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Before and After Episode 9

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Before and After
"Enough is Enough"
Written by Tony

Last time on Before and After. I was having a good time at my pool party
especially when Tyler showed up. But Tyler appearance didn't leave the best
impressions on everyone Oliver began to act strange when the contact
between Tyler and I began to sizzle and when I tried to talk to him, I was
distracted and he ended up leaving. At school Adam tried to throw his
relationship with mark in my face . But I had to bring him back to reality
when I showed him mark flirting with another guy. I thought the drama was
on the maximum .well little did I know the Drama was only beginning.


"Steven!" I turned to face Tyler I was laying in his bed, we looked at
each other our legs Intertwined with one another my arm draped over his
side and his over mine. Our lips met and I was pulled into one of the most
passionate kisses known to man, the heat of his body radiated on my skin if
that was even possible. I pulled back to catch my breath he laughed "give
me your hand" he held out his hand for mine "for what?" I asked he grabbed
my hand and we locked fingers "because I want to hold your hand , silly"
looking into his eyes was like looking at the eighth wonder of the world
they were mystical as if his eyes held a story (I know that sounds a bit
corny but that's the way I felt) "I wish we can stay like this forever " I
said "well we can my parents don't get home until next week" I kissed him
"but my parents wouldn't go for it" I ran my fingers in his hair pulling
him close then we heard the door bell "hold that thought babe" he got up
off the bed and left out his room I watched as his muscular ass moved to
the rhythm of his walk in his basketball shorts "nice ass" I smirked he
turned his head and smacked his ass "its all yours" I laughed he left out ,
I looked around his room it was simple but nice, he was the total opposite
of Mark and Oliver in looks and personality my golden Adonis (hehe) ten
minutes passed I decided to see what was taking him so long , I put on my
sneakers and I left out his room and went downstairs I heard voices coming
from the kitchen I peaked in and saw some blond girl standing there they
were talking, he looked angry at her, and she looked as if she was sorry
about something she came close and kissed him , I felt stupid. Not another
Oliver I thought , why was this happening to me again. I bumped into a
table in the foyer they both looked "Steven!, its not what it looks like"
he immediately said I turned and left out his house pissed off . I went to
my car and drove off I looked in the rear view mirror to see him standing
there running his fingers in his hair clearly looking distraught but I
didn't care how could I do this again

___________________ The next day at school ___________________

I didn't want to be bothered by anyone not even Josh I avoided him and
didn't even show up for science, last period before class I caught Oliver
looking at me , and he mouthed the words "are you okay" I just turned my
back and kept walking. He was the root of all evil , okay maybe I am over
reacting just a little but that's the way it seemed . I wish Life was like
a Beyoncé️ song and I could just say "to the left to the left" and just
move on , but it wouldn't matter because meeting screwed up guys was just
in the cards for me. Not that I believed in fortune telling ,because I
don't. but lets look at the track record Below

________________________________________________________________________ On
the left you have the one the only Oliver

*Stats Name:Oliver Greyson Nationality: American Eye color :Gorgeous Brown
Hair:Shaggy,Chestnut Brown Type:Jock (sexy)

Screw up: Cheated on me with Amanda , and flaunts his relationship in my
face , but I think he secretly still loves me , yeah right , he loves

* * *

In the middle theres Mark the shark *Stats Name: Mark Delauro Nationality:
American Eye Color: Sexy Blue Hair: Cropped, Dark brown looks jet black,
Type:Jock (Sexy)

Screw up: pretended to be nice, well mark is nice I guess. But he used it
to get into my pants and when he did , he lost interest in me and gain
interest in Adam, but he did the same thing to Adam.

* * * And on the Right you have Tender Tyler *Stats Tyler Lawrence
Nationality:American Eye color :mystical Green Hair: Curly shaggy, Blond

Screw up: he was kissing some girl , while I was upstairs in his room

I think I see a recurrence in the type . Maybe that was the problem these
sexy Jocks

"Hello earth to Steven" i snapped out of my trance Megan was looking at me
"what?" i asked "i said hows things going with you and Tyler" i turned my
head and put it down on the desk "are you okay" she sounded worried about
me "just leave me alone Megan"i yelled the class went silent then the
teacher went back to teaching.

