College Bound Episode 6

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College Bound Episode 6

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College Bound
"College Boys"
Written by Tony

Danny: What if , you had to choose, between two different people, two
different people that were the very opposite of each other , but both could
be good for you, what if you had to choose knowing that , the one you don't
choose will get their heart broken . Or what if you choose and you choose
the wrong thing.


" Party" everyone screamed , I was busy with school for weeks and this was
my time to let loose and do me I got a drink and listen to music. It felt
great everything was great until I heard yelling Danny and I ran to the
other room and saw Landon and Justin fighting "Stay away from him" Justin
said "or what? what the hell are you going to do in fact you stay away from
him" they both charged at each other , Justin punched Landon , Landon
punched Justin

(Six hours Earlier)


I woke up and felt arms around me it was Landon we both had our shirts off
his hair was everywhere I moved a little and he moved and opened his arms
he yawned and stretched then smiled at me , I smiled back "dude you need a
mint " I said "shut up , he kissed me "so Eric , we went to sleep making
out" I looked over and Danny's bed wasn't slept in I got worried "where's
Danny" I said Landon looked "oh yeah your roommate he came in last night I
went in the bathroom he didn't see me , but he got some clothes then left
out I think he left a note" Landon said I looked on my nightstand and
reached for it , I read it , he said he went and stayed with some friends
"so , what should we do" Landon asked "about" I said he kissed me again " I
cant stop doing that, and I want to do more" he got over me and was about
to kiss me when there was a knock on the door "um, Eric you up" it was
Justin Landon put his shirt on and kissed me then went into the bathroom I
put my shirt on and opened the door Justin smiled at me "you look flushed"
he said then kissed me this was turning out to be some day I thought.


After history class Justin and I headed to the library to start on our
research paper. It was quite at first until Justin moved to my side of the
table and put his hand on my thigh I moved my thigh he looked at me "I
really like you Eric, I just want a chance" he said , Justin was so cute ,
how could I not say no, he kissed me being with Justin felt so right, but
things were started to get complicated because being with Landon felt right
as well, how the hell did I get in this situation when a few weeks back no
one even looked at me

After our library session I met up with Danny he had a smug look on his
face "What?" I asked " I came home last night and something was off , I
mean you were sleep so I left out and a hour later I came back and guess
who I found in your bed with you shirtless," "Landon" I said he laughed
"Ding , Ding , the fellow has it correct" I felt embarrassed "Relax dude
it's about time" he said I looked down then back at him again "its not that
simple, Landon say's he might go back to girls" I said "oh man Eric , you
okay" he asked "yeah considering , Justin wants to have a relationship with
me as well , and he made it clear he is gay and wants me" Danny laughed
"Only you Eric , so who's it going to be" I he asked " I don't know?" I



I went to the pizzeria because I was craving pizza "what can I get you "
the guy behind the counter said "just a slice with pepperoni and a
strawberry milkshake " his name was Kurt and he had the bluest eyes I've
ever seen he was hot "so you go to school here" I asked "yeah , business
major for now " he smiled at me , pearly whites , man I know he's straight
I thought. he walked away to get my food about three minutes later he had
it on a serving tray , there were onion rings " I didn't order these" I
said " I know they are on the house" he winked at me . I smiled "so you
seeing someone" I asked as I sat at the counter "no , why?" he asked kind
of flirting with me " I wanted to know if you want to see me" I said "dude
I'm not gay , I was just being nice" he said I felt humiliated " oh I'm
sorry there's my face on the floor I should pick it up" I said he laughed
then reached down and grabbed my cell he put his number in it "just joking
I totally love guys. " he laughed "that's not funny" I said "yeah it kind
of is" he grinned.



