Before and After Episode 5

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Before and After Episode 5

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Before and After
Written by Tony

Okay last time so much happened I was stressing about going to Oliver's
Party , but on the flip side I helped mark out with his history homework
and he rewarded me with a kiss , but Josh walked in on it , causing a very
awkward situation especially for Mark. You guys got to meet my dad, isn't
he a Jem. And at the party , I kissed Mark during a game of suck and blow
only to have Oliver see and obviously get jealous. I had a one on one
outside with mark and end up with a kiss, After that I have a one on one
with Oliver Resulting in a kiss as well. But the Oliver Ship has sailed and
I want something new , something different I guess , something with Mark.

"Mark , that feels good" mark was sucking on my neck, his hand slid under
my shirt he pinched my nipples with his long slender fingers " I want you
so bad Steven" he said in a husky voice I could tell he was horny "but
wouldn't it be uncomfortable in a car" I asked he smiled "it would , but
hey" he jumped in the back seat "your going to make me sit back here all by
my lonesome" I got in the back actually hopping on his lap he laughed "wow
, is that a flashlight or are you happy to see me" I stated he laughed " no
its no flashlight but it could be a weapon" I kissed him his penis was
throbbing underneath me I kissed his neck and got off his lap and sat next
to him I put my hand on his zipper and unzipped his jeans my hands where
trembling I never did this with him , with Oliver yeah but not with anyone
else I stuck my hand in , my hand in the hole of his boxer I touched his
penis I wrapped my hands around it , it felt huge , I didn't know exactly
what size but it was huge , I began to stroke it "Oh my gosh , Steven that
feels incredible .



"god that was amazing Oliver" he smiled at me "thank you baby, I aim to
please you" I laughed at that. We were both sweating. I leaned into him he
wrapped his arm over my shoulder and kissed me on my forehead " I have like
the best boyfriend ever" he whispered in my ear giving me shivers up my
spine, I sucked on his nipple "your going to start me up again" he warned
"good I could use a round two" I chuckled "can I ask you something" he
asked "yeah anything". "have you ever wondered what it would be like to be
with a girl" he asked out of the blue , I didn't know why he asked that "no
, have you?" I asked " no , I just was asking you a question" he
sounded nervous "Oliver are you okay" I asked, he kissed me "I'm fine ,
perfect actually"


" Oh Stevie ,I'm going to " he started to shoot his cum , some hit me on my
face and it went on his shirt as well he was panting "god that felt
amazing" I bent down and took his cum soaked cock in my mouth "Steve!!
Fuck" I sucked on his head it felt warm in my mouth he had to be at least
eight inches I think I slid down further "Steve oh my god your making me
horny" I began to bob on his cock my jaw hurt a little but I got
satisfaction in sucking him. I pulled off "I'm want to have sex" I stated
he looked at me "I do too, but how" he asked "take me home , just trust me"
he got back in the driver seat and I got in the passenger and he pulled off
"aren't your parents home" he asked "don't worry about it I got a plan . We
arrived at my house he parked a block down and we got out we went to the
side I took my key and unlocked the window leading to the basement "get in,
I'm going to go into the front then meet you down there" I stated he looked
as if he wasn't sure about it "it will be fine the basement is sound proof
and my parents are at work" I said , he nodded and bent down he slid
through the window

