College bound journal #1

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College bound journal #1

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:12 pm

College bound  journal 


I thought I knew what love was, well I had a idea of what it could be but with Landon he just made everything brighter haha I know it's cheesy but he makes me smile 

Who would have thought a white guy have caught my attention the way he has, don't get me wrong I've been attracted to a few white dudes in new York but nothing ever came of it I think it was being scared on my part 

You know today Landon and I held hands around campus it was weird, scary and exciting he smiled at me exposing a dimple that I loved on his face his green eyes glowed as the sun radiated them 

I sound like a girl I know but somebody pinch me is this real 

New chapter coming soon!!
To conclude the season!'

Season 3 starts after

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