The Adventures of Adam Episode 13 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 13 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam
All About Betrayal
Written by Tony


I knocked on Adams door

“Tyler go away” he yelled

“really?, I apologized to Travis we are good can I do the same with you” it went quiet then the door opened I walked in he had on sweats and a tank top

“I’m waiting”

“I’m so sorry for how I acted you’re a good friend and you’re the reason for most of my success”

“no I’m not I just persuaded my mom to let you stay here , you’re doing all this on your own”

“still you’ve been amazing and I been a dick to both you and Travis and im sorry I just got a lot on my plate”

“like what?” he asked

“Are we friends again?” I asked

“of course” I sat on his bed

“being in Italy being away from Travis ,going out to parties I didn’t want to be out getting drunk hot guys everywhere” Adam laughed

“sounds like heaven”

“if you’re single but it was more like hell, because it was awesome being there but being in a relationship while being there I couldn’t really have fun”

“like how? , hooking up with sexy models? being a bachelor?” I nodded yes

“do you want to be single , I’m not judging by the way , you’re my friend too I want everyone to be happy here”

“I don’t know , I like Travis , I think I’m starting to fall in love with him , but sometimes I think I’m too young to be tied down in a relationship” he didn’t say anything

“you must think I’m a jerk” Adam half smiled

“just a smidge, because of Travis falling so hard for you , but like anyone else you have to follow your heart , if you want Travis then that’s great both of my friends are happy , but if you don’t then you’ll be miserable because your not staying for you , your staying for him and that’s never good”

“you know , I do want Travis I guess I’m a little scared I saw the single life when I was in Italy and then when it was all over I found comfort In knowing I had a boyfriend back home who cares for me” Adam smiled

“well I guess you have your answer”

“I do , I want Travis”
“fuck, give it too me” my cock was going in and out of Renaldo’s Hot Italian bubble butt, it felt so good as his ass slapped my pelvis bone I bent down and sucked on his ear as he was taking control bouncing on my cock I closed my eyes and all I could think about was Travis, I felt a wave a guilt wash over me

“fuck I’m coming I screamed I pulled out and ripped the condom off Jizzing all on his back I fell back on my bed and closed my eyes

I couldn’t believe I just Fuck Renaldo how was I going to explain to Travis without losing him, I fucked up royally


After my conversation with Tyler I met Aiden at the Grill he was already seated I sat down he leaned over and kissed me passionately I felt so good inside nothing could ruin this very moment I pushed him back


“m sorry but if we kept that up then I will need to have you right here on this table”

“Well lets give the people a show” Aiden said and winked at me we both laughed at that
“ oh before I forget I want you to meet my mother” Aiden said I put the menu down

“what? “

“it’s just we haven’t been close these past few years and she called yesterday wanting to see me and I told her if my boyfriend wasn’t invited then I wouldn’t show up, well lets just say I think she miss me badly because she agreed for you to come with me”

“I’m nervous! , what do I say what do I do”

“hey , just be you.”

“so when are we suppose to see her” I asked

“Tomorrow for dinner if that is cool with you” I smiled

“as cool as a cucumber”

“what?” Aiden chuckled I shrugged my shoulders

“my grandfather use to say it all the time to me”

“you are so Cute” Aiden moved his chair next to mine and kissed me on the lips again I felt the butterflies :

“I came over to Adam’s place and Tyler opened up the door

“babe hey” he grabbed me and kissed me I ran my hands all over his body then pushed him back

“is anyone here”

“no , everyone is out , I’m the only one here”

“cool how about we go to your room , want to show you something” I said seductively I ran to the steps and up to Tyler’s room I took off my jacket and my sneakers then my shirt , he raced in and looked at me I was only in jeans and my white socks

“Tyler what are..” I grabbed his hand

“feel my heart” I said I put his hand on my heart

“I Swear it only thumps this much if I am at the Gym or when I am around you , I love you” he looked taken back by that

