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Before and After Episode 12

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Before and After
Hanging on to life pt 2
Written by Tony

Last time on Before and After

"You don't have to worry about Steven being dead to you because he might
be! Our son was in a car crash and taken to General hospital." My wife was
hysterical, she put her hair in a pony tail and grabbed her keys.

"If my son doesn't make it we're done." She left the house, slamming the
door as I followed her out of the house.

"I need to go too."

"Why? So you can tell him how much of a disgrace he is? Or to see for
yourself if he really dead?"

"I love him!" I yelled, the burning feeling in my eyes. I went around,
getting into the driver's seat as she got in the passenger seat.

We made our way to his room. When we went inside we saw him, his eyes closed and tubes and machines hooked up to him. Oliver began to sob, Mark was right there to comfort him, rubbing his back.

“You still love him don't you?" Mark asked as Oliver nodded yeah, wiping
his eyes.

"I wish I never hurt him, I love him so much. I hate seeing him like this."

Oliver went over to the bedside and held his hand. I had to fight back the
tears because I could barely look at Steven like this. It was like he was
lifeless, not the full of life kid he always was. Mark stayed quiet as he
stood back.

"Steven wake up please." Oliver pleaded to an unconscious Steven as he bent
down and kissed his forehead. All of a sudden a loud noise like alarms
surrounded the room. Oliver backed quickly away as I noticed Steven started
moving his fingers.

"Look guys." I pointed out. As they turned their attention back to Steven
he was moving his hand. Oliver went back over to his side, taking his hand

"That's right, wake up baby, please wake."



“Steven please wake up , I love you so much; please don’t leave me”

I kissed him on the side of his mouth because he had a tube down his throat I couldn’t stop crying I put my forehead on the side of his head as I stroked his hair then his head started moving from side to side

“Oliver he is waking up!” Josh said as he and mark came over to the bed I sat upright holding his hand

“that’s it! Steven follow my voice , I love you so much please wake up”

“Look his eyes” Mark stated , his eyes lids fluttered and we watched as they opened
His mother came back into the room

“what’s going on” she asked

“Steven started moving his fingers and Oliver was talking to him and his eyes opened”

“oh gosh I got to find doctor Jones” she ran out of the room

(Tyler )

I Woke up in the morning and everything felt great , except Steven didn’t call me like he promised, when he got home . I hoped he made it home in time . I was headed out the door when my home phone rung


“Is this Tyler” I recognized the voice it was Steven’s father

“yeah , Mr. Mitchell how can I help you”

“Tyler , I have to tell you, Steven was in a car crash yesterday coming home from your house he is in a coma”

“Oh my god , what hospital?”

“General Hospital on main”

“Okay I’m on my way”

I went to my truck and got In I made my way to the hospital it took about fifteen minute to get there when I arrived I went straight to the nurse station

“Hi I’m looking for a Steven Mitchell, he’s teenager and was in a car crash”

“Seventh floor “ the nurse said looking annoyed

“if you don’t like your job much maybe you should quit”

I made my way to the seventh floor I found the room and looked through the glass window; I noticed Steven mom , Oliver, mark, josh and the doctor in the room . I couldn’t make out what they were saying but the doctor was checking Steven out . He then pulled Steven’s mom to the side and they talked he left out afterwards and I went in

“Oliver?” Steven asked ,Oliver went right to his bed side

“I’m right here” he took Stevens hand I was hurt how could he ask for Oliver the boy that hurt him

“Hey, how are you” Oliver Smiled at him

“ A little groggy I guess, what happened Olli?”

balling my fist I wanted to attack Oliver , he called him Olli, he only called him that when they were together

“You were in a car crash , Steven”

I left out of Steven’s Hospital room and went in the hallway upset. How could he not ask or think about me why would he automatically ask for his Olli. Soon mark, josh and Oliver left out the room

“Hey! Tyler I didn’t know you were here” josh patting my shoulders I turned to Oliver totally ignoring Josh

“Wow Oliver , you use his accident to try and get back together with him”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s funny how he ask for you , I bet you subconsciously said things to him when he was still in the coma”

“Jealous much! ,” he scuffed at me at he got in my face

“Jealous , why would I be jealous of a insecure boy who doesn’t even know what he wants guy or girl ,guy or girl ” I laughed in his face and continued “and it was all good when you were seeing Amanda and Steven was in agony but now he’s moved on and you cant handle it , you thought he would always be there waiting for you to make up your mind case and point you just want to have your cake and eat it too you piece of shit !” he swung and hit me in the face I fell back and hit the floor

“Guys this is not the time” Mark stated

“Your right mark”

Oliver said as he turned and walked down the hall, I got up and charged him we flew into the Waiting room , I started choking him, he pushed me off of him and tried to punch me but I punched him hitting him square in the mouth , Mark and Josh separated us his lip was busted

“You fucking bastard, your just mad because Steven still loves me, he may not say it but it’s true”

