College Bound Episode 3

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College Bound Episode 3

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College bound
"College do over"
Written by Tony

I started my morning like most mornings going to the Dining hall and paying
$4 for breakfast , pancakes , eggs and sausages then I went to the Gym next
door and I spent a half and hour on the treadmill I took a shower then got
dressed History we finished our discussion on homo sapiens and there many
developments class was over so soon , while I was leaving professor Woodsen
asked to speak to me the room was now empty "you know I have this exhibit
at the Hawthron hall , I think would be of real interest to you " he said
with a smile "I guess I can check it out " I said he took a pen and wrote
down the address "its tomorrow and formal attire is a must" he said "thank
you Eben" I said I walked out "Eben was an unusual name but it suited him
very much .

Later on that day it started raining ,I returned to my room and got under
my covers and just closed my eyes all I could think about was Landon and
his reaction to me , was I that bad of a kisser I laughed at that thought
and knew it was because , Landon was either straight and freaked out or Gay
and didn't want to confront those feelings either way I would never find
out because I was staying as far away as I could , Danny came in soaked his
hair was covering his face "wow mop head" I teased "I got caught in the
stupid rain" he kicked off his shoes and took off his wet clothes he was
completely naked and damn he had a nice body but I didn't think about being
with him sexually because we had grown close together as friends I don't
see him as anything more he put on some sweats and a wife beater and turned
on the T.V "Supernatural's on" he said (that's his favorite show) .

There was a knock on the door he didn't even attempt to get up so I did I
opened it was Eben "Professor what are you doing here " I said "the roads
are messed up I can get home so I'm stuck here "they are playing some old
movies in the theater upstairs you want in" I said "sure anything to pass
the time " we went upstairs while the movie was going on we sat down about
thirty minutes within the movie our knee's were touching I looked over at
him he looked at me we were sitting in the back so lucky no one was
watching he leaned into kiss me and I let him he stuck his tongue is my
mouth and we were playing tonsil hockey I wrapped my arms around his neck
and ran my fingers through his hair " I know some place we can go "
Professor said . he took me to his lecture room we went inside he looked
the door and put down the blinds on the door we walked over to his desk and
started making out i sat on his desk he was in front of me

Pressing his crotch into mine " I wanted this since the first day I saw you
"he said I felt consumed he was rubbing my face "look at me " he said I
looked up he kissed me again I lifted my shirt and pushed me back he then
went to my neck and started sucking on it " I don't think we should be
doing this" he unbuttoned his shirt "trust me , we should be doing this and
I've been with a lot of guys but non that is sexy as you" he said "I guess
you use that on all your students you find interest in" I said he started
sucking my nipped it felt so good his pale skin on top of my brown skin
seem to get me even more harder he undid my belt , and undid my jeans he
pulled my boxers and jeans off at the same time and he took his shoes then
his pants off as well he started sucking my cock.

He flipped me over and started rimming my ass "ohhh" was all I could say no
one ever did that before he stopped I heard a rapper he put the condom on
his dick and used his spit as lube I could now feel the head pressing
against my hole he slid in ouch" I yelled "kid relax" he said he went in
farther "how big are you " I said "eight inches" he said he must have been
pressed against my prostate he pulled back then back in he was fucking my
ass "you have a sweet ass:" he said while holding onto my side pushing his
dick in and out of me "yeah that feels good like pussy" he said he pulled
out and turned me over then to it back into my ass pounding me he leaned in
to kiss me while sweat poured off his body his fingers were on my mouth I
sucked on them "I'm gonna cum" he said he pumped harder and harder I could
feel his body tense "awwwwwwwwwwww" he came in his condom he fell on top of
me and kissed me again "that was amazing he rolled over "I should go before
Danny gets worried and call out a search team. I went to pick up my clothes
and I lifted his pants something fell out I bent down it was a wedding band
I put on my clothes I went over to him he leaned in for a kiss but I turned
my head "I think your wife would be pissed if you didn't come home without
this" I put his ring in his hand he was caught "your fuckin scum" I said
then I left out.

The next few days I pretty much avoided professor woodson class I even
requested a change to be in another History class but they said I would
have to wait because all the other history classes were all full. I was
stuck with the prick and I was angry I got to the dinning hall and slammed
my book bag down Danny looked at me "angry much" he said "I'm not in the
mood, Danny" I warned "fine " he said Landon and Adam walked in I virtually
ignored there appearance. Danny looked "two hottie's at five o clock" Danny
said they came to our table and sat down "hey you guys" Adam said "I got
class in a little while " I said I stood up and walked out leaving Danny
there with them.