** When I got home Oliver was standing on the front porch . I drove my car
into the garage and got out "Oliver I'm not in the mood for you today" he
frowned "I just came to see how you are" he could see something was
bothering me "what's wrong" Oliver asked me I leaned into him he wrapped
his arms around me I missed his scent and being close to him like this, I
backed up we looked at each other , then I went in and kissed him, he
kissed me back his heart was beating so fast , so was mine I felt his
tongue travel in my mouth his left hand was in the back of my head and his
right hand was going up and down my back I pulled away "your with Amanda,
this is wrong" I stated " Stop saying I am with Amanda , I know the mistake
I made, I'm paying for it everyday , but I still want you Steven, I just
wanted to feel normal I didn't think it would cost be the best thing that
has happened to me" I put my hand on his shoulder "lets go in for a

he followed me inside , no one was home , we went up to my room he sat down
on my bed I sat down next to him ."Oliver what about the next time you want
to be so called Normal" I stated " Steven, I wont.." with that my doorbell
rung I got up "be right back" I went downstairs . And opened the door Tyler
was standing there "she kissed me , not the other way around " he walked
past me I closed the door and turned to face him. "Tyler I'm not in the
mood for your lame excuses" I said "You better be in the mood because I
will not lose the best thing that happened to me, Steven I care so much
about you, please don't let a little misunderstanding stop what we can have
, we have been seeing each other for a few weeks I'm telling you from the
bottom of my heart she kissed me , I was just as surprised as you were , I
was trying to tell her to leave I told her I met this amazing guy she bum
rushed me with that kiss" I felt my eyes well up he hugged me then kiss me,
I kissed him back

"get your hands off of him!" I heard Oliver we both looked in his
direction."excuse me!" Tyler said with clearly a angry expression Tyler
step towards Oliver they were both in each others face , you could smell
the testosterone a mile a way "I said get off of my boyfriend" Oliver said
Tyler looked at me "its not what you think" how ironic is that haha "what
is he talking about" Tyler asked "Oliver I didn't say we were getting back
together, we didn't even finish the conversation we were having" "but we
kissed and before he knocked you were going to say something" I put my head
down "so this is what you do" Tyler yelled "Tyler shut the fuck up okay, I
thought you were getting back together with your ex, now Oliver can we
talk, Tyler wait here do not leave" I walked into the kitchen he came close
and placed his hand on my face his brown eyes had hope in them, I loved
those eyes "tell me , we can get back together , I will end things with
Amanda" I hugged him he hugged me back "Oliver , you hurt me , and I don't
know if I can ever get over that , over what you did to me, I'll always
love you , but seeing you with Amanda everyday after you cheated on me
killed me , Oliver I forgave you but I didn't forget" "Steven please don't
choose him, I can change" I kissed him softly on his forehead "okay, tell
some of your friends how you feel about me" Oliver looked defeated "Steven
I cant" I shook my head in the negative "no I cant, Tyler is good for me,
he knows me and I over reacted but he wont hurt me like you did, Oliver I
really do love you , but I'm ready for something new, I`m ready for someone
who isn't ashamed of me or himself. You are pretending. You can have sex
with Amanda a million times but you and I know the truth" he put his head
down and looked back up at me with tears coming down , I hated this I hated
seeing him cry, I wanted so bad to comfort him , but I couldn't because I
had to do what was best for me, no I'm not settling for Tyler if that's
what your thinking , Tyler is amazing and he isn't hiding who he is ,
really I wouldn't have a problem with Oliver hiding his sexuality, the
problem come in when his other friends question why he isn't dating girls
and he succumbs to peer pressure , hence hurting me "I know this is my
fault and I will never forgive myself for letting you go , I hope your
happy with Tyler" he turned and walked out the door leading to the backyard
I watched from the window as he walked around the house and disappeared , I
turned back around and went to Tyler I hugged him "you okay" he asked I
smiled "yeah now I am, so about that girl" I stated "she is my Ex, I am gay
I just dated girls so people wouldn't know but now I don't care because
when I am with you , I am complete , I'm not hiding who I am anymore. I
just hope I'm not too late" I kissed him "no , your not too late"