I got myself together I was bleeding from my nose

“Your pathetic Oliver look at you! , I mean Ollie; you cheat on him and now your interfering in our relationship”

“if your so secure in YOUR relationship then you wouldn’t be here fighting with me , I think you know me and Steven belong together”

“you really are delusional , you don’t hurt people and expect them to want you what the hell is wrong with you, you fucking creep”

“you know Steven loves me , you know if anyone is pathetic and Delusional it is you , you don’t belong here, so do everyone a favor and get the hell out of here you heard Steven he asked for me not you”

I walked over to the elevator and it opened , Stevens father got off he looked at me and then Oliver

“What happened “ he asked

“Nothing worth mentioning Mr. Mitchell” I stepped on the elevator and left


I felt groggy , what the hell happened to me , I remember meeting Tyler for a special dinner and leaving but that was it , that’s all I remembered . then I was in a hospital bed with a tube down my throat nothing seemed clear to me I heard Oliver’s voice telling me to come back to him what did he mean, I followed the voice and here I am I was looking into Oliver’s face he was smiling at me , then he disappeared and the doctor was poking and probing me putting lights in my eye I flinched and he seemed satisfied with that . The next part I dreaded he removed the tube from my throat , it hurt like hell

“ Hello son , welcome back”

The doctor said , what did he mean welcome back , from where , where did I go. I tried to speak but couldn’t

“’What’s wrong” My mother asked

“His throat is probably sore , I’ll get you some water ,”

He went over to the sink and got a plastic cup and filled it with water I drunk some and that’s when I asked for Oliver.

A few days later I got out of the hospital. mom had to work but dad was there for me , I was scared to be in close proximity of him . But what choice did I have. In the car is was Extremely quiet all I had was my thoughts . When we finally arrived home dad opened the door and we both went in I was about to go upstairs until he called me

“Steven can we talk” he asked I turned back around

“Um sure”

We went into the living room , he sat down on the sofa I sat down opposite him

“When I found out you were in the car crash it changed my life , because I could of lost you and the things I said to you about you being dead to me , I am so sorry no parent should say that to their child , and I want to know if you can find it in your heart to forgive me for all the wrong I caused you”

He had tears in his eyes , I stood up and went over to my dad and hugged him he held on tight

“Dad I forgive you, I know you just didn’t understand but you hurt me with your words, it will take time for me to trust in you again” he nodded In agreement I backed up

“ I understand , I just want you to know I love you , you’re my baby”

“Dad!” he laughed

“Its true , you may stand tall and have a mind of your own but your still the little boy that I use to change and feed and tell bedtime stories to and stupid me for not seeing that your still the same boy I raised “

I hugged him again

“It’s okay dad I’m just happy I have my dad back” .

Four weeks later

I had gotten back to my life , everything before the crash was really irrelevant , my dad was back in my life and I was grateful for that . My life seem to be like it was before I came out .Dad even found me a nice car, it was a Honda but I wasn’t complaining. The only thing was Tyler, I hadn’t seen him since I woke up from my coma, I was told he was there but I didn’t see him I called , text , e-mailed but nothing I heard nothing from him

School ,

As I turned the corner I noticed Mark standing next to my locker he smiled at me as I approached

“So since school is over for summer I wanted to know if you wanted to go to my family cabin in the Pocono’s”

“Mark the Pocono’s as in Pennsylvania”

“yeah, I invited Josh , Oliver, Amanda, Ben.. Megan , Adam and Tyler”

“Wait you spoke to Tyler” it went quiet ,he looked as if he been caught or something

“Um, I should go, thank about it” he handed me a piece of paper with a phone number on it “this is my uncles number , if your parents want to call for information” he walked away , what the hell was that about . I put the paper in my pocket and looked up

Megan and Ben came from around the corner holding hands they saw me and let go then came over to me

“hey, so you coming to P.A this summer” Ben asked I smirked at them

“Mitchell stop that!” he put up a defense

“so are you two a thing”

“Oh please like I would ever be interested in a loser like Ben”

“yeah and Megan is a hoe bag” she punched him in his chest

“ouch” I laughed at there back and forth banter

Science class

“Finals will be eight o’ clock Am sharp! try to be on time” Mr. Warren the Chemistry teacher said “that means you josh” he added the class laughed

“That was only one time” Josh responded aloud then focused on me

“So are you going to the Cabin , my mom said I could go” josh stated

“ I don’t know , I have to ask my parents,”

“At least Mark uncle will be supervising, and we all know parents love adult supervision”

“Um , Josh What happened with Tyler I mean he wont call me or anything”

He seem to not want to say anything he actually looked uncomfortable, first mark now him was I missing something

“Did something happen I mean he just stop coming around

“Stevie, something did happen, When you were in the hospital Tyler showed up and things got heated with him and Oliver , They got in a fight because of you. I Personally think they both love you and Tyler was clearly pissed that Oliver was close to you when you woke up they physically got in a fight and hurtful words were said”

“oh my god why didn’t Oliver or any of you tell me this, he probably thinks Oliver and I are getting back together or something”

“Steven I didn’t know how to say it , everything was a blur all we thought about was you getting better”

everything kind of made since now ,Tyler was afraid of rejection he thought I was going back to Oliver , which is stupid because Oliver is with Amanda , but speaking of that , since I came back to school I hadn’t seen them together it was weird she would try to hug him and hold his hand he wouldn’t let her , and I could see the frustration in her face.