I went into the house no one was home , good that's the way i wanted it I
came down with lube and a condom I locked the door and went down the stairs
the light was on I put the stuff on the table and went over to mark and
kissed him he held me tightly rubbing the small of my back I placed my hand
on his button to his jeans and unbuttoned them , we broke the kiss he slid
his jeans off then took off his shirt , he was ripped , like two model
ripped god he was sexy I then took off my close we both stood there in our
underwear's with tents sticking out I moved closer and placed my hand on
the elastic band on his boxers and slid them down exposing his pubic hair
then I bent down and pulled his boxers all the way to his ankles his cock
was right in my face I moved forward and licked his cock a little , he sat
down "are you going to tease me some more" he asked I gripped the base of
Mark's cock between my finger and my thumb and it was so hard against his
lower abdomen. the plump mushroom head was dripping with pre-cum I stuck my
tongue out and licked the head a few times his body shook as i did so i ran
my hands up and down his thighs at the same time Mark groaned, and i took
in his manly scent between his thighs, i loved that scent that Oliver got
when he would sweat a little and now Mark was turning me on big time i
wrapped my fingers around his cock and opened my mouth wide the head went
into my mouth and I closed my lips around it "oh shit Steven dude , fuck" I
slid my mouth down on his cock I could feel his Cock twitch in my mouth I
slid my other hand underneath him and to his hole he lifted his leg i stuck
a finger in my mouth and began rubbing his hole that seem to drive him nuts
, speaking of nuts I began to rub and massage his big balls as I sucked his
dick ferociously "Ahh its to much I'm gonna cum " I pulled off I pulled my
boxers down then off I sat on my back and lifted my leg "get the lube apply
some on my hole and when you put the condom on slick your dick up so it can
go in easy" he did as I said , its been a while since I let someone in the
last and only person was Oliver , while I was in thought I felt his head
slip in my legs went over his broad shoulders , I gasped as the invading
member pushed into me. "wow your tight , god you're the first boy you know
that . He pushed in even more , then he pulled out a little and went back
In ., he threw his head back he was enjoying what I had to offer. "your
fucking hole is so great , yeah take that dick baby" Mark said as he was
pumping hard and fast . "Mark you feel so good inside me" he pumped and
pumped harder "wait !" he slid out "turn over, lets try doggy style" I
turned around I felt his hands grab my waist and his dick popped back in
"oh yeah Steven your perfect" I began rocking back and forth meeting his
thrust "so tight baby boy" his deep voice was making me melt inside with
the help of his dick touching my prostate it felt to good to be true , I
gripped the sheets on the bed as he leaned over and was kissing my back and
neck then he started sucking on my ear as he continued to pound me "yeah ,
do you know what you do to me sexy" we continued like this for what seem to
be ten minutes He stood up "Stand up" I did just that" he grabbed me "put
your legs around me and I will hold you" he wrapped his arms around me and
I lifted my legs and wrapped them around him my legs were resting on his
ass he held me and he put me against the wall I felt him reach under and
his dick met my hole again he thrust up and down his strong arms were
holding me in place and his defined chest was pressed against my body, my
legs began to rub up and down his ass I grabbed a handful of his brown hair
leaning in and kissing him passionately he was fucking me while he was
standing up I never did it in this position before "oh yeah" he moaned he
buried his face in my neck as he was pumping upward in me I was running my
fingers in his hair "oh I'm going to blowwwwwwwww"


(Oliver POV)