“I love you too” I smiled

“good , then let me show you how much I turned him and pushed him on his bed I got down grabbing his basket ball shorts pulling them down his cock was starting to grow

“Travis we should I mean I don’t…ahh” I placed the head in my mouth and sucked on it , it was hard as a rock and thick

“ I released the head from my mouth

“how fucking big is this thing”

He chuckled

“about seven and a half not that big

“well its bigger then mine , I’m only Six and a half”

“he smiled

“that’s a nice size baby and I will enjoy making love to it” I smiled as I put his Cock back in my mouth I stop teasing the head and went into bobbing on his fat dick, my cock was hard as a missile hearing my boy moan to my mouth, knowing that I was giving him pleasure was all the satisfaction I needed

“fuck baby I’m going to cum” I stopped

Then stood up and unbuckled my jeans he looked at me wide eyes

“I don’t want you to cum just yet , I want to be with you today, I guess this is me giving myself to you” he stood up and walked over to me walking funny because his dick was hard and his shorts were around his ankle and he pressed his soft puffy lips on mine his tongue entered my mouth , this felt right , this was more then a fuck it was love I felt it and he felt it as well. he wrapped his strong arms around me our bodies were stuck together like glue I felt his warmth radiate into my body he buried his face in the crook of my neck and began to sob

“baby what’s wrong” I asked

“nothing , it’s just I love you so much and I don’t want this to end”

“it wont , why are you saying this, we are good you are mine and I am yours right” he lift his head and kissed me

“only you Travis” I wiped his tears away

“now for the fun part” we both took off all our clothes and looked at each others body he was taking all of my in touching me in every place and I was doing the same we explored every nook and cranny imaginable

“do you have condoms I asked he hesitated

“not that I think your with anyone else but I want to be responsible for our first time” he walked over to his draw and took out a box

“wow how many boxes do you have”

“I haven’t used them I swear” I smiled then took the condom from him I unwrapped it and placed the condom in my mouth he looked at me as if I was crazy I leaned in and started to roll the condom on with my mouth he looked down at me amazed

“no one has ever done that to me before” I smiled

“I can also take the stem off a cherry” he half smiled

“maybe you aren’t that innocent”

“well , I’ll never tell” we both laughed I got on the bed laying on my back “lets try missionary , get some lube” he reached over in his draw and took the lube out applying it to his cock he came over to me I saw how hard he was his cocked looked even bigger

“relax baby” he scooted in closer I felt his hand on my ass cheek then he leaned in I felt the head pushing against my hole , I relaxed the head slid in he moaned

“you’re so tight baby” he pushed in even further it hurt I hadn’t been sexually active in a while I lifted my legs the hill of my feet digging into his lower back as he was making love to me I moaned out because it started to feel good , he was definitely hitting my prostate he bent down and wrapped his arms around my body as he thrusting in and out of me we were both moaning. I felt a tightness in my balls

“baby I’m gonna cum”

“me too don’t stop” the headboard to his bead was banging against the wall , if Adam was home he would definitely hear it I reached down and grabbed his bubble as pushing him to me

“fuck ahhhhhhhhh” his dick swelled and he was cumming ,

“Tylerrr!” my own cum squirted out between our bodies , Tyler kissed my chest he slowly pulled out we both were panting his curly blond hair felt silky as he laid his head on my chest

“hands down the best sex I have ever had” I chuckled

“same, god I never had sex that good , I guess that’s just more evidence that we belong together”

“We do , and don’t you forget that”

“why do you do that?” I asked he raised his eyebrow at me


“you say things like don’t ever leave me or don’t ever forget that we belong together as if you’re sending me some kind of subliminal message?” I asked

“I just want you to know you mean more to me then anything and I love you and want to be with you always” he stretched his head up to mine and we kissed , this was better then I imagined it would be, things could only look up for us.