At home

I came into the front door and I could smell mom cooking I went into the kitchen

“Hey baby boy “ she was smiling at me

“Mom, I have to ask you something , since this is the last week of school , Mark invited me up to the Pocono’s for the summer , Josh will be there and a few other kids”

Mom turned and looked at me

“I don’t know honey , will there be any adults”

“Actually Mark’s uncle will be there I have his number if you want to call”

I gave mom his number

“ I’ll call his uncle and then discuss it with your dad” I gave her a kiss on the cheek

“Thanks mom , um I have to go to Tyler’s house, we have to talk, I‘ll see you at dinner”


I had to find out Tyler’s deal why was he not coming around as I approached his house I was nervous as hell . I got out my car and knocked on his door Tyler answer the door he looked at me stunned but he didn’t say anything

“Tyler what’s going on ?, imagine four weeks of not hearing from your boyfriend. Tyler before that crash we had a wonderful dinner and then I almost die and you disappear on me” I began to tear up

“I..I.. “ he hugged me I hugged him back

“Tyler I love you, I don’t understand why you just disappeared “

“I freaked out , I didn’t think you wanted to see me” I kissed him attacking his lips he wrapped his arms around me

“Tyler ,you’re my boyfriend , I missed you so much” he began to cry ,this big jock guy crying

“What’s wrong” I asked , he shook his head

“ I thought you didn’t want me , I was in that hospital room and you asked for Oliver you called him Olli”

“That’s why you and Oliver had that fight” I asked he nodded yes

“It made me so mad , that you would ask for him and not me”

I ran my hand in his soft curls pulling him into me as our lips met I stuck my tongue in his mouth I ended up against the wall Tyler placed his hands on my thighs lifting me up my legs practically dangling over his muscle round ass as he grinded his crotch into mines as we continued to kiss passionately his body was holding me up against the wall, Our cocks was growing with every thrust . As we were in our throws of sexual passion we heard keys Tyler backed away quickly, I landed on my feet and stood upright

“Damn my parents are home”

“oh god we are both hard, what are we going to do”

“hurry in the living room” we ran in there and sat down

“Tyler were home” I heard his mother

“in the living room mom” his mother came in

“OH MY GOD!! Is that little Stevie Mitchell” I smiled and stood up

“Hi Mrs. Lawrence its been a while” I hugged her

“I am so glad you’re the boy who has my son heart and not some Sexed crazy boy or that Naughty Kelly Wilson she got around more then a football”


His mom and I both laughed

“so he told you about us”

“yeah , and were okay with it now , we just want Ty Ty to be happy”

she pinched my cheeks on my face of course

“I would love too” I grabbed Tyler’s hand

“good we will set another place at the dinner table for you ” she left out

“damn them, I am so horny for you right now”

I laughed

“in due time my Ty Ty in due time”

He punched me on the arm

I laughed “ouch Ty Ty”

“stop calling me that” he tackled me on the couch him on top of me I ran my fingers in his hair and he stared at me with those amazing green eyes

“your Eyes are amazing you know that”

“what makes them amazing?”

“I don’t know the hues in them the green and brown ring in them its like little light filters in them”

“your eyes are amazing too , the way I can see in your soul with them” I scuffed

“oh come on , they are hazel kind of boring, they are like in the middle of being That sexy Brown and Hot green that you have”

“well I love them and I love you”

He kissed me, it felt so good until we heard the clearing of a voice our lips separated and I looked over Tyler’s shoulder his dad was standing there , he turned his head

“oh hey dad “

“really boys Contain yourselves, at least in the family room” he shook his head in a amused way and sat in his chair

“so Steven , what is your intentions with my son”

That question caught me off guard

“um , I um”

They both began to laugh

“just wanted to make you sweat , how have you been” he smiled

“ I’ve been great , Tyler is a good boyfriend” he looked down kind of sad I bumped his shoulder he looked at me and smiled

“good , that’s what I want to hear. Steven its okay with us , its been hard but we love our son and we want both of you to be happy”
As I sit here in my bedroom writing to you guys on my laptop I can say That Tyler’s father made me feel good , people were really starting to warm up me being gay . I mean I’m not stupid I know the world can be cruel and not everyone understands . But as long as my family, Friends and the family of my boyfriend is okay with us . Then things will be a lot Simpler .

P.S: Life is complicated but sometimes all you need is a good person by your side and I found that with Tyler.

Until next time Steven! “Smiley face”

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