Something felt different , what the hell could it be , it felt I just lost
something ,crazy huh anyway I sat at the Island in the Kitchen and drunk my
juice another boring Saturday I suppose my little brother came in "where's
mom?" he asked "she went to pick Cooper up from the air port" he sat down
next to me "Oliver I have to ask you something , so there's this boy in my
class and he is so weird , I think he likes me" Owen stated I nearly spit
out my juice "really , what do you think Owen" I asked " I don't know, I
mean he is nice but I don't like boys the way I think he does" I nodded "I
want you to do me a favor" I said "yeah anything" he replied "treat him
with respect do not talk down to him or try to hurt him , I want you to
convenience your friends to be friends with him" he nodded "good" Owen was
a mini me I think except his hair was more of a blondish brown then my hair
color but we had the same brown eyes and he would properly get my height in
a few years and have my build since he is into sports at the rip age of
nine , I am glad he came to me and not mom "buddy don't mention him around
mom you know how she is" " I know that's why I came to you , you're the
easiest person to talk to , I mean mom is mom and dad is never home and
Cooper well I know he is my brother but I don't really know him that well ,
so your all I got " I put my arm around his shoulder :and I am not going
anywhere, so your stuck with me" he rolled his eyes "and I thought you
would move out and I could get your room" "Owen!" he laughed "just kidding
big brother lighten up , but you have your own bathroom , I have to use the
one in the hallway" "tough break I'm older so " I tussled his hair he stood
up "I'm going to play video games in my room , catch you later" he left out
the kitchen and went upstairs.. Just because a person is straight doesn't
mean they should be a dick to Gays and if I could teach my brother that ,
then that's one less person people would have to worry about. "were home" I
heard mom, who cares is what I thought they both came into the kitchen
"Oliver , look who is here" she was so excited whoopee the brother I rarely
see is here "hi Cooper" I got up and left out "wait a minute , can you at
least not be rude" mom asked "what the hell do you want me to do sit and
hold a conversation with him , I haven't seen him in three years" I yelled
"you watch your tone with me , I wont allow it in my house" "mom I'm sorry
, I shouldn't have yelled" she smiled "its okay , but he is your brother"
cooper came out the kitchen "if he wants to act like a child let him, I
guess it's middle child syndrome he's jealous that I am the oldest and that
Owen in the youngest" was he serious I thought me jealous of him "yeah
that's it I'm jealous of you and my kid brother, how about I don't like
someone who could act as if I don't exist , its like you couldn't pick up a
phone or write an e-mail" he didn't say anything Owen came down "what's all
the commotion about" he said "wow Owen look at you , your big wow when I
last saw you , you were six" Owen looked at me "um Oliver who is this guy"
I wanted to laugh "that's the long lost brother , you know the one you
don't know" I was being sarcastic "I'm warning you Oliver" cooper looked
irritated "what? , Owen doesn't know you , its like I'm his only brother,
but that's your fault not mine". "Well nice meeting you, so Oliver can you
help me with my math" he asked "hey buddy I can help you" Cooper cut into
the conversation "that's cool but I want my brother to help me" Owen went
upstairs "I am his brother, what did you do Oliver?" cooper looked at me
furious "I didn't do anything, I never left him , I always been here you
weren't so" "boys stop it , I will put dinner on , you two stop bickering"
she walked away "I got to help my brother with his homework" I started for
upstairs and then Cooper stopped me "Oliver wait , I'm sorry okay I am for
not calling you I just had a lot going on , I just want to get know Owen is
that crime" I would love to stick it to him but he was right Owen was his
brother as well "fine you help him" he smiled "thanks, Oliver" he went


Amanda came over for dinner my mom wanted her to meet Cooper we sat down at
the table "your dad should have been here but I guess we should start
without him "so cooper ,you want to be a lawyer" Amanda asked Cooper "yeah
I really am interested in the law how did you get my brother" he asked "a
lot of hard work and planning " she stated what the hell did she mean hard
work and planning and I also noticed she was flirting with my brother and
he was flirting with her back , unlike me and Owen, cooper had blue eyes
and the girls seem to love that. But I guess there's something about Brown
,bedroom dreamy eyes that people are attracted too as well. After dinner
cooper and Amanda were talking amongst themselves , she seemed to be into
him and the funny thing about that was I wasn't jealous. After what seemed
like forever Amanda left and I went to my room "You have an amazing girl
you know that" Cooper said as he sat on my bed "Whatever" I laid on my bed
"you act as if you aren't even interested in your own girlfriend" it seemed
like he was fishing I sat up and looked at him "are you interested in her
cooper because it sounds as if your fishing" he laughed " I don't want your
little High school girlfriend, and clearly neither do you little brother"
he got up and left out .


"that was crazy , we went at it three times , once in the car and two times
right here you really must have been horny" he chuckled "yeah I was you're
my first when it comes to boys you know that" Mark smiled "yeah , pretty
soon you will fall in love with me" it went quiet, you know that
uncomfortable Quiet "Um I have to go" mark sat up "so soon" I put my arms
around him he kissed me again "what we just did was so amazing , you are
the best, no girl compared to what just happened here" he stood up and put
on his clothes "so I'll see you" he half grinned "um okay , are you busy
tomorrow" I asked "yeah super busy yeah I'll go then" he went out the way
he came in , something didn't feel right about him leaving so fast its not
like we were about to be caught because my parents weren't home but he was
acting strange"

To be Continues

So Mark and Steven did it for the first time , and this was Marks first
time with another boy . Oh and Cooper coming to town seem to Irritate
Oliver , I mean Cooper can see Oliver isn't that interested in his
girlfriend and this is his first day back . And Oliver can since something
is different , do you think he can since Steven being with Mark , how
Strongly Connected are Steven and Oliver and What's up with Mark acting so
strange , I guess you'll have to find out on the next one. Peace ... And if
you want to E-mail me do it at, let me know what you
thought of the latest Installment.

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