The next day

I woke up my stomach was in knots , I was meeting Aidens mom , it sounded as if their relationship wasn’t a close one so I didn’t really know what to expect , and who else would be there

I got out of bed and left out my room as I was leaving out I saw Travis leaving out quietly putting on his shirt I stood there waiting for him to see me , he turned and jumped

“Adam hey didn’t see you there , nice boxers”

“did you spend the night with Tyler”

“um , you know I am craving breakfast”

“okay, we can have breakfast and you can tell me what you were doing coming out of his room , eight in the morning on a Sunday”

We went to the kitchen and I made us two beef sausages and scrambled eggs with cheese as we ate I was looking at him , he rolled his eyes

“okay , alright , we made love for the first time” I smiled

“that’s amazing how was it”

“it was just that, Amazing , I never felt anything like that before adam , we connected in only a way soul mates can, I maybe going over board here”

“no you aren’t I am really happy for you sounds like you are getting everything you wanted” I wrapped my arm around him

“yup , a great boyfriend who only has eyes for me”
I was nervous as hell to meet his mother , but I put that a side for Aiden, we got out of the taxi

“this is it” he announced , it was a beautiful brownstone

“I guess now all we have to do is go up the stairs” he hesitated

“come on Aiden” I pulled him we went up the stairs and I rung the door bell , a few minutes later a girl opened up she looked a lot like Aiden


“Aiden” they hugged tightly not letting each other go

“I missed you so much”

“same , its so good to see you again” they pulled away she looked at me with a grin

“he’s mine” Aiden said kind of in predatory way

“oh relax” we laughed then went inside it was definitely a elegant house there was no doubt his family was rich

“mother has been talking about you all day , She really misses you”

“well , if she can except me for me then I’ll be able to give her another chance”

“Aiden there is one more thing” Abby said but didn’t finish because it was already too late

“What is she doing here Ivy!!” Aiden yelled as we entered the dinning room I looked over at the girl she had light brown hair bright brown eyes a glowing complextion really pretty

“don’t you speak to me in that way, what happen to hello mother ” I had no idea what was going on or who she was , but I noticed Aiden mother was pretty , she had the same blue eyes as Aiden and Brown hair that was shoulder length, she looked like a older Abby

“your first love just wanted to be reacquainted with you” she stated I was beyond shocked , his first love? I looked at Aiden he looked at me

“Adam I was confused , I wasn’t always confident in who I was I wanted so bad to fit my family image no one was suppose to be different so I got a beard”

“that’s all I was to you” she looked angry “but I guess , you couldn’t bother to know what was going on I remember that day clearly Aiden , you came to my apartment and said “I’m gay and im sorry for using you” then you walked away never to be heard from again , but little did you know I was going to tell you something

“darling bring Aaron in here” Abby got up and went into the next room she came back with a little boy who looked to be around four

“Meet your son Aiden, his name is Aaron” Chelsea said looking at me with a snaky expression on her face Aiden looked at me , everyone was looking at me until his mother cleared her voice and all attention was to her

“now lets get down to business , I will except you back into the family fold trust fund in all if you marry Chelsea and raise your family” Aiden jumped up

“fuck you and this family” he came to me grabbed my hand I stood up

“ I never want to see any of you again” we walked out the dinning room

“sure walk out on your son” Chelsea said Aiden stopped

He turned and looked at me

“I didn’t know I had a kid” I kissed him

“hey , if he is yours then you need to do right by him” he nodded

“are you going to leave me?”

“no not if you want me here, Aiden I love you and your problems are my problems okay” he nodded He walked back in the dining room I followed

“I’m sorry Ivy for yelling the way I did”

“its okay , so will you marry Chelsea?”

