Pieces of me Episode 1

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Pieces of me Episode 1

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�you cant escape me� the voice got louder and louder , I jumped up sweat pouring down my face , the moon light shunned in my room, the voices as I called it started to get louder in my head for two damn weeks , what was this , why did it just appear , what couldn�t I escape . My heart was beating rapidly I laid back down , and sleep overtook me

�Derek honey time for school:� I opened my eyes and felt refreshed I got up and went into the bathroom , my twin brother Devon walked in


�for what , I already seen what you got , aint no body looking at you�

�Aint ,isn�t in the dictionary� he rolled his eyes

� I forgot you the damn white boy of the family�

�why because I don�t use Aint and internet acronyms�

�here we go again� he started brushing his teeth , Devon and I were twins but we weren�t identical , we were both brown skin, had brown eyes , mine were lighter then his , but we were fraternal , I began to brush my teeth as well , I went over and turned on the shower

�yo tell ma I wont be home after school I got some studying to do with Kelly�

�oh your calling it studying now�

�please I didn�t say anything when you use to Study with John� oh yeah he knew I was gay but he didn�t care we still bantered back and forth and were close as hell

�whatever� I got in the shower , it felt like someone was watching me , I felt a breath on my neck I turned around and no one was there what the fuck was going on


After my shower I got dressed , a red fitted shirt , black jeans and fresh red , black and white air Jordan 2�s , I went downstairs into the kitchen , dad was reading the newspaper and ,mom and Devon were eating I sat down

�about damn time�

�devon the mouth� mom said giving him the eye only a mother could , you know the on that said if you do it again your going to be picking yourself up off the floor I began to at

At school

I walked the hallways

�Derek!!� Emily ran up to me, Emily and I were Best friends since well kindergarten , she was half white and black and was of a light complexion she had light brown eyes curly golden brown hair and was pretty she sometimes wore these small rectangular glasses just for style

�where�s your article, I have to have it in my tomorrow so it can be in the next edition of the school paper�

�shit I left it at home , I been so damn distracted� she looked worried

�Derek what�s going on?�

�I don�t know I been hearing things , I shouldn�t even be telling you this�

�why not , you told me you were gay in the fifth grade and I kept that a secret�

�I know I just , Its weird I think maybe its some kind of Demon shit going on in my house� she touched my shoulders and nodded no

�no that�s not it�

�how would you know� I asked she looked away

�I have class�

�but the bell didn�t ring� she did something with her finger and the bell rung

�see , it just did, talk to you later� I looked at my watch we still had a few minutes before the damn bell rung , I walked to homeroom not sure of anything any more


�I don�t agree with that!� I said

�but you have to agree that Montage was a product of his environment� Stacy yelled back

�are you kidding me , Montage was a Hypocrite , he was suppose to be following the law and he was , he went after people who read books burnt there house down and then sent them to jail but he had books himself , they lived in a utipian society , but Montage didn�t have a Utopian state of mind�

�okay okay� the teacher broke up the tension �who knoe conversation on Fehrenheit 451 would be so controversial� just then the door opened and in walked the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen in my life, his skin was flawless , he was light skin , and had the purest Green eyes , I ever seen on a black person , his hair was freshly cut and he wore a simple white t-shirt , a pair of faded light blue jeans and air force ones our eyes locked , he was mesmorizing

�can I help you� Mr Argis asked

�yeah , I�m new here I am in this class� he handed Mr. Argis his Schedule

�well Keith stone? , welcome to Lake town high� Keith came over to me , and sat next to me , I noticed the girls starring at him but he was looking at me

�I�m keith� he held out his hand I shook it , when I did I saw something , I saw Keith running he looked scared I pulled my hand back what the hell was that Keith looked at me confused

�I�m ��

�Derek� he finished. For me

�yeah I�m Derek McCall �

There is a lot you don�t understand , a lot that is yet to be discovered , you are the chosen one , the one that will defeat and conquer all Evil.

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