I got to the frat pad and just wanted to sleep I went to my room and dozed
off five minutes later I felt someone straddling me I just knew it was eric
I opened my eyes it was Jessica "hey what are you doing" I asked "you owe
me sex, buddy , time to pay up" she said "I'm tired jess another time" she
looked pissed " I guess your screwing some other girl" she said "no I am
not" I said she kissed his neck " Landon you want me , you like fucking me
and I liked to get fucked , what's the problem" she said "there is no
problem" I flipped her over and started kissing her she stuck her hands in
my pants and started stroking me. I was getting hard as a rock .

"hey Landon" Adam walked in

" oh sorry , dude" he said I got up "no , its okay jess was just leaving" I
said she got up and stormed out

" what's going on with you , you stay out all night" he said

" I slept over at Eric's" I said Adam raised an eyebrow

"you like him" Adam asked I looked t him

" What?, no , I don't like Eric, how could I " I said we heard the door
Eric was standing there

"Eric , hey" I said he looked hurt Adam looked at him then me

"yeah I have to go , there's someone I need to call he got out of there

" Eric , how long " he cut me off

" have I been standing there , I heard everything you said" he looked angry

"Eric I just don't want anyone to know" I said

"right , whatever we heard music start up we both looked at each other

"oh I forgot the party , can we talk later" I said

" sure , its all about you Landon" he said and turned he walked away . I
felt like shit . I just cant get any of this right.


The party was packed and I found Justin drinking in the corner

"hey , what are you thinking about" I said

"I'm thinking why are you avoiding me, Eric , I really , really like you
and I wish you like me the same way" he said I felt bad " Justin I'm sorry
your right, but I like Landon" I said he just stared at me "What?" he said
" I like both of you, I want to get to know you better ,but " he finished
for me. "Landon is on your mind as well," he took my hand "I'm better for
you , I can love you the way you want , with time" I smiled he did too and
kissed me I felt Justin being pulled away it was Landon "you know what I
need a drink" I said I walked away from them I looked back they both were
looking at me I got a drink and just chilled by myself then Danny came up
to me I couldn't be near the two of them" Party" everyone screamed , I was
busy with school for weeks and this was my time to let loose and do me I
got a drink and listen to music. It felt great everything was great until I
heard yelling Danny and I ran to the other side of the room and saw Landon
and Justin fighting "Stay away from him" Justin said "or what? what the
hell are you going to do in fact you stay away from him" they both charged
at each other , Justin punched Landon , Landon punched Justin .

Me and Adam separated them the four of us went outside. "Adam can you leave
us" I said he went back in " Eric I like you so much and I guess you have a
decision to make" Justin said I stood there as they both were looking at me
, I felt like this was a competition show , and both boys were fighting for
me and I was down to the last two , "Justin , you have to understand I
really liked Landon for the longest and I wanted him , but he made it seem
like there could never be anything between us , then you came and I had so
much fun with you and I really started to like you , how can I choose ,
when I really don't know what I want" I said they both stared at me "well
you have to make a decision" Landon said "hold on Landon you were just
telling me the same thing except , you don't know if you'll go back to
girls or not" Landon put his head down " but I still care about you , I
just don't know if I can trust myself around you , I don't want to fall for
you then you realize this is all a big mistake, when Justin knows what he
wants" . Landon shook his head in agreement "I think your right , the best
thing to do is Sacrifice what I feel so you can be happy and if that means
Justin can do that then , you should be with him" he turned around and
walked away I felt like I was going to die. I turned to Justin who was
watching Landon walk away "what now?" he asked I kissed him "now we can be
together" I smiled he did too. I hated that Landon was hurting , but he
made my job a little bit easier .



I walked to the front door and felt a hand on my shoulders I turned it was

"he y how have you been

He asked

" I am fine , thanks for asking" I said . "Hey Danny" I heard it was Kurt

"Kurt I didn't know you were here " I said he put his hand on my shoulders
"so about our date , where should we go" he said

"I'll see you later" Adam said he walked away

" Who's that guy" he asked

" Nobody important " I said


Although Landon walked away who would have Eric chose and the question that
still remains is what partnering is better

*Jeric or *Laric


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