to Eric not that its any of your business" I said back he
rolled his eyes and knocked on the door "Eric we need to talk , I
came to apologize for yesterday" I was intrigued what did he do
"what did you do" I asked he looked at me coldly "that's none
of your business, now go away" I knocked again "come on Eric open
up" Shawn stopped by "hey guys Danny and Eric left yesterday they
are in New York" I looked at Justin he seemed to look defeated how
could he leave and not say anything I went back to the ALPHA
MEGA KAI house and was Greeted by the President of the charter
"Landon I'm sorry for showing up so suddenly but we have been
informed that Adam Tinsly is no longer at this school so we have to
appoint a new president of the house. We wont do that until the
middle of next full semester. With that being said I would like to
appoint you as acting president until then" I gladly accepted and
all the brothers and pledges that didn't leave were informed and
congratulated me. Mark and a few other guys threw a party in
celebrating. They invited all they could to come and we all were
having a good time . I was In the mist of celebrating when Jessica
walked up to me "can we talk alone please" I really didn't want
to but she was being polite so we went upstairs to my room she closed
the door and practically jumped on me kissing me I pushed her away "I
know your little secret , that you are a faggot, I saw you kissing
that hot black guy that happens to be a pledge you didn't think
anyone was looking but I was" I was speechless I was sure no one
saw us and she had a smug look on her face "what did you do follow
me?" I yelled "no I just happen to see you so the way I see it is
you have two options, option one you can get back together with me,
or option two I'll tell everyone you're a Queer and you get
kicked out of this house , your pick" I began to laugh she looked
like she was confused "I would never get back together with you"
I grabbed her arm and opened the door and threw her out "fine I'll
tell" she said, mike one of my brothers walked by "hey mike: he
came over "guess what I'm gay" I said he looked at me then at
Jess "Yeah right bro" he laughed then walked down the stairs
"have fun trying to convince my brothers that I'm gay, the way I
see it , its your word against mine , and guess what Jess bros before
hoes" I slammed the door in her face.


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