"Do you know why Eric hasn't come to any meetings" Adam said "I don't know,
you have to ask him" I replied back "I think I know why" Landon said "I'll
talk to him " he said while getting up from his seat he walked
away. "should we talk about what happened" Adam said "what are you talking
about" I said while getting up" Adam followed me all the way to my dorm
room " your playing dumb aren't you" Adam asked I opened the door they went
inside I closed the door "maybe I am" I went up to Adam and put his hands
under his shirt and started rubbing his chest pinching his nipples "I
should go" he said "you should go? but you followed me here" Danny said he
kissed him Adam kissed him back "maybe you should stay awhile Eric isn't
coming back any time soon I pushed him on my bed and got on top of him I
could feel his cock through on my ass it was rubbing on me "seems like you
are horny when was the last time you had sex" I said to him "it's been a
few weeks " he said I smiled "good thing you're here I unbuckled his belt
then his button I got up and pulled his jeans to his ankles "you've been
waiting for this straight boy haven't you " I said he just looked at me I
got on my knee's between his legs and took his Eight inch cock in my hand I
began to rub it using my thumbs to massage his head "he moaned then I put
the head in my mouth and sucked on it swirling my tongue around it "oh shit
man" he said he grabbed a hand full of my hair pulling me down onto his
cock I was milking his hard manhood with my moist mouth ,taking all of his
dick in my mouth saliva came out the side of my mouth wetting his dick I
then pulled off making a suction sound I moved down to his balls taking
each one of his balls in my mouth licking and sucking them" I felt his
balls tightening I moved back up to his cock my mouth was watering I stuck
it back in my mouth and went up and down fast sucking soft and hard on it
"ohhhhh shitttttttt " he came in my mouth


"Eric can we talk " Landon said I looked at him "what about" I said "about
what happened in my room" Landon said "what's to talk about , water under
the bridge" I said trying to walk away but he kept throwing himself in
front of me "what happened should not affect you becoming a brother" Landon
said "I don't want to be a brother" I told him "then why did you pledge" he
asked "are you kidding me , it was you who kept persuading me to join and
just like an idiot I listened to you, I do not want to pledge a Fraternity
or have any part in it , I just want to focus on my school work" with that
I started to walk away from him " I put my neck on the line for you and you
just quit" Landon shouted I turned around you put your neck on the line for
me , Right" I said and walked away.

I came in after a long walk "where were you" Danny said "wow, mom worried
much" I said sarcastically "hey, you don't have to be rude, I hadn't heard
from you " Danny said "I'm eighteen years old I don't need someone keeping
tabs on me especially someone like you" I said "what the fuck is that
suppose to mean" Danny said he continued "oh I get it , Landon doesn't like
you so your lashing out at the whole world too bad its life , move on and
grow the hell up " he said , he grabbed his book bag and left out slamming
the door , I sat on my bed and thought about what Danny said , it wasn't
only Landon , it was my professor as well being married and hiding that,
using me for his own agenda , and me , I've been angry with myself for not
being what other people wanted me to be or what I couldn't be for them .

The next day I woke up and saw things a little bit clearer , I took what
Danny said into consideration I got up and sat on his bed shaking him
"what?" he sat up he was cranky "your right , I'm sorry " I said "you
should be " he said I kissed him "stop being mad it's a new day " he smiled
"I'm glad you came to the realization because I hated being mad at you " he
said "yeah well someone had to do it . there was a knock at our door I got
up and walked over to it , Adam was standing there he handed me a box
"what's this" I asked "its your invite to a exclusive party tonight be
there , you too Danny " he said peaking his head into our room "okay" I
said Adam turned and left I tossed the box to Danny "you go ahead I'm not
going " I said grabbing my towel "yes you are , like you said it's a new
day a new attitude , maybe you can find someone else to hook up with to get
your mind off of Landon" Danny was right .

That night me and Danny got dressed , nothing to casual just jeans , tees
and sneakers we walked in music was playing girls were looking at us
smiling me and Danny looked at each other and kind of laughed , man if we
were straight we could have any girl in this room but we weren't

Justin this is Eric , Eric Justin Adam said introducing us Justin was hot
he looked mixed black and white he wore a Yankee fitted hat on backwards
and had this swag about him that was really appealing "I'm Gonna go get a
drink" I said "I'll come wit you " he said we walked into the kitchen
"that's some accent " I said "I'm from Jersey" he said with a smile " I
smiled back "what?" he said looking at me "nothing lets get back out there
I said I turned to walk back into the other room he grabbed my arm "nothing
are you sure about that" he said with a grin on his face "what do you mean"
I asked he slipped his hand in my back pocket cupping my ass pulling me
into him "your damn sexy , you know that" damn this dude was fine as hell
his pink full lips his hazel eyes starring at me like I was a piece of meat
, all of the above was turning me on he leaned in and kissed me I kissed
him back he was pressing hard against me I heard footsteps as soon as I
pushed him away Landon came into the kitchen he looked at me then at Justin
, then back at me strangely "just came in here for drinks" I said "yeah
drinks " Justin agreed Justin walked out Landon poured himself a vodka on
the rocks "yeah Drinks" he said and walked out the kitchen , I stood there
kind of confused.

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