The Adventures of Adam Episode 14 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 14 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam
“rebound, Recall”
Written by Tony


“I should call him”Tyler walked around the living room frantic

“I cannot believe you Tyler!, now it all makes since about those doubts you were having and being Single in Milan , but what you left out was the fact that you were banging some hot Italian Stud”

“I didn’t think he would come to new york”

“oh so that makes it better? , Tyler you’re my friend but what you did was shitty and then you try to hide it , things like this always comes out” I said he sat down at the couch burying his face in his hands

“I love Travis I want to make it right , I want to be with him”

“have you called him?”

“he wont answer Adam , I really don’t know what to do”

“I guess all you can do is give him space”

“but he needs to know I’m sorry and I want to be with him”

“I understand that but you cant force yourself on him not after what you did, this is crazy especially after everything you been through with Steven and Mark why would you”

“please lets not go there with Steven and mark because if I could recall you were with Mark while Steven thought he was with him only for Mark to Screw you both over, and you started seeing Oliver , the love of Stevens life. Yes I’m no better but I loved Steven he just couldn’t get over Oliver now I can see that they belonged together , but when you the third party that is preventing that , well Renaldo is the third party”

“the situation is not at all the same , Renaldo is the third party because you made him that, Steven was trying to move on from Oliver Cheating , you are the cheater my friend and you have to realize that maybe just maybe you lost Travis for good”


I walked into my mothers Brownstown and into her study she looked up and had a bright smile , I on the other hand was not smiling

“Your back , how marvelous”

“Ivy I am not remotely interested in what you have to say , I came to see Aaron”

She smiled then got up from her desk and we walked into the playroom Aaron was sitting down playing with blocks he looked up and smiled at me I smiled back I went over and bent down

“how about you and I go for ice cream”

“I Like Strawberry” he said

“so do I Buddy” I said

“I don’t think I can permit that”

“mother he is my son I will take him anywhere I choose” I picked him up and carried him out the room I got his jacket and put it on him

“don’t worry we will be back”

“before you go , I think you should know , that I am willing to give you , your trust fund back”

“really?” I asked kind of surprised

“yes , but on one condition you marry Chelsea and be a family with her” I starred at her

“didn’t we go through this already wow, you must think I am a fool , firstly Ivy listen to me and listen to me clear I am Homosexual; gay!!! , secondly I am in love with Adam Rainer and thirdly I have my own money I made by myself because you kicked me out of here for not being the perfect son. Now im taking my kid and we are going to get ice cream” I left out the house with Aaron slamming the door

“Buddy , we are going to the doctor first then ice cream”

“but I don’t like needles”

“you wont get a needle I promise” just a swab I thought in my head


I hadn’t heard from Travis since the fallout , so since he wasn’t answering his phone I decided to make a little trip to his apartment , when I finally got there I knocked on Travis door no one answered I dialed his cell he picked up

“Adam hey”

“Travis are you home”

“yes , why” he didn’t sound upset

“ive been knocking”

“oh sorry” a few seconds later I heard the lock he opened it , he was only in briefs

“come in, although you can’t stay that long”

“what? Why”

“hey you coming back to bed” a hunky guy who looked to be in his twenties came out naked he had dark brown hair that fell to his shoulders and dark chocolate eyes he was sexy for sure

“oh sorry” he said I looked at him all of him then shook my head

“its okay” he smiled and winked at me then walked back his perfect mounds bounced as he moved

“what the hell Travis!?”

“now that I am single I am having a little fun”

“Travis , this isn’t you , your just doing this because your hurting”

“Adam I’m sorry but I don’t need or want a shrink , so if you can leave I can get back to my fuck fest with Leo”

“his name is Leo” I said Travis nodded with a smile

“ I know , and he has a tongue ring, god he knows how to use it ” he winked pushing me to the door

“ I will call you later” Travis stated practically pushing me out the door , This was not Travis he didn’t hook up with strangers and so soon after he found out about Tyler cheating , as I left out of his building my cell started ringing it was Aiden I answered

“hey Aiden” I smiled

“I’m at the hospital”

“what? Why” I asked my heart was pounding

“I’m okay , I’m getting the DNA test done on Aaron , then I am taking him for ice cream”

“have fun papa” he chuckled

“it would be great if you could join us”

“I would but if he is your son you need to Bond with him first , I have to go anyway so much Drama going on”

“is everything okay with you?”

“yes for once it isn’t my drama, I’ll call you later, love you”

“love you too baby” I hung up with a warm feeling in my stomach I was so happy and it’s taken me a long time to get to this point

I got home and Tyler was sitting on the couch with his cell to his ear he stood up with his back turned to me

“you alright” I asked

“Travis is with some guy!” he said Angry


“yeah some guy name Leo picked up”

“oh no” he turned

“Adam , what aren’t you telling me?”

“this isn’t my business I am both of your friends”


“okay , I went over to check on Travis , to make sure he was alright and when I got inside a very sexy naked guy came out the room and his name was leo,”

“fuck ! That bastard”

“Hey! you did this don’t you dare blame Travis”

“no not Travis that Leo guy , probably took advantage of my boyfriend he‘s vulnerable right now, god he’s already moving on”

“trust me , Travis is trying to pretend he isn’t hurt but he is , and he is coving it up with this Leo guy, you hurt him pretty bad”

“I know I just want him back” he sat down and began to sob

“hey!, how about we order Chinese watch She’s the man” he laughed a little

“thanks Adam you’re a good friend to offer take out and a sucky feel good movie , but I don’t know if that will make me feel better” I sat down next to him he put his head on my shoulder I wrapped my arm around him

“hey at least give ti a try , i'm not busy I have all the free time in the world to spend with you” he kissed my neck

:”thanks A for always being there for me even when I fuck up

“your welcome Blond one, that’s what friends are for” I kissed his forehead
“now get to ordering , I’ll go to the DVD Closet” I said he grabbed his phone and the Chinese take out menu and I got the movie and at the moment life just didn’t seem so bad. It could get worst for my friends right ?.


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