________________________________________________________________________ A
week later Amanda's birthday party

Amanda Invited Tyler and I to her birthday party at a club her dad rented
out for her, I didn't want to go because Oliver would be there and I felt
bad about what went down. But I went anyway. I walked in with Tyler, Love
Drug by Ke$ha was blasting and people were dancing and grinding on each
other "hey Steven , Tyler you made it have fun" Amanda smiled at us then
went over to Oliver , I noticed Oliver look at us then whispering something
in Amanda ear josh walked over to me "I didn't think you would show" Josh
stated We did our handshake "she invited me so why not" I stated "Hey Ty"
josh shook his hand I noticed Oliver giving me a ice cold look, as if I was
the one who cheated then I turned to meet Tyler's warm green eyes he smiled
at me "I'm going to the bar have fun" Josh walked away Tyler kissed me " I
was thinking maybe we could take our relationship to the next level" I
backed away "whoa I cant , Tyler I cant have sex with you right now" I
stated "why not I'm your boyfriend right" I sighed "yeah you are my
boyfriend but it's to soon to be doing that." I thought it was too soon , I
didn't want to make the same mistake I did with mark "well you didn't wait
that long for Mark so." i couldn't believe he said that to me "what?, who
told you that?" Tyler looked Nervous "Um, Oliver did I guess he thought by
telling me that I would think less of you" I was angry , how dear he talk
to Tyler about my past I walked over to Oliver who was now surrounded by
his other friends "we need to talk" I said "about what fag, huh" I was
getting angry "stay out of my life you bastard" I yelled at him , everyone
looked at us "fine by me , like I want to be associated with someone like
you, you gave it up to mark easy and your probably giving it to Tyler" I
shook my head in disbelief "why are you trying to hurt me" he glared at me
as if he hated me "play the victim Steven you do that best" I shook my head
"your right , I wont play the victim anymore , me and you are fucking
finished I never want to talk to you as long as I live , fuck you, you
piece of scum" he stood up and came towards me "what did you just say" he
pushed me Tyler and josh came and got between us I felt tears stream down
my face I left out the club I heard Tyler, Megan and Josh calling after me,
Josh followed "Steven what just happened" I didn't know what just happened"
I was as stunned as everyone else Josh hugged me "lets get out of here" I
nodded yes, we walked down the street away from the drama.

At the Diner*

"I'll have Banana Pancakes and a coke" Josh stated the waitress looked at
me " I'll have the same" she took the Menu and left "Josh why did you bring
me Pete's Diner" I asked "because this is what we use to do when we had
problems or just was stressed , I half smiled "yeah I remember that ,
Banana pancakes seem to solve our problems" Josh laughed "yup , so What is
Oliver's deal" Josh asked " I don't know , just when I think maybe we can
be close he just seems to do something to screw it up, how can he just talk
to me like he did and call me a Fag" I put my head down "hey , he is a
fucking dick head who smell like goat balls" I laughed so hard when he said
that he laughed as well "what? Goat balls?" we both were laughing so hard
"I don't know I was only trying to make you smile." "thanks josh you
succeeded" my cell began to ring it was Tyler I answered it

"Tyler hey"

" I'm so sorry I didn't mean to start anything"

"its not your fault , but I'm just not ready to have sex with you"

"then I guess we will wait , but I feel responsible for what went down"

":your not , hey I'm with josh , how about I call you tonight"

"okay, I cant wait until we talk", I smiled

" I can`t wait either, talk to you soon" I hung up

The waitress came and sat our plate of pancakes in front of us and then our
cokes "Steven you have more Drama then a Soap Opera" josh stuffed some of
his pancakes in his mouth "I know, I should ask MTV to send a camera crew,
we all would be the next sensation in Reality T.V" Josh nodded in
agreement. I began eating my pancakes . Tomorrow would be the start of
something new , Oliver wouldn't exist to me

Okay , wow this was a great Episode! so much happened all the Drama and
Oliver seem to be at the center of it all. Thanks for reading . I had a
blast writing this part. Let me know what you thought of the latest that
went down on B&A

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