“no, I love Adam he is my future” he grabbed my hand she looked appalled

“I am a successful model , I have an apartment and money , so it will not come as a surprise right now , when I tell you , I am hiring a lawyer to get full custody of my Son”

“you cant do that” his mother said

“watch me” he bent down

“hi” Aaron smiled I smiled at that , he was taking a liking to Aiden

“its going to be me and you soon buddy” Aiden kissed him on the forehead then stood up

“you’ll be hearing from me” Aiden said angry to his mother and Chelsea , we walked out holding hands

“first we have to get a paternity test , I don’t trust my mother or Chelsea., and if he is my son , will you…”

“of course I’ll be there for you , I’ll help you with what ever you need” we left out his family brownstone

“how about Burgers fries and a nice milk shake, it’s better then that cucumber water crescent crap my mom was going to serve”

“deal babe” we both smiled at each other

*Travis *

“a nice walk around the city, that’s your big plan” as we walked down the street holding hands

“yes , and since it stopped raining , it will be fine”

“you are so weird”

“no your weird” Tyler said back

“you both are! You fucking fags” a girl in her twenties


“yeah, I mean you both are fucking hot , you could get any girl you want but two ridiculously hot dudes want to suck dick”

“miss are you drunk” I asked

“so what if I am”

“where do you live”

“MacDougal Street why, oh you want a threesome” she rubbed my nose I laughed a little Tyler hailed a cab it came over and stopped

“your going home” we walked her to the cab

“I don’t need your help” she got in

“take her to MacDougal Street in Greenwich please” Tyler gave the driver cash.

“well we will be blessed with riches” Tyler said as the cab drove away I laughed

“what ?“

“because we helped s very drunk girl out of harms way”

“well we don’t know that , we could have send her to her doom”

“shhh, don’t think like that” he kissed me , we continued walking

“ I am so looking forward to summer , going to Coney Island with you , laying out on the sand , just being together ,We walked passed PARKA MERIDIAN holding hands

“Tyler!” we heard someone with an Italian accent call out Tyler stood still frozen I looked at him

“Ty someone is calling you”

“lets just go”

“hey Tyler wait up” some hot guy came running up to us he grabbed Tyler and hugged him

“I really was hoping I would run into you”

“Renaldo what are you doing here”

“I came for a visit I tried calling you. Man its so good to see you” he kissed him Tyler pushed him away

“Tyler what the hell is going on” I asked my hart was jumping I got a sick feeling in my stomach

“nothing lets just go”

“you fuck me in Milan and I’m nothing”

“what the fuck is he talking about Tyler, he didn’t fuck you , you piece of shit” I yelled at Renaldo I lunged at him Tyler grabbed me

“Stop Travis baby stop”

“tell him to stop lying” I said my eyes were getting watery , people were looking actually stop and was looking at us

“I am not lying we fucked like bunnies ”

**TYLER **

Travis looked at me with pleading eyes not wanting any of this to be true

“he’s telling the truth we got drunk and we slept together , but I love you I realize that I want to be with you I realized I fucked up after we had sex” he backed away from me

“I was just you’re fucking fool, you probably laughed behind my back at how pathetic I was to really like you while you were having sex with those perfect Italian models”

“No , your perfect, I didn’t laugh I love you please” I started crying I didn’t want to lose him he laughed in my face then his face turned red

“perfect , this is what perfect gets you a fucking broken heart, don’t ever talk to me again” he turn to leave I grabbed him , he turned around and punched me so hard I fell on the ground , people were taking pictures recording all of this with there cell phones

“you‘re nothing but a piece of Garbage” my mouth was bleeding he then looked over at Renaldo, Renaldo backed away

“I don’t want any trouble” he said

“you fucking pussy” Travis screamed and began to walk

“Travis! No I‘m sorry, please we can fix this” I was sobbing

“have fun with you’re Italian Play boy” he sounded wounded , humiliated , people were shaking there heads at me , I felt less then dirt

“I don’t want him” I said but Travis was down the block he couldn’t hear me

“just let him go , you’d be better off with me anyway”

“just go away Renaldo, just disappear from my life” I stood up and walked away feeling like my whole life had ended.

Writer Corner

Wow , this was an exciting Chapter so much stuff going down in the NYC lol, Aiden is a daddy, and Travis foundout about Tyler sleeping with Renaldo. Tune in tomorrow for the next chapter!!!


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